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Found 77 results

  1. In the most recent episode, "Power Ponies", an enchantment from a book is a major part of the plot for the second time in the show. In "Power Ponies", it's from an enchanted comic book, while the first time, in "Magical Mystery Cure", it's a spell from Star Swirl the Bearded's book. In both cases, the enchantment/spell seems to operate by a unique mechanism: either Spike or Twilight activates the enchantment by saying the words of the enchantment aloud while reading the book. I'm curious, though, about what the precise process is by which these enchantments from books are activated in Equestria, and whether a small change in what Spike or Twilight did would have caused the enchantments not to be activated. First, we can see in "Power Ponies" that Spike activated the enchantment from the comic book without the intention of doing so. Thus activation of an enchantment seems to be dependent on communicating the words of the enchantment. But what method of communicating the enchantment is required for activation? Must the words of the enchantment be spoken aloud for it to be activated? Or could a reader of an enchanted book simply say the words of the enchantment in their head and still activate it? Furthermore, we don't understand how orientation of the book and the activator of the enchantment plays a role in activation. Must whoever is activating the enchantment actually be "reading" the enchantment - that is, eyes focusing on the words on the page of the book - to activate it? Or could someone activate the enchantment by merely saying it near the book without "reading" it? If the latter case, how close must the activator of the enchantment be to the enchanted book when doing so? Within sight of the book and/or within earshot of the book? Must the book be open to the page on which the enchantment is written? These factors and how they interact together could have had a significant effect on the events of these two episodes in which the activation of an enchantment out of a book was a major part of the plot. For example, in "Power Ponies", what if Spike had read the enchantment without saying it aloud? Would the enchantment still have been activated? If not, then the whole rest of the episode inside the comic book wouldn't have happened, just because of a small change in Spike's reading habits. For another example, in Magical Mystery Cure, what if Twilight had read Star Swirl the Bearded's spell without saying it aloud, but then closed the book, walked somewhere else in the library, and then repeated the words aloud while pondering the spell? Would the spell still have been activated? If not, then a lot of the events of the episode might not have happened. The rest of the Mane Six would not have had their cutie marks switched around, and Ponyville wouldn't have been thrown into chaos. But, perhaps even more importantly, without the spell being activated, Twilight might not have realized how to complete the spell, and she even might not have become a princess. All of this would have happened because of a small change in how Twilight read the spell out of the book. What do you think? Is the process of activating enchantments from books in Equestria restrictive or lenient, and what consequences (good or bad) might result from either of those options? Thanks for reading!
  2. Does anyone know how many different Daring Do books there are? I can't seem to find an answer :S
  3. So, as the thread title suggests, I am looking for a few partners for a project I am currently undergoing. I have taken it upon myself to contact a publisher of various works, who said he might publish my works if I get all the resources. That is where y'all come in. For said project, I need the following: Artist Writer Editor Reviser Musician Now, you may ask, what is this? This is going to be audiobook and book publishings. Here is what each job is responsible for if you sign up, and what the requirements are: Writer- must be flexible (metaphorically), have good grammar, and be imaginative.- you will be drafting stories with me for the works. Editor- must be patient, and have a good eye for spelling- you will help edit any errors in spelling in the original drafts. Revisers- must be patient, and have a good eye for grammatical errors- you will help revise any errors in grammar in the original drafts. Artist- must be at least somewhat good at drawing, and be flexible (metaphorically)- you will make cover art for these stories, which may get used as an actual book cover. Musician- must be at least somewhat good at making music, and must be able to meet musical requirements, and know musical terms- you will be making background music for the audiobooks. What's in it for you: you may get to be published, and get full credit for being in it. I hope you'll consider joining! Sign up soon!
