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Found 672 results

  1. New cartoon coming to Adult Swim this fall:
  2. ANIMATED VILLAINS ONLY Give me your top ten favorites. I wanna learn y’alls taste in this. Personally for me it’d go 10. Gaston 9. Cruella Deville 8. Mother Gothel 7. Oogie Boogie 6.Maleficent 5. Ursula 4. Jafar 3. Hades 2. Scar 1. Dr. Facilier who’s incredibly underrated tbh Honorable Mentions include Syndrome, Zira, Randall Boggs, Hopper,Ratigan, Yzma, Captain Hook and I know I’m going to get flamed over this but Frollo Again no live action villains or at least give them a separate list Just don’t mash them in with animated ones Kay.
  3. Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming Disney Channel cartoon Amphibia: What do you think? Will you watch it?
  4. What do you hope to see? What are your expectations? Will it be as good as the 70s Star Trek cartoon?
  5. So just as the title said. I will share mine later on but go on ahead and share your favorite anime/manga characters and why.
  6. nostalgia is a HUGE thing right now, and many companies are taking advantage of that. (Disney, especially). a lot of tv shows from the 90's are resurfacing with fresh reboots since 2017- from Rocko's Modern Life and Fuller House, to She-Ra and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But what is Hasbro doing? Are they hopping on the nostalgia train, like the many others? Should they? A Third Party company by the name of Bridge Direct, has been making retro My Little Ponies from gen 1, since the brand's 35th anniversary, last year, but Hasbro far as I've seen, isn't doing much. They have quite a few IP's on their animation side- Moon Dreamers, Potato Head Kids, Glo Friends- all of which could be brought back, just as Jem and the Holograms were, fairly recently. (I'm looking at you, Moon Dreamers) . This animation in particular had a very strong 80's feel to it, as it aired in a programming block with "My Little Pony n' Friends". So it could be interesting to see how it would go from that to something more modern, if ever it was brought back, for the nostalgic crew. What do you guys think? Should Hasbro be getting more on board with the nostalgic hype, beyond just My Little Pony and Jem?
  7. I just had the craziest April Fool’s Day idea ever: Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon could air each other’s shows on their own channels. Steven Universe on Nickelodeon and Spongebob on Cartoon Network. I know rights issues would get in the way of something like that happening, but you have to admit, it'd be a great April Fool's prank.
  8. This is just IMO, but Netflix has been putting out better cartoons than CN, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel these days. Dragon Prince and Hilda are better than most of the content the big 3 have been churning out lately. Why do you think that is?
  9. Has anyone been watching this series? I've seen pics floating around, and I never really got around to watching it until now. I love it!. Scaredy Bat is adorable and polite! And I instantly fell in love with Misery!!! She's like a goth Sobble!!!! Adorable!!! What do people think of this series?
  10. Well uhm. I couldn’t find an actual topic for this unless it’s like buried really far into this section of the forum so here’s a topic for them. I put them together to avoid needing to make separate topics for them. How many people remember these shorts? They were pretty much the only things worth watching KaBlam for IMO. With the former being the one that was always a short on the show and one that was on it quite often but not always. Personally I’m a bit more into Action League Now! since I watched it more often. It was and still is a massive comfort show for me. It’d get me through my day in multiple years of my school years. I adored it and still do. Life with Loopy was and still is pretty comforting too. I just love the animation style for both shorts. And I’m hoping there’s more people around here that remember either or both shorts as fondly as I do. If you don’t well. Here’s a link for every Action League Now! episode on my YouTube channel And here’s playlists for all 4 seasons of life with loopy on a different channel I highly recommend checking both shows out. They’re both really great.
  11. Thought I’d make a thread on this since the crew has at least a couple people (I don’t actually know much about who’s involved) from the earlier seasons of MLP. A DC Super Hero Girls series is coming to Cartoon Network. Lauren Faust is an executive producer and M.A. Larson is the head writer. It premieres with a one hour movie called DC Super Hero Girls: Sweet Justice on March 8 at 6 P.M. After that, regular episodes will air Sundays at 4 P.M. starting March 17. Some shorts are up on the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel.
  12. Harvey Beaks was a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon 4 years ago in 2015. It was created by C.H. Greenblatt who also created Chowder and was also a writer for early SpongeBob(Band Geeks!) and Billy & Mandy. This show was unlike anything Nick ever put out. It has a lot more in common with MLP, Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh than it does to most Nick shows. It follows a bird named Harvey and his imp friends Fee & Foo and have adventures in the magical forest and many of the characters are forest animals. The show has a strong emphasis family and friendship, lovable quirky characters, stunning watercolor visuals, charming stories and a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack. Nick shows are very infamous for being over the top and having gross out but Harvey Beaks is the direct opposite. The humor is subtle but charming. This show like MLP requires some commitment but if you stay invested you’ll love it, and it’ll make you feel like a child again. Unfortunately the show was screwed over by Nick because it couldn’t get SpongeBob level ratings. Greenblatt was displeased with the Network for doing this, with the show being cancelled after 2 seasons. As a result few people know of it or watched it. It’s easily one of the greatest cartoons I’ve ever watched period. I even like it more than most of the classic Nick shows, it’s that good.
