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Found 64 results

  1. I'm a huge fan of the Blender project and just wanted to know if there is anyone else here who shares my love towards the freedom of creation. (If you like Maya, Max or something else, I'm still interested in your opinions.) Write about anything in the subject. eg.: What features do you use the most? Works you've done? Years of practice? The UI wars? (active users should know ) I started using (heh) after I saw my cousin playing around in 2.4x (old times), but it turned serious only when I began attending art lessons and spent all my time on the classroom's only working computer. I still do My favorite parts of this amazing software are the modeling and simulation tools, compositing and Cycles nodes. I think the interface is 98% perfect the way it is and would prefer seeing improvements in modifiers (especially the boolean) and Unity integration than the developers wasting time on editor tabs. So far I've been doing it for ~2 yrs and now that I have my tablet, nothing can stop me My 2 bigger projects were a request and a present, one for my crush (a logo for her fashion show) and an OC for my best friend. They both sucked from a Blender point of view, but the look on their faces was worth every sleepless hour and coffee brewing and occasional missing from school. I want to do this all my life. PS.: 2.7 RC is out!!! Let's open that champagne!!!!
  2. Here is my latest project (first time doing this so I will work out the kinks later on) of a 3D Rainbow Dash. I had done a couple of etchings and wanted to try to acually (somewhat) make a 3D model as best as I could with what few tools I have available. So here is a pic of this wonderful characters progress. I am hoping to start the painting some time this week. Let me know what you guys think about her so far. She stands about 16" tall and is roughly 20" long. I tried to insert a pic of all the pieces but my computer didn't want to upload the image so, sorry for that. But this is what it looks like so far. It is made from a 2x12 and 1x10's (I just cut the tail and legs from this board).
  3. Animation made by me in Source Filmmaker. It's a remake of a scene from Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet. If you haven't seen that, you totally should.
  4. Currently, I'm trying to fill a rather pathetically empty niche in this fandom: 3D Animation. Yes, excellent models currently exist for our favorite ponies, fully articulated and ready for use by creative persons... in Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker... That's nice if you like restricting yourself to Teamfortress 2, Half Life and Left 4 Dead maps, props and characters by forcing them to barge in on something you probably only wanted to be pony-related. But hey, you're working with Valve's resources, and that means you're working with Valve's maps unless you want to bother yourself with learning Hammer so you can make a seriously awful Brush-based map of Ponyville! Ick... Okay, admittedly there are SOME decent maps made, but you get what I'm saying. An entire medium of artwork and animation left unplumbed and neglected, solely represented by some SERIOUSLY limited productions involving a game-engine, adding another hurdle to the process of making videos by exporting models and textures into Source. What if you wanted to go BIGGER? Where is the content necessary to make a 3D scene NOT constrained by game-engine limitations so you can have huge spaces to work with, or use fluid, cloth and general physics simulations on a grand scale? Maybe you want better effects, and to NOT have to deal with a game's particle engine to do it? Well here's the thing: I'm such a person, who wants to do scenes and trailers and all sorts of other cool things to supplement my written work for the fandom (a little fic on EQD called "Black Equinox"). And I'm currently working to make tons of 3D pony content available for those who work in the realms of 3DS Max, Maya, Blender or whatever 3D package you favor. Want an idea of the sort of thing I mean? Well, here's a teaser trailer I did recently for my fanfic: What you see here is not possible in Source Filmmaker, and if it were, it would be massively inconvenient. Already I've been hard at work extracting Nahka's 3D pony models and rigging them for animation, finding a way to implement