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Found 585 results

  1. I'd like to share a piece I'm working on right now, it should be done tomorrow along with a commission I had gotten.
  2. Before anyone whines that Twilight isn't here, she's in the Mane Six Edition: Anyway, yes, more MLP Ice Creams!! Such a fun little project. This time it's the three senior princesses; Princess (Best Pony) Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence. Let me know how you like it!! Next time I think I'll draw the villains' ice creams.
  3. So princess luna keeps the darkness at bay and protects the dreams of ponies, mainly children, while also raising and lowering the moon, and does diplomatic princessy type things Princess celestia raises and lowers the sun and does princessy type things. What ELSE does princess celestia do? Does she have special powers like luna does with the darkness? Or is she just an unusually tall pony that likes bananas and sends people to the moon..
  4. I am sure this has been discussed to death.. but if we look at when she was banished and when she returned, it was as if time literally STOPPED for her for the past 1000 years - like she was simply paused and when she returned she went right back to doing exactly what she did the moment she was banished. Celestia seemed to sense the one thing she would try to do is eliminate her and so she appeared to hide. Does this mean that nightmare moon assumes celestia is gone and seeks to rule in her stead? Or without the elements of harmony was luna able to detain her and then go after what was rightfully hers? The story doesn't really fully explain this.. what are your thoughts?
  5. This just occurred to me - in the episode where the sun and the moon are both in the sky - the moon clearly was casting night, blocking the sun from that side, when in our world, the brightness of the sun would simply have covered up the darkness around the moon. WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEAN. And I know the answer is probably just "it's a children's show, it doesn't have to make sense" - but I like to have interesting discussions
  6. and are her mane 5 friends destined to age and die and leave her with only cadence, luna, and celestia? furthermore, will that mean that shining armor is also doomed to the same fate? Are we led to believe that only alicorns live forever, and everyone else has a regular age shelf life - as evidenced by granny smith apple?
  7. I'm back >:3 third time now, ya? Time for our dear princess, Celestia, to shine here~ I actually wanted to try the long nose that most of the princesses have, so yeh, I think i've done a hipster Celestia :v But anyways, I hope you guys like it :comeatus:
  8. Hey guys! Made another image, laid a foundation with watercolors and went over it in photoshop. I wanted to capture the godlike aspects of Princess Celestia, and also I love drawing wings!
  9. So, with scaremaster shown, we know that the nightmare star image wasn't just a costume for halloween. That ticks off one more way for them to logically fit in Nightmare star into this season, with it looking like the finale is the only logical place left for her to show up. Do you think Nightmare star is actually going to occur in the show, or do you think the Trading card game is now making cards that aren't canon and just based on stuff fans talk about? And if you think nightmare star is still going to happen, do you think it'll be in the finale then? How big do you think nightmare star will be as an event when it occurs? (S4 finale big in changing status quo and changing things even, or back to normal at the end)
  10. In different episodes of Friendship is Magic we have seen plenty of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to understand that they are both equal when it comes to how powerful they are, they both have a lot of magical powers, they both are ancient alicorns and they can both move celestial bodies at will. However, most fans of the show would say that, of the two, they like Pirncess Luna more than Princess Celestia. Let's analyze why with this three points: 1. The Superman Dilemma. Anyone ever read The Illiad? If you didn't then it's almost entirely about Achilles being really, really angry and killing a lot of people. The son of a goddess and destined for glory, Homer won't shut up about how awesome Achilles is and how he has no equal. Achilles is, in all respects, a superhero before superheroes existed. But unless you're a person that enjoys every single little detail of every work of literature, you probably don't remember that there's one other Greek warrior who consistently and quietly proves throughout the entire epic poem to be just as great if not greater than Achilles. His name is Diomedes, and understanding why he's so forgettable is crucial to understanding why fans don't really care about Princess Celestia. Diomedes is essentially Achilles without the existential crisis. He is younger, smarter, and more consistent. He defeats everyone he faces, and when he runs out of Trojans to kill because the war is over, he starts fighting and injuring gods instead. Not even Achilles can make that claim, because he dies right at the end of the Trojan war. When talking about Diomedes, the Trojans say, "He fights with fury and fills men's souls with panic. I hold him mightiest of them all; we did not fear even their great champion Achilles, son of a goddess though he be, as we do this man: His rage is beyond all bounds." And while you may have never heard of him before now, you can still see the Diomedes archetype pop up again and again in pop culture: Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, and especially Superman in the DC universe. And of course, Princess Celestia in My Little Pony. They are the people (and pony) who are reliable, morally uncomplicated, and generally superior to all the other characters. While we love them, we will never be willing to watch an entire movie, an entire comic book, or an entire TV show made about them and only them. Why? Because those characters are pillars of solidarity, they are ideals, but unfortunately they have nowhere left to go. For an audience, at least an adult audience, we want the central character to change for the better by