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Found 581 results

  1. So I finally saw the My Little Pony movie. I actually enjoyed it. Most likely a 4.5/5. Not perfect, but still awesome. But you ask: What if you were in charge of the sequel? What would you want in it? The ideal plot is similar to the first. Except this time, the new foe is a concerned Alicorn Empress named Eternia. Her goal is to conquer all lands so that her lands would be protected. When Celestia, Luna, CAdence, and the Mane 6 went on the counter attack with the Royal Guards(As well as the former servants of the Storm King), they were completely curb-stomped, and CAnterlot is laid in ruins. As a result, The Mane 6 and Princess Cadence are taken captive by the Empress(Save for one: Pinkie Pie) while Celestia, Luna, Starlight Glimmer, DIscord, Pinkie Pie, Capper, Tempest Shadow, Captain Celaneo and Princess Skystar made their escape to Mt Ares. As Queen Novo gives shelter to the misplaced Ponies, Starlight was hit by a Plague Orb. Novo placed Starlight in a healing ward to prevent the plague from getting to her, as Celestia and Luna lament the loss of Equestria to this new foe. Starlight gets a nightmare about losing Twilight Sparkle, and even Tempest Shadow became concerned, with Pinkie Pie playing the morale chief. Things take a turn for the worse when Mt Ares and Seaquestria are invaded, forcing everyone to evacuate. Even Discord is no match for the Empress as her power is even greater than any creature. It didn't take long for reinforcements to arrive in the form of Dragons, Yaks and Changelings. They form an alliance with the Republic of Equestria(Lead by Celestia and Luna) and the Hippogryphs(Lead by Queen Novo and Princess Skystar). The leaders of all the groups have named Princess Celestia the leader of the Equestrian Alliance Army, declaring her "Celestia Prime." War would now begin against the Timeless Empire from the far west. During the war... -We see love bloom between Captain Celaneo and Capper -As Starlight's condition worsens, she thinks long and hard about Twilight Sparkle and Sunburst. She chose to fight alongside her fellow ponies than to die alone with all available cures destroyed. -Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity have escaped the clutches of the Empress, with a small resistance group. They join in on the war -Twilight Sparkle, still in captivity along with Cadence and Flurry Heart, learns that Empress Eternia is the mother of Celestia and Luna. Which means they were originally from the Timeless Empire, and she's over 2000 years old. -Even more so, it seems the Empress had her reasons to invade Equestria, besides recover her children. She fears that the world would tear itself apart, and that it would creep into the Timeless Empire. The irony is that they have united, and war is now within the Empire. -Tempest Shadow is honored to fight alongside Equestria, after all she's been through serving the Storm King -It is said that the Plague Bombs are like the Obsidian Orbs, except that it infected the user with a plague. Even more so, the plague cannot be transferred through Air or Water. It only affects those who were caught in the cloud. At the Climax of the film, both sides are at a stalemate, even the EMpress is starting to weaken from endless combat. Everyone is tired to continue fighting. As the war began to die down, a weakened Starlight approached Eternia, asking her why is she doing this? When the Empress responded, Starlight points out what she's been through, and that she nearly let her own selfishness destroy Equestria. The Empress is even shocked that a plague bomb would hit Starlight, and that it came from one of her own. Starlight then dies in the Empress's arms, succumbing to the Plague that was eating her. As the Empress realized what she had done, she was hit with an even more powerful Plague Bomb. Betrayed by her own Advisor. She apologizes to her children before also dying. Celestia and Luna confronts the Advisor, who uses Twilight as a hostage to force everyone to give up their magic. Reluctant, Celestia and everyone else agreed, making the advisor more powerful than anything in Equestria. The Advisor uses the magic to bring terror and fear across the entire planet. Even the Windigos were no match for this monster. The Advisor's dream: Leave the planet in ruins, and become a god/goddess. Luckily for Celestia, she had a backup plan in case that happened. The Elements of Harmony. She gives them to Twilight and her friends, and they use them to defeat the Advisor, reducing the monster to a former shell. But what about the recently deceased Starlight Glimmer and Empress Eternia? Twilight was told of a cure: A Bath underneath the palace with the same waters as Seaquestria. Celestia places her mother and Starlight in the waters. At first, it didn't seem to work, but the waters took effect and brought Starlight and Eternia back to life. Celestia and Luna embraced their own mother, while Twilight and Tempest gave a big hug to Starlight. In the end, grateful for being given a second chance, Eternia has formed a treaty between the Timeless Empire and Equestria, creating a new alliance. Celestia was to retire from the name of Prime, but the other rulers insisted on keeping it, to serve as the Prime leader of the Equestrian Alliance. And to top it all off Two weddings: Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, and Capper and Celaneo. The title would be: My Little Pony: War of the Timeless Empire. And the voice for Empress Eternia? Gal Gadot.
