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Found 7 results

  1. Something has been really going on my nerves with this fandom, has been the constant finger pointing at Hasbro, whenever somebody got a C&D for their fan content. Notable victims of these where Mane6 with their Fighting is Magic game and JanAnimations and his webseries Buttons Adventures. The Fandom immediatly jumped the gun and started to point their fingers at Hasbro, saying how stupid they are, that the Fandom should boycott, or even suggested that MLP should be handled by another company, Disney being the one i hear of the most. Personally, i think people who are suggesting this don't know anything about Disney, or other companies that show cartoons. Hasbro is actually pretty tame when it comes to fan content, or showing episodes. For example, it's alot more easier to find My little pony episodes on the web, then shows like Gravity Falls, which are made by Disney and the times you find episodes of Gravity Falls, they are probably zoomed in or are mirrored to avoid copyright. Another thing is, that our fandom culture is so big, because Hasbro leaves almost everyone alone. It's known that a company like Disney has there eyes on pretty much everything and they are immediatly jumping the gun, if a fanwork only slightly resembles one of their trademarks. I am actually happy that we have Hasbro. Do you think another company would have a guy like Mike Vogel, who is in constant communication with the Fandom? I don't think so. What do you guys think? Should the MLP trademark go another company, or is it good where it is?
  2. My fellow Brony and Pegasister friends: I've recently started a petition on A petition to revive Button Mash and lift the C&D at the same time! I know it's an old issue, but we won't give up on this one!! I will not be silenced until it's settled (Jan getting hired as a part of the MLP:FiM crew) Take my advice: Moving on and giving up is NOT a option...I mean giving up is for rookies only! I am NOT giving up with a fight until the C&D conflict between JanAnimations and Hasbro are settled!! End of story!
  3. Well you guys: I have finally completed my letter to Hasbro and an encouragement letter to JanAnimations! That's right! Tomorrow, I'm sending those letters through Canada Post. This might be a good time to celebrate, I mean we want the C&D to be lifted right? Here's a proof for you Bronies: 1) 2) UPDATE!! I have now send those letters at Canada Post! That's right my letters are heading to the headquarters of Hasbro and of course JanAnimations in Italy~! Fingers crossed y'all!!
  4. If you guys didn't know, EQD recently posted something rather interesting about the word, "Brony" being used as infringement claims. What's interesting is that this is the first time Hasbro (The intellectual property rights holder) has authorized Zazzle to remove the pony related product due to the infringement of using tags such as "Brony" or "My Little Pony." Just to clarify, Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise, and a few bronies sell pony merchandise through its products. Here's the notice as posted by EQD: While it's expected for Zazzle to take-down character names, interestingly enough, Zazzle will takedown any merchandise with notable sayings? Seriously Hasbro? Last time I checked, 20% Cooler isn't a trademark catchphrase. Is this something that's going to be a growing trend? Or will this just be temporary? Personally I think it may have to do with the new marketing team back at Hasbro headquarters, and doing this sort of thing is like biting the hand that feeds you or playing with fire. It can get ugly. While it might be too soon to jump the ship, I certainly hope that this isn't a prelude to something much worse in the future. What do you guys think?
  5. Short Hand-Drawn parody based off of a scene from Batman: Under the Red Hood
  6. ColtofPersonality

    Some things that occured to me.

    Now with the recent C&Ds to fanon projects (Button Mash/Molestia/Double Rainboom.) what does the future hold for BronyCON and and other small conventions? What about the fanon songs that are being written and produced? Technically speaking the songs are the property of the song writer but when you read the letter to JAN Animations it says Now would that mean all songs written and produced by us bronies have to have all references to MLP removed? Technically speaking lets say 'Discord' by Living Tombstone or SimGretina's remixes. The name and song are intellectual property of for conventions even the words 'Brony' are fine but given the unauthorized Hasbro merchandise being sold (Plushes/Art/Toys.etc) would that mean they'll need to shut down the cons too? This all very frightening realities I don't want to contemplate but very real if Hasbro is trying to shut down anything in likeliness to their product.
  7. DHX, the animators behind Lauren Faust's fanmade My Little Pony series Friendship is Magic, have today been hit by a cease and desist order from trademark holder Hasbro. In a press release, Hasbro has stated that DHX's Friendship is Magic series painted their franchise in a bad light. "You kidding? That series had the yellow pony breaking a bear's fucking neck! No way we're letting that be associated with our company!" says Hasbro marketing executive Richard Head. He later added, "Also, get Michael Bay on the phone. Tell him that Transformers 4 needs to have more sexist imagery and racial stereotyping than the other three films did." Fans of the series have rallied in support for DHX, and have pointed out that FiM's content is, quote, "no worse than any typical kid's cartoon." Lauren and DHX have been approached by My Little Pony creator Bonnie Zacherle with an offer to create a new universe to set their cartoon in. Will have more on this story as it develops.