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  • Masquerade (Silver Tongue)


    • Age: 20

      Gender: Male

      Species: Earth Pony

      Appearance: Currently working on getting a picture of him in the masquerade mask but until then you'll have to settle with the boring non-masquerade mask.<br /><br />Also, pardon the lack of cutie mark. Pony Creator v3 doesn't have the option to apply one. At least not to my knowledge.

      Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a silver tongue tangled up in spiderwebs. <br /><br />The silver tongue represents his extremely high charisma, and the webs representing his ability to lie perfectly.

      Personality: Though technically he's insane, he acts just as normal as anypony else. In fact, he's more charismatic than most other ponies in Equestria all together. He's quick witted, smooth, and is an excellent liar. <br /><br />Masquerade lies and he does it well. He won't lie unless he needs to, or he's given a reason to do so, however. If the subject of conversation ever get's too personal he'll more often than not smooth talk his way out of the line of fire or, if need be, tell that seamless lie. <br /><br />When it comes to speech and vocabulary, Masquerade is a genius. His vocabulary and speech skills are nearly unrivaled. He has no fear of crowds, or speaking in front of any amount of other ponies. He acts very formal, very rarely cracking a joke unless he knows it'll hit it's mark. Though this isn't to say he doesn't have a sense of humor. <br /><br />Masquerade finds almost all types of humor funny. No matter how dark it gets. The only kind of jokes he dislikes with a burning passion are awkward humor, and stupid humor. He will never laugh at these unless it'll put him on good terms with a pony that has something he wants.<br /><br />Masquerade loves interacting with other ponies and can begin to lose himself if left with nothing but his thoughts to give him company for long periods of time. Masquerade is very open to a variety of different personalities. Though he tends to get annoyed of ponies who are particularity stupid, or unreasonably uncouth. He tries to avoid conversing with these ponies if there is another pony who he could talk to. On the other hand, however, he tends to be drawn to pony's who show intelligence, or suaveness, regardless of gender; he has a soft spot in his heart for younger mares who are chasing their dreams, however. <br /><br />Masquerade despises bullies and pony's who discriminate other ponies for just being who they are. If he ever crosses paths with a bully or discriminator he'll make sure they pay. Though he won't go and get physical with them, he'll use his wits and charisma to make sure that they suffer for what they did in one way or another. <br /><br />Masquerade also has a drive to help out any pony who is saddened. If he sees tears in a pony's eyes he'll do whatever he can to console that pony. <br /><br />Though, despite these admirable traits, he's still a liar and a scoundrel in most cases. He'll con and scam ponies out of their hard earned cash. Though he picks his victims carefully. He never steals from a pony who couldn't afford to lose a few bits, and if he ever makes a mistake and does, he'll repay that pony in full, or maybe more all things depending. <br /><br />Due to his insanity, however, he can tend to have a sense of unpredictability to him. Often making choices that seem quite strange when his previous choices are taken into account. He may also abandon a pony who he has befriended for a very unusual reason.

