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Found 13 results

  1. This came to me one day. We focused on the princesses' lives in one episode and there was not a hint of Philomena anywhere. She's Celestia's pet so shouldn't she be shown? Did Celestia give her up for some unknown reason? Did she die from something besides old age?
  2. Since I now have a sewing machine again (goodbye overly long hems) I decided to get crafty with it Step 1) pattern Here's parts of the pattern I'm using made by BeeZeeArt Step 2) cut out the pattern Here's part of it cut out onto some white fleece from Ikea Polisomething blankets, they're relatively cheap and inexpensive for crafts. Steps 3) Pin it, coming soon Step 3) pin it So basically just pin the sew lines together. I suck at seam allowances and stuff like that but if you can do it consistently, you probably won't even need sew lines Then you wanna stick needles in perpendicularly
  3. "Spectra Flim-Flam" 18 X 24 X 3/4 inches paint on canvas sides painted signed on the front and back Sorry everyone, it already sold.
  4. Here, have a blue jay griffin hybrid! His name is Jay and he is my OC's pet
  5. So I was going along tumblr and I found this This is not mine I am just signal boosting, please click on the link below. Honestly I think this shouldn't be confined to Tumblr, it should be for the whole of the internet, a picture on profiles everywhere, for those people who want to help others. Despite the few who may want to abuse it there should be many many people who have this on their blog, or profile, or whatever. It could become something really big and it could help make some people happier. You could put it on your profiles too!
  6. This will be my 6th tattoo What do you think?
  7. to get an idea of original colour look at my profile pic colour might be changed .... we see =). btw she's a earth pony, talent is bird training and she is a strong but emotional character note, picture isn't finished properly, needs final outlining and colouring in
  8. Hello =) here is my OC high hopes. she is an earth pony who's special talent is training birds she is strong, rash, passionate and understanding but can be hurtful as she isn't good at wording her opinions very well . she does have self doubts and worries but she tries no to let it show. she's an earth pony she feels sad and confused because she feels she cant fulfil her destiny properly as she cant fly along side her birds. Her friends mean a lot to her as they give her confidence in herself and her talents . here is a picture
  9. Yay, Flappy Bird! The most frustrating game ever! What's your high score?
  10. Hi there. After my first drawing attemps, I thought: Why not try to make an OC?^^ There are so many of them, but i tried to create something unique (I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one who thought of this, but at least i haven't found anything similar yet)... So here it is: Name: Feeloree Characteristics: -) is blind. -) Can sense emotions from living creatures around her. -) Magic skill isn't impressive, though Feeloree specializes in the "Shared Sight" spell. -) Lives in the forest. Personality: -) Not very talkactive, but knows excatly what to say when it is needed. -) The emotions in a city of ponies are quite overwhelming, this is why she rather chooses the company of animals. -) Kind, caring -) realistic -) is usually a bit closed up to other ponies Companion "Note": -) female -) Feeloree saved the young hummingbirds life when she was injured during a strong winter. -) She named her "Note" after her beautiful singing voice. -) Feeloree can use Note's eyes via the "Shared Sight" spell. The spell only works, if the target animal accepts it. -) Communication also via the spell by "sending" pictures and emotions. (is it right to call the bird "she" instead of "it"? hrml, my english...) Cutie Mark: -) HELP ME FIND ONE, please . It should somehow represent her ability to sense emotions. But I'm terribly lost on this one. There are so many cutie marks with hearts and stars already... Picture: Soo what do you think? -Felrora ps: Since english isn't my first language, feel free to correct me, if you see obvious mistakes...
  11. Just wanted to share a real quick thing I did right before I left for BronyCon. I honestly did it to experiment and fool around, but I ended up uploading it after the Con (I haven't done anything vocal wise since Febuary anyways) and it happened to get featured on EQU Daily and what not... Forgive me Celestia, for I have Derped.
  12. The three caballeros is one of my favorite Walt Disney films. Panchito is of course my fave out of the three because I love his singing voice and the way the animators drew the way he stands and poses. He has such a cool design!
  13. this is little rain bird yet another tumblr pony which i wanted to draw fan art for, i could have improved the nose a little bit cause it looks like she's hiding in the scarf XD which is adorable if you ask me, what do you guys think?