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Found 47 results

  1. RP here Iron Man has just revealed himself to be Tony Stark. Though the world does not know it, this marks the start of a new age in their history. Set during the start of Phase One in the MCU, our characters will be introduced into the timeline and affect it in both small ways and large. Without intervention, the timeline will run similar to how it did in the official source materials. However, the more we choose to interact with the persons involved in those events, the more things will start to change for the better or the worst. What unintended consequences that will come from these actions remain to be seen. The pieces are all in place. Shield and Nick Fury are scoping the world for recruits. Wilson Fisk is working with the Hand to gentrify Hells Kitchen. Thor and Loki will eventually be making their appearances on Earth. The Hulk is on the lam. Any and all MCU lore (including sources like Netflix) that start's in phase one will be ready to go. I will also be working in lore from the comics that I feel will work with the world the MCU has created. Character Applications: Real Name: Alias (if applicable): Age /Occupation/ Daily life: Appearance: Personality: Give me a rundown on what kind of character this is and how you're going to play them. Also give me an idea of how you think they would interact with canon characters in the MCU. Who would they get along with? Who would they rub the wrong way? ect Powers (if applicable): As the MCU has shown, you don't necessarily need powers to be in teams like The Avengers. That said, those without powers who intend to fight the bad guys will probably need ways to do that. Another thing to note is powers are exceedingly rare in the MCU at the moment. This means that you need to figure out how your character acquired those powers (which you can put in the Backstory). Whether you want to be a badass normal or have some powers to spice it up, I can help in that department. Backstory: I will request tweaks and alterations of this if I deem it necessary. I intend on using these backstories for the game. Even if your character has amnesia, I still want this backstory. For the sake of keeping things easier to manage, you're going to be located in New York for now.
  2. I cosplay. I know others cosplay as well. I am a very skilled seamstress, while others who want to cosplay have varying levels of sewing skills, or even none at all. I have my preferred pony, but I always see things that could work for this cosplay or that cosplay. I figured, why not just post it up on a thread. If I find a sewing pattern, piece of clothing, online tutorial, I will post it here. I invite anyone and everyone else to do the same. I will start with a very simple, but pretty dress that with a little bit of frills added would make a lovely Fluttershy Grand Galloping Gala dress. It can be bought at
  3. Link to the RP For almost a millennia, scholarly Ponies have followed the numerous teachings of Starswirl the Bearded, studying his magic and trying their hooves at his spell -- one such group of scholars rediscovering a spell that opens inter dimensional portals. They perform the spell, and discover a world most wondrous and terrifying in equal measure -- the world of Humans. Rather than shy away and close the portal forever, they do their best to study these creatures, growing ever more curious with each new discovery they make. They eventually make the surprising revelation that a small number of humans actually know about a little about Equestria, yet the Equestrians had no knowledge on them! Before long, a proposal is made to bring one or two through, but only ones that could pass a secret test to prove themselves worthy... *~*~*~* There is a contest held that has many Bronies and Pegasisters, and some casual fans abuzz-- a website holding a contest that boasts a fabulous prize -- but only if they find you worthy. Despite looking like many a site like it, droves of people enter themselves in, as if compelled... Enter Colette Irving. High schooler, YouTuber, musician, and gamer, but most definitely not into the show. Because of this, she is forced to enter the contest after miserably losing a bet to a friend. She grudgingly follows through, only to silence said friend. Her mood quickly lifts when she gets the idea that there would be no way for her to win, only to get the shock of a lifetime when it's revealed she was chosen... *~*~*~* Alex Jones is another aspiring YouTuber, dabbling in voice acting for various parts. Some of his fans took notice of this, and begged and pestered him to trying out for several roles for MLP characters, to which he declined each time. This does little to deter the Bronies, who somehow convince him to enter the contest. Like Colette, Alex is hard pressed to have to enter, but glad to have finally shut them up so he, and hopefully they, can move on... ... Little did he know, he too, was picked. *~*~*~* News of Humans spreads like wildfire upon their arrival, and hast just about everypony is talking about it. What's more, there is news that they are travelling from town to town, and they're bringing some of their alien devices with them to record their adventures and learn more about Equestria and its inhabitants. One if them is even going by the name Equestrian Idiot, the other Strange Journeys... Rules for the RP: - As with every other RP, whatever the DM says, goes. - Everyone must apply in order to join the RP! The application must also