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  • -Stealthy Wing

    The Derpy Hooves

    • Age: 25

      Gender: Male

      Species: Pegasus

      Appearance: look in the "other"

      Cutie Mark: the cutie mark represent two wings pointing up and a lighting behind them, it represent how Stealthy Wing is able to fly acrobatically, dodging even without looking.

      Personality: he's a kind and generous pegasus, he's always in the lookout for the right thing to do in every situation.

      Backstory: this is Stealthy Story: (warning: it's a bit long)<br /><br />chapter one: Introduction (new updated version)<br /><br />it was long time ago... when... everything started... when everything... had to happen...<br />my life wasn't that bad when i came to the world, instead i was very happy with my family, my mom was a beautiful pegasus, with a really beautiful mane, my dad instead... i never had the chance to meet him, he had to go for something out of equestria when i was still a 3 years old filly and he never came back... sadly my mom didn't had a real job, so we didn't had an income and we couldn't pay our rent, we didn't knew what to do, i was 5 so i couldn't came up with a good idea, but that day i really don't remember how i came up with that idea and then i said "mommy... shana?" i tried to tell my mom that we could ask my aunt if she could help us in any way, she at first was... doubtfully if she could help us in any way, but the day after she souldn't come over with any better solution... so we decided to ask my aunt if she could help us, i remember about shana, my cousin, she is a beautiful mare, with a light shaded blue colored mare, her soft green colored body made her a really beautiful mare, i remember when we were little two little fillies, we played always together.<br />that day we were going to talk to shana's aunt if she could help us in any way... we were on the road to ponyville, that was a beautiful, not like cloudsdale... it wasn't all... cloudy, instead it was really colorful and cheerfull, we got near the house where fluttershy lives, i saw a little figure walking on the path near the building, i didn't saw who he or she was, then i saw her mane, so i recognized her, she was shana, walking back home, i started flying towards shana, i have to admit, modestly i was a really good flyer and i could reach kinda high speeds for my age, after some seconds, reaching always higher speed i got near shana, just right before we crashed i flew a bit up and landed right behind her, then she asked me "what's going on? why are you in such a hurry?" then i replied "we are moving in with you, so we can play much more!" i saw that she was really happy about it, i was really happy about that too, helped her passing her everyday worries, also i teached her better flying techniques, she wasn't a really good flyer i have to admit but with the right practice she became quickly good at it.<br />3 years passed, i got a really beautiful birthday party, it was organized by pinkie so... how could that be instead? i remember that night, i was with a girl... i really liked her, but... that moment, we were talking, then i heard somepony say "oh! is this like that?" and then i got a strong kick on the right part of my face, i fell apart on the ground i could hear a small sound in my right ear, something like a light whistle, i could feel the ear hurting, a not too intense pain but that still hurt... then i heard a small voice saying "are you okay?" then i hear that bully... that damn Rich Bottom... he said "shut up! you don't have to talk now!" i got really mad that moment, i got up... my face really hurted, i dashed in the direction of that bully, i could feel the fire of the madness flowing in my blood... i got near Rich and kicked a hoof right in his face making a huge scar in his face crossing his eye, he went a little back cause of the hard kick, then he replied "oh... is it like this? let it will be this way then" then he rushed at me trying to kick me again, i tried to block him with my shoulder, but i missed, so he hit me right on my back, but it wasn't too strong since i deviated him a little, then i quickly tried to reply with my wing pushing him away so i opened my wing pushing rich away, he then landed right next to me i saw him and then said "so you think of hurting me and want to talk bad of my friends too? well the..." i couldn't finish my sentence that rich was already up and kicked me right in my rear knee, OH CELESTIA that hurted so bad... then i turned staring at him then i said "oh, it's ON!" and we started kicking and fighting each other, after 5 minutes rich stopped and looked at me saying "eh... you are good at fighting i have to admit, these wings are useful too... but you are not the only one to have special perks... look at what my dad learned me...", oh good... now his dad teach him to warm other ponies? what a dad... then rich got in a solid position, i saw his horn starting to glow and started charging a some sort of weapon then i screamed "TAKE COVER!" and i saw the mare rushing behind a wall and i saw rich starting to load the blast and he then said "oh yeah, let's see how you dodge, THIS!" and he shoot a powerful black orb at me i have to admit