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Found 142 results

  1. Back in either August or September, I paid for 6 months of being a financial supporter. But since I donated for Christmas charity last December, I no longer appear in the Financial Supporter box. Is my money still paying for the site and I still get the perks or is it time I extend my donations? How do I tell what current membership status is?
  2. I think the search in MLPForums is broken.
  3. I recently changed my icon, but when I did, the quality dropped, and so did the size. The original size for my icon I'm using is 107Kb, but it went down to 43Kb when it was uploaded. Similarly the dimensions went down from 250x250px to 140x140px. Is this a new change to the website? I ask because I feel like the new cropping feature when uploading an icon really affects its quality. The fact that you cannot skip the cropping feature, and that cropping is set to scale didn't really help much either. Since it's set to scale, I also see black bars in my icons, unless if I'm very careful cropping around the picture (which is hard to begin with, when I have to crop my icons I can hardly see the select tool's borders)
  4. What are the rules regarding the use/discussion of information revealed via illicit leaks?
  5. Because I want to show specific replies, not the status update. I actually even tried appending this: &reply=2801801 I was able to reduce it a bit by adding &page=3, but that's prob not static or concrete at times. Any idea?
  6. Recently I bought a new iPhone eight, but for some reason I can't log into forums through it. I've tried multiple browser, but when I input my information into Poniverse, it loads a second, and then I received and error message that reads, "Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred." I have gone into the settings and toggled pretty much everything, but I still receive the same message. I'm unsure whether or not this problem is caused by the phone or the site, but I'm a pretty big mobile user and haven't encountered a problem with it till now. I can log into Poniverse itself, but I'm unable to get into forums through there still. Any advice would be helpful!
  7. i made a banner for myself and i'm not too sure how to put it in my signature! thank you!
  8. /opt/mlpforums/uploads/monthly_2019_09 could not be created. Happens both when either choosing a file to upload or pasting a picture from printscreen. Wild guess is the partition is full, permissions not set correctly on linux for whatever reason suddenly or HDD broken. It is weird because the error seems to indicate the issue is with creating the folder, but the new month is already 3 days in and I can't imagine I would be the first to upload anything.
  9. Okay and its true l seen the very last episodes of season 9 and l wanted to use this pony as an avatar, but idk if its bad because its spoiler. Its just one pony l want to use for avatar and l want to use it cause its nice and pretty. so is it okay or not? and its not the avatar l have rn
  10. I'm not sure if anything can be done about this, but there's a potentially significant problem I've noticed lately. Posts from the "Season 9 Spoilers and Speculation" area keep appearing in the activity feed (Search -> All Activity), including ones from a thread that has "heavy spoilers" according to the title. I'm guessing at least some users use this to look at new posts on the forum (I certainly do so at times), and as such, they will see any posts from this area appearing (at least the content not placed in spoiler boxes). Is there any way to prevent posts from that board from appearing there? I guess the same might also be the case with the profiles of people who posted in these threads...
  11. I could've sworn this used to be a thing, which was convenient because it enabled us to put thumbnails of pictures into posts that weren't overbearing, without needing to resize them first in an external editor. Users also had the option to click on those images if they wanted to see the full size version. You just attached an image into the post, and then dragged on the corner to set it to an appropriate size. Am I just imagining this, or did we actually have this. And if so, why did it get removed?
  12. I’m the only user I’ve seen who has multiple of the same badge (4 Spooks badges/a little 4 above the badge). What’s up with that?
  13. Hi there I originally had this account set up with my husband's email and even though I have changed it to mine it still appears as my husband's what do I do?
  14. I noticed that some people have a friend section on their profile. Why is that?
  15. The whole list of guidelines just feels like a "too long didn't read" thing, and doesn't cover this subject,so here's my question: Is it against the rules to request artwork for a friend who was banned from here? If it is, I'll ask elsewhere and not cause any trouble for myself.
  16. It seems to be an on/off problem but I noticed when I make a member tag and try to erase it with the Backspace key, instead of erasing I get a loop of the name repeating over and over no matter how long I keep my finger on the Backspace key. Here's a screenshot of an example Like with the quote box, For now, I can get around it by refreshing the page and clearing the editor when the option pop up, but this isn't right.
  17. Ok so l want to double check and make sure l don't make a mistake on where do l post this drawing, so that's why l want to question this first. Okay l drew a pony Okami and l would like to share it but idk which art forums do l post it in? Also Okami is from a video game that l play and l drew her on paper that l have took a picture of.
  18. As the title says. Once an embed occurs for these things, I'm unable to delete links and mentions. This only happens on mobile. Is this a forum issue or a browser issue? I am able to delete image embeds by selecting the image and pressing backspace on the virtual keyboard, but a link somewhere is still stuck forever. Same for mentions, they can't be removed Mentions do even weirder things though. They cannot be deleted with backspace once put down, only undo. Editing them out of a post after the fact is therefore impossible. Doing two next to each other sometimes doesn't work, and they need to be separated on separate lines. Once separated, I cannot remove the line between them either I'm using Dolphin Browser for Android. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 9
  19. Is this badge being awarded for completing its requirements for this year's Summer Sun Celebration?
  20. I feel stupid, but where they hay is the button for creating blogs?
  21. I mean, I've noticed that there's tags in this neck of the forums ike "answered" "technical questions". How do I do that, like if I want to post a spoiler?
  22. I never knew how the ranking system worked I know after five posts you become a cupcake but how does it work after that?
  23. Please excuse my ignorance, as I do not frequent this forum much these days but I logged on and realized my name was changed. I was wondering why this happened? This happened on SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 Any insight into this would be nice! Thanks!
  24. How do you post a status update? I've been trying to figure it out for ages.
  25. We seem to have lost the ability to see the "All time" leaderboards. All time starts on 06/Apr/2019. Was wanting to see those with the greatest number of posts on mlpf (Inc games)