be filled out completely in order for consideration. You may link your character's profile and pictures in the app, however. - I have the right to reject applications as the DM, but you do have the right to revise your app accordingly, should I ask you to. - You may use as many characters as you feel comfortable with, cannon or OC, but an app must be filled out for each one. - You may separate your posts if you do decide to play more than one character. In other words, feel free to post one character at a time, so the others don't have to wait as long! - Do not start RPing until I say you're approved! You may get a brohoof if I like your app, but your character is not in until I say they've been accepted. - Proper use of grammar is a MUST! Your grammar doesn't need to be perfect 100% of the time, but if I can't understand what you're saying, then don't expect to be accepted. - Once accepted, do try to post more than the minimum 200 characters. Some posts are inevitably going to be short, but try to avoid making a habit of just posting the minimum. The more you put into your post, the more others can get out of it and work with! - Rules for Alicorns: * Cannon Alicorns ONLY! No exceptions. ** Fill out the app as you normally would, just put Alicorn in Species. *** Wow me! Show me you know how to handle the character! - If you would like to reserve a character, be they mane cast or secondary, just lemme know by simply stating who you'd like to reserve here in the OOC. - I'm anticipating that some RPers are going to drop out or be inactive after a short time, which is why I'll be taking new apps regularly. I'll also let everyone know if there's an opening for a cannon character. Humans: Colette Irving - @Hypn0ticD Gavin Wilson - @Derplight Sperkle OCs: Ruby Wave - @RubyW32 North Light - @Zhooves Clover - @Pripyat Pony Dark Wing - Secondary Characters: (Just about any who have appeared in the show!) Vinyl Scratch - @GeneralDirection Apple Bloom - @Hypn0ticD Discord - @Randimaxis Mane Cast list: Applejack - @Hypn0ticD Pinkie Pie - @Randimaxis Rainbow Dash - @Randimaxis Fluttershy - @Derplight Sperkle Twilight Sparkle - @Derplight Sperkle Rarity - @Taialin Spike - @Yoshi89 Princess Luna - Princess Celestia - @Taialin Available Cast: Prince Shining Armor Prince Blueblood Princess Cadance Equestrian Application Form Name: Species (Unicorn/ Pegasus/ Earth Pony/ Crystal Pony/Griffin): Approximate Age (Foal/Young Adult/Adult): Mare or Stallion: Height (Feet and inches): Weight (in pounds): Eye color: Mane color: Physical Description: Occupation (Optional): Other distinctive features (if any): Backstory (A little more about your character): Cutie Mark:
  4. Yes, you've read it right: Darkest. Dungeon. RP. Okay, more like "Darkest Dungeon" inspired, since the real deal would get too dark for Forum Rules before leaving the first page... But fear not! There is still plenty of Dark, and, Dungeons, left! The basic premise of the RP is as such: Somewhere on the Western reaches of Equestria, lies a mansion, and a village that belong to a noble family. The noble who lived in the mansion, nowadays called "the Ancestor" in hushed voices, learned that the very mansion is a gateway to some fabulous power... I'll let the man speak for himself. it's been several months since the Heir has returned, and adventures, heroes, and madponies from all over Equestria are coming, lured by gold, Holy Quests or whatever agenda they may have. Most end up on the Graveyard, and over half of the tombstones are symbolic, since there weren't enough for burial. You, the players, are the fresh batch, just arrived through the Old Road. Will you join the others, in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion? Or will you deliver the World from the clutching shadows of the Darkest Dungeon? Rules and features: - only mature players, this thing will be dark, - no powergaming, Mary Sues etc, the harder you push for that inprobable win, the harder I will put you down. There will be instances when you will lose, and it's part of the experience, - this RP revolves around what you become when faced with the unimaginable, so the players are required to weave character development, stress, trauma, coping mechanisms etc into their story. Your toon may become alcoholic or do risky gambits to cope, for example. The borthel is closed! Forum Rules, you know. - I play the NPC's and the Heir, as well as hostiles. In a way, I am the D&D style GM, without active PC's in the game, - the characters can and will die, but there's a thing that brings them back to life, no necromancy involved. Think respawns but with some actual backstory, - the RP can be anthro or feral, depending on player preferences, - one thread per group, wchich consists of 4 players. Incomplete groups wait till they are at full strength before entering, - one post per week at the very least. If you disappear without a word, your rolls will have a debuff, - speaking of rolls, I will perform dice rolls to determine the outcomes of actions. You go into a room, I post what's inside. You open a chest, I post if it's trapped or what's inside (after roling the dice) 1=critical failure 2-3=failue/bad outcome 4-5=success 6=critical sucess, - this RP borrows the setting and overall feel and structure from DD, but is not a carbon copy. There will be custom locations and enemies, quests, items and services, - tech level around 17th Century - there be black powder guns, bombs, cannons etc. I think that's enough for starters, ask away if you have any questions!