it was really fast, but i don't know how i managed to do that but i dodged that, i recognized that kind of magic... oh celestia... i read that in a book... dark magic... the most powerful forbidden kind of magic, what could happens if he learned dark magic what could happens next... so i crouched behind a small wall, there was a small piece of wood occasionally standing there, so i took the piece of wood and i started crawling and getting near Rich, he didn't saw me so he said "heheheh... SCARED? well better then! you have to fear me!... but please.... come out! i just want to... PLAY with you... heheheh..." then i got behind him, he turned around and said "heheh... what do we have her... and what is th" then without further hesitation i smashed the piece of wood right in his face, at first he was confused then he passed out near a wall of a building, then i walked in direction of the mare all limping, and then i asked her, "are you okay?" then she replied "yes i'm good but.. you..."then she took out a mirror from her small bag and pointed it at my face, then i saw my face... oh Celestia... i saw small scratches but nothing much but my ear... then i said "oh Celestia, this isn't good... my mom would kill me if she see this..." i got a big cut on my right ear, then i said the mare "well... let's get home, shall we?" she nodded at me with a worried look on her face, then we went back home, at a certain point she asked "so... dark magic then?..." then i replied "i'm sorried about this... if he really learned dark magic... what will come up next?" then i got in front of my aunt house and i said to her "so... goodnight then, we will meet another day?" she then looked at me, with a very worried look on her face and said "wel... we are departing tomorrow... so i think we will meet another day?" then i stopped a second and then replied "oh... well then... to another day then..." then i opened the door of the house and entered the house, i looked at my mom, she was standing there, then she looked at me and ran near me and asked "WHAT HAPPENED?" i first looked on the ground, then i replied "it was Rich Bottom... he tried to beat me up... then i replied... and he replied back... then i beat him... but now i'm kind of hurt...", my mom looked at me... then she replied "why... why you always have to put yourself in these kind of situations... what will your dad think about this... what will he do in this situation?..." she then around, i was feeling a little sad, but i knew that i made the right thing... so i took a little of trust in myself and replied back, "i made the right thing mom! i couldn't let him hurt me, or even my friends! i can't let anypony hurt my friends!"... then i turned around, heading to the stairs for my bedroom, "i made the right thing... my dad should be proud of me... if you like it... or not..." then i tuned around and went to the stairs that bring to my room, then i saw shana standing there in the hallway, then she asked me "what happened?" then i replied "nothing... it was just that bully... Rich Bottom... he tried to attack me, i attacked back... and... i made a big scar on his face... but enough of me... how is your magic going now?", then Shana looked at me saying, "not really better now, tomorrow i'm going to zecora's hut to ask her if she could help me..." then i replied, "oh nice... be careful out there..." so i entered my room, sitting on a char and then i looked out of the widndow, i started thinking of what my dad was doing in that moment... what he actually could have done in that situation... the night was getting darker... so i decided to go to sleep and pass the night...<br /><br /><br />Chapter two: The Magic<br /><br />the next day, i woke up, getting off the bed, my knee still hurts, my ear cut was too deep so it would be like that... i went downstairs, Shana was ready to travel to the zecora's hut, my uncle was standing there talking with her, i decided to go there to talk with her, i got near her and told her "so you're going..." she replied "yes, i really hope zecora have something to help me" then i replied back "well... have fun", then she waved at us to say bie and went away in direction of the everfree forest. i had nothing to do that day... i just sat down on the couch, watching out of the windows, waiting for something to happens, my days weren't any better than that one, always alone always sad, my "girlfriend" went to a trip with their parents, while i'm sitting here, doing nothing... always hoping... but with no result... after quite some time Shana wasn't home, i decided to see what happened to her, i went to zecora hut to see if she was there but right before the entrance of the everfree forest i saw Rich Bottom, and shana was there with him but she was... like... "glowing" like if she couldn't still control the magic, Rich was like scared from her, i got near shana and said "Shana! SHANA! can you hear me?" she didn't answered so i touched her back, i saw like a vision, a flashback of some sort, i couldn't tell what that was about, i don't remember what i saw, then i got back in myself and i saw that shana got back too, we looked at Rich, he was standing there, looking at us, then she said "you are not normal... you are a witch! just like zecora... yes! a witch! A WITCH! i'm not gonna live around here anymore!" then he ran far away heading to ponyville, shana then looks at me, all teared and said "thanks for helping me, i probably shouldn't made it out without help" then i asked her "what happened?" then shana replied, still teared up "her... i saw her! I SAW MY SISTER AGAIN! she... she was trying to help me... then i don't really remember, there was rich, he was acting like a jerk, then i was pissed off, i was getting mad and then... nothing... these visions and then i just woke up here, next to you..."then i said to her, "ok, don't worry, let's go home for now, then we started heading home.