the end of a story. We want someone who is deeply broken, who is struggling to keep himself or herself together in the face of adversity, and most importantly, we want a character who isn't invincible. We love Princess Luna and Batman because they are driven by complicated, selfish emotions like guilt and revenge to do extraordinary things under the constant looming threat of them being less than perfect. Superman is what each of those characters would look like divorced of any such threat or ugly motivation. Is it still heroism to leap into a burning building when you know it can't hurt you? That is the Superman Dillema. True with Diomedes in ancient Greece, and true now. We aren't nearly as interested in acts of heroism as we are in the madness it takes for vulnerable people, or pony, to become heroes. The only way to fit Princess Celestia into that mold is to strip away some of her perfect traits, but the problem with that is ... 2. Princess Celestia stops being Princess Celestia as soon as she has a defect. The moment Princess Celestia is no longer a paragon of absolute virtue and wisdom, it negates everything she stands for as a character. Quick, what are Princess Celestia's special abilities? Flight, magic, solar power (we suppose), moving the sun around, but what about the intangible power she possesses? Arguably the biggest part of what makes Princess Celestia Princess Celestia is that she maintains an incorruptible moral fiber and an urge to help and guide ponies despite her overwhelming superiority over all of them. Like standing on top of an ant hill while they all bite you and each other, Princess Celestia has the patience to try to help them every day. It is the one thing separating her from other super powerful characters like Princess Luna or Discord: Given the potential to control the world, Princess Celestia never succumbs to ego, or entitlement, or even objective detachment, because she has a sort of super humility. Despite everything she's seen (and being over 1000 years old, she must have seen some really heavy stuff), she stays compassionate towards mortal, non-alicorn ponies, but that compassion only means something as long as she possesses the power to destroy everyone on a whim if she felt like it. The moment Princess Celestia starts being a jerk that power of character that makes Princess Celestia a symbol of greatness is suddenly gone. A story writer forcing her to falter is actually ruining the best part of who Princess Celestia is. And the worst part is that she not only has power in the form of her being an Alicorn, she also has power in the form of her being a Princess. Which brings us to the third point... 3. She must never have a defect. I mentioned Superman before because he is basically a character that shares a lot of traits with Princess Celestia, but even Superman has an interesting side: Is he doing the right thing? Can he solve every problem? Superman has super powers, but a man who can travel faster than a speeding bullet still can't be everywhere at once, which suggests that somewhere there are people dying in warehouse explosions and mass murders and roofing accidents every single day because he's busy stopping a giant meteor from hitting Earth or fighting Lex Luthor. For every person he saves, there are hundreds more, some of them children, taking their last breath while staring hopefully at empty skies waiting for Superman to show up. Superman can't help but set a precedent he can never live up to. From the first time he stopped a bridge from collapsing or diverted a tornado from a town, he instilled a false hope among people: That Superman will save them. That means that every day, even if he never bothered to put on glasses and go to work again at The Daily Planet, Superman is still letting down hundreds if not thousands of people. Add on top of that everyone who is dying of societal problems that are beyond his capacity to fix: homelessness, diseases, hunger... There's no way Superman can stop homelessness, disease, teen suicide, or domestic abuse. How could he? One of his powers isn't lobbying local politicians. He holds no political power. He can't give homeless people a home. Princess Celestia rules Equestria, she can totally do that. In fact she did, when she gave land to the Apple family and they settled and started making Zap Apple Jam and helped found Ponyville in the process. She runs the place. If there is hunger, she can divert state funds to plant more crops and provide food to the hungry. If there is disease she can divert state funds to build more hospitals. If there is homelessness she can grant state owned land to build more houses. There is no problem Princess Celestia cannot resolve if she wanted to. She has all the magical power she needs, all the political power she needs, and all the time she needs (because she's immortal) to solve every single problem of every single pony living in Equestria, all the time. And she does. Princess Luna couldn't handle that, she wanted more attention and turned into Nightmare Moon. Now she's back, she understands her mistakes, and tries to make amends all the time of her past actions. Discord was a villain, he has so much magic that he can do whatever he wants, he eventually realized that there are more important things in life and reformed with the help of Fluttershy, and now is starting to learn what it actually means to be a good friend and a good character. Princess Celestia needs to be free of defects, because the moment she starts having one, then she simply becomes like Princess Luna or Discord. Princess Celestia is what characters that also have all the power of magic, and immortality, aspire to be like. She is a role model, and cannot stop being one, because when she does the whole thing falls apart. Princess Luna doesn't have that kind of "pressue". She has the same power of Celestia, both magical and political, but she is struggling to become good, to improve herself, to be like her sister. She has a road to travel, and we like seeing her traveling it, we relate to that. Princess Celestia is already at the end of that road, she has no more growth to have. By design, Luna is relatable and therefore more likable. And by design, Celestia is unrelatable, and therefore less likable.