  5. CANCELED Reason: no roleplayers returned to actually play it. OCs in the role-play: MoodRaiser, Nigel, Hot Cocoa, Wade and Scarlett. Please read backstories before continuing: Nigel, MoodRaiser, Hot Cocoa, Wade and Scarlett Basic Plot: The Pocket Dimension (TPD) went crazy and reversed time whenever the a new pony entered it, after it got linked to the Global Pocket Dimension Server, GPDS for short. While investigating the cause, MoodRaiser and Nigel met a beautiful pony who could help. Her name is Scarlett, her methods didn't help, they instead made Equestria split into Time Travel Zones (TTZ) where time would move faster or slower depending on the location. The Changeling Empire would have 1 second last 1 minute, and Canterlot would have a day last 1 second. Even though the Pocket Dimension was now stable and functional, there would still be a problem to fix. No one blames anypony in this scenario because of the unexpected outcome of linking TPD to GPDS GM: Child Of Darkness Location: The Changeling Empire Main Goal: Fix Time! Mane 6 condition: Frozen In Time Plot Idea From: Quantum Break (never played it )
  6. Hey there traveler! So, I figured that in spirit of the new Warcraft movie I would create this roleplay which I've been wanting to create for a long while now. This will be a very lose open for all roleplay set in the World of Warcraft. You'll be creating your own stories and groups based on your companions and allegiances. You can put in multiple characters, but please keep them balanced and realistic sticking to basic Roleplay rules. You may be free to simply enter the world but first please leave a character here on the basic template[Feel free to somewhat change the template if you so need though.] Name: Race: [self-explainable. ] Allegiance: [Horde or Alliance or possibly other.] Class: [if you're a WoW player you'll know. Just pick from those, custom classes are allowed aswell within reason.] Appearance: Description: [stuff that people should know, but it doesn't have to be everything. ] This will be a very loose Roleplay, I'm essentially hosting the thread and you may feel free to organize anything you will pleased based on your liking, be it darker, more casual or other. ALSO, this will be an advanced Roleplay area, just to make it more fun. __________ *I'll create my character later, because I'm generally unsure. *If you don't have an idea for a character aswell then just list that you're interesting and the roles you're willing to play and we'll be able to organize a party between each other or several parties. You may also propose any ideas you wish for the roleplays.
  7. Follow the rolwplay at: Silver Snow looks at the doors of the pub she was about to enter while asking herself if she really wanted to enter, one part of her conscience applauded the idea to drink till she would drop, because she was never ever going to get love ever again and the other part seemed scared, scared what would happen to her babyfoal, scared for herself and her future. it was one thing to be scared of the future, but Silver was also scared of the past. Will her old slavors come and get her? Will the gangs that she fled chase her again at some point? These were all very bad thoughts in her head, but there was one thing that over shadowed it all and made her infinately sad. The last pony she had trusted to be her partner had been so good to her all the time they were together, cherrishing her and putting her above nearly everything else he deemed important. Silver got pregnant and was very happy about it, as was the colt. The shock came to Silver when she heard from a reliable source that the colt had just packed up and went away, telling nothing. And here she stands now, sick with sadness while having a foal in her belly for a very long time, facing life only hanging by a tiny thread of hope. Will there be anypony to help her, even notice her? <edit>removed inquiry</edit> <edit2>THIS ROLEPLAY HAS BEEN TAKEN</edit2>
  8. This is a private RP between myself and , playing as potential love-ponies who meet under a cliched moment. Does love blossom after? RP link
  9. If anyone would like more practice with advanced role plays, or if you want to enhance your skills in RPing with 800+ characters, this is where you sign up. Want to start? Just PM me for ideas on what to RP with. I'm open for private sessions or open ones.