<br />when we were almost home Shana told me that she wanted to go to fluttershy home to see if she needed help, Shana always loved animals, i never like them too much, after some time Shana didn't came back but i knew that nothing could happen to her now, but i saw that the mom was really worried, finally Shana came back home, she opened the door and the mother asked her why it taken so long, i saw a little puppy, hiding behing Shana, Shana was making lot of promises, but the mom didn't look like she was really convinced so i decided to join and try to convince the mother to keep the puppy, we finally made it, we could keep the little puppy, we brought him upstairs and made him confortable, then i asked Shana "so what are we going to name him? " then Shana replied "Oh I haven’t even thought of that." then we decided to came up with two names "cloud" and "sparky" so we called him Cloud Spark, after some days we started calling him Cloudy because the name was kinda long, after some months Cloudy learned to be a really good listener.<br /><br /><br />Chapter Three: Finally<br /><br />6 years passed, there's was no sign of anything happening around equestria, shana started talking about joining the lunas guard squads, we both knows that anypony who joins need to work a lot, but this didn't really concerns her, in the early afternoon, somepony knocked at the door, Shana then opened the door and a big stallion was standing there, i've never seen or met him but i think i heard about him, shana rapidly ran onto him, hugging him like he knows him, she then turned around and asked me "don't you know him?" i replied "uhm... no not really...", the mysterious pony then said "you growed up so much my little cousin", then i looked at him asking "COUSIN?", then he started a little laugh, "yes, i'm your cousin, probably shana talked about me", then i look at him replying "no, she didn't really told me about you", then he says "well... i think i should present myself, i'm Dusc Nightfeather your cousin, i went to the military but then i decided to return here with my dear family, so i signed in to the mail delivering", then Shana's mom looks at him "oh, you grown up so much too my little feather" then he quickly replies "oh come on mom... don't call me like that, i have 24 years now..." his moms giggles and then says "why don't you teach something to your little sister and your cousin?"then he replies "yeah... that's a good idea", i was soo much exited about the idea, but... i didn't know what was going to happen that day... he first took us to the woods, so he could see if we were ready for the second part of our training after some flying he said "ok think you’re both ready for the hard part now" so we went to one of the craziest place in equestria, the Ghastly Gorge he said "Welcome to the Ghastly Gorge!", i first wanted to ask Dusc why we were here but it was kinda obvious... he wanted US to fly all that canyon... after a bit he said "ok, here's the thing, i will fly with you two down there, and i will teach you all how to fly trough this. ok?" me and shana looked at each other and then said "yes, we are ready", then he said "ok, at my command... ready... set... GO!" and we all started flying down the hole, dodging every obstacle, then came one of the hardest part of the canyon, there were lots of hard dodges, Dusc saw that Shana had some problems dodgin them, he said to me, "ok, you seems ok here, you're a natural!, now, wait a bit while i help my sister" then he fly near her, teaching her how to fly dodging these things, in the meanwhile i saw a little cave, and i don't remember what i was thinking about that moment... i decided to enter that cave, but i heard Dusc screaming "WAIT!!! DON'T GO IN THERE!" it was too late... i heard a big rumble, i turned a round a moment to see, the cave closed right behind me, and it was collapsing, i heard Dusc speaking, "are you in here? can you hear me?, you need to exit from there! and quick too!" then i started to fly forward, without knowing what i was doing, and i heard Dusc saying, "ok, you're doing good, keep going forward, use your wing as a rudder, don't close your eyes too often and look at all the rocks!" after that i've lost contact with him, i knew that i was alone, i took a deep breath while dodging the rocks, the concentration was at the higher levels i could reach, i didn't really knew that i was doing the impossible, the the cave was closing behind me, stories said that these caves were really often used by special trainings by the military, no one never survived or exited it without any