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Found 52 results

  1. So I really need help with BitMapping I am an artist but I need to get better. I am looking for the best of the best. Please take that you are NOT GETTING PAID But you will be featured in the credits. Also if you wish to Join you are required to allow your art to be in (CC-BY-SA). We also will take vectors for loading screens too. Make sure they are under 100MB. NOW HERE IS THE SIGNUP FORM And here is some music.
  2. You there! Yes, you! If you are a fan of any anthropomorphic universe (e.g. Sonic, Klonoa, MLP (obviously), here's something for you! This is a project I began roughly a year ago, based on a unique idea of mixing universes together to clash, even featuring OCs. Original post Facebook Unfortunately the comic hasn't progressed quite at all, so I'm desperate to get all the support possible. So, if you have even the slightiest glimmer of interest towards the comic, please spread the word and maybe ask if you want to take part. Any help is appreciated!
  3. I am in need of an artist who can illustrate a comic, PM me if you can help out!
  4. Hi all! I am trying to create a videogame based on the poular fanfiction Fallout Equestria, but the problem is, while I have programming down, I can't draw, at all, nor can I wright or compose music. So I am trying to make a team of some awesome bronies and pegasisters alike. Here is everything I need How it will be played: The game will be played in a top down turn-based style RPG closer to Final Fantasy than the traditional Fallout games, it is being programmed in RPG Maker with Ruby. Programming is about 30% done, but everything else is zero percent. As soon as I get some people on board I will launch a web a site. What I need: -Sprite Artist: If you're any good at pixel art and want to help out then we need someone to create the overworld sprites for the game. -Battler Artist: If you're an good at digital art, that is not pixels, then you are needed to, to create portraits and in battle sprites of the characters - GUI Artist: Anyone who can help to create the Pip-Buck, this games version of the Pip-Boy, and also the inventory, map and quests screens. GUI artists can also help design the GUI for S.A.T.S (Stable-tech Arcane Targeting System). -Icon Artists: Anyone to make icons for the Items, Buffs and Debuffs as they are shown in GUI. -Tileset Artists: Anyone who wants to help make the tilesets for various towns, rooms and areas in the wasteland -Font Artists, We actually need a few different fonts, If we have any good Calligraphers out there who can design ones that look handwritten, and ones that look like they are from an old DOS machine, you are wanted. -Music Composer: This one's self explanitory, we need musc preferably 40s-50s style music with some elements of electronica thrown in. -Mapper: Probably the hardest job (in my opinion) someone (anyone) who can help design post-apoctalyptic Equestria, as in the layout of towns, the wasteland etc. you are desperately needed. (I can help with this). -Someone who is skilled in Flash/SFM to make cutscenes -If Anyone wants to make a signiture that would be nice. Thanks Also if you want to help but don't have any of those particular talents, I could always use extra OC's for NPC's of you want to give me permission to use them, as well as a link to there character page that would be nice. Story: Equestria is no longer a place of kindness and friendship, these words lost meaning when the bombs started dropping, ponies became selfish and greedy, caring only for them self's, and as time passed this new greed eventually led to war, and worse yet nuclear war, the princess tried to interfere but she was powerless against these weapons that the earth ponies had created, and the deadly spells by the unicorns. After the war surviving ponies were forced to hide away in underground bunkers known as stables, only to leave when it was certain that the world was safe for re population, You leave your home in Stable 10 and must survive in the now war-torn Equestria, though you can try to change the future, war, war never changes. Disclaimer: Do to the fact that My Little Pony is Copywright by as Hasbro, Fallout is owned by Zenimax and the story we're basing it off of isn't even ours I can't pay you (I really don't want to get sued by Hasbro, Zenimax, or the original author of the story so this game is gunna be completely free. Meaning I cannot pay you sadly, I would if I could I promise you that. But one thing I can assure you of, is that you will be credited for every contribution you make tho the project, and you will be credited as whatever name you wan't, whether it be your username, your real name or anything else. Please, help me MLP community, you're my only hope. Encoureging words are also nice!
