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Found 82 results

  1. I've been wondering for a while, why do Bronies get so attached to background ponies like Vinyl Scratch or Lyra, who have very few lines and little is known about their personalities? Not hating at all I just want to know why you feel this way.
  2. What if at the start of the show, the background 8 (Lyra, BonBon, Vinyl, Octavia, Colgate, Carrot Top, Derpy & The Doctor) became the mane ponies and more importantly, the mane 6 ponies we know were instead background ponies? How would the fans react to each of the mane 6 as the appeared in the scenery? Who would've gotten the most attention? Who would become the new mascot of the fandom? What would we have named each of the mane 6? Just by appearances, what kind of personality traits and quirks would we have assigned them? And finally, what kind of shippings would we have come up with based on these back ground ponies?
  3. Come on, we gotta run this episode into the ground LOL. Dr hooves freezing time, Bon, bon having a voice like the banshee, colegate having icemans powers, I don't know what i'd with with lyra, Derpy, (SHE Should have been the hulk!) and Vinyle (maybe some kind of power with amplifying sound).
  4. I have been thinking for a while now about how the show always "mainly" just focuses on the mane 6 constantly. I mean I know they have done a few episodes where the focus was on other ponies like the CMC episodes which I find to be a great idea they brought into the show. However I wish they took the focus off the mane six for a couple of episodes or dedicate a couple episodes to other ponies whether it be some of the background ponies. Now I do realize they have done this a couple of times just not that much at all to be honest. I just wanted to hear others thoughts on this. Do you think the show focuses' way to much on the mane six or do you think the pacing of the show has been fine? Would you like to see a couple of more episodes where the focus went astray from the mane six?
  5. It came to mind that the 2 most loved background ponies would be derpy and vinyl scratch so I want to know which one is your favorite
  6. I thought this for while now, would it not be fun see some of favorite background ponies, come into spotlight? Like for example playing minor roll our even made main part of the story? I would like hear your thought abut the subject, and hear vise background ponies you would like see going in the spotlight and gating a roll to play in a story.
  7. Hi there, everypony! The characters I mean by one-episode characters, are the characters who appear in (usually) one episode and then just disappear from Equestria and everyone's memory as soon as the cheerful ending credits show. Think of the Flim Flam brothers, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis. Never heard or spoken of again. The reason why I'm wondering if they'll reappear and get a little character development, is because that is exactly what happened to the Great and Powerful Trixie, Discord, and also Princess Luna (although that may be arguable). I personally would love to hear more about King Sombra. All we know about him is that he's a powerhungry and evil pony who has the ability to use way more powerful magic than the everyday unicorn. (I do not feel the need for Queen Chrysalis to be explored more, but that's because of Anthony C. and Brony Curious's awesome theory. You can watch it on YouTube under the name of "Reviewing is Magic 4 - A Canterlot Wedding", the specific theory starting at 27:53.) So, what do you guys think? Will that happen? Should it happen? And if so, which characters would you like to see again? Brohoof, everyone! /)
  8. Hi what do you think about the characters,vinyl,octivia,derpy.Ect,having there own show? Personally I think its a really good Idea,but might not fit in with the original show.
  9. Hey guys. I'm interested in what pony or ponies you would like to see play a major role in at least one or two episodes. I personally would like to see Vinyl Scratch/DJ-PON3 or Derpy/Ditzy Doo make a major role. I'm not doing a poll, since there are lots of background ponies and most of them are loved by the Brony Fandom. So, anyway, what background pony or ponies would you like to see make a major role?
  10. You get to chose one background character to keep you company. Who do you choose and why. You can be as detailed as you want with your reasoning. The island is completely void of human/pony life. There are animals and tree's and a waterfall with clean Water and there are berries and other fruits to be found though the entire island. Vynal scratch is my choice. I feel like out of them all I would enjoy this pony the most to be around. Music is something you can always just waste time talking about while waiting to be rescued on this deserted island and I feel like she'd be able to keep my spirits high during the struggle of the wilderness.
  11. What's your favorite and least favorite background ponies? This topic is probably already posted but, I really want to know. My favorite is Doctor Whooves and my least favorite is Carrot Top
  12. Do You Have Any Name Ideas For These Ponies? Thread. By request of a good friend of mine, @Sal?Mau5, I have made this thread to see if any of you fillies have any name ideas for these nameless background ponies. All ideas are accepted!