kind of wounds, then i heard Shana voice saying "if you can hear me, you are doing great! continue like this!" i quickly got distracted by her and turned around and was flying conversely, i was still dodging the rocks without looking, i saw the cave, it was literally closing behind me, then i turned around and saw a light in the distance, i tryed to fly even more quick, reaching high speed in no time, i saw the light getting near every second, the rocks weren't stopping to fall, they kept trying to fall in my face, after some seconds i saw the light really near, i got blinded by the intensity of the light, then i felt the air passing in my mane, two voices talking in the distance, i started flying more slowly to let them catch up, my cousin looked at me saying "so now i'm the only one who need to find my special talent huh?..." then i was confused, she made sign to look at my back, i turned a bit and saw that i finally had my cutiemark, i got really distracted, i got confused and wasn't really careful of my sorroundings so i crashed onto a tree, i then got back up and a mirror was standing there, i looked in the mirror, i got really surprised by the look of it, two wing with a lighting behind, it was so cool, i was really, REALLY excited, my cousins landed near me, then Dusc told me "congratulation my dear cousin, you did it! you survived one of the impossible cave and got your cutie mark too!" and shana looked at me and said "i can't wait to find what is my special talent..." then i replied, "don't worry, you will find out one day", she smiled at me, then we all headed home, when i entered the house my mom was standing behind the stove of the kitchen, she looked at me, ad asked "so, how was your day with your cousin?" then i replied "it was really cool! and look at this!" then i showed her my brand new cutie mark then she replies, "oh wow! you finally got yours!... i remember when your dad got one to... he was really excited about it..." then she started crying, then i replied "don't worry mom... i think he's still out there..." then she smiles a bit and went upstairs... i was left with my cousins.<br /><br /><br />Chapter Four: The War Never Forgives<br /><br />2 years passed, it was a really good day... but... we didn't knew what was going to happen that day... somepony knocked at our door, it was our cousin he came back from work, he looked kinda sad, shana asked him what happened and answered "it's luna... she wants to see you... now..." shana face then became all preoccupied and asked "do you know why?" then he said "no... the thing i know is that she wants you... now..." then i said "then we should bring her there now!" Dusc said "yes, i will bring her there, you stay here" then i said "oh... ok, good luck", 2 days passed, no track of my two cousins, then somepony knocked at our door, i opened the door and my two cousins were standing there, so i asked them "so? what happened?" then shana replied "nothing... luna just... she... nothing, i don't want to talk about it now..." then she rans to her room, saying nothing, i looked at dusc and asked him "so what happened?" then he says "well... she had to join the luna guard army" then i said "so? that's her life dream!" then he said "that's not the point... luna knew about her power... and wanted to keep it a secret, like a 'second weapon' or something like that and teach her how to properly use the power, but then... what she said... 'something big is going to happen'... i couldn't really tell what she's talking about... but i know that something is really going to happen...", then i replied "what do you mean by... 'something'?" he didn't answered... these 2 years passed fast, shana keeps visiting canterlot to talk with luna and twilight, i just joined the special aerial war force of equestria, they asked me to join since my talents at flying were really required and really useful, i was working hard from like 4 month... when... it happened... the sirens started to shout out loud the alarm, we all got in position to lift off, i know i was trained for this... but i never had the opportunity to take part of something serious, the captain shouted out loud the commands "the changelings are attacking! they came with a stronger army! we need to reject them where they belong! let's counterattack!" then we all lift off, flying in direction of canterlot, i was completely worried about shana, she was still in canterlot, she could be harmed! i was so much worried in that moment, we made the attack formation so i knew that we were near canterlot, we all activated our new technology, a pair of cool glassess, with an automatic targeting so it will be more easy to kick their ass out of our territory, we got near the main building, we spread and started counter-attacking the changelings, after a really long fight we succesfully defended canterlot, but we knew that it wasn't over, i quickly ran inside the building, looking for shana, when i was inside i didn't saw anything, the building was fully empty, i screamed "SHANA!" the echo got in almost all the building but i recieved no answer, then my commander called all the squad back, so i got to go back to the base, 1 year passed, the war was quickly spreading over all equestria, i found shana, she