  10. welcome to my open oc pony holiday cruise rp to come aboard i just need to know what your oc name and what he or she is and what it is to come aboard and this only oc pony no human as for rules 1 have fun,2 no killing, 3 enjoy and im am the captain of the ship but if you want to help that will be ok enjoy the cruise. if you have any question you will need to come to the captain's office or want to help with the other guest or someone is not follow the rules or be part of the crew like driving the cruise different day if i need a break this cruise has 40 bedrooms, 3 big pools with waterslide , 2 spas, the control room where i will be or some other pony who wants to help, 3 Restaurant, 2 gaming places and and 5 game rooms , crew bedrooms and 30 restrooms and for the oc that want to help i will need security if any oc get on board without me knowing or not following the rules and maybe 2 chef and a dj for pony that want to party at night this is how you sign up on this rp name: Freedome blitz , pony: pegasus cutie mark: blue wing with white clouds, details: like working with the weather and going fast this is how i would like to see to get on board the cruise so enjoy
  11. (Warning: This role play will contain potential spoilers of the Guardians of Harmony. Also not sure if this is Tabletop or not, so fix it if it fits.) 1000 years ago, A lone pony stands on only two hooves, looking at the eyes of her enemy. This pony was a Super Pony, a pony who possesses a power unmatched, even the combined powers of the Elements of Harmony. Legend has it that this Pony was pure of heart, and her anger towards the loss of her friends had granted her this strength. However, this power was only for a limited time, so she had to fight with everything she had. She made the first move towards her enemy, charging to him.... 6 months prior to today, Copper Strikes stood on only two hooves, his anger from the hurting of his friends, the Elements of Harmony, towards Tirek, who returned after a year in Tartarus. Tirek didn't want to be sent back to Tartarus, so before the attack happened, he punched the Mane Six to the ground, thus stripping them of their power. Copper was infuriated, and his anger transformed him into the legendary Super Pony. Now he took the assault to Tirek, and, after a hard-fought battle, summoned the last of his strength and, with the Rainbow Power with him, sent Tirek back to Tartarus. He then lost his strength and fell to the ground, only to be saved by Princess Celestia.... This role play happens after the 6 month time period, where during which, Copper becomes a Guardian of Harmony. Evil lurks, and he and the Elements of Harmony have to find the other Super Ponies Only a select six ponies who are pure of heart will be able to become Super Ponies. They have a 15-minute time period in their states, and when their time is up, they lose all their energy, so the key is to beating their enemies while they can. Standard rules of Role play apply here. Also there are no Mary-Sue type characters, every Super Pony must have a weakness. Take Copper, for example, he has great speed, but he lacks a lot of power, with an average defense, in his Super form. Only six ponies can possess this type of power, but any OC is accepted in this role play.
  12. ~~~ NEWS SECTION: It seems as though our top candidate to play Discord has gone and vanishified, meaning we're back at stage one-- auditions. The next order of business would be to decide on an RP topic that Discord could fit comfortably into. We're taking suggestions here! A good place to start would be the theme of Discord trying to make new friends that might share his interests, in view of the events of "Make new Friends but Keep Discord". ~~~ *EDIT* This post was initially intended to be in the EQE OOC discussion section, but was moved. When I say "here", I'm talking about EQE. Sorry for any confusion. First and foremost: I understand that Discord is not a playable character in the EQE, and I'm not trying to change that or anything. Don't worry. ...This is really more of a Want ad. Getting right to it... I was wondering if anybody here has ever wanted to play as/with Discord in the Everfree Empire (EVE), but in a setting that was more controlled and anchored to canon, just like the Equestrian Empire (EQE). I know that I would love to be in an RP with Discord, but finding someone to RP him is sort of a daunting and risky task over in EVE, where things are, well, rather wild. I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid I wouldn't do his character justice...not to mention I fear accidentally tipping the scales in my favour, in terms of Discord interacting with my own characters. So, I guess what I'm asking is, would anyone here in EQE (or anyone else who is otherwise a seasoned and/or talented roleplayer) be interested in RPing with/as Discord over in the Everfree Empire, while still keeping the other rules of EQE intact? Perhaps let your OC meet him, get in some practice playing as him, or play out day-to-day life with the mane six... And, of course, while we're here... Auditions are open, if you'd like to give it a go. Right on this thread. Just a little practice sample. Ask me for a story prompt if you need one. The floor is yours, Discord.