  11. Would you hug Celestia with fear or without fear? She requests a hug.... she likes being hugged by humans. (this version of her anyway) Would be too fearful to give her a hug. Since she's one of the leading ponies of Equestria? And the fandom make her often very overpowered... she could kill you in a blink of an eye if she wanted to if she was as powerful as in some fan fictions. Or would you have no fear at all hugging her?
  12. Would you give Princess Celestia a belly rub? Celestia wants a belly rub with your human hands. The last belly rub she got was by a human one thousand years ago, who is long since dead from old age. So, she requests have her tummy rubbed by you, a human. Would you be too nervous to give her a belly rub considering she's the princess? Or would you be not nervous at all? Or would you give her a belly rub, yet feel nervous?
  13. Sorry for it being extremely late. Im so sorry. ;( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess Twilight's Dark Secret [Part 9] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I walked down the halls of the Canterlot Castle.. With the merged crowns of Celestia and Luna on my head. Including mine which is of a necklace, I bear on my chest the beginning, On on my head. The present and future of equestria. I was queen, the true ruler. I have the throne. Its my rule from now on. As i leave through the main doors of the Canterlot Castle, the frightened and enslaved ponies bow down to by dark presence and the dark figure before them. Me, there true and unmerciful ruler. The true one to fear. I enter a chariot that was positioned perfectly symmetrical to the door as requested and had left for Ponyville, the pegasi as fast as the wind itself, more faster than Rainbow Dash could ever accomplish. One of my servants looked at me with a fright but concern. This servant in the chariot with me was not mind controlled. But surrendered and given himself up. As the stallion was looking at me, i was looking at the scenery that i had rule over and was free to do with it as i please. The servant looked at me and said. Servant Soar: " My queen, With your new rule. What will you be accomplishing?, And why are we going to Ponyville?" Queen Twilight: "Well, i have unfinished business here and i have some stuff i wish to announce to the Mayor of the Town. She needs to be put in place, along with the ponies there who are unaware of the take over. They need to know who is the Predator and the Prey." Servant Soar: "Ohh ok. And thank you for not mind controlling me like the others" Queen Twilight: "Shut up, i wasn't being kind. Its being considerate and giving mercy to the weak. You did the right thing and surrendered." Servant Soar: "Ohh, And what happened to Celestia and Luna, where are they" Queen Twilight: "You ask a lot of questions, but i guess that keeps me sane. Well, Celestia is dead and Luna is in the Dungeons. Is that all the questions" The servant nodded and kept quiet till the journey was over, the guards from Canterlot were already in Ponyville as requested and are keeping guard and gathering every single pony in ponyville to the Town Hall, Along with the Mane 6 and the Mayor. All the ponies knew of something terrible and bad was happening to Equestria, but never knew of what happened to Celestia and Luna, and what happened to the Crystal Empire and Canterlot. All they knew of something terrible was happening to Equestria. The ponies in Ponyville looked at the chariot, hoping it was Celestia or Luna to tell of the news on what is happening to Equestria. But they were in for a surprise. I opened the chariot door. Showing my dark flowing mane like Sombra's, My armour made of a Dark Blue that i took away from Luna, my purple fur and my dark green and red eyes. With the two merged crowns of Celestia and Luna, With my necklace. The ponies gasped in horror including my former friends. They knew it was me. They see it was me. Queen Twilight: "I have defeated Celestia and Luna, and the Crystal Empire's princess is defeated also. Bow down to your Queen. I Queen Twilight Sparkle order you to submit to me. Or die!!" Rainbow Dash: "Twilight!!, This is where you have been. You have betrayed us and Equestria. Why!!" Rarity: "Why have you done this. Was this our doing. Why" All other of my friends were silent. Pinkie Pie was crying, Applejack was frozen stiff and Fluttershy holding onto Rainbow Dash for her life. Id look at them all a mess, seeing that even me can stoop to darkness. Id walk up to Mayor Mare and look at her in the eye. She bows and knows that she is no longer needed as the leader of Ponyville. They all look at me and bow. Giving in and showing that thay are trusted to not betray me. Queen Twilight: "My loyal subjects, I have a few new rules to you all. 1: You cannot enter Canterlot until you get a residence pass. 2: All signs of betraying or any suspicious activity ponies will be given the death penalty. 3: Use of dark magic is forbidden to all who use it. Only i and King Sombra are the only ones allowed to use the dark arts, All who do so will be killed and used as food for my demon" Id summon my level 10 demon. They all run and scream. Demon: "What do you require my Queen." Queen Twilight: "Kill them all. Ive changed my mind. I want none of them alive" Demon: "Including the Elements Of Harmony" Queen Twilight: "Indeed, get rid of them all. I have no need of them" I'd walk back to my chariot and on my way to Canterlot. Leaving the demon to finish the mess i was introduced to by Celestia and Luna. Leaving my old friends to die losing all ties to who i was. And being reborn into true darkness. What most never dream to accomplish. Queen Twilight: "I have won. And i shall rule for eternity". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed the fanfic that i had created a few months ago. But this is the end. I am sorry again for it being late but that was due to me leaving MLPF. I apologise for anything i have caused you all and i am sorry that you had to wait for so long. I hope i can write another great fanfic soon. And the next one isn't going to be about King SOmbra, it is getting pretty hard not getting repetitive with the story lines. Have a great day -Burning Dusk (MLP Forums User & World Of Equestria User)
  14. Bear (bare?) with me here. This might not be as long or thoughtful as most of my threads, but i have been thinking (thats like my trademark entrance line now)... How in Tarturus is Equestria not engulfed in flame by now? The 1000 years after Luna's banishment must have been carebear land if Celestia didn't screw it up. She has told Twilight to follow so many horribly concieved instructions. Thank God Twilight knows when to buck command or else Equestria would be taken over by Tirek, Sombra would have the Crystal Empire, etc. I mean just... My logical brain cannot process such faff. Why does she do these things? How is she such a great ruler otherwise? ????????
  15. three young princess in onesies having a sleepover.
  16. After a few hours of drawing, I finally finished it. I had a lot of fun drawing this, especially drawing Celestia's mane and tail. What do you think?
  17. This isn't the last. i will create a last part after this. The next part will be epic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Sombra gets the Shadonian army's ready for battle. Along with Chrysalis and her armies. While they both were preparing, i was sat in the conference room of the Changeling Empire thinking on what to hit first. I decided that Canterlot was not a right idea. But The Crystal EMpire was a great place to start. I was conducting the plan in my head from the start. But i felt something was wrong. I just knew something in the plans went wrong. Id walk out of the conference room and go to the armour room. It took some time, but thein i had found where you can use your own dark magic to enchant dark armour. Id go for adamantine armour and have the highest protection spell that dark magic is capable of. I then put on the armour and i move up to the courtyard where all of the army was positioned, id join King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis on the balcony with my armour. King Sombra looked at me with a confused glare. King Sombra: "Twilight??, WHy are you wearing armour???" Twilight: "Just in case, Celestia and Luna may want to battle me" As i said that i may battle the two alicorn sisters an evil smile escaped my face. Sombra looks at me and sees my mind decided. Id stand and glare at the armies. They all look at me with a frightened look on there face. Twilight: "I am The Princess Of Darkness and Disharmony. You are all under mine and the King and Queen's command. We will strike the Crystal Empire. Do you all get it. Use your dark magic. But not all. Use reasonable amounts that will take over that empire. Then we will take over Canterlot, then the little villages around." The army all nods and bows, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis look at me with a look of defeat. Like they are nothing compared to me. Id then turn to hem both and i stand taller. Twilight: "We should get them to the main gate." The King and Queen take them both to the main gate, while i grab a sword, this sword i had enchanted before with the corruption spell, this was for Luna. Id go out to the main gate with a evil look apon me. Twilight: "ATTACK!!!" The army sombra arranged go into their shadow forms and the changelings fly. Meanwhile i and my sword fly at a really fast speed, faster than Rainbow Dash ever could. We continue flying for 3 hours and we get to the Crystal Empire. We all storm in, no barrier in place to protect the empire. We demolish the ponies homes, ravage the ponies who try to protect the empire. We go through through all of that to the castle. We get stopped by a barrier around the castle. At the balcony i see my Brother and my Step Sister walk out in fright. They see me and there eyes close with tears, they have lost there hope. They have lost their powerful pony to darkness. Shining Armour: "How could you Twilight, You have betrayed the empire!!!. You have betrayed Celestia, Luna and even your sister Cadence. WHY!!" Queen Chrysalis: "She has been used by this god forsaken empire. Twilight was used by Celestia and your empire. She has had enough. She is the Princess Of Disharmony and Darkness. She will rule Canterlot with her hoofs." Twilight: "That is right Chrysalis, I will rule Canterlot, i will destroy you!!" Id charge the sword to full power and stab the barrier, as i do there was a huge shockwave. This shockwave cracked the barrier and broke it down. We all flood to the Prince and Princess of the empire and surround them. We beat them down and surround them in unbreakable crystal. Cadence: "Why twilight, we knew eachother since fillies. Why!!." Twilight: "Ponies change when they are used, when we are beaten. When we are hurt and nopony cares but to use you as a weapon of the empire. I don't have family anymore not even friends. I have allies. They are