was in the main wing of the building, the most defenced one, she was there with some member of the luna guard squadron, i asked her "how are you?" she then replied "i'm good but i'm really worried for the war" then i said "there's no need to worry... we..." then the sirens shout another allarm "sorry shana, i have to go now!" then i quickly flew out of the building activating all the sistems of my goggles, i attacked and killed a bunch of changelings but i got hit by a ground enemy unit, he hit exactly the main computer of my goggles, while i was trying to remove them i heard a powerful explosion, i saw shana running outside of the building, and i've felt my senses telling me to quickly fly away, my vision was still blurred by the goggles, but i tried to fly away, without results, i got really bad hurt on my left part of the body, i was really in high quote and i couldn't feel in any way my left wing, i no more had my goggles, i tried to see if you could use my right wing to land but it was no use... i was free falling... everything of me hurts... my left wing... completely useless... the blood... everywhere... then i hit the ground, right in front of shana, she was standing there, totally speechless, i couldn't see to much, my view was really blurred, i couldn't really see anything, i saw her... she was a lot mad, also the necklace... she had it... i saw her magic spreading everywhere, hitting lots of enemies, i saw a changeling charging a magic attack, i tried to warn her but i passed away right after he shot the blast... i got my senses back, my view was really blurred, i saw two doctors and a engineer, the only thing i heard was "what shall we do? his left wing is completely destroyed!" then i heard the engineer saying "don't worry... i have something really good that can help" than he takes some screwdrivers and a package of some sort, then i passed away.<br />i woke up in a hospital chamber i saw the engineer, he saw my eyes opened and said "so? how are they?" then i replied "they... what?" then he said... "your wings! how are they?" then i opened my wings, i saw my wing and then i got scared by looking at them and i said "what? what happened to my wings? why are they robotic?" the engineers said "you got hit by a big boulder in the big war, i used my newest prototype of robotic wings! they are good as your real wings!" i first looked worried, then i got more confidence in them, then i fell asleep because i was really tired and also everything of me still hurts, the technician pony was still adjusting and calibrating the wings then i heard some mare voices, they weren't really clear i think they said "tell her she'll be fine" then i woke up, my wings were wrapped, i then unwrapped them, they looked really good, and also works really well, a mare got in the room, she was shana, she sat down near to me, then she said "my powers... they don't work anymore..."then i talked about the voices "i heard a voice... a mare was whispering..." she looked at me first, and then said like joking "yeah, my powers maybe have now been transferred to you" then we started to laugh knowing that this wasn't the case.<br /><br /><br />Chapter Five: War Never Changes<br /><br />a month passed, the war with the changelings reached a truce state, every guarding squad were mobilited to guard every part of equestria, i'm passing trough every kind of rehabilitation and recovery, that day, i was outside, finally having a chance to try these new wings of mine, the lift of was kind of a problem but after quite some practice i got it good, my flying skills never leaved, they stayed with me and still works good, after a bit of flying with my trainer i saw a bright light coming for ponyville, i knew that shana was sent back to ponyville 2 weeks ago, so i felt a lot worried, i asked my trainer to talk to my commander, then i told my commander "there are sign of something happening in ponyville, i ask you to have a small squad and get to ponyville, then i traveled to ponyville by train, i finally got back to ponyville after 2 hours, damn it that i still couldn't fly well... me and my squad of two pegasus rushed to where the bright light came from, in the meanwhile we passed by my cousin house, i told to my squad to continue without me and come to tell to me whatever happens, i ran to the house, i saw shana and dusc sitting there, shana was teared up and dusc was hugging her, when i got near shana, cody came near me and noticing my wings he asked me "what happened to you wings?" then i replied "this is not important now, the most important thing now is shana, what happened to her?" then shana gets up, and came to me still teared up said "they're back... my powers are back, and finally i know how to control them" and hugged me, when she hugged me i got really suprised, she finally had her cutiemark! so i saidhappily "heh... seems like i can't call you 'blankflank' anymore" dusc invited me to go inside, i went inside and i saw my mom sitting there on the couch, she noticed me and ran in my direction to hug me and sai "my son... i'm really proud of you... but... what happened to your wing?" then i sit down next to her and dusc sat down on a chair, i told everything, the war... the tower... the changelings... after a really long story dusc told me "these damn changelings... i promise i will KILL every of these changelings i see", then i sadly say "thanks... but i don't think it will give me my wings back..." then i got up saying "well... i thing my recon squad wants me, they haven't seen me in a while... take care everypony..." then shana dusc and my mom said goodbie to me and i left the building. i was feeling really sad, i don't think i can describe how i felt that day... i was both proud of shana and sad to have to leave everything behind... again...