  13. EDIT: Role play is up! Time to throw down! (Battle of Discord RP Version) I'm going to make this short and sweet. In this Roleplay, I've decided to give up the reigns of playing Discord, who has caught the eyes of @Randimaxis and . Discord (First played by me) has agreed to split himself in two, allowing Randimaxis and Sans the Skeleton to face off against each other in the Battle for Discord. Whoever does the most chaos in the amount of posts I want will win. (All Discord's talk now) Of course, there has to be a set of ground rules for something like this, and permit me to do so. *Snaps fingers, causing a chalk board to appear and points to it with a pointed stick* Now, you two. These are the ground rules you must follow in order to even have a chance at winning play-time with me. Step 1: Do not god-mod, even though you already know that. Step 2: Do not, by any means, make me overpowered the way I'm already am. Step 3: I like to have fun causing chaos, so go right ahead and have some fun, but don't have too much fun. Step 4: And this is the most important one. As in the time being that I am controlled by Dwhite, by no means will you automatically take me over until I split myself in half. So how many posts do you want, Dwhite? Until I've had enough of the Chaos, which won't be for a long while. Also there's going to be a confined space large enough a some good chaos to go around. Fair enough. I'll post the RP later tonight. See ya soon! *grins deviously* Just how much chaos will ensue? I'm going to enjoy this. Ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  14. Concept "Equestria has advanced not only in technology, but in Unicorn magic as well. Leaps and bounds in these advancements allow for things unseen in Equestria for things such as space expeditions, weaponry, and time/spacial anomalies. Though these advancements exist, a universal agreement was made to keep the original designs of buildings as they were before new tech came into play. A mysterious force orchestrates a mass abduction plot, with reasons known only to the ponies the entity abducts placing them in lands unseen. Missions across Equestria, or past the Equestrian Sea are to be expected. Expeditions into space will be few, but needed. Will you take the step in order to find out what this entity wants?" From laser weapons (think Mass Effect) to stasis rooms where time slows to a near halt, the sky is the limit. If you can think of the tech, or somewhat import it from a space-age type medium, it's most likely able to be used or seen in this universe. Equestria is facing a new force of evil, one of which had never been seen before. It comes as a mist, abducting ponies and dropping them in strange, unseen lands beyond the Equestrian sea. It's up to these ponies what they do to survive and make it home. One pony by the name of Bass Clef had such a tale. Each pony is taken with certain intent, all of which is to be discussed privately between myself and the pony whom wishes to be abducted for the story. Bass Clef's story : Please read in order to gain a feel for the type of RP will be expected here. The Rules Alicorns are barred from this roleplay. Exceptions made for canon Princesses (ie. Cadance, Twilight, Luna, Celestia) Mecha ponies are barred from this roleplay. Due to the nature of Mechs, upgrades and the type of tech needed to make a Mech would be too powerful for this. Autonomous armor will be accepted upon strict review. God-modding will not be accepted. A system will be put in place for battles between two roleplayers, however, battles between NPC's will be roleplayed out. Weapons are accepted in all forms, minus nuclear weaponry. Nuclear weaponry is considered far too powerful for this universe and will not be acceptable. Housing mods are to be reviewed, and allowed upon approval. Ships for intergalactic travel are allowed, however photos will need to be approved. Missions must be put in for approval Other Important Information Missions: Any and all missions will be given out on approval. Each mission will require no less than 2 in a crew, and will be subject to a separate RP in the IC thread in which they mission crew report to their respective Officer. Ships: You can have an NPC crew, but the NPC's cannot be over the top. Think Normandy crew. Autonomous Armor: To a certain extend, autonomous mod armor can be used, but cannot be full body, much like the Power Armor of Fallout. Weaponry: Simple. No nuclear weaponry. To Apply For This RP Post your character page in a comment below, and tell me why you believe you could be an integral part of this roleplay. As an advanced roleplay, your posts must be lengthy and descriptive to better describe how things are being done. Actions speak louder than words, but words are all we can really use in here. Explain what kind of weaponry you'd use, whether or not you're interested in the war-type storyline, or whether you want to take a peaceful stance during the roleplay. I'd like to see at minimum 1000 characters on how you plan on making your character fit within the universe. If your character is a canon character, explain how you wish to fit a canon character into a universe like this. List of Characters Bass Clef (Played by Sapphire Lightning) Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8 Slot 9 Slot 10 Slot 11 Slot 12