  5. Hello Ponyverse! We are looking serious artists for 2D game on space topics . Style affectation we decided to take in the spirit of "Avatar the legend of korra" We are very worry about every of your works , so,our game will be built by your drawings. Just say, it is very necessary,that you must to draw a lot and often(every day maybe) . The most diligent waiting for special awards and future hiring (if the studio will grow to something more than " Hey, look , they draw, uh cool") Everyone who are interested , write Thank you all for your attention. Arseny Gudimov . Game designer of developers studio FIF/
  6. I have watched the show with dedication. I have watched many pony videos. But I want more. I want to find fan fiction, artists (especially comics), and more. So I am asking you, my fellow bronies, to tell me of such great works you have found be they can fiction, art, or comic.
  7. (TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO SCHEDULE GLITCH, WILL RE-OPEN ONCE THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SORTED OUT) Ok so, I have a big project in mind, and i need voice actors, animators, the whole shebang, i will be in charge of story boarding so ill be in charge of the whole thing, but I do need A LOT of help. Voice actors: just have a good mic and do your best, a lot of characters are involved. roles: Applejack: (Pink Mist) 'How long has this been here?' 'Not big on honesty are you?' Twilight Sparkle: (OPEN) 'No Friends? how is that even possible?' 'What IS that?' Rainbow Dash: (OPEN) 'How did you do that?' 'How fast can it fly?' Rarity: (OPEN) 'You would think that with all this stuff the seats would atleast be fairly comfortable.' 'That was truely hideous' Pinkie Pie: (Tellab Artz) 'How can he be sad and happy at the same time?' 'Party time!' Fluttershy: (Pink Mist) 'Where is everypony?' 'How can he do such aweful things?' Princess Celestia: (OPEN) 'We barely escaped' 'We would be... dead. If it was not for discord' Princess Luna: (OPEN) 'what of my sister?' 'Noooo!' Spike: (OPEN) 'Twilight! you have been gone for so long, i was getting worried' 'Dragons arent very understanding' Queen Chrysalis: (rascal61) 'Why would I help you?' 'My Armies are capable of defending ourselves, we do not need you' King Sombra: (OPEN) 'I do not have the strength' 'Leave me' Discord: (OPEN) 'This is going to be so much fun' 'I can't wait' Spit Fire: (OPEN) 'This is absurd' 'Fine, we will help' Ansikt Veksler (MALE) (has limited personality, I will explain why to whoever gets the part.): (OPEN) 'Don't, even, think that curses do not exist.' 'Your environment is your weapon.' minor roles: random Wonderbolts: (NLR Information Minister) 'Bolt down!' Cherilee: (OPEN) 'Get him to a hospital!' Flash Sentry: (OPEN) 'Don't you even touch her!' Changeling Royal Guard: (NLR Information Minister) 'Halt!' Dial Switch (Female): (OPEN) 'I hate you' 'no I do NOT want to update Jahvah' Various Royal Guards (must be able to make different voices): (NLR Information Minister) 'Not one move' ---Animators--- I am hoping for show accurate animation, so if you can use Flash animation that would be great. so just send me a demo of your skillz and ill take a look at it. I will need between 5-10 animators. ---Music Makers/Sound Makers--- Just do what you do best, ill leave it up to you to compose it, ill just provide you with the moods, and you do the rest. also i may need a few sound effects, and by a few, i mean a lot. -Thunder Dash -Pierce Strine ---------- if you are interested just send me your demo, and what you are hoping to do. send it to (its not a personal email so dont yell at me about internet safety and stuff). and if you like, post your auditions in the thread as well. if you want to be a voice actor then send me a demo of 4 lines, 2 from the show, and 2 lines that you made up on your own that were not said in the show. If you have any questions just let me know. Thank you
  8. Ok, so about a month ago I needed a fanfic cover artist to draw up some stuff for me. I got a few answers, and the one I went with canceled on me today. So, I have decided to reach out to you guys again, and see if anyone else can help me out with this. I have a few pictures of the OC's that I need to be drawn up. There are a few more details about the picture that the artist will need to know, so PM me or reply to this topic if you're interested and we can go from there.