  2. Hey everypony! I didn’t see that this was already made but I’m wondering if anyone in my area, Orlando, FL, specifically near Disney, will be going to opening day of the movie? Where, when, if you’re dressing up (bounding or cosplay) and if you want to meet up! I’d love to meet up with fellow bronies and pegasisters and I’m thinking about dressing as Rarity or Celestia. Feel free to post your area to see if people will be near you to meet up as well!
  3. You arrange meetings between several pairs of ponies that you think would make good lovers. Sparks go flying and some, if not all, of your ships become a reality. But sometime later, you begin seeing every major newspaper in Equestria sharing the same headline; that Celestia's criminalized all same-sex relationships. Interviewers have demanded an explanation, to which she replied that they're an "abomination". In one article, after a long series of derogatory quotes, Celestia makes it explicitly clear that any ponies engaging in such relationships will be arrested by the royal guard on sight. Any ponies that are seen protesting her for making this decision will also be arrested. And as if that wasn't enough, she's also offering reward money to straight ponies who provide information leading to their arrest. The ponies from your ships want your help. What would you do?
  4. Hello everypony, ​I have been planning on doing this for a while, but just didn't have the time and resources (I wanted to draw responses too. So with my camera I'll be able to draw quick doodles for some of your awesome questions. I'll try to draw as many as I can for you guys. I'll also use images from the internet if some drawings take too much time. (Once I finally get a graphics tablet, this will look much better :3) So feel free to ask your Princess any question (and feel free to ask my alter-egos too) So with that said and done... EDIT: If I missed your question due to answering a few at a time, If I don't look through and find it, don't be shy to let me know. Also my camera has been broken, so I haven't been using my own drawings for that reason alone. Pleas keep in mind this is a Ask thread, so keep the spammy random rp to a minimum please. I can't run 40 different rps in one thread, it gets too confusing. ALSO, this is not a place you can spam your randomness, there is a thread for that. So keep random spam and idle banter out please. This is an ASK thread. UPDATE: Just so you ponies know, I do allow Molestia to answer some of your questions. While that is for comedic effect, it may get sexual. If you at all feel uncomfortable with it, just remember it isn't serious, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Content may be NSFW but it wont ever steep into clopping material.
  5. We're not too far away from the movie's release and the only confirmed characters from the show are The Mane Six, Spike and Celestia. I thought they'd have announced more by now, and if not, that seems too little for my taste. What about Cadance, luna, Starlight, The CMC...there are so many important characters that are being left out. And if they are in, the fact that they are not being announced would seem to suggest they will not have a major role
  6. While at first glance it seemed like twilight being made a princess was pretty pointless except from a toy making point of view, Twilight actually HAS gotten a pretty distinct role in the country compared to celestia and luna over the past season: Diplomacy. Looking at what celestia has done over the past 1000 years, it looks like she's pretty much ignored every single non-pony civilization anywhere near equestria and has concentrated solely on dealing with the pony kingdoms; all well and good, but ever since Twilight took over as a princess, there's been a much larger outreach (by her) to other non-pony civilizations. Griffons, then dragons, changelings and yaks have all shown up following twilight becoming a princess and getting a castle. While twilight might not actually do a whole lot of Governing for the Equestrian kingdom itself, she has started to outreach to and build ties with OTHER kingdoms, something which absolutely none of the other princesses seemed to have been bothered with doing prior to twilight.