  13. I'm curious, how many background ponies did you recognize in Equestria Girls? Bonus if you can name each one! I recognized about 15
  14. I know what some of you are thinking "oh another Derpy thread I wonder when the flame war is going to start?" I will of course do my best to try to not make that happen, sure telling off a certain someone felt pretty good at the time but it sure didn't help anything and I feel bad for the mods who had to clean up that mess. I had a conversation with this same certain someone a few days ago in response to a blog post called "Derpy Is Mentally Challenged?" Don't worry folks it didn't get ugly, anyway I won't rehash it but generally the point of the post was a rant about how Derpy is supposedly always portrayed in fanon as a walking talking stereotype which in some cases is true but I have seen plenty of fan material where Derpy aside from her eyes and slight clumsiness is not that different from the other ponies. And I have seen fan material where Derpy is even fairly intelligent so it is not exactly monolithic. That made me wonder exactly how everyone on here thinks Derpy should be portrayed. I think Derpy should be portrayed as fairly intelligent maybe not Twilight Sparkle level but clearly enough to where she is not seen as "mentally challenged" yet still keep the eyes and slight clumsiness because they help her to stand out and make her the cutest, most adorable pony ever. I guess in many ways I like the idea of Derpy just as much as the character as I know what it is like to be considered different and a character like that has the opportunity to be a great teaching tool.
  15. The real world, Equestria, or both are in danger. You must lead a rag-tag group of FIVE ponies on an RPG-like quest to save the day. Here are the rules! You may pick: 1. ONE of the Mane 6. 2. ONE side character or minor villain. 3. ONE of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. 4. ONE stallion. 5. ONE background pony. 6. ONE non-pony character (no major villains allowed). I will brohoof anyone who also posts good reasons for each of their picks. Have at it my friends!
  16. ok this is a art request for ~chaotic discort~ to draw a seductive version of spitfire with her mane up rather than down. i thought it was odd at first but looks like there are almost now with her looking towards the veiwer so anywho here she is! MAH BAD!
  17. Welp, here's installment number 2. This time, I'll be talking about background ponies. Since there are so many, I will only be listing my top 10. This list is based purely on looks. No fanon, voices, etc. will be counted. As such, you probably won't see your favorite background pony here (*cough* Derpy *cough*). 1. Cloudchaser Cloudchaser is gorgeous. While not having my favorite design, she comes quite close. Her colors work nicely together, and her mane is gorgeous. It's not the kind of mane a lot of OC's use, as it only seems to work with her colors. 2. Flitter Same reasons as Cloudchaser, the only difference is that her mane is a bit less pretty. I still quite like it though. 3. Lyra Lyra has a very nice color combination. Her eyes and cutie mark attract the most attention, and her color combo doesn't hurt the eyes. Her design is a bit dull, but the colors are nice enough to forgive that. 4. Minuette(Colgate)/Sea Swirl/Amethyst Star/Roseluck/Similar Most of the ponies with the Lyra design seem to be nice looking, for some reason. Minuette is my personal favorite of these, but they all get the four spot due to them taking up the whole list otherwise. 5. Rainbow Shine I quite like her design. It's simple, and works. The mane is fairly different than most other ponies, so that's always a plus. And no one really likes her. Therefore I get hipster status. 6. Vinyl Scratch I find Vinyl a bit overrated. She hasn't had much screen time, at all, for all the love she gets. However, her color scheme is very nice. It's a similar color scheme as Rarity's, and looks nice for that. However, I just don't like her design. At all. 7. Berry Punch For some reason, Berry Punch always seems really bendable. In Canterlot scenes, she's very bendable, and in Ponyville scenes, she looks like a lower class citizen. Her color scheme doesn't hurt, and her design is okay. 8. Candy Mane Candy Mane's mane is gorgeous, obviously. The only reason she isn't up this list more is because of how dull her tail is in comparison. Her color scheme is also not the best. 9. Mjölna HAMMER PONY IS BEST PONY. 10. Blossomforth Meh. Blossomforth is okay. Her design is the same as Twilight's, but her color scheme is pretty. So yea. --------------------- I believe that's it.
  18. I made this because, while writing fanfiction is pointless if the writer doen't like what they're writing, it also kind of suck if nopony else does either. Feel free to add comments about what wasn't covered in the poll! (And yes, I have a fan-comic in the works. Expect it soon!...ish.)