  9. Here is some of the absolutely fantastic art that artists have drawn of my OC over time. I hope you enjoy! I appreciate all of this wonderful art, and hope to continue expanding on this collection as time goes by! (This is also kind of a way for me to keep this all in one place for future reference and linking) Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt R63 Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt Harmonic R63 with Cutie Mark fixed: Done by Firebolt, Cutie mark fixed by me Fabulous Mini-Harmonic: Done by Togetic/Art Streak/Ashley Harmonic with Pen Sword Things: By Psyche Clops Harmonic Blushing: By Rainbow Dashey Harmonic Riding His Pet: By Preeminent Pisces Harmonic Revelations Sketch: Done by Dilarus
  10. Hello, everypony! Thunder Knight here, and I have a very special request to make of you today! Alright. So, in case you do not know, I am the second in command of Tartarus Productions, a relatively new animation/audio/comic studio. We have about three (going on four) separate animations/comics, and I found out that we have desperate need of artists! If you are interested, give me a shoutout below and I will contact you with more details... And, if you are interested, my Skype is thunderknight64 for anyone who wishes to discuss with me via Skype. Thanks for considering! ((And, btw, if you agree to it, you get to use this cool signature. Just sayin'.))
  11. This one's for the artists. Please answer the poll question, and reply to this thread to elaborate on your answer, especially if you chose anything other than option #2. If you have not uploaded all of your pony tracks to, and/or don't plan to upload all of your future tracks there, I'd just like to know why.
  12. I found one of the most interesting and best apps for the 3DS. It's called Colors3D. It pretty much allows you to make regular or 3D pictures from scratch or trace from reference. And, not only can you create 3D pictures, but you can share them with other artists around the world using the Colors!Gallery. So, does anyone else here have this app? And, if so, share your galleries here to show others what you've created! Here's mine:
  13. I need an/some artist(s),I just need someone to make scenarios based on a fanfic for my game can someone make them for me?By doing so, you will be in the credits and will be part of the main team! If you are interested please leave a reply!! Click here for the main post.
  14. I'm trying to make a series about an elite group of ponies that work for Celestia. At first I wanted to make it fully animated, since i cannot animate and noone wants to animate for me i have decided to do it in a style similar to doctor Whooves and assistant. They don't do full animations but they have a frame every so often to show whats going on. due to this decision i need artists. I will accept almost anyone i can get, if you believe you could help me with this project then send a reply showing me some of your past art (pencil drawings will work) Edits : Please send me your Skype username, if you do not have a Skype we can figure out another way to stay in contact I will give credit to you in bolth the video and the description. Your art dose not have to be show accurate.