  15. hello everypony im looking ponies to go adventuring with me so who's in
  16. Link to RP: This RP is for me and Intemsive, so this is just an OOC.
  17. In-Character Role-Play: Its awaiting Mod approval so you might not be able to see, or post in it until its approved. So in lieu of the new fallout, I decided to make a roleplay where there is a group of ponies who were cryogenically frozen before the blasts. A few years later they will be unfrozen and have to use their old world knowledge to survive the brutalities that is the equestrian wasteland. Yes, there are some similarities to Fallout 4 there, but Im gonna be doing things differently than the story which i already beat. JK, I cant even play the game on my stinking Dell Laptop ;_; This may be an adventure romance role-play. I would love it we all stayed together or at least with another person. I dont want one of us having a separate role-play while the rest are doing something else....for example. Billy, bobby, and terry are fixing a computer or something while Jimbob is off killing raiders for no reason then comes back injured and could go off together so the two B's are fixing the computer while Terry and Jimbob are killing raiders for supplies. I may structure this as a quest type of thing where the group focuses on one goal, then when thats done they find someone else to do a quest/job for. This will also be a long role-play, so i implore anyone who is interested to make sure they can keep up with this for more than a day. I have seen many a role-play go on for hours then participants lose interest. I do not want this happening to this roleplay. if you have any improvements to this, please let me know. This will be in the planning stages, but you are welcomed to sign up. **********************************Searching Stage******************************************** I will now be searching for suitable players for this role-play. Friendship...Friendship never changes... Unless of course, you were one of the lucky few who made it into Vault 666. Despite the omens and rumours a group of brave equestrians participated in the cryogenic stasis chamber experiment. It was boasted that pony kind would live on after any blast, any disaster, any wars. The group was told that they would be frozen for a maximum of two years, and paid handsomely for their time. Too bad they couldnt see the future, because after they were frozen a siren rang out through Equestria. A siren, warning ponies everywhere that the end was near. Something more powerful than magic was being brewed in a lab, right in the center of Equestria. Due to the carelessness of a mad scientist the Disease spread. It brought about nuclear wars and famine. Ponies were slowly dying off and all hope seemed lost. The only hope for ponies everywhere were the group locked in Vault 666. Just before the group was about to finish their two year experiment, a scientist from another land bumped the dial to 98 more years. The scientist left the group tools of the new world they will be warmly welcomed into as well as an audio tape explaining it all. Will these ponies be up for the challenge, or will they die before they could even leave the door? *********************Characters************************ ME- Dakota Helhiem Littlepip-Flame Streak Catsle-Berch The Pixelated Pony-Riley Redshell-Redshell Emerald Bolt- Alexandrite
  18. Whether it's Steam, GameFAQs, or private message someone at a browser game I play, I barely get any replies about anyone has this game for the console. Maybe I'm stupid and have an ugly personality, I don't know but I'm always angry to know I barely get a response, or if anyone has that game at least to play with. I haven't thought of asking this here but seeing this is a big community, I'm giving a shot if someone here must have the game still. If you have that game for PS3, let me know.
  19. Link for my oc: Captian Caramel Link for Silver Snow's oc: Diamond Rustscythe Link for the rp: Caramel and Diamond rp This is the ooc thread is for the rp between me and @Silver Snow Normal rules apply! It doesn't have a real story to it yet, but we were thinking of Slice of Life with sometimes a bit excitment.