the facial expressions he added that would otherwise be unavailable beyond Source Filmmaker or the like. Here's an example of a cel-shaded test animation I did with the current Twilight rig: Cel-shaded, smoothed over during the render to prevent low-poly edges, and open to ALL the possibilities raw CGI offers. Ah, but even with the characters, you need places to PUT them, right? And what yahoo is going to bother modeling all of these environments? Well, look no further than THIS yahoo. I am, at this moment, working to make detailed models of the buildings and structures located in Equestria, from Ponyville to Canterlot. I warn that my work is primarily exterior, but it's better than nothing. At the moment, I'm working on the Library. Yeah, pretty rough, but it's a WIP, obviously, and I haven't modeled the leafy-portions, just the core woody bits (mainly because I plant to set the former on fire in a scene, and I need the husk of the tree). So here's where you guys come in: To do this right, I require references. Here, for example, the Golden Oaks Library (to my knowledge) is only EVER seen from the very front. Any exterior shot of any kind ensures we get the same angle, the same iconic profile. While I'm getting that down in the model, 3D isn't 2D. I can't use an eternally isometric perspective and make the Library a facade with no back. As it stands, I don't think ANYONE knows what the back of this damn tree LOOKS like! I can wing it if I must, fill in a random window on the second floor and call it a day, but in 3D, something should look good right ANY angle. Similarly, (and a bigger long-run concern) Canterlot is shown to be both a palace and a city. By now we have a general idea of the city layout and the palace layout, but the relationship between the two is nebulous at best. Like the Library, we ONLY see the city from the South in that same angle, showing off the aesthetically pleasing silhouette. We assume the rest of the city is past what we can see, but it's shown to be a pretty big place. Big enough that when we see individual ponies on balconies in zoomout shots, we KNOW what we're seeing must only be a small part of the city. Or else, the city must curve around the back of the mountain out of sight. And true, you could do like THEY clearly are and make exterior city shots and interior city shots separate scenes, but it'd be nice to be able to pan a camera all the way through and not rely on cut-away shots.
  5. Im trying to make OC models for sfm, but I can't do any of it. Im trying to find someone who can make them for me, so I don't have any trouble.
  6. I made some of the hair and clothing myself using Sims 2 Bodyshop and GIMP, but my texture-editing skills have gotten fairly rusty since I ragequit the Sims community. I ended up throwing away the hair I made for RD and just gave her a Maxis hairdo. The mane six all together: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Applejack More to come!
  7. Pulled this together after a few days. It was my first time using the program, and I still haven't figured out the coloring (obviously) but I don't think it's THAT bad.
  8. Nearly done Just needs a tongue and socks. I'll finish it in a week, I'm lazy now. I was workong on this for 3 days aprox 14 hours. I'm frustrated with the textures lol. anyhow I hope you like it(eventho very creepy) The concept is by ~Amond-Logan. Its fully rigged, but I will have to re-do weight painting if I'd like to animate it.
  9. What's everyone's opinion on the models for Gamelofts Ponyville? Honestly I love some of them, like Pinkie Pie's model, and Braeburn looks pretty good too. Mr. Cake's is pretty funny, but some of the models are just horrid. [Rarity's voice] Oh, Darling, Vinyl? Just what is that hideous mane of yours doing? [/Rarity's voice] I'm not liking Spitfire's model either... the goggles look rather off and is kind of bland. Appleblooms model is well designed though, and I do enjoy it. So what's all your opinions?
  10. I just found this on facebook link to the source: http://www.facebook....94841173&type=1 This is what the post said: "Know a big fan of Big McIntosh? Then share this exclusive first look of Applejack’s big brother, as sketched by Gameloft! Pretty cool? Eeeyup." man, I can't wait for this game, the characters, the mechanics, everything looks great so far. What do you think ? discuss away!!
