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Found 579 results

  1. Ever since post s2 she pretty much been a background character hell every princess has an ep. accept her, I know twilight doesnt need her as much and moving on but can't they find something to do with her make her more relevant. Give her a ep. or two, more lines, heck background character have probable gotten more lines then she has gotten post s2.
  2. So, here's a question. I know alot of people WANT a celestia episode, but what would you want such an episode to be about if it occured? what would you want the moral to be, what would you want Celestia to do, and what lessons would you want to be taught/learned?
  3. i just watched eq friendship games last night and loved it, but ive been thinking about somethinghat doesn't quite make sense. how are there alternate reality versions of the ponies at canterlot high, especially luna and celestia? it doesn't make sense considering luna and celestia are thousands of years old and twilights age is debatable. my first thought was that maybe it was like Narnia, that a day hear is like a few hundred years there, but that couldn't work either seeing as twilight would be a adult when she appered in the second eq movie, and even older in the third! its driving me INSANE!!! PLZ POST THOUGHTS!
  4. And which castle would that be, you ask? Why the castle of the two sisters of course - let us observe: on the top row we see the castle as designed in the journal of the two sisters - so we can see this as pretty legit for a concept drawing. To the right we see lunas variant of it in the future where she wins and banishes celestia to the moon - still pretty consistent - except of course for the alterations so there are no suns on it THEEEN we come to the ruins, and it's just like they decided to randomly change it whenever they pleased, even sometimes in the same episode! Why do the ruins change so much? Even the front entrance has 3 or 4 different looks to it - and that.. part on the left side of the ruins wasn't IN ANY of the original designs of the castle.. Why? Why did they not build it as a proper ruin, and why did they keep changing it? What are your thoughts on this? And do you think they will ever actually restore the castle in the main timeline? I mean celestias castle is still pretty much, celestias castle, which luna can "visit" - I think luna needs to make it her own castle, like it is in the nightmare moon future also come on mlp designers - draw the damn thing consistently lol.. or at least explain the changes, like maybe they have already started to rebuild it or something.. might explain the view with spike in it..
  5. so In the journal of the two sisters it is stated that starswirl can travel through time, sometimes appearing younger when he returns.. is it possible that starswirl never died - he just traveled through time and never came back? Or perhaps when he returns from his last time travel it will be 1000 years later by accident? If so this would provide a great opportunity to return sometime in the series.. your thoughts?
  6. This has bugged me, we have had 5 seasons and yet NO Celestia or Cadence episodes! I'd like more Luna episodes but she has had her own, Celestia and Cadence have only ever been plot devices to start episodes or keep a character in check. People actually have made a meme about Celestia being a troll because of all the task that she has givin Twilight but I really don't like that. We need an episode were we can see both of these characters true colors shine. I'd love to see more joking bickering going on between Celestia and Luna, heck, why not have an episode where the two fight and our mane six try to fix the fight, that can give us our first episode where Celstia was actually one of the main characters. I don't really count "Threes a Crowd" as a Cadence episode because Discord was the main focus and Cadence was really just a supporting character or side character. What do you think a good Celestia episode would be about ad do you think we'll ever get one?
  7. Does anypony have an explanation for the way time works in Equestria? There is the annual ceremony known as the "Summer Sun Celebration", where Celestia raises the sun, so with this in mind, we can conclude that if the have seasons, they must have years as well. In the first Equestria Girls movie, Sunset Shimmer said that the portal opened every 30 "moons". Knowing that they have regular daytime and nighttime cycles, should we assume that one of these "moons" that Sunset was referring to is the equivalent to one year? It seems plausible at first, but that would make Sunset at least 30 years old, or 30 moons, so she wouldn't be in Canterlot High. However, we do see Fleur Dis Lee attending CHS, so maybe her human counterpart is also a lot younger than her pony self, but the Mane 6's counterparts are all respectively the same age. Maybe Fleur Dis Lee is just in an odd relationship with Fancy Pants. Perhaps I am viewing this wrong, and one "moon" just symbolizes one full lunar cycle, but if that was the case, Sunset wouldn't have needed to wait so long to steal Twilight's crown, unless of course, she was just waiting for the right time to strike. Here on Earth, the moon is always the moon, no matter what angle it reflects light from, but maybe in Equestria, only a full moon is considered a moon. There are other examples of moons being mentioned as a unit of time, and maybe a moon is a year, and they just have really short seasons. I'm obviously having trouble putting the pieces of this puzzle together, and any theories and/or suggestions would be dearly appreciated. All thoughts and opinions are welcome and are to be respected, so please don't hold back any thoughts that you feel may be valid. You sharing your ideas is the only way we will figure out this broad question! Thank you everypony for your help!
  8. Just wondering, how is cadence related. its says shes celestia's neice, does that mean she's luna's daughter, or is there more royal family out there. if it is luna's daughter then she must be over 1000 years old and shouldn't be married to shining armour
  9. Prologue Years after FIM occurs, unrest begins, Celestia becomes increasingly alkziemerous and Luna vanishes. Cadence is too busy in the Chrystal Empire to help Twilight. Starving, war ridden, and plagued by numerous diseases, the people of Equestria cry out for the Mane six to do something. Thus the revolution began. We are now three thousand years into the war; this is the story of the final battle and the events that followed. Twilight and the mane six (all made alicorns long ago) prepare to launch a final siege against the remnant of Celestia loyalist who refuses to accept the elderly princess's disease. Canterlot castle sits a few miles into the distance, all sorts of unholy creatures protecting it (each for their own equally unholy reasons).In addition a few dozen ponies were guarding it, still foolishly believing in Celestisa's sanity. Twilight begins to speak. :"this is it my friends, the final battle. Either we win, we lose or all of pony kind is destroyed." indeed there were only about 500 ponies left in all the world, even outside Equestria. "Celestia must be taken out and a new government established" Cheers erupted, tired cheers, the cheers of a people with no hope. So the 150 ponies that were strong enough to battle charged canterlot castle and layed siege to it. Twilight was at the front of the action fighting Tirek, who had been recently freed by the forces of Celestia. She swung her sword up and cats a spell, but Tirek was quick and dodged both. He counters with a slash at her neck, barely missing. Twilight retaliated with a quick stab at his stomach and manages to impale the demon, ending him forever. Wiping blood off her sword Twilight Marched on Meanwhile, Fluttershy was in her own battle with a mighty Dragon. She used her power stare to cause it to yield and she slashed its wings off. Grounded, the dragon furiously belched fire that took out many ponies on both sides. Down to 450 ponies left in the world, the ponies were hoping to make this battle as bloodless as possible. Finally fluttershy got the upperhand when the dragon tripped over its own severed wings and she split its skull open with a large thud. Fluttershy began crying at the site of the dead dragon; Spike had been such a good friend before he grew up. The castle gate fell with a giant thud as Rainbow Dash rammed it down with her bare horn. "Good job knocking the gate down, but honestly rainbow, don't knock yourself out!" Advised Rarity "Yeah Yeah, I know" Muttered Rainbow Dash, obviously dizzy from the impact. They quickly took the inside of the castle as there wasn't much left of Celestia's troops, a fact that unnerved the ponies who realized what this meant population wise. 400 ponies left in all the world, many beyond the age of reproduction, many under, and many of the rest critically injured or suffering from PTSD. They found Celestia in the throne room, a changeling whispering terrible advice into the alkzeimerous princess's ear. Celestia looked up at her former pupils (for only the mane 6 entered" and began yelling nonsense. "Ah, the bakers have arrived! Bring me my Cake" the changeling whispered into her ear again. "Oh, traitors!" then leaped at the mane 6, shooting feeble blasts of magic. Celestia died quickly and painlessly at Apple Jack's horn. But the Changeling was tortured slowly over the next few years until it died from despair as the mane 6's soldiers questioned it. The day after the successful attack, what few ponies remained threw a funeral in honor of Celestia's memory. There were many tears, and fluttershy was found later the same day hanging from her neck in the castle garden. An investigation concluded it was suicide, which was common for several days after the attack. Many had had to slay their own family, and no one blamed those too weak to live on. All in all there were 300 ponies left when the last of the after-shock battles and suicides ended. Less than 50 left who could reproduce. One week later a summit was held to establish a new government. It was anonymously agreed that Twilight and the main 5 would be the new leaders. Immortality was taken away from the Alicorns, however, in order to assure that something like this would never happen again. Every 1000 years new members would be democratically elected, then the magic keeping the current leaders would wear off, and they would die. In honor of Twilight's old role as princess of friendship, the new government was named the Holy Council of Friendship and the laws of the land were based around the lessons the mane 6 (now mane 5) had learned during the events of FIM. Thus peace and prosperity was returned to Equestria.,,, for now. The end please tell me what you think.
  10. As much as everyone appears to hate this eventuality, it appears to be the only one that makes sense in twilights new "castle of friendship" where everyone has a seat - if everyone is immortal then you have a far less chance of traumatizing children when those "mane 5" eventually grow old and die. That and luna and celestia can go elsewhere or go have a party on the moon or something.
  11. ok so this has bugged me for some time now (sorry for the slew of topics I just had one of those bursts of questions) If we are to look at the kingdoms out there, a LOT of what we see in the interiors of these castles does not seem to match the outside. for one the interiors have too many windows. In the center of twilights castle there are windows all around but looking on the outside there does not seem to be a place that reflects that. In celestias castle there are many many halls with barrel vault ceilings and columns upon columns of either windows or stained glass - also not reflected on the outside of the castle. Cadences castle is harder to tell as it's so square.. this one might actually be ok. The castle of the 2 sisters - the original castle doesn't even match the second one they show, and it's got some inconsistencies with the one shown in the journal of the 2 sisters as well. ----- as an architect graduate this drives me nuts. If one were to do a 3d rendering of these castles how would they map out the rooms? I'd love to see a layout that shows me "oh ok they are in THIS part of the castle now" instead of just having random rooms and you never know what part of the castle they are in. What do you guys think? Are there architectural plans for these castles or is everything just drawn up when say, a new convenient room is needed?
  12. young discord baby sitting the two sisters, telling them a little bed time story~
  13. Herp derp. This is why I should never be allowed near the internet XD I make cute things... or really grisly things. One or the other. Good thing I'm in a great mood. Enjoy your Foal!Celestia. EDIT: Lemme clear a few things up hurr XD My style demands that I give everything realistic proportions, which is extremly hard to defy sometimes, so that's why she's a bit strange looking. But this is my style! I'm not trying to use the actual show style, I'm using mine! Her mane is kind of a pain to color, so most times, I just use this base pinkish color. A lot of other artists use this too, because we're lazy XD I'm not asking for a critique on this pic at all, this was just something I doodled in my spare time.
  14. Before anyone whines that Twilight isn't here, she's in the Mane Six Edition: Anyway, yes, more MLP Ice Creams!! Such a fun little project. This time it's the three senior princesses; Princess (Best Pony) Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence. Let me know how you like it!! Next time I think I'll draw the villains' ice creams.
  15. Honeslty i think Celestia . We seen she can rule alone for 1 thousand years . And as far as we know they were peaceful if Celestia isn't the best fit to be rule. Really who is? Twilight wouldn't be soo bad but i wouldn't trust her completely yet... Would they really let Luna rule alone after what she tried to do? I get she was nightmare moon when that happen but without Celestia who knows what she would do. I wouldn't trust her. Cadence i guess could rule but she might not be capable of lowering the sun and moon but that could also be for twilight but who knows . We haven't Yet to see that the others could. (not including when Twilight had Celestia and Luna magic.
  16. I'd like to share a piece I'm working on right now, it should be done tomorrow along with a commission I had gotten.
  17. So princess luna keeps the darkness at bay and protects the dreams of ponies, mainly children, while also raising and lowering the moon, and does diplomatic princessy type things Princess celestia raises and lowers the sun and does princessy type things. What ELSE does princess celestia do? Does she have special powers like luna does with the darkness? Or is she just an unusually tall pony that likes bananas and sends people to the moon..
  18. Why is Celestia always depicted (in fan made content) with banana's, and Luna (best pony ever) with a juicebox? I know it's a fan made thing, but how did that start? It's bugging my subconscious. EDIT: Oh, and if you're thinking of making a "that's what she said" joke or whatever, grow up.
  19. and are her mane 5 friends destined to age and die and leave her with only cadence, luna, and celestia? furthermore, will that mean that shining armor is also doomed to the same fate? Are we led to believe that only alicorns live forever, and everyone else has a regular age shelf life - as evidenced by granny smith apple?
  20. I am sure this has been discussed to death.. but if we look at when she was banished and when she returned, it was as if time literally STOPPED for her for the past 1000 years - like she was simply paused and when she returned she went right back to doing exactly what she did the moment she was banished. Celestia seemed to sense the one thing she would try to do is eliminate her and so she appeared to hide. Does this mean that nightmare moon assumes celestia is gone and seeks to rule in her stead? Or without the elements of harmony was luna able to detain her and then go after what was rightfully hers? The story doesn't really fully explain this.. what are your thoughts?
  21. This just occurred to me - in the episode where the sun and the moon are both in the sky - the moon clearly was casting night, blocking the sun from that side, when in our world, the brightness of the sun would simply have covered up the darkness around the moon. WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEAN. And I know the answer is probably just "it's a children's show, it doesn't have to make sense" - but I like to have interesting discussions
  22. I'm back >:3 third time now, ya? Time for our dear princess, Celestia, to shine here~ I actually wanted to try the long nose that most of the princesses have, so yeh, I think i've done a hipster Celestia :v But anyways, I hope you guys like it :comeatus:
  23. So, with scaremaster shown, we know that the nightmare star image wasn't just a costume for halloween. That ticks off one more way for them to logically fit in Nightmare star into this season, with it looking like the finale is the only logical place left for her to show up. Do you think Nightmare star is actually going to occur in the show, or do you think the Trading card game is now making cards that aren't canon and just based on stuff fans talk about? And if you think nightmare star is still going to happen, do you think it'll be in the finale then? How big do you think nightmare star will be as an event when it occurs? (S4 finale big in changing status quo and changing things even, or back to normal at the end)
  24. Would you hug Celestia with fear or without fear? She requests a hug.... she likes being hugged by humans. (this version of her anyway) Would be too fearful to give her a hug. Since she's one of the leading ponies of Equestria? And the fandom make her often very overpowered... she could kill you in a blink of an eye if she wanted to if she was as powerful as in some fan fictions. Or would you have no fear at all hugging her?
  25. Hey guys! Made another image, laid a foundation with watercolors and went over it in photoshop. I wanted to capture the godlike aspects of Princess Celestia, and also I love drawing wings!