  4. Okay, so today I told my friends about my plans for the story plot for my third book (which is not published, nor are the other books before it) and they said that I was being killing off pretty much every character. Well... I basically planned it to be the last book, and I just want to finish it by basically causing a return from a villain in the first book and causing no miracles to happen that will save some character's life in some way. They said that I shouldn't make almost all of them die, and that the third book is pretty depressing due to all the death and drama and all that. Should I kill off like almost all of them except the main char and a few others? Or should I do something else? (Oh, and I openly admit that even I felt depressed after telling them what happened ) And if anyone is wondering what the titles are... (They're pretty cheesy ones in my opinion, and I plan on changing them) 1: Grace's Tale: Call of Destiny 2: Grace's Tale: Whispers 3: Grace's Tale: Echoes for Eternity
  5. It's time we tried reviving the forum from this drought of nothing to talk about we seem to have entered. So I was randomly thinking of things and this particular idea came to me. Strange, I'm not even a Christian, agnostic deist or something like that, but why the hell not. I'm pretty sure a good number of us have actually read some books of the Bible, regardless of our religious affiliation/ no affiliation. So I've read a few and one book has always stuck out to me: Ecclesiastes. I read it about two months ago and it really resonated with me. The thought process it brings up is actually very interesting, partially because this book originated from Judaism, old testament, back when heaven wasn't really a big topic. Life was just more about helping your fellow man and giving thanks to god back then. The afterlife wasn't considered important/non existent. The message of this book is basically this. Also has probably one of my favorite quotes of all time in it: Parts of this book are also kind of odd, to me anyways, like they've been warped a little to serve the Church better, but the general underlying themes are still there. So what is your favorite book out of the Bible?
  6. I personally think she uses informational books the most. Almost every time she mentions books (with the exception of Daring Do) it's some sort of almanac. Same goes for me.
  7. Howdy folks! Picked up the book today. Its the animated series in book format covering parts 1 & 2 of the series premere. Gotta say IDW did a pretty good job. Some tweeks to the book I should mention. For those who watched the episodes. While Twilight & Spike was at AJs Farm. Granny Smith's intro was removed. Kinda scratching my head. In the Town Hall where Nightmare Moon made her appearance. Pinike guessing who she was was left out. While the ponies was in the Everfree Forest Pinike's Giggle At The Ghosties was shortened. They shoulda had whole lyrics to that IMO. But other than that for fans of the show its well worth it. Hopefully they'll come out with more animated books. Interesting that I got my copy at the local comic book shop. Amazon has it on order but it says Oct.22. (Dunno why) See ya!
  8. So yeah, this one took me a couple of days but I'm pretty pleased with the result. At the beginning it was just me sleeping on a cloud with Twilight than some Harry Potter stuff popped into my head and you have it. Any feedback would be most welcome and I hope you enjoy the drawing.
  9. Howdy All! Picked up the book at the local B&N store today. Got to say GM Berrow did a pretty good job in writing the book. It adopts Megahan McCarthy's screenplay of the film onto the book. With GM adding a few other things. (Wont say what it is no spoilers) Its worth picking up. Cant wait what IDW does with their comic version of the movie. See ya!
  10. Hello everyone, I have just discovered a book while derping around on amazon. It is written by a new author know as Weldon James. It is an extremely awesome story that appears to be inspired by the LotR series. It is only 2.99 on amazon. I hope you take my word on this amazing story of adventure. Here is a link for all you beautiful people, and I hope you also take part in this story. good reading
  11. So I just had my senior pictures taken, and might I say: they look pretty awesome. The photographer is somethin' else, and the lighting was perfect, and the setting was neat...y'know how it goes. My mother wants to get (among other things) a book of my senior pictures. Spread among these pictures will be a spattering of quotes. And that's where I want to go nuts. My sister got the same book for her pictures. Her quotes are all inspirational and "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" and all that bullcrap. I want two things: Funny quotes and pony quotes. I already have a few ideas, but I want your guys' input too: what are some quotes from the show that don't sound like pony quotes but are indeed quotes from the show? They just need to be semi-inspirational or cool or whatever. Y'know, something you'd keep in a book of memorabilia. I also want to put a GLaDOS quote in there, but I don't know which... - Kolth
  12. Im only about two thirds through it so dont spoil anything, but how did you like it? do you think it might make a good rp? Let me know!