  15. Okay, there's one thing about this fandom- no, about people that is really, really bothering me. People are telling me that they wish they could draw, that they wish that they had the talent to draw. Guys, you don't need natural talent in order to draw ponies. It really hurts me to see people say that they want to draw and they say that they just can't. One reason, is because it's not true. You aren't born with the talent to draw. Like anything, you have to put time and dedication into what you want to do in order to become better. This is the main thing anyone needs in order to become better in whatever they want to do- and this includes artwork. ANOTHER thing that does help is support, such as constructive criticism, tips, or any friends that support your delving into art. This thread is made to give all you newbies and experts another type of support. That is, very useful guides and tips here that any of you could use in order to improve in your FiM artwork, and maybe other artwork. I sincerely hope that these links will help anyone in need of them. If you've found any other guide that you think might belong on this here list, do not hesitate to contact me over Skype, PM, or DA. Now, without further ado, here are a few of the treasures I've found across the internet. ------------------------------------------------------------------ -INTRODUCTORY ARTICLES- -Thanks to MLPdrawingschool!- Don't Panic: How to use References: Making Art, a Process Guide: Keys to Success in Art: -SKETCHING- Undersketching and Refinement (MLPdrawingschool) -ANATOMY- Dshou's Anatomy Study: Pony Anatomy Study by VertreV: Common Anatomy Errors (MLPdrawingschool) Pony Anatomy Lesson (MLPdrawingschool) -LEGS- Dshou's Leg Studies: (Part two): -GENERAL GUIDES- Drawponies' Con Panel: Dragoart Tutorial:,-friendship-is-magic-style.htm -OTHER SPECIFIC GUIDES- MLPdrawingschool's Tutorial on Proportions: Viwrastupr's Tutorial on Proportions: Why485's Clothing Tutorial: Tutorial on Hair (MLPdrawingschool) Identifying Compositional Awkwardness (MLPdrawingschool): Basic Shading Tutorial (MLPdrawingschool): -CRITICISM- /Giving and Receiving Criticism./ Leave it to MLPdrawingschool to make these! Common Problems and their Solutions: How to Critique. For Critics and Artists Alike. (Critique Level 1) Critique Level 2 Critique Level 3 Taking Away the Feeling of Aggression from a Critique: -A GOLDMINE OF SHOW REFERENCE- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and as you guys can see, I'm clearly biased over MLP drawing school. That Subreddit is one of the most helpful ones I've ever seen- it was the only reason I even created an account there. I highly recommend checking it out for more help- they'll critique your artwork if you want 'em to, as well. Alright, this is all I've got so far. If this helped you, please post in the comments below! I'm more than happy to know I helped a fellow brony out. If you have anything to add to the list, please, tell me right away. -RayFriedh
  16. Alot of us appreciate what the staff of the show has done to make what could easily have been just another stereotypical "girls show" into something great but sometimes it is nice to give a little reminder that we appreciate what they do because with all the pressure they are under from both Hasbro and us it can be easy to forget sometimes. I propose this simple solution, how about we as a forum send them all a thank you card. It dosen't need to be too complicated, just a few words of encouragement and for those more artistically inclined maybe some artwork or music. I suppose I will start things off Dear MLP staff, Though I have watched cartoons for many years and still do I never thought one of those cartoons would be My Little Pony. Though I was skeptical I at the advice of a friend gave the show a chance and I am glad that I did. I would just like to let you know that I appreciate everything you have done to make this show one of the best I have ever seen. It has strong relatable characters, good lessons which are simple enough for children to understand yet profound enough for even adults like myself, excellent animation and story telling and more. While I won't go so far as to say this show changed everything it did remind me that not everything in life is doom and gloom which has helped a bit with my depression and has brought forth a creative side in me that I have neglected for far too long. I have just bought a keyboard and have plans to for the first time in 10 years take lessons and compose music again. I know that all of you are under a lot of pressure both from fans like myself and from Hasbro and though I don't agree with some recent decisions I still like to thank you all for creating a truly great show and let you know that I and I am sure many others are grateful for what you do.
  17. I am trying to make a series about three OC's journey through Equestria, I want to make it in a style similar to Dr. Whooves and assistant because though it still takes time it takes allot less time then full fledged animation. Since I cannot draw that well I would like it if I could find an artist. If you are interested in helping out send me a pm or comment below showing me what you are capable of.
  18. I'm looking to build a dedicated quality assurance (QA) team to be's alpha testers and shape the site's direction in its earliest stages. At this time, I'm looking for people who: create (or have created) MLP:FiM fan music are interested in uploading their fan music to will report bugs they run into will provide feedback on what's good, what isn't, and what's missing enjoy trying new things! QA staff will have access to a private forum where they can communicate directly with me and their fellow testers to share their experiences, request features, and directly influence the development of If you're interested in joining the QA team, let me know in a comment on this blog entry, send me a private message, or email me at, and I'll add you to it.