  11. Hi, I am working on a little project and need some 3D pony models to test it. I searched on google of course, but somehow I couldn't find many downloadable *.obj models. I found some (the archive name is pony_models_mane_6_pose_0), but those were too... detailed. You could propably ask why should it be a problem. It is not because of speed, but... I'll explain. I have seen many models of ponies, but they were missing something - the "edges". So I wanted to find a way to add it to the model. I spend few hours thinking and programming and I came up with one which is pretty fast, but it has one disadvantage - it sometimes fails at thin hollow parts and those models I had downloaded had one hollow part - the mouth (there was even a tongue ). So it made some glitches there if you choosed the edge too thick. I had to remove the hollow part, but it takes a long time, because I am not experienced much in 3D modeling. So I was wondering if anypony could provide me a few models, so I can see how it looks on those models. I need it in *.obj or some other file which can be exported to *.obj in blender. It should also have a texture for eyes and for a cutie mark . Also I would like to know if the "edge" looks good on the model, or if it looks weird or something, so here it is how it looks applied on a fluttershy model: http://files.spyropi...f5d5894/lpm.png And, if anypony knows how to use NURBS in opengl, I would really appreciate some help.
  12. Welcome to the Colors 3D gallery! Where you can find: Traced/poorly drawn Pokemon, animals/Pokemon covered in obscenely large amounts of hair, with black shading, too many sparkles in the eyes like they have cancer or something, stick figures, friend codes, unnecessary human body parts (if you know what I mean), 10 year olds looking for dates, and stupid stories. Did I miss anything?
  13. Anypony have the 3DS Download game Colors 3D? i just got it and i like it alot, maybe we could share some 3D drawings here, i didn't draw this it was the first thing that appeared in the gallery: i had to save it if this is in the wrong place, sorry, please move it to the right place then.
  14. Prepare for a long confusing read. Well, today, me and my friends were discussing the human understanding of the wonders that we call the dimensions and the brain. Many topics came up, such as time travel and teleportation, thought and other things. Some things were confusing, some were simple, but the main point is I need to discuss this or my thoughts will start to confuse me so much that my eyes will derp. We all know the five dimensions, don't we? The First Dimension The Second Dimension The Third Dimension Time Space So. We got all into the subjects one at a time. We all know the first dimension is one of three; length, width, or height, although in math it is technically length. First off, what would this dimension look like? Some said it was just a line. I thought the same. But it doesn't seem logical to have a world that is simply a line, does it? We also live within this dimension, as well as the others, but would it be possible to screw with this dimension or step out of the 3D dimension? It wouldn't seem logical if we did, but technology can go so far. What if we went to this dimension on its own? What would happen? Would we still be living in the other dimensions, or would we be a frozen frame in the middle of nothing? 2D is simple to understand. Flat figures. Cartoons and such are drawn in the second dimension. We live partially in it. The third dimension. This is the dimension we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell...this is the one we majorly live in. This is what we call reality. However, as with the first dimension, technology may go so far as to be able to bend it to fit human necessity. Technically, transferring from one dimension to another would kill you instantly. The only logical way to do so is to use a method similar to that of teleportation or time travel. You'd have to convert your atoms into energy, then reconstruct that energy into atoms in the previous or next dimension. Even then, could you move? Would it be the same as this world? Time...I can't even find a reasonable explanation for this one. What is time? Sure, you'll by default say something about time measurement, but what is time actually? How does it work? What would happen if you were able to travel to or bend this dimension...? I honestly am confused beyond confusion on this one, someone enlighten me. Space? Infinite. Black holes. Not much else we know about this dimension. I need some sort of knowledge to even try to say anything on this. And, we also discussed the mind. You scientists out there may have said something like that thoughts are chemical reactions. 'TIS A LIE. THY BRAIN IS NATURALLY CONSCIOUS AND REQUIRES NOT CHEMICAL COMPONENTS TO PREFORM THE FUNCTION OF A THOUGHT. It can't be explained that easily. It just can't. Also, there was the rumor that by 2020 they will have a computer that is as fast as the brain. Maybe as fast as electric impulses can travel via nerves, but not as fast as the mind. The mind is literally instantaneous. It doesn't go by time, it just happens. You have a thought, and you can't time how fast you have a thought, either, it just comes and goes as quickly as it came. How would any instantaneous technology be possible? And...what are thoughts? What causes them? How do they happen? ANSWERS. I NEED THEM. ​TL;DR-GO BACK AND READ OR I SHALL FIND YOU AND PLACE YOU IN THE GUILLOTINE.