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Found 455 results

  1. As the title says, everypony has fears, but what are the main 6 afraid of? For Twilight, I think what she fears the most is not living up to other pony expectations. She needs to do everything perfectly to the point where she would do anything and everything to make ponies accept her. For Applejack, it's pretty similar to Twilight but it goes towards her pride and her family (including her friends). She's pretty stubborn and she won't admit being a failure that easily. but to be honest, I don't know that I could call it 'fear' of her or so to speak. For Fluttershy, this one is tough, she fears mostly everything but I think the fear of her, is fear of facing the problems. She always hides when everything went south. For Rainbow Dash, it's easy. She afraid of losing, not even a small thing. She's afraid to lose yet she gets nervous every time she had to do something big. For Pinkie Pie, her fear of losing friends is noticeable throughout the show. She desperately trying to get everyone attention and also pay her attention to everypony equally. She's sad when her friends didn't like Maud yet she didn't have the heart to tell them. Even though it was pretty obvious. :okiedokielokie: For Rarity, she's pretty hard to think of. She might be afraid of losing her chance to go big. She did mention a lot that she dreams of being important. I'm not sure at all. These are my thoughts, what about yours?
  2. Hello I am Times, you can also call me Henry if you want to. You can ask me anything and I shall answer it. Also yes, you can have some cake... Also would you like some hot cocoa?
  3. Well, it's been a while since I've actually done one of these, probably a year or so, and I'm sure I, and my OC, have changed. Go ahead, ask me anything! Or ask my OC, Paradox, anything! Just, like, specify who it's for.
  4. Moooo ask me anything... I can't draw pones, so like just textual answers for now .
  5. ..... [balareth: Kiki, we are online] Oh! yeah, sorry, since the AMA is getting too popular i thought it could be a nice idea if i start my own, now don't get confused is not the user AMA (balareth) is me, a talking cat who came from planet Felidae, i entered in a magic portal and i meet lots of ponies and the experience i had with them and also with my planet were very amazing, so if you have any question feel free to ask, am excited to answer and talk a bit about myself and the adventures i had so let's start!
  6. Ask me questions on it. Octavia being British: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  7. Well, it seems nopony has done this before, so I thought, why not? This thread is about you asking the last of the Time Lords from the planet Gallopfrey. Adventures, assistants, enemies, friends, involvments with history, ask away. I'm not afraid to answer. Allons-y!!
  8. I already have one of these for my OC, so I figured having one for just me would be a good idea. Ask me anything, blah blah blah, you know the drill.
  9. (sorry for the crappy picture, it's the only one I have available at the moment of her.) Catnip: Ask me anything! Just don't harm my cat, Ahem. If you do, I'll beat you to a pulp with a vacuum cleaner or something. Either that or I'll wuss out. I'm not entirely sure.
  10. Lady Diana

    Ask Rosa

    Hello I'm Rosa you can just ask me anything you want
  11. Hey! I'm Alpha Hedge, though you might know me as XTHPony, I'm not that famous (at all XD) in the MLP universe, but I created this topic just for the fun of it. Long story short, if you want to ask me something, ask away! EDIT: Time to redo this. I'm Alphys Hedge. I used to go by Alpha Hedge, and before that, XTHPony (little favor: don't refer to me as XTHPony. Not that I expected you to anyway, but imo it was an extremely cringeworthy username at the time I made it. Just refer to me as Alphys, Alphys Hedge, or Seth if you prefer). So...yup, that's it. Ask me stuff if you want, it can pretty much be any question. I'm going to answer some common questions people probably will ask first: Sexuality? Hetero. Gender? Male. Favorite game? Cave Story (specifically the original 2004 freeware version). Favorite movie? Kung Fu Panda 3. Favorite TV Show? Parks and Recreations. Favorite Anime? Kill la Kill. Favorite fictional character? It's a tie between Ryuko Matoi and Nonon Jakuzure. Favorite song? Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood. That should cover the common ones. So, yeah. Any questions at all, shoot.
  12. [A dark, croaky voice replied to you] Oh, hey there. Obviously you don't know me much, if you're gonna start asking me questions like this. My reasons for answering? Well, it's been some time since anypony has actually spoken a word to me. I'm Black Opal. I survived a horrible taint poisoning experiment by one of my most trusted friends... Turns out they weren't to be trusted. I've spent nearly a millenia, part pony, part ghoul, part taint, for as long as this war has lasted, from even before the pre-war era. I was born just as the first signs of nuclear war arose. I learned to cope with the threat of being blown apart and irradiated my whole life, which has made these days... easier. How do i cope with the wasteland? Well, at least pain has been numbed through those experiments. But i've got plenty of battle-scars hidden away waiting for you to see. I'm not exactly wearing my barding right now, but this is all i can show you for the minute. Pretty 'normal', right? Not very... So... i guess, ask away. It's the last thing i can do for this world...
  13. As a last post of the day (sleep is much soon lol), I guess here's an ask topic? You're welcome to ask me anything, or ask my oc Snow Angel I suppose. Honestly, she's just supposed to make a cute profile pic, but I can always try to answer and see what happens xP Anyway ... Cthulhu's blessings and sleep well to everypone
  14. Like the the title say, you can Ask my OC anything! Every reply is going to have a custom image whit it! So maybe it take me a little time to reply all.
  15. Hey everypony my name is Kyubiki Tenchu, or Kyu for short. I've moved to Ponyville a few months ago and I'm really enjoying living here. I wanted to get to know more ponies and others to know me so I decided to make an ask me page. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll answer them to the best of my abilities.
  16. Hi there. I just made an OC, so I thought that I might as well make an ask topic for him so that you may get to know him better. Goes by the name of Nightshade. A little shy, so try to go easy on him, ok? Do I Really have to do this? Ah, well, I might as well get it done with, so that I may get back to my stories... Ask me anything, but I have a lot of writing to do, so it may be... difficult... for my to reply quickly.
  17. Ask love-pony Hi welcome to ask love-pony you can ask me pretty much anything you want
  18. Pez

    Ask Pez and Hope

    There was ask Pez. Now we got another ask a pony thing for Me AND Hope! Ask us anything and we will answer! Now ask some questions! Pez (Me) Hope
  19. A fellow named Senpai asked me to do this, so I decided, why not? They gave me a warm welcome to this site, And who would I be to not do this? Anyway ask me questions about anything, and I'll try my best to answer!
  20. TFarrgon

    Ask TFarrgon

    To describe myself in one sentence I am basically a gamer Brony with a generous heart. Feel free to ask anything!!
  21. I may not be a pony, but I am a blood relative of a wolf (not literally, but hey, I can dream, right?), so if you've got a problem with that, you can take it up with my personal assistant. Ask away!
  22. Hi! If you happen to have any questions for me, feel free to ask them here.
  23. cwhip9:hello everypony im cwhip9 and im doing an little ice break experiment here and need your help im starting with my buddy here cresent: (waves bat wing) Hello! want some noodels im making up a pot now and we have cider in the fridge too cwhip9:and for myself to get to know my fellow bronies and pegasisters on here also to flesh cresent out more Cresent: and im his oc. my name is cresent a batpony with orange mane and tail, cwhip9 is still sucking at drawing working on my picture feel free to ask me mostly anything cwhip9: hehe any ways feel free to ask us any questions and we'll answer as much as we can cresent: because were bord and so are you probably if your still reading