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Found 582 results

  1. Howdy folks! So I have never seen any kind of anime ever and I'm curious as to why it's so popular. What shows would you recommend I watch as an introduction to this type of show? I'm thinking of watching a few episodes to see what all the fuss is about!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Cast Executive Director of a My Little Pony inspired creation called Equestrian Tales, we originally started doing panels and posting about this in mid 2015, then realized to stay alive we needed to play it safe and go into stealth mode we have finally gotten to the point where are comfortable coming back into the light, and finally start to share what we have been working on, first to the place where it all started, the mlp forums. We wanted to finally give an update to the progress, and where exactly we are in the production. But first just a little about the story and what we are trying to do. Equestrian Tales story takes place over 1000 years in the past of the current FiM series, pulling together elements from generation 1 and a number of our own lore building to build a bridge between the shows, and making them into one my little pony universe. We will be following the journey of a small band of friends who set out into the world to record, and retell the stories of their adventures together, helping to inspire hope in the pre-equestrian world. We have several wonderful people helping push this show through, including Rick Farmileo animator of several characters during Disney's golden age of animated movies, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Oliver and Company, Rescuers Down under, Little Mermaid and several others, Rick was also the animator of Tulio in Road to El Dorado by Dream works. Along with Rick we have secured elements of Don Bluth animation, who created works such as The Land Before Time, Secret of Nimh, American Tale, and Anastasia. These guys are leading our animation of the generation 1 and historical elements of the pilot. We also have the help of Minty Root, Brutal Weather, Ruffu, imdrunkontea and Konsumo among others helping to push the art side of this forward. On the music side we have Marcato music, corvus, and Slender Duck (Duo Cartoonist lead composer) to start things. We are currently looking for voice talent for a few of our new characters as we push forward with production, if you are interested please leave a message here, or fill free to email me at- We are not casting cannon characters at this time, very few will appear in the pilot, and will be used with permission. I have included just a sample of the work that's being done right now, from some concept artworks, to music samples and we will be releasing more as we can, exclusively right here and with out spoiling to much. We will also be relaunching our youtube page, will be linked here once she is ready to go again. Also some external links if you wanted to see what we had posted before- Equestria Daily New Animatic not yet released to public- Tallest Tale Part 1 - One of our talented animators of Equestrian Tales, we will be able to announce a few more soon-
  3. Rainbow    Dash

    Animation Disliked Anime and Why?

    Searched for similar topics but couldnt find one, so I made this one. I was thinking of all the animes that are either popular for no reason or that has a following. Mind you, some animes dont have to be famous in the mainstream or even heard of. You could be the only person to hear of the anime. I'll go as far as to say it doesnt even have to be an anime. A bunch of good as well as horrible manga exist. I'll start out by listing my top hated animes from the top of my head. Naruto The most hated anime and manga i know. Its always the first anime ANYONE gets into. Its the somethingth anime to follow the same general plot. Many twists taken from older mangas and when asked the creator and writers claim their work is original and not influenced. ONLY WHEN ASKED what their influences are do they reveal their sources they copied from. Characters have little to no substance to them often leading blending of character. Case in point: X character's family was murdered by this clan who were actually underlings to Y character. Now fill ion X for the Hero and Y for the villian and you have half the casts back stories. Bleach The same as Naruto but this time theres no rival turned enemy and the main protagonist has a less emo back story. Much like Naruto, the characters are just there. They arent interesting nor do they warrant any investment into. The entire anime's plot is cut up and spread between arcs which are not canonical to the manga. The plot is generally the same as Naruto. The main Character is actually super strong and through the psuedo-power of friendship and wanting to protect their town/village they become stronger than GOD THEMSELVES. Along the way we meet a bucket full of character, who much like Narutos bucket full of characters, have some sort of back story you quickly forget. These are just a few off the top of my head. Lets hear what you have to say
  4. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet. Seeing as many of you like dem japanese cartoons, feel free to list the last ones you watched here!:D I recently finished Bungou Stray Dogs and TTGL.
  5. Venomous

    Favorite Anime Opening #14

    Naruto Shippuden Opening #18 Song: Line Artist: Sukima Switch
  6. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Movie Night starts at 5:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM EDT Pokemon 4ever, Pokemon Heroes, and Pokemon Jirachi - Wishmaker Triple Feature 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET MLP Season 8 Episodes 23: Sounds of Silence EQTV's CMC Clubhouse! User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <---
  7. For me, it's the last segment of the 1st Terror Tales of the Park from Regular Show. Apart from that it's Teen Titans' Fear Itself. I think it's these two that seriously freaked me out because they had a lot of really scary things onscreen. But for Regular show, it was initially frightening but now I actually so hard I hurt. So what other disturbing episodes in any TV show did you see?
  8. heavens-champion