  7. As the title says, why is Twilight smaller than the other alicorns (Celestia, Luna)? Will she eventually be as big as Celestia?
  8. Anyone else think a Celestia and Luna spin off series would be good? It would take place before the mane six and around the time Equestria was first founded (Around the time Starswirl was alive). Having a series like this would give the writers more oppertunity to expand the lore, and we can have more character development/lore on the sisters. This being a 'new' series would also leave some room for slightly more mature themes, due to it not having a solidly established audience. [I wasn't really sure what category to put this in, so I hope it's in the right one]
  9. My reply and take on the Alicorn Discussion that The Brony Notion talked about not once, but 3 times. Comments are Welcomed
  10. Most royals presented in the show, if I'm missing anyone please let me know(I explain the lack of Shining Armor below). What I now look back on and find interesting is that this whole idea started due to a 2016 show adapted from a 1992 work, who's music (the 2016 one's) sparked the inspiration. This was done on...basically an A4 fax paper with HB pencils. Yeah.... List of characters and their parallel poser [1-2] Poisoned Lovers (Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream according to the wiki) [3-4] Celestia & Luna [5-6] Cadence & Flurry [7-8] The Saddle Arabia delegates (Haakim & Amira, or "Ruler and Princess" when translated) [9-10] Sombra & Chrysalis [11-12] Rutherford & Tirek [13-14] Duke & Duchess of Maretonia [15-16] Torch & Scorpan [17-19] 3 Founders of Equestria (Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane) [20-21] King Grover and King Groto [22-24] Ember, Twilight, & Thorax In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just take one picture of all three of them. [25] Blueblood At first I was going to do EVERY royal from EVERY media from the current gen because I really wanted Princess Amore and Princess Parabola to pose together. But then I found out there's a King Leo (so somehow I'd have to fit a massive pool of water in there), Princess Platinum's dad (King Bullion), I didn't know whether to include (the fictional) Queen Trottingham, I wondered if that one time Trixie was a queen in the comics would that count, apparently they designed Tirek's mom and dad who were royals too, and I'd still need to find space for the Storm wasn't happening. I had no clue Shining Armor was a prince until recently. When I made a list of royalties I was thinking of those who acted in government. Rule makers, citizen commanders, foreign relation stuff. Shining Armor....commands the royal guard...which is below top level royalties, which is why I didn't think he was a prince. I mean even now he mostly just raises Flurry, I don't see him in big politcal matters (appearances don't count.) And I'm not sure of Pinkie's "official" title was serious in the Yak episode, it was way to late to put her in anyhow. Ugh man originally I had like 11 paragraphs & pictures of thought process/work because these characters were set up from scratch, so planning their positions and pose took 10 fold the time to actually draw them. Like these characters used pose refrences, but this whole set up didn't essentially pardoy something else. I didn't finish it but I did want to include the pics though: This took way too much time, and I overthought this to a useless extent. Definitely NOT going to do numerous character drawings for a while, I've been craving one-two character close drawings again, ones where I can actually add detail and style.
  11. Okay, so I wanted to learn more about Celestia, Luna, and the history, so I started looking stuff up online. Still never found a whole lot, other than the Journal Of The Two Sisters official book (totally gonna get that). Plz reply with any theories or details you have... I need to know
  12. Hey so I forgot to post here! I have a song I wrote for celestia day on EQD last week called ultraviolet. I think it is my best produced pure EDM to date. Check it out! and ponyfm link:
  13. So, I'll start by saying sorry if this has already been mentioned elsewhere. I was just really wondering, and I'm not very hip to the headcanon fans have! I also haven't read any comics or anything. Further into the series, its known that dragons are intelligent creatures, and while potentially greedy and destructive, they are also are capable of speech (even the dragon that was napping and smoking up Ponyville uttered a few words once Fluttershy gave him a talking to). This leads me to wonder not only where Spike came from (was he stolen? A rescue/orphan egg?) but whether the isolation of him from dragon kind during his earlier years deliberate (to control his greedy dragon instincts, perhaps)? We've seen Spike interact with dragons before, and he isn't able to fit in well with the rest of his kind, assumedly due to his pony upbringing. Does anyone make anything of this? I just pictured a couple of dragon parents wondering where the heck one of their eggs went to, and got curious as to potential backstories, lol.