<br /><br /><br />Chapter six: War Will Never Forgive...<br /><br />another 3 weeks passed, my trainer said that i was fully back, that i could fly again, the army called me again, i didn't really wanted to join... but i know that i needed to do the right thing... so i returned to the central aerial base, they welcomed me back, but we knew that there was no time for fun, we knew that chrystalis was planning something big, we trained hard, my new wings work really good actually, i feel more confident flying now than i was before, the engineer sad that it also works as a shield, that it could reflect magic, i don't know how that could be possible but i really didn't want to try out, two weeks of hard work... flying became quickly natural, but... we knew that the changelings can charge back again at any moment.<br />the commander after some days convoked me and three members of my squad, he really wanted to talk to us, when we entered the room he was sitting there, behind his desk, then he quickly said "so... Stealthy... i saw that you finally got back on track..." then i replied "yes sir! my trainers said that i'm ready to go." then our commander said "uhm... perfect, we know where the changelings new base is, but our scouts didn't made it back, we recieved the coordinates with the radio, they probably know that we are planning something, so we got to act NOW..." then i asked "and why did you choose us?" then the commander looked at me and said "huh... do i really have to answer?... because you 4 are the best flyer of our entire squadron, and also have taken part of most of the escort missions and also the most dangerous ones but you 4 always did it" then i said "wait.... did you mentioned... rescue?" then he said "yeah... luna want 4 of our best flier to bring their newest student inside the enemy base" i got a chill on all my body and asked "what... who is exactly this... new student?" then he replied "Shana", that's when i got pietrified... my commander looked at me and saw that i was worried and asked "what Stealthy, got a problem with these orders i gave to you?" then i replied "no... there's no problem... at all..." then me and my squad exited the room, then one of my squad asked me "what happened in there? why you answered like that?" then i replied "it was because Shana..." then he asked me "why you know her?" i looked at him and said "yes... it's my cousin" then he looked at me and asked "wha... and where is the problem?" i didn't answered, the only thing that i wanted to think right now was to defend my cousin... that was all that i wanted... that was all that counted...<br />the next day we were convoked at the canterlot castle, we headed there all suited up, we entered the castle, we saw at least 20 workers that were trying to fix the walls, we walked into the roome where Shana was supposed to train herself, we saw twilight teaching Shana how to do some sort of spell, we looked at luna that was there, looking at the two training, i got near her and sai "it's time..." she turned around, her face looked really worried, twilight stopped talking and said something to Shana, then Shana came near us, her face was really worried, we all then exited the building, we were ready to lift off, i was the point of the formation, Shana was riht near to me and, my 3 members of the squad were near us, we did thr lift off, heading towards the direction of the base of chrysalis, we flew for 1 hour, i saw that my cousin was a bit tired but we couldn't retreat now, i started giving the command to my squad "ok guys! we are getting near their base, we want to do a clean job, don't respond to the attack, use violence only in case of real emergency, our main objective is to get Shana there alive. we need to find a passage of some sort to enter, we can't enter from the main entrance, there will be many guards!, we should get eye contact with their base any moment now!, let's stay focused!", we saw the building that the changelings made to defend chrysalis, it was a big and tall building, all black and green, then i said "ok guys, let's stick together, let's see where we could enter in the main building..." we quickly got near the main building, i decided that it would be too risky to enter the main building all of us 5, so i decided to enter only with Shana, so i said "ok guys, i'm going in with shana, cover our back while we finish our mission" then me and Shana entered the main building, we got around very sneaky, after some time we got near the main door that should be leading to the throme room, we opened the door, there was crhysalis sitting there, and she said "heh heh heh... look at what we got here... i knew you two were coming in, we saw you getting