  13. The title says it all, What are your opinions on the upcoming movie adaptation of Ender's Game. I've heard that they shorted the time span and made Ender older, I can deal with that, but I'm hoping they do not give him a love interest. I think they are trying to follow the book, but the book is presenting a lot of challenges. I think it will be a great movie if you hadn't read the book, but you might be a bit dissapointed if you have. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to the release of the movie. Source for shortening the time span can be found in this video (sorry I can not remember the time it was mentioned) :
  14. Hello, I'm the reviewing critic.. I remember it so you don't have to! We have all seen movies based on best selling books, there are some movies that do better than the book while there are movies that do worse than the book it is based on. Stephen King's movies based on books for example, don't do so well as the book does. So we are here to look at the movies based on Stephen King's books. This is Stephen King's movie IT, which of course it is based on the book IT. The movie is about a clown who terrorizes children in a neighborhood, also this movie really tries to promote that balloons are scary. That is the first problem with this movie, secondly the movie isn't scary. The clown basically turns into a fake CGI spider, then they just blow the spider up into ashes. So, yeah I wouldn't recommend the movie but I would recommend the book. Now, lastly... let's look at another Stephen King book that turned into a movie. The Langoliers basically has bad special effects, bad writing, plot holes, and any other problems with his movies. So, that's about it. I'm the reviewing critic, until next time.. I remember it so you don't have to.
  15. I don't know if there's a thread about this yet but I searched and didn't find one, so here it is everypony: Amazon US: Amazon Canada: The official guidebook for My Little Pony, coming out on Amazon in 2 months. 256 pages, so this ain't your 5-year-old sister's book folks. So what do you think is in it? What do you want it to be about? Your thoughts!
  16. Well, not so much :3 I don't actually plan on reviewing the movie. I do, however, feel like talking a bit about this movie, inspired by the book of the same name written quite a few decades ago by the fabled Dr. Seuss, and why I really enjoy the messages it has to offer. Hell, perhaps a few of you fence-sitters will give the book and movie a try, yourselves, after patiently reading through my yacking. For those of you who don't know, 'The Lorax' was a children's book written and published by Dr. Seuss in 1971. It told the story of a greedy man, known only as 'The Once-ler', who had an insatiable vision to create the ultimate consumer product. This product, known as a 'Thneed', was advertised as 'a fantastical thing that everyone needs', of which had 'a thousand uses'. In order to achieve his dream, The Once-ler destroyed an entire ecosystem (a forest, in this case) to harvest the trees' raw materials needed to create his thneeds. Though the guardian of the forest, The Lorax, tried to stop him, he had no success, and the entire forest of the once beautiful Truffula Trees was chopped down, forcing the animal inhabitants to leave. With no more raw material to produce his product, the Once-ler's fast-growing, 'Too Big to Fail' business crashed and burned. Alone and miserable as he regretted his actions, the Once-ler aged into a reclusive hermit, living at the top of a single tower left over from his once thriving, polluting factory. Years later, when a boy from a nearby town stumbles upon the tower after hearing legends of the 'Legendary Once-ler', the Once-ler explains that it's his fault the forest around them has become a desolate wasteland, and gives the boy the very last Truffula seed, saying 'Truffula Trees are what everyone needs'. A year following the books' release, an animated television special was released for the book. It stuck close to what the book presented, making few liberties and being very loyal to Seuss' original style. In the book and animated television special alike, the Once-ler was never given a visible face or body. Only his green gloves. Symbolism for the idea that anybody could be a 'Once-ler'. Someone who allowed greed to consume them. Decades later, last year in 2012, a brand new animated adventure was made for the book. For the first time, the Once-ler was given a face and personality past his greed and later regret. The movie follows a boy from 'Thneedville', a completely plastic city void of nature and trees, and harboring perfectly happy people. After discovering the Once-ler through his grandmother (voiced by Betty White, fuck yes), Ted learns of the history of this once beautiful paradise, and the rise and fall of the Once-ler's dream. The Once-ler is depicted in a great way in this movie, imo. While he was one big symbolic, faceless individual in the past, he is now relateable, identifiable and a great contrast to create a full-circle to what he was in the books. His progress from a completely harmless individual with an honest dream to a ruthless tyrant corrupted by greed is believable, and is followed-up by the emotional realization that he has destroyed an entire ecosystem, and he regrets his actions for years as a hermit. He then assists Ted in replanting the last Truffula seed, which will one day regrow into the forest the Once-ler once destroyed. A rather accurate example of the Once-ler's corruption process, using the popular 'alignment' meme nine box style found all over the internet. The reason I adore this book and the fantastic movie created for it is that, of all Seuss' books, I feel this one was the perfect one to remake into a film for modern times. Don't pollute the planet? Don't allow greed to grow your dream at the expense of others? Promote the well-being of the planet by planting forests? Yes, please. These are messages that can't possibly be promoted enough, especially in today's day and age. So yeah, that's about it Can't think of much else to add. Oh, asides from, the movie has some great music. Every song in it is pretty awesome. Just try the ! The movie can be found on Netflix, and in any sort of store that sells DVD's, for the most part. I encourage people to give it a try; it's a cute movie that has tons of humor, and a great theme. Be sure to give that animated special or even the book itself a try, first, if you're curious of getting a feel of what started it all. -- Quote ~ Dr. Seuss Art ~ Duckboy, DeviantART Some other cool art while I'm at it: 'Lorax - Stature' by LierMagician, DeviantART 'Peace of mind' by mizuk0, DeviantART 'You Done Good Beanpole' by Professor Pemzini
  17. So, has anyone read this amazing series by Brian Jacques? I had to have read somewhere around 10-15 of his books, if not more. I left off deep into the series, not sure why, and just didn't pick it up again. But Jacques remains my favorite author. Anyone else a fan?
