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  • Storm Button

    Matrix Twang

    • Age: 17

      Gender: Female

      Species: Earth Pony

      Appearance: <p> (<strong>REFERENCE DONE BY @itsjsworld on tumblr via @idrawyourmlpoc. CREDITS TO JSWORLD</strong>) </p> <p> Nothing much to write here you cannot blatantly see in the reference image. All that will change is her eyes glow when her character quirk is activated. </p>

      Cutie Mark: <p> Her cutie mark is very simple - a red button being pressed over a tornado. It plays into her name and character quirk. (She was named Snowy Lace but changed her name to Storm Button once she grew older) </p> <p> Her little character quirk got nerfed a LOT....it's below. (The mentioned radius is about 1/3 of Ponyville. If that can be made higher lmk) </p> <p> Her emotions affect the weather in a small radius surrounding her. Full table is in backstory. It had originally been much larger of a radius, but now that I'm posting her and not keeping her to myself...gotta nerf her lol. It's nothing OP either way, but...yeah. </p> <p>   </p>

      Personality: <p> Five features to describe her personality: </p> <p> 1. Slow to trust - it's what she was taught by her parents. </p> <p> 2. To keep her powers under control, she generally tries to keep herself happy no matter what. </p> <p> 3. Very easily bored. </p> <p> 4. Unsurprisingly, loves to talk about weather and meteorology. </p> <p> 5. Dissapoints moderately easily. </p> <p> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- </p> <p> Likes/Dislikes </p> <p> (Favourites) </p> <p> Food: Bubblegum </p> <p> Drink: Dark, dark coffee </p> <p> Flower: Rhododendron </p> <p> Animal: Cats </p> <p> Pony: Sekkachi Orichalcos </p> <p> Hobby: Studying weather patterns near her. </p> <p> (Least Favourites/Hates) </p> <p> Food: Cucumbers </p> <p> Drink: Tea </p> <p> Flower: Rose(Finds it generic) </p> <p> Animal: Snakes </p> <p> Pony: Spoiled Rich </p> <p> Hobby: Reading(finds it boring) </p>

      Backstory: <p> (Relationships) </p> <p> Mother/Father: Jazz Pen(Father, 40) and Ink Leaf(Mother, 37) </p> <p> Sibling(s): Sekkachi Orichalcos(sister,14) </p> <p> Friend(s): (N/A) </p> <p> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ </p> <p> Place of birth: Everfree Forest </p> <p> Current Living Place: Ponyville </p> <p> Occupation: Delivery Mare for Mrs. Cake </p> <p> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- </p> <p> Power Table {Emotion - Weather}: </p> <p> Anger - Lightning </p> <p> Sadness - Slight Rain </p> <p> Happiness - Clear and  sunny </p> <p> Nervous - Snow </p> <p> Depressed(only happened once, triggered by her pet cat's death when she was a filly) - Flood-causing rains </p> <p> Outrage(never happened to her before, there's only one condition that would spark it) - Tornado </p> <p> Fright - Gale-strength winds </p> <p> Infatuation - Gentle, calm breeze </p> <p> Disgust - Hail </p> <p> Confusion - Fog </p> <p> Anxiety - Sleet </p> <p> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- </p> <p> (Significant Life Events) </p> <p> - Age 1: Family moves to Somnambula </p> <p> - Age 3: Discovers her powers when she gets told 'no' for the first time by her otherwise lenient parents, causing anger. A Previously sunny day was suddenly cloudy and full of lightning. Her younger sister is born. </p> <p> - Age 4: Her powers save her when she runs off into the desert and gets attacked by a snake. The gale blows the snake away, literally. </p> <p> - Age 5: Gets her first pet kitten. </p> <p> - Age 7: Sekkachi is old enough to play with her now. She falls in the river, but Storm's power activates, causing a gale. Learning she can control the wind, she saves her sister. </p> <p> - Age 8: Her cat dies. The resulting rains caused the funeral home in  and her own home to be destroyed. </p> <p> - Age 13: Begins to attend school. </p> <p> - Age 15: Moves to Ponyville alone, attends school there. </p> <p> - Age 16: Drops out of school. </p> <p> - Age 17: Gets her first job as a delivery mare for Sugarcube Corner. </p> <p> (from there it's present day) </p>

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