  20. So, in the time waiting for SEASON 3 to arrive, I've been watching some abridged episodes. Two abridged series' have caught my eye for the great humor and alternate plotlines. Mentally Advanced series. Friendship is Witchcraft. I want to know which one is thought to be best (I love them both!) Why? Are there any more decent abridged series' I'm missing? If so, please leave a note for me! Thanks. -Joe-
  21. I want to make a series called Whitewashed Past, maybe the first series in the MLPForums. But this one is in a giant cathedral built dedicated to the Royal Sisters. The characters got in the same time in the cathedral. It got totally locked as soon as they got near the fountain, in the middle of the room (Just imagine a big dome as the shape of the building). Magic got somehow useless. The fountain was suddenly drained. The only escape was going to an trapdoor located in the middle of the fountain. The most they get in lower levels, more challenges await them [The lower floors allow magic, except teleportation, the first doesn't allow magic for preventing any escapes]. They will meet Seven Deadly Sins (To be politically correct, let's call them Elements of Un-Harmony instead). The characters will find the real truth of the Royal Sisters past, through mind-notes (they get memories when touching a object), as well as they discover the defects of each other. The final floor... Mystery. Let's decide. Requirements (I ain't picky, but I think has to be necessary, even for a beginning of a series): >> Polite grammar >> Non-overpowered OC (This depends of me, so ask.) >> [i don't need a lot, but would be useful if you have] Experience (nothing personal, I just want to find somebody to teach me while getting fun) >>Of course, an acceptable frequency (I wonder if three posts/day would be a giant burden, but let's decide) Current OCs: Mine (, Concerto Dusk's: ( ), Asura's: ( ; )
  22. There is a school for those who are seeking to be highly trained in the ways of the assassin. Hidden deep within the forests of Stableside near the shores of Equestria. The skills that are taught here range from free-trotting, extreme balance and stealth, and of course taking down an enemy in the most efficient and quickest way possible. Their overall motives are quite radical but serious. Join at your own risk. Application Form: OC's name: Gender: Age: Their goal in life: Position at establishment: Other information: Current Players: Principal - Teacher - Student - @Mint Drop Student - @Dsanders Student - @Pripyat Pony Student - Student - @Shadowking58 Official Roleplay Thread: Rules: • Please only use one OC. • Stay within Equestria's current technology as seen in the show. • Please try and put good detail and effort into your posts. Don't ignore someone's OC when they try and make conversation with yours. Try not to be overly-brief as it may come off as being rude to the OC (unless that is part of your character—but don't overdo it). So make sure your OC has good communication skills and good manners for the most part. Even when someone hasn't posted for a while, at least try to keep their OC involved until the user returns. • Don't go OP please HAVE FUN! *You can either play as a student who has already been there for sometime or as a student just coming to the school for the first time. 3-4 more members are free to join!
  23. The industrial revolution… (Only 50 years since the show timeline) New cities, towns and settlements have spurred; new technology has been presented to the world of Equestria. However, with these new times, new dangers appear to the world. Recently, the entrovoric plague has proved a threat, with papers warning those at risk, quarantines and mass hysteria. Equestria was nearly thrown into disaster but with a huge amount of luck, it was eradicated within 5 years, almost too good to be true. Life returned to normal just as soon as it had spun out of control; but no one was out of the woods yet. Only 2 years later a new strand of the plague threatens the utopia again. In NewStart, a fairly large farming town (one of the few that is free of factories) an evolved plague has struck. No one knows how it’s appeared once again; but one this is for sure, the Equestrian government isn’t going to take chances this time. Before a hoof is raised, the town is put into quarantine. The government is doing its best to pretend that it has disappeared; even faking that it still is sending out supplies. Anyone trying to escape is either destroyed by the land mines or killed off with toxic gasses. And they’re doing a good job, because no one knows the chaos in NewStart. No one drops off supplies, not even the government; and NewStart is left on its own. Crime and unspeakable violence has erupted in the town, entire districts being destroyed by criminals, or ponies that have gone insane. Furthermore, the plague has transformed into something so evil, it feels as if its witchcraft… Pony Desease Control Report 10F-2: Entrovoric plague (mutated strand) The Entrovoric Plague is a powerful strand of the first plague that struck recently in Equestria. Much like the first plague, the Entrovoric plague is a bacterium caused plague that spreads through water, infected surfaces, bodily fluids and carriers of the plague. The new mutated strand kills similarly to the first plague: by consuming a pony’s innards. There are a few extra stages to the plague (see below). · Stage 1: The infected pony will cough and vomit, internal organs weaken to the infection, high fevers persist, and the pony has a 10% chance of their immune system fighting the plague off. In many cases the infection will cause the pony to laugh lightly as if it is being tickled. · Stage 2: The disease will attack the pony’s brain; soon the pony will begin to act violent and only wish to harm others (much like how a dog’s or wolf’s in a mental state of having rabies). This stage can last up to 2 days. · Stage 3: The plague will soon kill the pony. (usually after 4 days since it was infected). Due to the entire body being consumed, there will only be a shell of the pony left. Immune system boosting potions work very well in protecting a pony from the plague to an extent. Halloween time again, and that means plenty of new horror or Halloween themed RP’s. While this new RP I want to host is more of a survival/adventure RP, I hope to throw a few horror elements. Let’s not waste any time. I’ll try to be brief Let’s start with the rules -This obviously isn’t an RP that’s supposed to be lighthearted, keep this in mind when submitting characters and/or posting -No maximum gore, no explicit content. The rules of the forums will be strictly enforced -There can be love and whatnot, but just as mentioned above, this must be kept clean and free of explicit content -I expect members of the RP to keep updated but also give others a chance to post. -Please post at least once every 2 days -Please do not post more than 3 times a day (1 post a day would be best) - Unless you give notice, anyone who is absent for too long will be dropped from the RP -No alicorns. The RP would be ideal with only pony OC’s (ground ponies, unicorns and pegasi) -No Mary Sues. Everyone has mistakes and weaknesses. Don’t submit some 1000 year old guard of the princesses who can control space and time. Too much power is boring. -Are there guns? Yes, but they are VERY scarce and most are muskets, revolvers and non-automatic weapons. -This isn’t a terribly advanced RP (no combat systems). However, we will have inventories (see below) - I will control most NPC’s and threats, however I will not godmod or overwhelm your characters Character submission form Name: Race: Age for this RP: Talent(s): (running, first aid, talking your way out of situations, cooking, fighting, ect.) Cutie mark: Notes: Link to page: Items Water ration: enough water for 1 day Food ration: enough food for 1 day Germ-Blocker: injection that strengthens the immune system for 1 day, allowing you to become somewhat resistant to the disease Lock picks: allows you to pick the lock of 1 door First aid kit: fully heals a pony’s injuries Matches: starts fire for cooking and warmth Weapons and tools: (will be described in detail later on) More items will be added later on Enemies: some basic enemies you will see -Psychopaths, Killers and Thieves: Uninfected ponies that will try to hurt you, usually equipped with knives or guns -The Infected: Ponies who have lost their minds to the disease, they will try to harm you or spread the disease to you. They may not be able to think, but they aren’t zombies, they’re just as fast and capable as you are -Flesh Worms: 1-6 inch fat worms that spread the disease, if they bite or tunnel inside you will likely catch the plague -Rats: another carrier of the disease -Toxic clouds: Government weapons that sometimes drift into the village, they are purple clouds that choke you faster than drowning in water Starting items You may pick a certain amount of items for the start of this RP. You may pick multiples of the same item. What limit of items you can start with is based on this. You have 200 luck points, luck points can be spent on the following items. 10 points - Food Ration 10 points – matches (enough for 5 fires) 20 points – Clean Water ration 40 points - Germ-Blocker 60 points – Survival knife 60 points – first aid kit 100 points – Shovel (good for combat and survival) 150 points – sword 200 points – Revolver and 30 bullets Every character also starts with 200 bits (currency, not luck points) Lucid’s (my character’s) submission form: Name: Lucid Dream Race: Unicorn Age: 23 Talents: First aid, running Cutie mark: medical syringe and a pencil crossing in an X Notes: Back story is slightly altered to fit the time of the RP. Starting items: • 5 food rations • 3 water rations • 1 First aid kit • 1 set of matches • 1 germ blocker Link: I hope to get at least 5 players before I start, please PM me any ideas for the RP! Players (living) Lucid Dream (Lucid Dream) Spritebot model ED-E (Times Hay) Fire Lily Dusk Shade Mr Suit And Tie Stormlight Best OC RP thread:
  24. Hey all, so this year's Call of Duty got leaked last night, then the trailer officially released this morning. Here it is. So, what do you guys think? I personally think that it looks like it is going to be a fresh Call of Duty for once, and it looks pretty epic with the technology element. I mean, this is more technologically advanced than Black Ops 2. If you didn't know, CoD: Advanced Warfare is being made by Sledgehammer Games. Here is a video Drif0r made that showcases their past. As a CoD fan, all I can say is "please save us, Based Sledgehammer." The official world reveal of the game is this Sunday, May 4th at Noon CST. Let me know what you guys think, do you like it? Do you hate it? Confirmed List so far Kevin Spacey is lead antagonist/protagonist Combat takes place in the USA Revolves around PMCs (Private Military Companies) Set in the far future
  25. Heres what i want to do. Three people that are willing to learn or already know how to play Dungeons & Dragons. We convert it to an Equestria version using the V3.5 books i have. This will be an EPIC RP if people are willing to try. I really dont know how to make it interesting. Just know that we can do anything if set our minds to it. Members: 1: Back Slash 2: Eldwain 3: TheLineTrotter 4: Cloud Gazer 5:Galloping Rainbowdash