      Backstory: Silver Tongue was an earth pony born and raised in Dodge City. He was raised by his mother, who was a waitress at the town’s saloon, and his father, who was a tailor. Silver was the only child of this middle-class couple. He lived in the same house for a majority of his early years. It was an average three story house. With an upstairs, downstairs, and a basement. <br /><br /> Silver Tongue learned to speak almost with perfect fluency by the early age of five. And just as quick as he learned to speak he learned to lie. Since Silver was so charismatic he almost never got caught when he told a fib. Silver loved to deceive others into believing his false truths, often lying when he didn’t even have any real reason to do so. It was almost as if his words were coated with some kind of magic that caused the owner of any ears they befell upon to believe every word he said. As early as age six he earned his cutie mark. It was a silver tongue that was stuck inside of a tangled spider web. <br /><br /> Though most would consider this lying his most dishonorable trait, he was also a scoundrel. If he saw something he wanted and could see himself getting it somehow, he would get it. His first charismatic heist was actually what gave him his cutie mark and it was as simple as deceiving an adult pony into buying him at least ten bits worth of candy. <br /><br /> Since he got his cutie mark so early, and with help from his charisma he got,this sly pony quickly became one of the most popular foals in his class and he loved it. Everypony wanted to be just like -- or at the very least friends with -- the false persona that he weaved over the time he knew these ponies. Though even though he had this huge gang of followers he never truly thought of any of these ponies as his friend. In fact, up until third grade he never really had anypony he classified as a friend, but that all changed when Silver saw a group of thugs harassing somepony. <br /><br /> Even though Silver’s lying was an obviously dishonorable trait he still had a good side. He hated anyone who mistreated others for any reason and would project anyone he could from this fate. Which is why he approached the thugs and convinced them to disperse. When they did, he saw the victim and fell in love at first sight. <br /><br /> A young pegasus filly was laying in a puddle of her tears on the dirt ground. Her coat was as white as snow and her mane was a dark shade of red. At first glance she looked perfect. Silver found her to be the most beautiful mare he’s ever seen, though every perfect package has at least one dent. He sunk down and said some comforting words before helping her up. It was then when he saw that one imperfection. One of her wings was stunted, which most likely made it impossible for the pegasus to fly. <br /><br /> Her name was Lifted Spirit.<br /><br /> Despite this, however, Silver still immediately befriended the mare and made sure that she would never be harmed again. He stuck by her side as much as he could and made sure anyone who hurt her in anyway would pay in some way or another. Lifted Spirit herself fell in love with Silver Tongue as well, but she didn’t fall in love with a fake persona, she fell for his true self, the honest side. Silver never told a single lie to Lifted. In fact, he even admitted his hobby to her and she accepted it. She was the only pony who accepted him for who he was and he’d never let that go.<br /><br /> When they were eighteen they left to Manehatten together where they later got married. Lifted Spirit got a job as a school teacher and Silver Tongue did what he did best. Lying, cheating and scamming. He conned a great many of ponies out of their hard earned bits and never once felt any regret.<br /><br /> They lived peaceful lives with each other, though that changed when Silver got word of an experiment that could allow his betrothed to fly. As Silver looked into it he found it was being run by five scientists in Canterlot and discovered they’d done some very prestigious work in the past. Only problem was they were expecting a lot of bits. <br /><br /> Silver didn’t let that fact discourage him. He felt the need to pay back his beloved for accepting his true self and was willing to do whatever it took to do so. So with this resolution he got in contact with these scientists and they got back to him with a letter. The letter read that a representative was going to meet with Silver in Manehatten<br /><br /> When this representative arrived he and Silver talked. Silver learned that the cure was actually quite simple. It was just a one time dose of a magic powder that you could simply sprinkle onto a meal and it’d do the trick. The representative showed proof that it would work. Silver immediately ordered a dose and within the month it arrived. <br /><br /> The same night it arrived Silver cooked him and Lifted Spirit’s dinner, he sprinkled the powder onto her salad and from then on the night went on as any other. However, the next day when Silver awoke he was greeted by a fate worse than death.<br /><br /> As his eyes opened he whispered a loving phrase to his wife, though she didn’t answer. He poked at her with his hoof, but still, no response. His normal calm demeanor began to break as he said her name. Each time she didn’t respond he said it again, louder and more intensely. Though she never responded. He shook her body, which was so cold it sent a chill up his legs. He kept begging her to wake up but after a while he succumbed to the harsh fate. His Lifted Spirit was gone forever. <br /> <br /> A week passed and the doctors claimed she died from some kind of illness or disease. Despite the professionals words, however, Silver Tongue couldn’t shake the feeling that the cure killed her. And that means the creators of the cure killed his wife, his only friend, and he swore they’d pay in the same way she did. They would die. <br /><br /> Silver’s first objective of his self-righteous culling was to kill the representative. He was the easiest target and would recognize Silver Tongue immediately if he were to go to Canterlot. The revenge driven stallion got in contact with the scientists and asked if he could send the representative over so he and his wife may thank the pony in person for how he helped her, even though that was the exact opposite of what Silver had planned. <br /><br /> Silver prepared for this day, the day he’d slay his first victim in his morbid quest. He bought a coat that he could wear and he hid a knife inside of it. The ambassador came to Silver’s house the next week, with a smile on his face. The rep and Silver said their hellos.