  19. Greetings, everyone! My name is Cybermusic and I am looking for dedicated artists to assist in a fan-made RPG game called "Lineage of Harmony" by Outside The Stable Softworks. We currently consist of six people and any artists who can lend a hand in this project is truly appreciated. Instead of using RPG Maker, our programmer is making our own game engine from scratch using Java and it is almost complete. Our sprites are not preset but is made by our one and only artist. We want to be attentive and original as possible. Due to the lonely number of one artist in our crew, we are putting up a giant "Artist Help Wanted" sign at our door. There is a boundless amount of potential in this group and I hope any artist out there will be willing to be of assistance. It is a long journey ahead but we are not even close to the state of giving up. This journey can be made shorter and easier with your help and I hope you contact us soon. If you are even slightly interested or willing to help, please contact He will tell you the details about working with us. Here is our website as well: Thank you for your time here and I hope to see you on our team. Many thanks!
  20. Woa this thing is still around haha I can't believe my account is still here after being away for so long! Anyway hey guys! Thesis has been eating me alive, but I come here for some potential help and advice! I'm going to be attending the Artists Alley at a pony convention that's taking place in NYC called BigApplePonyCon and I was just wondering what kind of pony related things you'd like to see being sold? I'm going to be making 11x17" prints and buttons along with possibly some bookmarks and definitely some on the spot commissions. What characters would you like to see aside for the mane six? And are humanized ponies something you'd guys be interested in as I plan to make a humanized apple family poster haha! This would be great help!
  21. Untitled Pony Online Predicted F.A.Q. What is this untitled game? Simply, just say that this is an MMORPG pony game made in 3D. The game is about a war between the Lunar Republic and Solar Empire. The story will be told later, but it's done already. The player will be given a chance to join a faction, and organize a massive war (massive PVP) with their mates against the opposing faction, and win a global bonus for their faction. New factions will be added as the game grows. We're planning to let the player to stay neutral between two factions, but we're afraid that this will be implemented late. We haven't gotten the right title. We once used "Tale of Equestria" but later we found out that it's used already. Maybe we will use "Equestria Online" since the previous "Equestria Online" project has changed its name. Any idea in this is welcomed. Well, then how is the game play? This game adapts the hack-and-slash game play. We understand that click->auto attack system brings boredom faster and isn't interactive nor realistic, which doesn't fit our motto: "We create the world, you live in it." You will be able to move freely. You can use your weapon to block, or jump aside to avoid attacks. You can walk, run, and if you're a pegasi, you can fly. You will rely on your skill to survive, not only mere attributes and skill level. You won't win if you just click at your enemy once and wait for it to die. We want you to drop your sweat when playing this game. Gaming is healthy. You can eat muffins, cook some cupcakes, and develop any skill you like. What? Develop any skill I like? Aye. Anything wrong with that? We implement a non-job system, not like most MMORPGs you can find today. Why? We understand that sometimes you want your character to be unique, and job-system prevents you to do it. Just say, you imagine that you have a character who fights with a sword, and is good at healing with herbal medicine, but there's no job "Herbalist Swordman" in the game. Maybe you want your character looks like this? Especially in a pony MMO. I bet you want your OC to be unique. To be different. They have a back story. Of course. Maybe your OC is an archer who's skilled in music, or cooking? Who knows? That's why we implement this system. We provide you with the skills, you choose it. Won't this non-job system make the player over-powered? Nope. We've planned about this already. Developing any skill you like doesn't mean you can rise the skill freely. You will spend skill points to rise your skills, and everything will be balanced. Also, there will be some attribute limits in rising your skill. If your OC is really that powerful, we challenge you to make it. Again, we make the world, you live in it. Then, what kind of people ponies do you need? Now, we're only recruiting ponies who can do : Concept Art. Description: 3D Modeling. Description: Texture Mapping. Description: Bump Maps. Description: Please note that we're not recruiting musician, voice artist, programmer or story board YET. We don't want to recruit a bunch of people at once without making sure that they will be assigned to a job as soon as they join the team. We've planned