  14. Daylover returns, to help me review Daybreaker and many other long-in-the-works twists in this week's MLP episode.
  15. [Pre-Disclaimer: Wow, I did not expect that to turn into such a textwall. But hey, I am a rambler. Also, repost into my blog {is this my blog? I've never used it so far} from the Royal Problem thread] Disclaimer: if I've ever written an episode review before, it was long enough ago that I don't remember. So, bear with me] I suppose the most surprising thing is how perfectly everyone is cast for their role. I'll get to that in a minute, though. Eh, make that ten. Right now, I need to spend about five of them squealing in glee that not only, after six and a half seasons, we finally have an episode focused around the royal sisters. It's a good thing that I'm mature enough that it doesn't bother me that, despite several episodes focused around Luna specifically, Celestia had to share her with Twilight or her sister. There's no problem at all. Just kidding. Well, just... kidding about not kidding? Which was actually kidding? Let's just drop this would-be plot point, it's getting too recursive. Besides, we have enough to cram into twenty-two minutes as it is and we have no screen time to spare. Because, although the issue between the two princesses is the Big Thing driving the episode, there's three different plots going on throughout the whole thing. At least, anyway. The first is, as mentioned, the problem between Celestia and Luna. On the other hand, there's also the issue of Twilight constantly hovering over Starlight and finally, Starlight's doubts about the whole cutie-mark-switcharoo... yeah, let's call it a decision. Snap decisions are decisions nevertheless. Which kinda makes me wonder, was this episode written, more or less, for a while now but the writing staff had to wait until they had the right cast together? Yep, going back to the first sentence - that didn't take long, after all. See, after I came out of my initial Celestifanboy trance, I realized, not only did the episode pull off all three threads together without taking anyone out of character, but actually used some of their defining traits to tie all three subthreads together. Twilight was there as a facilitator to the crisis - not only would her well-established mentor worship make it impossible for her to step out of line and force a decision on the princesses, but the cognitive dissonance she experiences just considering the possibility that Celestia might be anything short of flawless just fuels the panic of Starlight being responsible for fixing it - something that pushes Starlight even more into second-guessing herself since Twilight makes it painfully obvious that she still has some pretty huge trust issues, even if she does make an effort to put them aside. Starlight, on the other hand, manages to build on her character development and tries the direct approach with the Princesses to get them talking to each other - which is likewise still on par with her personality so far, as she's shown time and time again that, when there's a task to complete, her first solution tends to be a straight line from point A to point B and if that fails, brute-force the obstacles and - maybe - ask for forgiveness later, but it's also backfired enough times that she was aware - if not really in a state to think - how much of a gamble it was. But doing so took a strongly iconoclastic personality, which none of the other characters in the entire show, save possibly Discord, have. And finally, there's the princesses. To be perfectly honest, I actually found the writers constantly reminding us how Luna tends to feel underappreciated for her work a little tiring and making her a fewer-dimensional character, but to be fair, all we've seen of her was either a} working in the dream realm or b} dealing with her personal crises, so some slack can easily be given there. As for Celestia, well, it was nice to see some development to her beyond being the wise and kind ruler and slash or mentor, so seeing her at her, shall we say, less regal went miles towards further humanizing what was, up to this point, really mostly an archetype. Once all the pieces are laid out and the plot gets underway, everything does tend to go more or less as you'd expect - despite each princess' expectation of how easy their day is going to be, turns out it's actually pretty exhausting. But the unexpected thing is that the writers show us more than that - that Celestia's job is actually physically exhausting to the point that she can probably hammer nails with her cheek muscles, and when things don't go as planned, she rarely has a chance for a do-over - just move on to the next thing on the to-do list. Luna, on the other hand, gets no company, no support network and rather than having a list of tasks to check off, she has to deal with each unique dream crisis on the fly and using only her own personal strength. And boy, when we do get to the dreams, we're really in for a wild ride. The dreambubbles alone are going to fuel fanon like crazy - is that dream Cadence's or