<br /><br /> “Hi ho Silver!” The ambassador joked. <br /><br /> Silver mirrored the laugh. “Good to see you, friend.” He lied. <br /> <br />“I’m so glad the cure worked!” The other pony said in celebration.<br /> <br />“As am I. Now, let us go. My wife is waiting for us.” Silver said as he began to lead the stallion to his soon-to-be grave. <br /><br /> The two walked and talked for a while, Silver leading them to a cemetery outside of Manehatten. Not just any cemetery though. The one his wife was buried in. Silver kept the conversation going at a good pace just long enough so the ambassador didn’t fully realize that they were in the cemetery, but they arrived at long last, right in front of Lifted Spirits grave. <br /><br /> “Here we are.” Silver informed the other stallion.<br /> <br /> The pony looked around confused before asking in a bewildered voice, “Umm… Where is she? And why are we in a cemetery?” <br /><br /> Silver said nothing, he only pointed at his beloved pegasus’ gravestone which read Here lies Lifted Spirit, beloved wife of Silver Tongue. The other stallion looked and as he read the epitaf his expression went from one of confusion to that of horror. He went numb, his face frozen with fear. <br /><br /> “Thank you for what you did, sir.” Silver said in his typical suave and charismatic voice before he shoved his soon to be victim to the ground. “Now if you’d allow me, I’d like to return the favor.” Silver reached his mouth inside his coat and pulled out the knife, staring at the pony who was paralyzed with fear. <br /><br /> The scared stallion looked at the knife, his eyes shrinking. He was so afraid he could barely stutter out his final begging pleads. “P-pl-please...d-don’t k-kill me!” He stammered with desperation. <br /><br />His begging continued as Silver slowly walked up to the pony who was so frightened for his life he was only able to move his mouth muscles. Silver stopped when he was hovering over the stallion. He began to raise the knife, and just when he was bringing it down he heard a familiar voice desperately screaming at him.<br /><br />“Silver!” It yelled, surprising Silver enough so he dropped the knife mid swing causing it to stab into the ground next to the hoof of the lucky pony. “Stop! Please!” It took Silver a moment to realize who the voice was. It was Lifted Spirit. <br /><br />Silver looked over at the gravestone and softly whispered her name when suddenly he felt the sharp pain of his left eye being slashed by a knife. The would be victim had picked the knife up and slashed Silver across his eye before quickly retreating back to Manehatten. Silver would’ve screamed in agonizing pain if he wasn’t so confused about hearing the voice of his one and only, Lifted Spirit. <br /><br />Silver stood there as the gash on his eye slowly bled onto the dirt ground. He knew what he had become. A monster, a killer. He had lost it and he’d never get himself back. If it wasn’t for the sound of the mob of police-ponies coming up the hill he probably would have been stuck in a bewildered trance for hours more. <br /><br />“Run, Silver!” The voice of Lifted commanded him. He hesitated for a fraction of a second before swiftly jolting away from the approaching police. He ran for what seemed like hours, unable to stop, not even able to feel his exhaustion. Crimson blood slowly gushed from the gash on his eye, though he paid it no mind. Though his marathon did come to an end eventually when he collapsed inside the Everfree Forest.<br /><br />_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_<br /><br /> When Silver awoke he was in a cot similar to ones you’d find in an infirmary. A unicorn was sitting on a stool next to him. She later introduced herself as an apothecary named Bittersweet. This doctor claimed she found Silver Tongue laying in the forest unconscious and that she dragged him back to her clinic where she cleaned and fixed up his eye wound. She regretfully informed him that he’d never be able to see very well out of his left eye again, however. It was clear that this mare was shy and it gave the stallion a shivering nostalgic feeling of Lifted Spirit. <br /><br /> As soon as Silver Tongue was free to go he visited a craftsman in Ponyville and requested that he make a masquerade mask for the left side of his face so that Silver could cover up the scar of his regret. The craftsman made him a mask that was just as white as Lifted Spirit. It would cover up most of the left half of his face and completely cover the scar. Almost the same moment he put on this mask he began to refer to himself as Masquerade because he was hiding his inner-beast underneath his web of lies. <br /> <br /> The voice of Spirit hasn’t left Silver’s head since that night. He often converses with it in his thoughts, fully accepting this voice which spawned from his own insanity as his friend and partner. The voice of Lifted kept him in check, making sure he didn’t do anything rash. Lifted’s voice a lot of the times encourages Masquerade to do things that fought the beast, such as helping others and being nice to people. Though of course this didn’t stop him from what he did best, lying. He’d still scam and con others. <br /><br />Now, Masquerade lives as a nomad, travelling city to city in search of his next big verbal heist. Always accompanied by the voice of his better half in his head, keeping him in check day in and day out. His only friend, his invisible insanity. <br />

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