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  • Serenity Crescent


    • Age: 14-16 depends on the roleplay

      Gender: Female

      Species: Pegasus

      Appearance: She's a violet Pegasus With a very Smooth Yellow and Dark blue mane with her tail in a bun with a thin tail on the other side. She is a 4.57cm Tail Pegasus (If wrong please don't complain to me..)

      Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is two blue feathers making an X Representing her Childhood.

      Personality: Serenity is a kind but very shy pony to be around. She's very gullible, sensitive to things she doesn't like and very motherly like. She can cope with foals under her age but ponies above her age is slightly more harder than just plain normal. Apart from her sensitive side, she's actually quite talkative! She can be very friendly around those who known her for a little while and start up a very interesting conversation. Her biggest fear and weakness is her past, causing her to get her cutiemark. It may be weird to Serenity but she looks back a little too much..

      Backstory: When she was 1 year old, her father was a guard of Luna's and her mother was a unicorn teacher for the school of gifted unicorns. Their names were Rosemary Crescent and Zackary Crescent. Zack was quite mean to Serenity, Always abusing her as a "Ridiculous" or "A pathetic" Child. Every Night He would break one of her bears until she had no more. Her mother, On the bright side, Was very protective about Serenity. She would Feed her, Show her pictures of her and Zack in their Mid-teen years, Take care of her and Basically helped her learn her letters and numbers. That was all broken when Zackary Shouted at Rosemary. "Send her to The orphanage! I had enough of this "So called" Daughter!" That made Rosemary frightened and sighed. "Honey.. She's a Child.. Why cant you take it in and care for her?" Zackary growled and stared at Serenity. "Like I care! Get her stuff packed up.. We're going in exactly in 1 hour!" And that got her stuck in the Orphanage with hearing her mother's lasts word of wisdom. "Fight for us Serenity.. we are so proud of you and one day.. You'll be what I used to be.. A saver."<br /><br />She was in the cloudales orphanage for 9 years until she was 14. The headmistress let her go to live on her own because no one wouldn't adopt her or even care for her. "Are you sure Miss Ruttershin? Surely this is a mistake?" The mistress sighed and bowed her head. "Yes.. Now go.. you don't want to be ain my closet don't you Miss Crescent?" Serenity shuddered as the thought of "The closet" came through her mind. "N-no..T-thank you for everything.." With so She paid the mistress 11 bits for the Years that were spend at the Horrible Orphanage and Flew off into the sky leaving Cloudsdale Orphange, Her friends and The Childhood memories.. in her Suitcase.<br />

    User Feedback

    so touching.. i can only wish, that this character is not related to you irl...


    Well, for starters, it was going to be my ponysona but ever since I'm not that sensitive (I still am) She's more of my backup ponysona or something. But I'm glad you liked her!

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