    Summertime Shorts animation

    What animation was used for the Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts?
  9. Fan of the anime Konosuba? Dying of thirst for the third season that will never come? I found this blog that has a treasure trove of content, including the visual novel, and the audio dramas.I thought I'd share the wealth.
  10. A trailer for a Netflix original cartoon "Hilda" came out today. It's apparently based on a graphic novel. What do you think?
  11. Who do you guys think wins in a fight between these two in the Disney movie.
  12. Both Pinkie Pie and SpongeBob have similar personalities.
  13. i will be launching today my animation comissions corner here on MLP forums. simple animation: complex animation: two character animation: 25USD 50USD 45~70 USD Completed orders:
  14. By today's standards, most anime importing companies comply with the intended target audience, but in years past, it's a different story to some. For example, the original 90's Sailor Moon, which is all along designed for adolescents, was edited to make it look like as if it were for suitable for young kids. In fact, in my childhood, I never even thought it was a kid's show at all.
  15. Hopefully this is the right forums section for this. There are some series I have been watching until there were no new episodes/seasons for the time being - Steven Universe, MLP, Ducktales, some animes like Black Bullet, One Punch Man, Seraph of the End, Attack on Titans, South Park... So now my issue is, how do I keep up with new releases, as in how do I find out there are new ones without googling each time? I think I'd like some kind of plattform where release dates and info is collected and which then sends out notifications via email or such a thing.
  16. As you might know, Disney XD recently rebooted the classic Disney Afternoon cartoon Ducktales. Here's the link to the pilot: What do you think? For those of you old enough to remember the original Ducktales, how does it compare?
  17. it looks like I am having some issues to socialize online, as in doing something together. I tried to get some people ponies to watch something with me, as some might remember my threads/signature, be it MLP, Steven Universe, other cartoons (Ducktales?) or movies, or play games with me (I mostly tried to get some MTG ponies from here or MTG people from elsewhere to play MTG with me online on free platforms). Also tried ppl from my friendlists of various services, Steam, Discord etc. The closest I got is prob my own, barely used discord server for organizing different groups. I feel as I am not able to fit in and get people to do things with me. Or me something fitting for me with them, for that matter.
  18. How would you rank the following animation companies, from best to worst? Disney Pixar Dreamworks Blue Sky Illumination Sony Pictures Animation
  19. I'm only posting this as a new topic because Jan of Jan Animations posted a new video that's basically a send off for Button Mash. I'm not too keen on the song itself but I am a big fan of the original Button's Adventures. I know the legal aspects have been debated ad infinitude but the new video got me feeling nostalgic and wishing that Jan would have been able to finish the actual Button's Adventures sequel. To a certain extent I understand that Hasbro didn't want people confusing fan animations for actual show footage or fans showing up the animation team but considering there are plenty of fan channels that blatantly feature the Mane Six, it just seems a travesty. I hope Jan is successful with whatever new stuff he has planned and also Button's Mom will always hold a special place in my heart. But that's a story for another time.
  20. Olly

    Animation FLCL 2&3

    never too early to get HYPED but I'll probably have to bump this thread. Thoughts?
  21. Lucartini

    Animation Ben 10 Omniverse

    Have you seen Ben 10 Omniverse? What do you think?
  22. Dan.

    Animation RWBY Thread

    Hello one and all and thank you for visiting. I've created this thread with the purpose of talking of a show that has captured my love and attention with it's story telling and lore. That show is RWBY What is RWBY? The story takes place in the world of Remnant, which is filled with mysterious and malevolent creatures known as the "Creatures of Grimm." Prior to the events of the series, mankind waged a battle of survival against the Grimm before discovering the power of a mysterious element called Dust which allowed them to fight back against the monsters. In the present day, Dust is used to power abilities and weapons, while a more archaic use was weaving it into clothing. Those who use these abilities to battle the Grimm are known as Huntsmen or Huntresses.The series focuses on four girls, each with her own unique weapon and powers. Together, they form team RWBY ("ruby") at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale, where they are trained to become Huntresses alongside team JNPR ("juniper"), team SSSN ) "sun"), team CRDL ( "cardinal") team CFVY (Coffee), and various other named and unnamed student teams - Source Wikipedia Like MLP each of the main cast come from varying walks of life and have their strengths and weaknesses that are explored over the volumes, also like MLP the world is rich and lore with alot to offer and think about.
  23. I personally hate the episode, because of how dark and disturbing and morbid and intense it is. Also Ren wasn't near as messed up in the series as he was portrayed in Ren Seeks Help. Ren Seeks Help made him out to be a unredeemable monster when he wasn't in the original series.
  24. VG_Addict

    Animation Worst Disney movies.

    Even Disney has made some stinkers. So, in your opinion, what are the worst movies in the Disney canon? ONLY animated Disney feature films. Otherwise, this topic would just be about the bad straight to DVD sequels.
  25. The Silver Cheese

    Animation 3D vs 2D animation nowadays

    Hello everypony! I need people that can sacriface 10 minutes of your life (mostly on your feelings and thoughts). Recently, I have been analazing for myself a influence that cartoons, animated movie and TV series have, including their animating methods. We are talking about 2D vs 3D animataion (we can also generally say it about art and graphics). Which of them is the best in your opinion? I will be glad if you fill sheet below (it is anonymous), because it is the easiest way to gather all of your answers in one place, and draw conclusions from them, and additional own thoughts. Of course we can discuss it in a comment section below . Link: