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Found 364 results

  1. I will post the EQD link since that is not nsfw. Do you guys think it was a good article? Do you think it being in playboy might give off a bad vibe to potential readers before they even know what the article is about?
  2. So, anyone saw the premiere of Nat Geo's The Outsiders? Does anyone even have that channel? I don't watch tv, so it sounds like one of those channels you get with 100$ per month package deal (i.e. it's "special").... This is (as far as I know) the first time bronies are introduced as is in an actual tv show (instead of ripped off or laughed at in politically slanted comedy shows). SO...yeah... what do you think?
  3. Hello! I am trying to learn more about the Brony fan base. I love my little pony, I have since I was a child. I am new to the Brony culture and wanted to write about it for my research paper. I am here to learn more about this amazing group of people, not to judge! If you are able to could you answer any of the following questions? Also please state your gender and age if you would like. 1) What is the best thing about my little pony? 2) Are you sexually attracted to the ponies? If yes, please explain what attracts you to them. 3) Why is My Little Pony better than other shows similar to it? 4) How would you describe your fellow bronies? 5) What is the best thing about being a brony? 6) How did you first hear about bronies or my little pony? All answers will be anonymous and only done so I can get a better and more appropriate understanding of the fans. I only know things that I hear or read, not anything directly from the viewers themselves. Please help me if you can!
  5. When school was still in in art class two people next to me were having a conversation, and I couldn't help but over-hear one of them say "I'm not a brony". I got excited and turned to him and said "BRONIES?!?!?!?!". He then looked at me like I was crazy, so I then got quiet. Two days later in art class again I wore my shirt that said "brony" (because why not?). The two boys then said "you're a brony?", I shook my head yes, smiled and blushed (I was excited xD). Then they both looked at each other and chuckled, they then said "okay". I wasn't thinking straight at the time so I ignored it. then next week in art class again I wore a different MLP related T-shirt. So I sat down and in the middle of class I guess I weirded them out (I'm a weird person c:) and then one said "You perverted pony humping faggot". On the outside I acted like it was a playful insult and laughed it off, but inside I was crying. Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, share them!
  6. What is your Hogwarts house? did you get this from Pottermore? What do you think made you a part of that house? Do you have any negative feelings towards a Hogwarts house?
  7. First let me clarify a few things. First, I DON'T hate her, I just like the rest of the mane six a LOT more. And second, this is NOT an "anti-Twilight" thread. So it seems like having Twilight as your least favorite has become frowned upon, but why??? It's OK to talk smack about Rainbow Dash and Rarity who are my favorite and second favorite ponies respectably. I've seen many anti-Rainbow Dash and anti-Rarity threads all over the internet and I ask myself why people even hate anyone in the mane six. So about Twilight, I just think she's a bit quirky for me and a bit OCDish. Now I still think she's pretty funny like how she went batsh*t insane in Lesson Zero. And lets not forget when she beat Rainbow Dash and Applejack in a race. My point is, I don't hate Twilight I just like everyone else more (yes even Applejack).
  8. As I transition from undergraduate college to either work, graduate school, or law school, I thought I'd put up this thread to network with those bronies who find their calling in the profession of law, or at least are keenly interested in the legal aspects of life and their social implications. A cursory survey of this site seems to reveal that this is not something that usually inspires passion in bronies. So far, I am the only one I know who has expressed "law" or "jurisprudence" as an interest on this site, and I've met only two bronies elsewhere so far who have expressed such an interest-- one of them the author of the Tumblr "Lawyer Warrior" who has not updated in over two years. There's fairly good reason to believe that law students (prospective and current) and lawyers are at least underrepresented here. Not only do the demands of the training and profession seem to preclude trifles such as posting on a site devoted to a little kid's show (however sophisticated it may be), but the brony and lawyer personalities seem divergent: While both bronies and lawyers are considerably more likely to have the INTJ personality type than the general population, bronies tend to be less neurotic and more agreeable than the general population while for lawyers it is the opposite (this link focuses on "skepticism" rather than "agreeableness", but I find the substitution at least party valid; another study seems to indicate that traits associated with agreeableness are also less common in lawyers). As for me, my interest in law is mostly in intellectual property, although I'm also fairly attracted to constitutional law and planning law. I won't repeat the personal statement I've already sent to several law schools, but I once wrote a paper on the now-discontinued "moral utility doctrine" of patent law where I explored the possible need and necessary reforms for revival. So if you're a lawyer, law school student (prospective or current), or merely interested in the field of law, feel free to share your ambitions, trials (both literal and figurative), and difficulties here. (If you want to discuss specific legal concepts that's probably best left to the Debate Pit.)
  9. So bronies and pegusisters, for about a year, I've been working on some concept art for a project I'm working on. Don't ask what project, cuz I'm keeping it under wraps. The only thing ill leave you all with is this: There will be soy sause involved. Sorry that the photos are upside down!
  10. Solrac vs The Thing DustyKatt vs Thor MisteryDavey vs Deadpool Elliemonty vs Green Lantern Fluffle Puff vs Hulk Mandopony vs Naruto Silva Hound vs Silver Surfer BlackGriffen vs Batman Tarby vs Superman Living Tombstone vs Spawn Wooden Toaster vs Ben Tennyson FIGHT TO THE DEATH
  11. I have been thinking this a few weeks ago: ''Why do people hate bronies?'' To me, this question never really got answered. I assumed that most anti-bronies we're just trolls, having nothing better to do with their lives. Until a few weeks ago, when I was at my first brony con I have discovered that people don't hate or dislike bronies because we watch MLP. Well, at least most of them. Most of the anti-bronies hate us, because we cross a social barrier. To explain what I mean, let's look at an example. I am currently in high school, and I can tell you that there are certain groups of people/friends on school. You often see that people who act the same kind of way hang out with people who also act that way. What causes problems, is when people in certain groups are doing things that for that group is being seen as unaceptable. I, for instance, would never have someone who only cares about being the most tuff kid in school at my friend group, or someone who only insultes you and gets angry pretty easy. Now, how does this all tie in with bronies? Well, like I said, I was at a brony con. I don't want to insult a lot of bronies with this, but almost everyone there we're social outcasts. You could see that at the way they a acted, we're unshaved, and a lot of other factors. I've even saw a few really fat people dressed as Fluttershy. Don't believe me? I counted all the people that looked like ''normal'' people. I counted 10. OF THE 300 PEOPLE THERE!!! That's less then 5% So the fact is that a lot of bronies are outcasts. I won't lie: I'm also not the most popular person in school. I'm also really nerdy and geeky. But this all isn't the problem. I have found that people don't find it bad that we have a own fun convention for us. People get angry when we say that it's normal Bronies often say: ''We're normal, just like you!'' Now people are getting angry, because you try to fit in with the same kind of group they are in, while doing something that they see as unacceptable for people of their group, because let's be honest: most bronies are not normal. I'm not normal, I know that of myself, so I will never try to belong to the people that are not okay with what I am doing. The fact that almost every brony DOES try to do that, is were people get angry about.
  12. I'll be going for Friday. Just curious if anyone else is coming.
  13. Just a silly question that came to my mind. In the revived series of Doctor Who, there have been total 5 main female companions of the Doctor. They were(are): Rose Tyler Martha Jones Donna Noble Amelia Pond Clara Oswald If Doctor was to be Twilight Sparkle, that leaves five remaining, the same number as companions. So, whom of the each Mane Five do you think matches well with which companion?
  14. Hey everypony, thought I'd start a thread for us to all get to know each other better. So here's me, saying hi to all of you! This one's a thank you to all my best ponyfriends on here. Post your own hello vids! I'd love to see your smiling faces!
  15. How did all of you get in to My Little Pony? What's your favorite thing about the brony community? Are there any stereotypes about bronies you agree or disagree with?
  16. I'm probably going to get a little backlash for this, but don't judge until you read the entire paragraph... A lot of people, both inside and outside the fandom, talk about how male Bronies are basically defying gender roles. They're watching a show about colorful ponies, after all, in a society where men are expected to like violence, blood, and boobs. It's a good point, of course. But what I've noticed is that male Bronies (most of them) aren't really defying gender roles at all. Let me elaborate: Yes, they watch a show full of colorful ponies, something thought to be for females only. But I've seen Bronies trying to defend their love for the show by pointing out how manly it supposedly is underneath the girly stuff. Remember that Twilight vs. Tirek battle from the season 4 finale? Half the comments on YouTube were something along the lines of "If it has an epic battle in it, there's no way it's for little girls", heavily implying that anything with a cool battle scene in it is automatically masculine and "proves" that the show can be for men as well. The same thing happens with all battle scenes in MLP that are posted on YouTube. At least half of the comments are male Bronies trying to use the battle scene as proof that the show can be enjoyed by men. In other words, they're just aiding the traditional idea that men are supposed to like violence and explosions, rather than pointing to the show at large and saying "This show is well-written". I know not all Bronies are like this, but there are a decent few. My main point is that not all Bronies are defying gender roles. Quite a large number of them are just trying to make the show fit into their gender role. Your thoughts?