Flurry's? Why is the Doctor lurking around the maze? Are those Applejack's parents? Will ever Princess Derpy?! Ayhem. Let's get back to Starlight. I've mentioned before that, from where I'm standing, the relationship between Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer seemed less like one between two friends and more like a recovering addict and their rehabilitation officer, and rightfully so. For her entire life, Starlight had been using magic as a shortcut and, if you look closely, when her first attempt to get the princesses talking to each other fails, the impetus for her brute forcing yet another problem doesn't seem to be desperation as much as frustration and moments later she becomes aware of the gravity of her actions. Hilariously enough, even through all of the terror, she manages to keep her direct honesty. And while she definitely had more avenues to force Celestia and Luna to talk to each other, whether calling on the fact that the Map sent her to them, or even cashing in on the fact that she saved them from Chrysalis, talking is not her strong point. All her life, she'd specialized in leadership and magic, and when pushed into a situation where she can't command attention, let alone authority, she reflexively reached for the hammer. So, after her Twilight helpfully pushes her along the road to a full blown neurosis, seeing her nightmare is kind of a given. And since Luna barely made it through Celestia's day, it's natural that Celestia would be hilariously unprepared for a night in Luna's shoes. And once the nightmare starts rolling, there's not much to do than sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is - nevermind just the appearance of Daybreaker, hearing Nicole Oliver cut loose and ham it up to eleven was a cherry on a cake. But another surprising thing is that, instead of taking two of the most common tropes for stopping the dream entities - reaching out to Starlight or working together with Luna, it reminded us that there will be problems that we need to solve without relying on anyone else, and that encouragement from someone we trust and respect can help us find the strength we need to achieve what seems like an unreachable goal. So, in the end, I think we've had a total of three, make that four morals. First, that when dealing with hard work yourself, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that someone else has it much easier than you, and it often helps to talk to them about it - not only to keep it from bottling up, but to get their perspective as well. Then, there's the reminder that no tool is inherently good or bad by itself, but rather, how it's used. Starlight using magic to switch their cutie marks was a right call - not the right call, as there may have been others - but after several harsh lessons where trying to magic others into doing what you say, it's easy to see how she'd start associating it with Something She Should Never Do, and it's a good thing to be reminded that, when all you have is a hammer, sometimes a problem really is a nail. Third, that it's a good thing to be able to self-reliant - sometimes you don't have friends or family to help you, and there's nothing left but give up or step up to the challenge. And finally... no matter how interested you are, no matter how much of an emotional stake you have in a situation, if someone {or something, in this case} wiser and better informed puts a person in charge of solving it, it's often a good idea to step off, especially when they make it clear you're not helping. But I don't think Twilight got that one just yet.
  16. The First Era: Twilight moving to Ponyville and ascending to princesshood (seasons 1-4); the pre-movie era! The Second Era: Starlight getting reformed and getting taught under Twilight's wing - whatever her destiny is remains to be seen at the end of the season (seasons 5-7); also the breather era since the movie is pretty much continuing where the Mane Six left off back in season 4. When season 8 releases, it's going to start the Third Era - the post-movie era! With the movie outta the way, the main cast can have a huge amount of development in their lives without consequence! The question is: what's this era going to do with their lives? What's next on Twilight's list now that she became a princess, and taught everything she knew to Starlight? Are we gonna continue where season 4 left off in? Are we gonna continue following Starlight around? Or is this gonna be completely new? If you ask me, I think this era is gonna start Twilight taking Celestia's place! After all, Celestia has been running the kingdom for over a thousand years, and most of the time without Luna, and you think she might want to retire? Could Twilight start to slowly take her mentor's place, and maybe seasons 8-10 might do just that, and that will conclude the series? That's what I believe! It's in Lauren's vision to be Celestia's successor, and when she wants something, DHX does all in their power to make it so! Fluttershy Leans In made that quite clear when Flutters was in the same scenario!
  17. theory: i think that sun set shimmer is gonna become the next celestia and starlight is gonna be the next luna. flurry heart will take over as the crystal princess (love) and twilight will remain the magic princess until more info is found in upcoming new epissodes. what you think!! anyone agree
  18. With this concludes the countdown till season 7. Are you guys ready for tomorrow's new episode? I'm certainly impatient and excited! Remember that you can watch the episode on TV, or in a livestream. For example, BronyDE on youtube is going to stream it as it goes. Here's the link: Remember to be there early! I'll be on BabsCON this year, so hopefully i'll upload a drawing or two after the episode. Oh, the memes are glorious. The princesses are getting ready. Remember to rest till then Twitter! deviantArt!
  19. It's been a month since I've started doing a daily drawing. And Oh Boy, it's been a blast. I didn't liked it at first, but little by little I think I became better... Maybe. It all started with this "thing" which I didn't take too seriously, but it was my first pony in a while. Close to 5 years without even touching a pen to draw. It hurted. Then I did this. I like this style better. It reminds me about those old joke magazines like MAD. I tried to replicate the last drawing's style, but didn't work. Her face is derpy without the cute. I actually like this Octavia, but i have to admit, the lightning doesn't make sense. It's a problem I'm struggle with even today, but sooner or later I'll overcome such flaws. Aaand, here I began to make those horrible intrusive text highlights. They take a lot of space and later when it's not 22 days anymore, it became useless. With this one I took a little risk. I like the colors, but they're oversaturated. Here's when I tried to do a background that wasn't just clouds or two colors. I didn't detailed that much, but I liked it when I did it. Today, not so much, but I kinda have respect to it.Was the first time that I tried to do a good shading... "good" xD well, it's not that bad. With this one, I tried an old, OLD comic book style which I didn't know how to do. It turned out decent, but it's nothing compared with other styles. I kinda like it even today though. This Luna brings me issues. I liked the concept, but the final results are... Special. The perspective is so messy, oh goodness. This I don't like. Not at all. Moving on! This was the first one that I really liked how it turned out. I like the highlights, the background is okay, and the lineart is charming. It was the best I did since the beginning imo. Besides, Dashie with Tank is an idea that I'd love to do more often. This was the time that I've started to do certain things, like the mane style, the shadows and highlights, and more "dynamic" poses. They're still stiffy, but here I noticed that I was improving after a long time. ... And I watch this one, and I laugh. Oh god, look at the expression, the proportions, the background! I thought it was ok, but now I realize that it wasn't that good as I expected xD It's not terrible, and it's better than the others, but still, it's not as good as the next ones, thankfully. That's a good sign. I like to mess with the ways of doing the magic effect. This one is... weird. The style is weird, the expressions are weird, and even the shading is. I kinda, sorta, maybe like it, but I feel ashamed every time I look at it well, it was more than 2 weeks ago. I think I've improved. Maybe. Now, this is one of my personal favourites. This is when I really liked how it was turning out, and I can't find any major flaws besides Luna's face. But even still, I think it's funny and doesn't ruin the whole image. Here's when my shading started to look good. I mess up sometimes, but I've learned my lesson since the Crusaders one. Oh geez... Welp, this was the image when all my mane styles started to be like silk... Not really, but I love Celestia's. And this one... I messed up with the shading in a couple of ponys, specially in Rarity, but I LOVE the feeling I receive from it. It reminds me about those promotional posters from movie theaters. And I love how Sunset, Pinkie, Starlight and Twilight look. With this one I tried to do a "good" background, but... Well, it's not that bad, but the pony proportions are messy, and the color is oversaturated again. I try to improve that even today. Keep it light and smooth, Eifie. Don't over do it. This one was simple. Notice the sense of movement and the way the ponys point to the next part of the text like they're dancing. They point to each other in a way, and I think it's fun. I really like to do Pinkie's mane, it's so messy and weird Even when I like the Fluttercord idea, I don't really like this one that much. The background is weird, and I could do the characters better. even though, I like the feeling it emanates. what I enjoy the most are Discord's wings. This one was fun to do. I love the Crusaders, and I enjoy doing them whenever I can. Even if the "18 days" image was just... Ugh. It's my least favourite. But this one redeemes that, right? (Redeemes? That's how you spell it? English is not my mother language, so don't mind me D: ). Oh my. The Apple-Pie family is tricky, but certainly fun. My thing is doing portrait drawings, and the style is weird but charming to me, haha! (Marble's mane is my favourite. Maud's expression is priceless.). And this one right there is special. Why? It was the first one that I send to Equestria Daily. And it was published. I won't lie to you, I was happy the rest of the day after I noticed that. Then Sethisto started to notice my drawings, and ever since many more of them were published on the page. I'm truly glad of that. I'm willing to do so much more because I have a little more feedback. The brony community is the best. Oh, and another one following the trend of the "13 days" one. Notice how now they're more balanced. Now is Twilight who has her eyes open, and the rest has them closed. She really is the princess of friendship, and I'd love to do more tributes about this fact. Kinda reminds me about the PPG. I think this one is my favourite. The shading is the best 've done in my opinion, and the message is fun. Celestia is used to be captured, so we don't have to worry. Some magical thing will save the day at the end of the afternoon. Should i say i really like the manes? This has a special place in my heart. Ember looks good, and the lightning is divine. (Sounds bad when it's my own drawing. I'm sorry! ) This one is a close second because the colors. This one is charming, and it's okay, but not of my favourites. I think I messed un a bit with the background, and the proportions are a little bit off. And Oh MY, what happenned to Sunburst's beard? That's not right! Besides Starlight's magic is light blue. Whoops. (Oh, you noticed the tea cup? Trixie approves. And the prediction came true, Spike and her shared a moment in the season premiere!). This was fun to do, but MY GOODNESS it take a lot of time, and it isn't even that great. The shading could be better, but that happens when you're on a schedule and try to do so many characters. Don't do that, people! Outside that, it's fun to watch and the illustration looks okay. This was the last one. Was the day before the season premiere, and I couldn't be happier. Notice how I get rid of the intrusive text since the "7 days left" one. I'm so glad about it. The countdown remains in the title, not in the image. And here's some others before and after the episode. The "meme" ones are too fun. I'll do some more this week. The title of this one is "Hiatus was just a nightmare, everypony!". It was published before the episodes aired. Those ones, you know. I hope you like watching them as I love doing them! Twitter! Follow me on dA for more!
  20. I have always respected Queen Chrysalis as a character, and as an antagonist. She's clever, manipulative, and before the season 6 finale, she had a complete army behind her. Just like Cadence, she was design to be a perfect ruler, to depend on love. She's Cadence's perfect shadow, obscure and terrifying. But the thing that calls my attention, is that she's in fact a mother. She has lost her reign, her subjects and her childrens. She's alone, and all she has known is now a reflection of treason. That's why it hurts me a little when she loses it all. At the same time, I can only wonder if she's capable of raise a whole new swarm by her own, or if she needs some, *cough*, partner. Equestrian biology is something I would take in college for sure. And this is not a surprise, we'll have a Chrysalis episode in season 7. It would surely surprise me if they forget about her for a whole season, haha. Please don't, Hasbro. We need either a revenge or a redemption episode. Twitter! deviantArt!