  19. Well since we just finished the end of season 3 and it's actual reality that Twilight is now an Alicorn i wanted to see just who would you like to see as an Alicorn? It can be anypony you want and any type of pony weather it be a background pony or one of the mane 6. What would you want them to bring to Equestria? Feel free to add pics or drawings of them if you want.
  20. Waddup, everypony! Vinyl here! I'm pretty bored, so I though I'd answer a couple questions from you folks. Wub-a-dub-dub!
  21. Recently I've been hearing a lot about people claiming their leaving the Brony fandom and i thought i put my personal thoughts on the idea. One of the major reasons I've been hearing people claiming to leave the fandom is the thought that Bronies are losing the message of "Love and Tolerate". Now i can understand why this may make people feel different towards the fandom but It shouldn't make people no longer associate themselves as Bronys. Being a Brony doesn't mean you have to draw only ponies or create the next best pony remix. Being a Brony simply means you watch MLP THAT'S IT! The message of "love and Tolerate" seems to have become lost in our little fandom. No longer can people state their opinions without there being one person who "flips the table" and goes on a hating rant. But while their are a few ranters in the fandom, I think most bronys are caring and understanding and that this fandom is still one of the best out there. One thing that is very saddening is when i see people claiming others aren't Bronies simply for their views on subjects! A true Brony does not decide who is and isn't a Brony simply because of their views. As I've heard before the amount of Imagnation that MLP has created in people is incredible The music,fanfics, and artwork is just mind-blowing but even if you only watch the show that's fine too(you shouldn't feel forced by others to have to like something besides the show) Personally While i do enjoy the artwork i really don't get much into the music or the fanfics unless it sounds like something i like. While i'm not a fan of NSFW artwork i don't bash on people who do and the few i have seen while "not my cup of tea" i will still admit are drawn very well. My fav background ponies in order are (Derpy,Lyra, and DJ-pon3) but i still like other background ponies too just not as much. But I've seen people "Flip the table" because of Bronies who like other Background ponies or background ponies in general as long as their not bashing other ponies who cares! I'm sure many of us who like Background ponies understand they don't really have any true story but their still enjoyable and fun to talk about(Everybody has diffrent opinions) In the end While their are some ranters out their, just like youtube you can ignore them or block them if you want. So if you're somebody who is thinking of no longer being a Brony just know that every fandom isn't perfect and that while we may have "Ranters" that the good caring people in this fandom far outweigh the bad, But even if you chose to still leave the fandom i wish you the best of luck weather you decide to leave for good or maybe just feel you need a break for a little while.
  22. I drew six of my favorite background ponies! This took two days, about two hours per day. Let me know what you think! And, if you want a clearer image I did use this as a template, since I'm lazy. I might start shading it soon. Or I might not shade it at all.
  23. One thing that the writers of the show haven't done all 3 seasons is really take background ponies and move them to the forefront and make them part of the plot for an episode or give many of them a really big cameo at least . The show seems to focus on having each ep generally about one of the mane 6 OR a member of CMC OR occasionally Luna. Sure Vinyl Scratch made a quick cameo in season 2 finale for 5 seconds and Derpy had a qucik botched cameo (the voice thing) but that's still not really a big episode focus or something they have continued, The Valentine's Day special with Cheerilee and Big Mac DID do do this although both were semi-prominant characters. Inicidentally I don't think either got a toy set for them when they could have. Since there are several toys out there but without prominant tv appearances and some do (Lyra but no Bon Bon or villians) how is Hasbro incorporating selling toys with how they run the show? If they really want to sell more toys wouldn't they have MORE pony character toys available AND wouldn't they get more screen time. I remember how many Gi Joe and Star Wars characters there used to be on the market and Hasbro is barely even trying to dip into their well of characters. Would this be a good thing to mix the focus of the show in season 4 or does that sound like it would dilute the power of our beloved mane 6 and lose its appeal? Also would returning villians be a good thing or do you feel that Trixie and Discord haven't been handled well as returning characters?
  24. I sniffed around the internet after watching some fan made mlp stuff when i started to question the situation with Lyra and Bon Bon. Now i know in the show they are background ponies who are living together. The one thing that always stood out was they always sat together in a way that only couples would. i know that sounds like a stupid reason but there are other things that stand out. Just a note im talking about the fan made Lyra and Bon Bon and not what the show has showed in its descriptions.