  17. So I have only been a brony for about 4 months now, and when I let all my friends know, I got mocked a lot. But one of my friends was really curious as to why I liked the show, and after giving it a shot, he decided he liked it and thus became a brony. However, he made me promise to never tell any of my other friends and to keep it a secret. I appreciate that he's joined the herd, but whenever I get into a situation where I'm being derided for watching MLP, he is silent and scared to be uncovered. What do you think of bronies that you know are closet bronies? Do you find them cowardly? Does it annoy you that they sit on the sidelines whenever MLP comes up in conversation to protect themselves? Personally, I don't really mind. If they were insulting me to save face, then I would mind, but that situation currently hasn't come up with any of my friends. What do you think?
  18. Hi all, So like the title sort of implies. Do you think the story/fiction Fallout: Equestria should be turned into an audio book version? I'm not talking about taking it an adapting it or changing it, just simply getting a huge cast and production team together to voice all of the characters that show up throughout the book. The reason why I ask this is because I am thinking about doing such a project. As a matter of fact I am in the process of looking into doing something like that, however I am greatly concerned and worried that it will get a less then stellar reception. Not to mention the fact that I would need a lot of people working with me in order to just help get the basics and ground work laid out before a whole lot of progress could be made. So what do you think? Would you be willing to give it a chance if the quality was good? Does this even sound like something worth pursuing? If anyone would be interested in this project or wanted to get involved please let me know and I will be more then happy to talk to you about it. Again this is in the concept stage, and I would really like to know if anyone would like to see something like that happen. Have a great day and I cannot wait to see what you think. To steal a quote from CannedCream, "Stay pony my friends!"
  19. Just a little shoutout from one pegasister to another I, being a female here on the forums, feel very welcomed by everypony, despite their gender. Whether they be male or female we all share the same love for pony. So my question to you is: How do you feel about being female on this forum? Do you feel out of place or right at home? Are you public about your femininity or more mysterious? Do you contribute to the fandom just as much as the boys? Share any and all thoughts on the subject
  20. Okay, l've been fiddling around with an Idea of Changelings coming to earth, bare with me disguesd as all our favorite ponies, the Changelings start popping up all over the world. We of course could care less of what they are, they look like our ponies and act like our ponies, so what do we care, right? Well the govenments of the world Ban anyone from interacting with these creatures. With tiny pockets of inter diminsional space popping up at random all over our earth, taking things and giving things. The people who have anytype of bond with the Friendship is Magic diminsion literally, becomes infected. All the Bronies aren't in their right state of minds and start spreadding love and tolerance where ever they go. Bronies become an infectious hazard and sections of the earth with the largest density of the brony disease are quarantined, but that's not enough to stop them, their love for ponies becomes air born, tainting the air. The world has no other way to get rid of this , aside from shoving them right up Celetia's plot hole and sending them to Equestria..... So any Ideas on how I could get this story started? I had a few but ultamitly scapped them. PS~ this site blocks my auto correct D:
  21. It's a Christian Bronies Small Group PM Thingy! If you want to join, post saying that you want to join (duhhh) I wanted to create a nice, open environment for us all.
  22. So it's the basic "You might be a redneck ( or whatever ) if..." formula but for Bronies; so post whatever would be after the "if", I'll say the entire thing since I starting the thread but it's unnecessary for ya'll. Let's begin: You might be Brony if.... you leave muffins out on Christmas hoping Derpy Hooves will visit and leave a hole in your roof.
  23. I just made a new xbox live account recently and i was wondering if there were bronies that play xbox 360. I saw another thread like this posted months ago so i thought i should post again. Im usually playing Call of Duty, NHL, Resident Evil, etc. Anyway feel free to add me, my Gamertag is EoH AppleJack
  24. So I am here today wanting to ask you all about 4chan's board for everything MLP. While most of the community did start from there, it has a bad reputation for clopping to anything and making the community look like furries. Although it is not as bad as most people say it is "Porn isn't that common" its still pretty weird. Basically, they mix up all kinds of fetishes and add ponies to the mix. Some threads do eventually go from humble to everyone insulting each other in a matter of time. So, I wanted to get your opinion on what you think about /mlp/? Do you think it is not that bad, or do you find it disgusting?
  25. After reading some ancient posts on EQD I was wondering what a country run off of the morals and lessons shown in MLP:FiM would be like. A country run by bronies for bronies and having everything that is needed like a government and all that fun stuff. Would we be an egalitarian society or would we develop a sort of Caste system? would we be invaded or would we make international friends? How would we do if we were to run our own country? I think we would do pretty poorly at first but then rise to a respectable nation that would be stable.