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  • Mephala
    • Age: ?

      Gender: Female

      Species: Non-Pony

      Appearance: Zlo has three different forms of body, most often appearing as a child who carries several toys, her favourite being a large teddy bear. As a filly, she has a pale creamy body and a soft blue mane as well as freckles splayed across her cheeks; she is a unicorn.

      Cutie Mark: Zlo has no cutie mark in any of her three forms.

      Personality: Zlo is a complete pyschopath; she takes sadistic pleasure in the torment of her victims, often luring them in using her child-like innocence and her child-like form, despite being anywhere from thirty to sixty years old; her body simply does not age, explaining why she does not die.

      Backstory: As a child, Recotta grew up fairly happy. She had a loving family and a happy home, and there was nothing wrong with her life; she was the stereotypical happy filly. That was, of course, before the "accident" happened.<br />Of course, this was no REAL accident, but an event carried out by a group if ethereal creatures known as the Medelwyr, believed to be stories made up to frighten children, Recotta and her parents were doing their shopping for Hearth's Warming Eve. However, a figure appeared and began to light the store on fire; the flames were black and somehow impervious to any sort of attempt to put them out. Slowly, all the innocents in the store burned, but another figure appeared. Recotta had been able to hide under the dead bodies of her parents and was frightened as the man approached her; however, he held out his hands, and before she could do or say anything, she died.<br />However, there is a life after death for some, and for Recotta, she was one of the unlucky ones. She was now, thanks to the "kindness" of the Medelwyr, one of them. She had her name changed to Zlo and discovered their purpose; they were near immortal beings who's sole purpose was to kill and collect souls. They are more commonly known as "Reapers".<br />Zlo learned quickly and was the most violent of the five with this power. The Reaper that had bestowed it on her may have lived to regret it, but despite her tendencies to go overboard, she is arguably the best of them all. What the teddy bear is for no one knows, but it is never out of her sight.<br />Her Scythe is a chainsaw for the most part.

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