about this. We will recruit people when we need help, and keep the project as efficient and effective as possible. Also, we won't recruit any official tester to the team. We're on glaring at your skill in particular things. We're looking for dedicated people. Everypony can learn to be better at their things as they join this project. We only need some handful hoof-full ponies to help. How about the current team? At the moment, we only have three active crew. They are : @shadok2012: Leader/ Concept Artist/ Modeler/ Texture Artist/ Developer.He's the leader of the team. Our only modeler. He's pretty talented in this. If you know an old project called "NLR" he revived the project. You will see some images which are made by him soon. His dedication in this project is unquestionable. He's the leader, and he was working all alone before I joined him. @Sky Warden: Programmer/ Database Manager/ Network Builder/ Website Maker/ Story Writer/ Supervisor.This is me. I'm not the leader of the project. I just help Shadok in making the recruitment thread. I handle the computer thingy, as you can see above. Just like Shadok, I won't pull back from this project. At least not until we finish the alpha. A concept artist who's an IRL friend of Shadok. He doesn't have a forum account. He's working directly with Shadok, and is a useful concept artist.For a record, I'm not the leader. I'm just a supervisor who assigns and maintain the crew jobs whenever Shadok is off. Isn't that too few for an MMORPG project? Why of course! That's why we're recruiting now. Even so, almost everything is covered already. We have a pony for almost every position needed to finish this game. The progress is slow, I must admit, but it keeps moving and we just need a time. We will recruit more when we need it. Everything has been planned. A long period planning has been set. How's the progress? At the moment, we've done it very well. Shadok has finished the basic pony model, and almost finish an epic map of Ponyville which will be the place where the alpha takes place. Example of his works : The base pony model. The map of Ponyville (from above). And he asked me to put this one. The game database is almost done. I just need to set some foreign keys, security thingy, and then the database will be ready to be filled. I haven't worked with the website at all. I won't do that until we finish the alpha. We're focused in that at the moment : Finishing the alpha. The basic concept of the system is done. Even though it's still 'Build One' I guarantee it can work. I just need a time to write it. Ah yes. I write it in Python. What software are you using? We're using Unity 3D. Shadok uses its terrain tool. If you're a programmer and may want to join when we open the next recruitment, you can use C#, Boo (similar to Python) or Java. I just use the humble nano in my Linux. Do you know about Hasbro? They may shut you down, especially because it's a violence game. We do know about it. In fact, that's our biggest concern at the moment. We've planned to contact them for permission to release the alpha when it's done, so we may need a silver tongue when the time comes. As for violence issue, it's not that big. The game is wrapped in a cute cartoon 3D world, and there won't be blood, intense sharp weapons, gore, sexual contents, or any other NSFW stuff. What are the playable races? There will be Unicorn, Earth pony, and Pegasi. Every races has its own strengths and weaknesses. Other races like Zebra will be added as the game grows. Alicorns are just for admins. Deal with it. How's about the items, weapons, armors, skills, attributes, and monsters? Hold on. This post is long already. PLEASE DO NOT: Join just because you want your name written in the credit part. Offering yourself for an official tester position. Join then leave before the sunset. Join and only chat with the other crew without doing anything productive. Talking about your awesome skills to be accepted and leave soon after you join. Join just because you want an Alicorn character. Game Summary : Title: Untitled Pony Online. (seriously, help me with this one.) Genre: MMORPG. Modelling Engine: Unity 3D. Game Play: 3D Hack and Slash. Main Features: No-job system. Races. Massive PVP. (for glory! For freedom!) Military rank system. (ponies who're respected can be selected to be a military leader for various ranks, and then they can manage for a war.) Magics. (you don't bucking say?) Quests lines. Self-upload Cutie Mark. (every Cutie Mark will be approved manually by some admins, so don't worry about NSFW Cutie Marks) Relationship system. (RP yeah!) Item crafting. (*hitting an anvil with a hammer* Hayayaya~) This game will be bucking free to play, and perhaps there won't be any premium account thingy. I will add more information when I remember, so keep watching this thread if you're interested. I have a bad memory. If you're willing to join, specify your skill and which of the available positions do you want. You may launch some questions as well. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Wardy.