near the castle" and i said "oh yeah? you knew? well probably you don't know what will happens next!" then i made a sign to Shana, the queen then replied "yeah, like if two pegasus can cast a spell that powerful to defeate ME!"she then made sign to her persona guard to take care of us, then i looked at Shana, i saw her magic, but i saw one thing... she didn't had her necklace! i knew that without her necklace her power wasn't at her maximum power, but still at that moment, when she casted that spell that twilight just teached her, the light that it casted was too bright so i had to cover me with my wings, the only thing i saw was chrysalis trying to activate her most powerful shield, i saw a powerful light beam shot in direction of chrysalis, thank celestia she didn't managed to fully activate her shield so it only absorbed a part of Shana powerful attack, i saw the rest of the attack spreading over all the room, i didn't knew what was happening at that moment, i had my face still covered by my wing, Shana then looked at me and she saw that a magic beam was heading in direction of my face... i... i was lucky... my face was covered by my wing... but... but shana wasn't... she... she got hit by one of the beam... i tried to warn her... but it was too late... i saw that crysalis was still alive... but not in well condition, i quicly rushed to Shana, she was there... on the ground... not a word... not a sign... not a move... i started tearing up... i couldn't resist... i wanted to punch crysalis face so bad in that moment... then i saw Shana body... like glowing, like if her magic was still there, i saw her magic attacking crysalis, hurting and destroying what was still alive of her, then, when chrysalis got defeated, Shana was still on the ground, i heard that the castle was rumpling, like if it was going to fall apart, i quickly took Shana on my back saying "don't worry you'll be fine", then i lift off, chrashing on the window, then i was outside i saw a swarm of changelings quickly flying in my direction, i didn't knew what to do in that situation, then i heard a voice coming from behind me "don't worry! we will cover you! you fly back to canterlot!" then i looked back, i saw my squad spying in direction of the storm, then, i started flying as fast as i could in direction of canterlot, it took me at least 20 minutes to get to the hospital, as i landed near the door there was a doctor standing out of the door, he saw me and then quicly ran inside and came out with a stretcher, he took Shana from my back and ran inside the building, i entered and i saw the doctor entering in a room with Shana, that was the worst day of my life, i was really, really worried that day... i waited sitting down in the corridor, it was empty, the light of the operation room was still on... then i saw the engineer passing by the corridor, he saw me and then asked "so, how are your wing doing?" then i replied with a really low and sad voice "they... they are good" then he asked "hey... what happened? why are you so sad?" then he sat down near to me and i told all the story, i was all teared up, i couldn't stop it... then he replied "oh... sorry to hear that... i have to go now... hope that your cousing get better" then he got up from the chair and disappeared behind the corner of the corridor, some time passed and the light of the operation turned off, i saw the door opening, i felt some hope coming trough all my body but by the look of the face of the doctor it quickly went off... then he said "i'm sorry... it seems that your friend here got a severe case of coma..." and that... that was the moment when my heart stopped beating, i then replied... "what....what do you mean... coma?" the doctor then said "it appears that the hit inflicred to the back of your friend hit some important life parts... and she got in a deep case of coma..." and i... without replying i got out of the building, i had NO idea on what to tell her mother... her brother... the princesses... i was destroied...<br />two weeks passed, i had to tell her mother and her brother that Shana had this... coma... we then recieved a message from the doctors, we ran there as fast as we could, then we saw the doctor standing there, he made sign for us to enter the room... we entered... then i saw... i saw Shana... she was lying down on the bed, i saw the doctor that said "we have waited too long... she don't have a heartbeat anymore, i am so sorry but we cant do nothing" then i felt my heart, it was a real pain... then, all teared up i replied "WE CANT GIVE UP ON HER! she may come back... and we cant risk burying her alive!" then i heard some sort of weak and strained breath, then i turned around and saw that Shana was still breathing we all got near her and i said "you are back with us!" then i saw her trying to tell something but she looked so weak and so i saw her trying to smile, then i said "don't worry... you'll be fine... you'll be just fine..." then the doctor said that she needed to rest so we all leaved the room...<br /><br />(remember: this is still a work in progress)<br /><br />Stealthy wing is the cousin of Shana, we<br />crossed our story, Shana POV is still in<br />construction.

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