King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis." King Sombra goes to the throne, He stares at us and says. King Sombra: "Thank you Twilight, for reviving me. For giving me another chance at life" King Sombra sits on the throne. As he sits an earthquake happens and the Crystal EMpire is dark once more. With the guards that were left mind controlled and the ponies in there homes crying and screaming. Twilight: "Common Chrysalis, we shall go to Canterlot, take over them and slaughter the two pony sisters." Shining Armour: "Sister!!, Why...Please...You can turn back... To the pony who doesn't look like a monster. The real you." Id ignore Shinings cries and pleads. I feel myself turn darker. Like i have betrayed my light and hope. But it had to be done. I needed my revenge. Me and Chrysalis fly to Canterlot, and it seems that they both were ready for the fight that will make history. Id smirk at the thought that i will rule Canterlot and their subjects will bask in my glory. Id fly to there main gate along with the changeling army. We burst in and kill about 300 guards with one outburst of dark magic. We all run to the ponies who lived here and freeze them. We all take down their armies. Canterlot's army is weaker than ever. Id laugh a dark laugh that Celestia and Luna hears. Celestia: "Twilight!!, i knew you turned dark. I knew you because corrupted. You have turned like my other pupils, I thought you were different" Luna: "Twilight, don't turn like i did. You will regret it" Twilight: "You all should of not used me. YOU USED ME FOR YOUR GAIN, YOU USED ME TO PROTECT THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE. I PROTECTED THIS EMPIRE FROM TIREK AND GOT HURT IN THE PROCESS. YOU ALL SHALL DIE" As i had raged, i created a huge blast of dark magic that was toxic to my enemys, this outburst was the first of its kind. But it wasn't a outburst, I had created my inner monster. A Demon. This demon had a pony form, was huge and red. With claws on its hoofs. Its mane was red and flowing in the air. His eyes was as black as my soul. I feel like i was going insane. I had summoned a level 10 demon. Nopony even before Starswirl was able to summon any demon at level 1. I had summoned a level 10 demon though. A Apocalyptic demon, a demon who can wipe out light and turn it into darkness. The Demon: "Princess Twilight, you have summoned a demon at my level. No pony is able to summon even a level 1 demon, Nere mind you able to summon me" Twilight: "Well, i have, so will you help me with the takeover of this petty empire." The Demon: "Well, a pony who summons me deserves me as their servant. And yes i will help you Queen Twilight" The Demon had raised its hoof in the air, he had created a huge ball of corrupted magic, that was toxic to Celestia, but not Luna. The Demon directed all of it at Celestia, it caused her to be weakened. And on the floor. Twilight: "All shall bask in my glory, nopony shall mess with my reign." Id go to the balcony they were the both princesses were located, letting the demon take the ponies souls around him. Luna stands back and falls in fear, she shivers and shakes. Luna: "You summoned a level 10 demon. Not even the most powerful Alicorn was able to summon a demon at level 1, What are you" Celestia: "Sister, do as she says, don't fight it. This is where we both fall" Twilight: "Only you Celestia, you were weak from the start. Luna is strong. Princess Lina. Will you become corrupt again." Luna: "NO NEVER, I WILL NEVER FALL TO DARKNESS AGAIN" As she rages, she tries to lunge at me, the demon comes up to me and protects me with a barrier, the demon grabs luna and kills her on the spot, along with Celestia. Id smirk, feeling null emotion to them. Id go to the throne room, and i sit on the throne. A huge outburst of dark energy and magic spreads throughout equestria and causes chaos and destruction among the land. Id smirk and laugh. Queen Twilight: "I am the ruler of equestria, BOW DOWN TO YOUR RULER, I AM THE ONE WITH MOST POWER......Now, i will go to Ponyville, and i shall reunite with my old friends." The Demon: "I will be back in hell, now let me place a mark on your hoof, so you can summon me easier" Id raise my hoof and i let the demon burn his mark onto my hoof. A permanent mark on my hoof that will resemble my inner darkness and betrayal of all the Princesses of Equestria. But i have won. And i will destroy my old ties. The guards that was left the demon had mind controlled for me. So i will not have to bother with them attacking me. Or even think of it. Id ask them to get a carriage ready for me to arrive at Ponyville. Which they did as commanded. Now, the last of my plan. To show myself as my new self. And if my old friends submitt to me. Or i will have to eliminate them for good and destroy Equestria's last hope. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. For those who don't know what a forum adventure is: Basically, the writer of the adventure starts off by posting a character and the situation they're in. Readers contribute by posting commands for the character, and the writer posts the results of those commands. Anyway, Stablekept: SBURB is Magic is a forum adventure concerning MLP characters and Homestuck plot elements, but you don't have to be a reader of Homestuck to check this out! (Though Homestuck is good; you should read it anyway.) The adventure can be found here, on the MSPA Forums, and though it's not very far along yet, you can help move it further along by posting commands! Thanks in advance!
  19. Here is a extra long one for you guys. I thought it would be a treat considering Bronycon nall. Me and Sombra walk down the long path of the throne room. I feel a bit uneasy, Sombra as a act of kindness no one ever sees in him touches my back for reassurance. Id continue walking to the Queen Of The Changelings, Queen Chrysalis. I felt all of my bravery vanish. Being in front of the creature who defeated Celestia. Well i guess she didn't get the title Queen for nothing. Queen Chrysalis: "Sombra, how nice. You've come back from death, Well, well. Princess Twilight Sparkle, who knew you were going to become corrupt. Well, welcome to darkness ally." King Sombra: "Me and Twilight have been wondering if you would assist us in the overthrow of Celestia and Luna. Well, with luna. We could corrupt. But her sister must fall to our hoofs. it's been to long they have ruled with their weak magic." Queen Chrysalis: "Take down their empire. Now thats a plan worth to be involved in. My army can help also" Twilight: "Only if one of us fall to their hoofs." Twilight uses a corrupt spell that shows anypony around equestria, she uses the spell on Celestia. Twilight sees celestia reading a book on signs of corruption. Id undo the spell and say to Sombra in a dark and quick tone. Twilight: "Celestia is on to me and you Sombra. We need to surface the plan soon" King Sombra: "Ok, calm down Twilight, you need to think straight" Queen Chrysalis: "There going to know soon Twilight, its better sooner than later. Plus, combined we have the power of 10 alicorns due to my changelings being trained dark magic." King Sombra: "That's impossible, there incapable, they are only able to use cloaking magic. How are they able to be taught dark magic" Queen Chrysalis: "The New changelings that are able to speak. I changed their genetic structure with my own dark magic. Causing them to have the same dark magic as i but less strong. Im still there ruler from having the highest magical power. But their magic is about one third less powerful as mine." Twilight: "Nevermind that Sombra, we need more allies of darkness, Who else is capable of high extremities of dark magic" Queen Chrysalis: "Well, only us. Were the only ones who survived, Except from Tirek and Tartarus. Tartarus has become reformed and doesn't plan on turning back any time soon. And Tirek has to rest from that overexposure of normal magic. We would have had him if you didn't attack him" King Sombra: "Well, gather your armies and i will find the shadonian army. And we shall attack at nightfall. When celestia is at her weakest." King Sombra leaves the room with one guard. Meanwhile me and the Queen are all alone together. One changeling guard of a real high league of changelings approaches us in a dark manner.. The Changeling Guard: "My Queen, Shall i gather the armies for you in the war." Queen Chrysalis: "Indeed, and make sure their all ready and full of dark magic. We mustnt have one weaker than the other" The Changeling Guard: "Ok my queen, i will do as commanded." The changeling guard walked out with a high head and a focused mind. I begin to feel a pit in my stomach. Am i really about to destroy my life. Am i really going to overthrow Celestia and Luna. What will happen to my friends and my family. My brother will be disappointed in me. Queen Chrysalis: "Twilight, i can read your thoughts and i know you will be alright. Do not worry Princess. Plus, your friends were using you. They cared nothing about your feelings" The Queen did a memory spell on me. i saw my friends stare at me from behind in a angry glow. Twilight: "This cant be. They aren't looking at me the way i know they do." Queen Chrysalis lowers the spell and got off her throne and puts her hoof on my shoulder and around me. She puts her muzzle to my ear. Queen Chrysalis: "But it is. They have betrayed you. They have deceived you. They have hurt you. If they were your friends. They would have done more for you. Im sorry to be the bringer of sadness. But Celestia is using you also. She is using you to take down all of her enemys because she is weak. Maybe, you should have revenge for what she has done. Show her your true power" The Queen placed her hoof on my chest and tapped it three times. She then walked out of her throne room and she moved her head as a sign to follow. I do and we go down to the courtyard where all the Changelings for the war are gathered. There were Red eyed changeling's they are the ones of dark magic and the green eyed ones. The ones of cloaking and the Black eyed ones. The Bruit strength changelings. The ones i met were blue. But they were the weak ones. The ones who were experimented on. King Sombra: "Isn't this great Twilight. A pure army full of what we need. There are about over 1 million of them that will join us in the war against equestria. I have notified the Shadonians and they have over 6 million of their shadows joining us. We will be victorious this time" Queen Chrysalis: "There are more to come from this army. I have some hatchlings that grow to full size and power in only 2 days. All my hard work and effort. And that is about 2.3 million more as well." Twilight: "Well, with 9.3 million on our side including us, We will win this battle. We shall fight tonight" The sun took an hour to go down. But we knew that our plan was going into action now. We knew we couldn't go back. We knew that we were powerful. And the fight has just began. And the war will go our way. King Sombra will have revenge along with Queen Chrysalis. ANd i will have revenge for being used and lied to for years. The war of equestria will happen on the last chapter. I hope this one has been enjoyed by the long fans of this fanfic. But let me tell you. It has been fun to write this fanfic. And to see Everypony enjoy it so far.
  20. Thanks to TwilightFan28. I would not have continued this fanfic. <3<3<3<3<3 (Its getting fancy now) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me and King SOmbra kept on flying through equestria to the forbidden south. We had used our somberfied forms non stop till we got to Queen Chrysalis's kingdom in the southwest of equestria. As i flew, i noticed myself losing consciousness. I had gone into my pony form and i fell to the ground at a significant rate. I used a spell before hoof (Hand) to cover my appearance, just in case if it was any ponies doing. In my subconscious Luna: "Twilight!!, are you ok. Where are you" Twilight: *I get Irritated* "Im somewhere ok. I am having time off ok. I've been nothing but stressed" Celestia comes into my subconscious. She looks at me with suspicion. Id ignore that and i continue as normal. Celestia: "Hello Twilight, So you are stressed. Well, we need you. There is another problem in the Crystal Empire. It's turned dark again. We suspect Sombra is back and in full force". As soon Celestia had suspected Sombra, my eyes widen. Id try to force myself not to have a reaction. Twilight: "Well, i'll be there in a few days. I will have to fly back. I apologise for not being there to help you like i always do" Celestia: "Twilight. Is there something wrong. You seem off. According to your friends, you've locked them out of the castle. Also spike is concerned". Twilight: "IM FINE FOR BUCKING SAKE!!!" Twilight had used a spell to get herself out of her subconscious and had woken up from her coma like state. Sombra was on his knees holding my back and head. He looked shocked and a little scared, like he lost his life. Sombra: "Twilight, are you ok. You just collapsed mid air." Twilight "Yes sombra, i'm ok. Luna did a spell to make me pass out so she could talk. Plus. What have you done to the Crystal Empire" Sombra: "I used a spell to absorb the magic of the land and give it to me. A advanced dark spell, it will make the Crystal Empire dark. But ohh well." Twilight: "Celestia and Luna suspect you're alive." Sombra: "Well, i dont care. Lets just continue with our plan" Me and Sombra go into our shadow forms and we get to the Changeling Empire. We are slightly tired and frustrated when we get to the main guard of the empire. We go into our pony forms, when the guard sees sombra, he gets scared. The Changeling Guard: "Hello Sombra. What are you of need" Sombra: "I am of need of the Queen. We have a plan that will hopefully work" The Changeling guard nods and a guard guides us both to the castle. The castle was black and green, it gave me chills down my spine on how elegant but evil it was, i liked it. We go into the castle and we get to a door, the changeling guards open the door with there horn. I thought about why it was needed to be this secure. We get into the room, where our plans will be put into action. The taking over of equestria is half way there. We just need Queen Chrysalis to be with us, and Princess Luna. If she wants to have revenge. But i guess we'll have to find out if Luna has still got the corruption. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Part Three Princess Twilight's Dark Secret The Plan In Action ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Id wake up from a long rest in one of the rooms in the Crystal Empire. My longing plan is in action. I grab my plans and i head outside of my room. Before i do, i used one of my new and improved spells to instantly prim me up and make me look normal. Meanwhile with that spell, i also did the spell of invisibility to hide myself. I didnt want to be seen and held up by my damned brother again or his god forsaken wife and sister in law. As i head out of my room and putting my plans in full force, i did a time reversal spell to then find where the horn of