  13. Anyone else a fan of Puffy power? I just got a DVD of the girls at Dollar Tree (for a dollar) I forgot how much I loved this show! I'm lucky in that it has my all time favorite episode "Rock 'N Roe" Never eat discount Sushi! Here's a video they made of the full opening theme.
  14. Though I can't honestly say that I'm the biggest fan of the guy's work with me only knowing about him through Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball Super: Broly (and Unlimited Saga because of my weird tastes), I can honestly say that I think this entire thing is ridiculous and I'm disappointed in Funimation for caving in so quickly. This is not like the case against Scott Freeman, where he was caught possessing CP. No evidence has come against Vic for over a week since the story broke other than him hugging and kissing girls on the cheeks like he's done for years and cracking offensive jokes. Even worse, it recently came out that some of the "evidence" against him was forged. Disgraceful.
  15. Just as what the title said. My first anime is Pokémon and Sailor moon.
  16. this is a Opentoonz puppet rig of a mare i am developing
  17. Searched for similar topics but couldnt find one, so I made this one. I was thinking of all the animes that are either popular for no reason or that has a following. Mind you, some animes dont have to be famous in the mainstream or even heard of. You could be the only person to hear of the anime. I'll go as far as to say it doesnt even have to be an anime. A bunch of good as well as horrible manga exist. I'll start out by listing my top hated animes from the top of my head. Naruto The most hated anime and manga i know. Its always the first anime ANYONE gets into. Its the somethingth anime to follow the same general plot. Many twists taken from older mangas and when asked the creator and writers claim their work is original and not influenced. ONLY WHEN ASKED what their influences are do they reveal their sources they copied from. Characters have little to no substance to them often leading blending of character. Case in point: X character's family was murdered by this clan who were actually underlings to Y character. Now fill ion X for the Hero and Y for the villian and you have half the casts back stories. Bleach The same as Naruto but this time theres no rival turned enemy and the main protagonist has a less emo back story. Much like Naruto, the characters are just there. They arent interesting nor do they warrant any investment into. The entire anime's plot is cut up and spread between arcs which are not canonical to the manga. The plot is generally the same as Naruto. The main Character is actually super strong and through the psuedo-power of friendship and wanting to protect their town/village they become stronger than GOD THEMSELVES. Along the way we meet a bucket full of character, who much like Narutos bucket full of characters, have some sort of back story you quickly forget. These are just a few off the top of my head. Lets hear what you have to say
  18. We all know that Disney is the king of animated movies. So, what are some good animated movies that weren't made by the House of Mouse?
  19. Since there's already a thread for movies, here's one for animation. What are you looking forward to this year in the realm of animation? Personally I'm looking forward to Long Lost Gulch, Hazbin Hotel, Infinity Train and Toy Story 4, though I'm holding out hope for JG Quintel's Close Enough to maybe start airing this year, but I don't think that's going to happen...
  20. never too early to get HYPED but I'll probably have to bump this thread. Thoughts?
  21. This came to my mind today and I was wondering What My Little Pony would look like if it was in a South Park paper animation way?
  22. Zatch Bell doesn't get mentioned much, and not many people actually seem to remember it. I personally never cared for Zatch Bell. The reason is because of how over the top it is, and the main character (Zatch) is pretty annoying, and there's also a lot of annoying characters in it too. Also the anime just has too much humor in it, since the humor ruins many moments that are supposed to be serious.
  23. I gotta hand it to Disney, some of their older films- heck, some of their newer films! They're just laughable, and completely cringe-worthy if people did this kind of stuff irl. Take Snow White, for example. How fast would you hit speedial for the cops if some strange guy walked up behind you, claiming he was in love with you, drove you into your house, and started singing and serenading to you from outside, under your window? Creep alert! XD How fast would he get restraining order'd? I love that Disney is still continuing to push the "let girls be princesses" agenda, when they, at the same time, push the very creepy "Prince pedo whackjob" agenda toward these girls.
  24. Like imagined if Beavis and Butt-Head join and become Xiaolin Dragons, and were put of the main cast of characters. I'm pretty sure the other 4 Xiaolin Dragons wouldn't like them much, and I'm pretty sure Kimiko Tohomiko would hate them the most out of the 4 Xiaolin Dragons. Jack Spicer and his Jack-Bots, Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Roy Bean would be no match against "The Great Cornholio".
  25. Voice Actress Toshiko Fujita passed away at age 68. She is perhaps most well known for her voice of Taichi Yagami from Digimon Adventures and Season 02. Am I the only here who watched the show with the original Japanese voices?