  18. Salutations every-pony. I was unlucky enough to draw short straw among my peers this last week and because of that I am pulling medical coverage for my Brigade's war-games for the next month and a half and lone behold I finished my last new book LAST weekend.. So if anyone out here is an avid reader and wants to recommend some of their favorites to me I would be much obliged! I read literally anything, and usually have 3 books going at once depending on what mood of reading I am in. I read from light story style novels written for young adult audiences when I have not the energy or time for heavyer reading, to classic and ancient texts depicting most anything. Some of my favorite authors include but are not limited to: Homer, H.P. Lovecraft, Dan Abnett, Euclid, Brian Jaques and the like. See? I read anything. So please give me a few books to pick up to entertain me for this stunningly boring job.
  19. Okay... I don't know if anyone else noticed this detail when watching the season 3 finale. When I watched the finale, there was something that bothered me a lot, but couldn't put my finger on it. Then today just before coming back from my morning shift, I noticed it: The book It was the book that bothered me and the reason is that I swear I'd seen it before and then the pieces fell together. The best detail about the book can be seen here: Now look at this screenshot I cropped from Season 3 Episode 2: It's a bit hazy, but the details are quite clear. The book that puzzled us at the beginning of season 3 came back in the finale. The thing is we still don't quite know what exactly is the book about. All we know is that the last page includes an unfinished masterpiece spell from Starswirl the Bearded which he abandoned in the end. No title is ever said. Anyone else noticed this and what are your thoughts about it?
  20. I've been writing a book for a while now, a book based on the lore of League of Legends, I quickly ran a word check on it and found out that I've written 30 pages (assuming an average of 240 words per page (to get this figure I chose a selection of pages from the hunger games and got the average word count from them)) Right now I consider myself to be nearly half way through chapter 2, although I've had writters block for 3+ months, I have started writing some short stories based on Assassins Creed, this got me thinking, what is the boundary betwwen a book and a shirt story. So my question to you is - what do you think the boundary between a short story and a book is? Apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors, writing on this iPad is laggy as hell.
  21. Twilight Sparkle enjoying a good book and a warm cup of joe from her favorite mug. Kinda bummed the really light shading doesn't show too well, but oh well.
  22. Okay, so i have this HUGE book report thingy due sometime in December, and my teacher gave me a pretty long list (4 pages) of the books i could do it over. I've narrowed it down to these: Journey to the Center of the Earth Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Robinson Crusoe A Clockwork Orange Fahrenheit 451 Can you guys narrow it down for me? They all seem like really good books, and i just can't seem to choose one.
  23. Are there stickers of normal-looking Twilight Sparkle with a book, without words? Seems like an appropriate thing to put on my laptop, or an ebook reader (when I'll get one)
  24. Anyone, going once, going twice, SOLD, to the person that read the book, DON'T SPOIL THE ENDING FOR OTHER PEOPLE PLEASE!
  25. Hello fellow bronies and pegasisters! i am looking for some book recommendations based on another style of book a like. Iv'e looked for books that are similar but iv'e had no avail. The style of book im looking for is fantasy and something with darker tones. The perfect Example is the book "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King." By Christie Golden. Its dark, its sad, its fantasy setting, it is exactly what im looking for! But i already read it (twice) and im looking for something similar. Help?