  22. I am searching for a good artist or two for my comic idea. I have the story i just need an artist who is willing to work with me and is an adequate drawer, coloer(?) I was going to either going to go to bronycon with it or do something else but im not sure. Thanks for showing interest.
  23. Hello It's us from the Tales of Equestria game developing team again P: We're creating a Pony RPG with Unity D: the game's in 2D but it's at a low angle and we're using real time combat rather than turn based. Development's sorta died however because I've been ill and I had exams as well so couldn't dedicate my team to directing the team's efforts but more seriously a lot of our artists have disappeared, including our lead artist which was a pretty big loss. Our team's built upon the foundations of unity and dedication, all our team is still active despite the random loss of our artists Our team's actually active and doing stuff. We hope to see this project to the end. We're looking for artists who would be happy doing any of these Panels (for dialogue) Landscapes Sprite Art (we'll need 1 pony here only, to be dedicated for the whole time ) Concept Art If you've got a unique style then that'll be cool for the game ^-^ Don't worry we're just looking for some material at least. Spriting especially, we don't mind what type of sprites you create. 'Mind though that they'll have to be around this size If you know anyone that would be interested as well please redirect them to this thread Whoops forgot to mention to check out our website at I'll make everything viewable for the while, we went into incognito mode earlier Check out our art and music! Game build doesn't have a host site atm so it's not playable through that link. Our latest confirmed story is here (still changing about, not completely finalized, but 80% confirmed, it's just mainly to be beefed out with missions and gameplay) BIG EDIT: I derped out so you couldn't really see our forums properly, hopefully it should be working now ^-^ go check it out!
  24. Hi! I bet some of you have seen me around the forums, asking people to draw my ponysona Sweets. Well... I'm getting sick of it. I feel strange not giving something back. This is why I'm opening 12 art trades. What do I want? I want Sweets, plain and simple. She can be drawn anyway and with other ponies. She can be drawn flying or sleeping. I leave things like that to your imaginations! Here's Sweets. She normally has a yellow striped scarf around her neck, just saying ^^ I made her in a pony creator on Facebook so I would at least have the reference. Here are some examples of my pony work: Peachy Keen Painted Dreams I will draw anything you want. I do humanized ponies very well. http://friendshipism...lay&thread=1507 Here is a link to another board I'm apart of, where more of my art is (My humanized art, too) Again, I will only be opening this to 12 people at first. I don't expect the drawings to come quickly, because I'm definitely waiting to get mine scanned properly. All of my work is hand drawn and scanned. I use traditional media. Art trades: 1~ Zhooves (Finished! Link: 2~ 3~ 4~ 5~ 6~ 7~ 8~ 9~ 10~ 11~ 12~
  25. The commissions section of the forum is pretty small so I'm calling all digital artists who'd like a few extra dollars in their pocket. I'm a big fan of the sip Rarishy (Rarity and Fluttershy), but it's not a popular ship so the fanart is hard to find. So I'm paying to have one made for me (supporting the arts!). (: I will be paying $15US Requirements: - Must have the correct dimensions to fit as a Blackberry 9900 wallpaper - Must be friendly shipping (hugging and cuddling; no kissing or above) - Must be Rarishy - Must include some sort of light background, do not leave white (not busy; just some light pink tones) If you're interested please quote this post and please provide a picture of your work (a shipping picture would be preferred) (: ~ (if you have a problem with shipping, both even bother commenting) ~