  21. Continuing a daily blogs series covering some lighthearted moments in MLPF history, this one will mostly center on one specific member here that some will recall, and others should find the time to appreciate. @Kel_Grym. Also known as Minister Kel Grym of the Church of Celestia. Summer 2014 During the MLPF World Cup pony picture posting poll (yes I forced alliteration on you all ... and I don't feel the least bit bad), I kept seeing a user who joined just a few weeks before me occasionally popping in with a hilarious comment or two. I liked this guy almost immediately. Who was Kel? Imagine Robin Williams crossed with Gary Busey and a dash of internet troll DNA spliced in. He was, simply put, fucking hilarious. He was also clever. He could poke fun of the fandom at the same time poking fun of himself. He was also a capable debater and had a gift with satire and absurdity. There are many members that have slipped away, and Kel's humor is some I miss the most. I can tell you that he probably made the staff go prematurely grey because some of his content was definitely pushing the edge of shitposting and what have you, but from the perspective of the casual member here ... he could always made a rough day better with his insanity. The Church of Celestia After seeing a topic on 4chan about waifu weddings, among other things, Kel was inspired to create an thread in the Forum Lounge with a title that is perhaps the only boring thing about it: Minister KelGrym's Religious Services. Even though I will highlight the best quotes in here, I think everyone should just pop in and read the content for its creative frivolity. I say that in full knowledge that Key would have had Celestia banish be for implying anything about her was frivolous. His 'origin' story was freaking hilarious. It boils down to him being saved by Celestia after being attacked by a Gary Busey tumored hell hound. No I did not make that up. Post is here and spoilered below My reaction to reading that was jumping between "What the hell did I just read?" and this: That was a typical reaction to a Kel post. Rules of Celestia The rules and commandments were simple. Guidelines for Membership: Place your right hand over your heart and with your left hand, ball it into a fist, extend your index finger and hold index finger over your head as if it were a unicorn horn. Repeat the Celestian Oath. Uphold the Celestian Commandments. Help your Celestian brothers and sisters and the brony community in general. Love and Tolerate the infedels non-believers. The Celestial Commandments Thou shalt have no other Goddess before the Trinity. (Celestia, Luna, Twilight) Thou may have Luna and Twlight to worship, but thou shalt worship mostly Celestia. Cadence shall not be worshipped at all. Screw Cadence. Thou shalt be Honest Thou shalt be Loyal to thy brethren and friends. (but not above thy loyalty to Celestia) Thou shalt be Kind Thou shalt be Generous Thou shalt be Optimistic in Life, for Celestia is coming quickly and shall end all woe. Thou shalt freely enjoy the Magic of Friendship, and share that joy in the name of Celestia. Thou shalt never waste a slice of cake. The inside joke with Cadance pays off later when he marries Cadance to a member. Which brings me to the best thing about this whole thread. Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Weddings How this worked, if I remember correctly, is that you would request that Kel marry you to your pony waifu, volunteering yourself to basically be part of the hilarity. He would schedule a time and create a Skype chat group with friends and witnesses. Someone would play the part of cannon characters (including the bride :P), and he would - in hilarious fashion - conduct the wedding. There are still members who post here that received his services. @Flutter Baby <3 and @C.B married Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie respectively. I personally loved the Pinkemena and Cadance weddings. And in the midst of all this, Scootaloo beat Celestia in a crazy come from behind win in the MLPF World Cup. This was the response. Now, its worth mentioning that while Kel was hilarious at the time, he has gone through over a year of personal hell that he mentioned in his blog. He admits that all this was funny, but he no longer endorses it. That said, it was part of why I found MLPF an entertaining and unpredictable place to engage, and Kel's topic remains a huge part of why I look back on that time with fond memories. We once talked about launching a fake Religious Civil War between the Church of Celestia and the Congregation of Fabulosity, but my becoming staff made that problematic so it was canned. Anyway, it was a fun few moments on here of crazy, and I for one appreciated it. Where ever you are Kel, good luck to you man. Maybe we will see you grace us again.
  22. I was wondering, does it seem, that Celestia, rotates their planet towards, then sun, opposed to her actually moving the sun? It would make more physical sense. The sun will rise regardless, but because ponys are used to Celestia raising it early they will see the sun as rising late.
  23. It is shown that Princess Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon, but they really only shown it where they raise it once, when day/night start. However, the sun is shown to move throughout the day, and I assume the same for the moon, which only makes sense. Do they move it throughout the day/night, or does it move on its own? Pretty much do they only move it once, or continually throughout their time of day?
  24. I've realized that this is not the place to post such large texts about my considerations on certain topics, like yesterday with Zecora, which I had to shorten because I didn't thought anybody would read it. If you like, you can read my impressions about certain writers leaving season 7 and part of the opinion about characters like Starlight or Change itself as a concept. There goes: It's not much, but I'd like to read what'cha think about the topic. Twitter! deviantArt! Enjoy best princess, Princess Big Mac. Behold!