King Sombra's fell. The spell only lets the user see into the past but not go into the past itself. Id watch in awe as the past me without wings had given up the audacity and given spike the appreciation i deserved. I lifted the spell from when Sombra was defeated and i knew the location. I recuperated myself and ran to the exit. As i got to the exit of the castle, i had knew what was next on my plan. To mind control a pony to cause havoc in a area far away from the horn. So then no one will see me. I went to the town hall. With all of my magic keeping me invisible, i could only summon a User Minor and not mind control, due to my magic depleting for my invisibility. But that would do for my plan to succeed. With all of my power i had summoned the User Minor without difficulty. Leaving pony's in shock and horror. I then teleported to the location where the horn is, leaving the pony's on the other side of the empire to fear and then bring distraction to the Princess and the Prince of the Crystal Empire. I then without hesitation ran behind the crystal palace where no guard was in sight. Id then let down the invisibility spell and brought out the book of where Sombra was inside of. Twilight placed her hoof in the centre of the book for ten seconds and Sombra's shadow had emerged once more. His shadow and his evil glow, the same as that fateful day when we met for the first time. King Sombra: "Ahh, Twilight. You have brought me to the place of where my horn had fell. Thats a good Princess." Twilight: "Enough, now go into the ground and find your horn. Then come back alive and give me what's mine" King Sombra: "As you wish, Princess Of Darkness" As Sombra had said that i was going to be one with the darkness and be the princess of darkness itself. I began to laugh evilly. Meanwhile with Sombra, his shadow had gone underground, in search for the horn he had lost years ago. It took him a lot of searching but he found it in the end. The earth rumbled beneath me and i had seen Sombra's body emerge from the ground and solidify to his pony form. I gasped in awe as Sombra has come back from his death. He starts the converse with. King Sombra: "You have given me life again Twilight Sparkle. And i will give you your prize." As King Sombra says his remark. He goes into his shadow form and surrounds me.Id levitate as i feel his darkness ravage my body, tear my light apart. I feel every oraphis of my own being turn dark. My appearance more dark then Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and Nightmare Moon combined. I felt all the power of 100 unicorns combined with my Alicorn power unify. I felt like i was the darkness itself. I wanted revenge. Id then got separated from King Sombra and then fall back to the ground. My body as black as the void, eyes green and red like Sombras, My mane as like a thousand stars combined with the universe. And the armour of King Sombras able to turn into shadows. Twilight: *Says with a dark echo* "Muhahahahaha. I've done it. I have darkness in my grasps. Ill rule over all Equestria, and nopony can stop me." King Sombra: "Well, thats great. Well for you anyways. Now since i'm free. Would you like me to be your Ally" Twilight: "I agree, two allys of darkness will strengthen the force of darkness. Will Queen Chrysalis fight with us." King Sombra: "Well, i guess we should go to the Empire of the Changelings and find out" Me and Sombra go into our sombra forms and fly away at a astonishing speed. Without any guards noticing we had planted a dark crystal also to cause the destruction of the light in the crystal empire for our take over. I am half way through my plans. And i will not stop at anything till darkness prevails over Celestia and Luna's damned reign.
  22. Rainbow Dash had entered her home and started writing a letter to Princess Luna. She wrote. ' Dear Princess Luna, Twilight had an outburst today, Its either stress of royal duties. Or there is something up. I dont know what has gotten into her. he started to use her own hoofs to drink some water. Which she uses magic normally. I'm quite scared of Twilight. She is never this mad. Me, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie need your help. Sincerely Rainbow Dash - Element Of Loyalty. ' After rainbow Dash had written the letter, she flew back to the castle where she asked spike to send the letter to Princess Luna. Spike does as requested and uses his flames to send the letter. RainbowDash talks to Spike about why Twilight gets mad to see if there is any reason for this outburst. Rainbow Dash: "Hey Spike, Do you know some reasons for why Twilight gets mad. She had a outburst today and we need your help" Spike: "I don't know Twilight usually gets mad because of her not getting space, her things being misplaced and in general in a bad mood. Thats all i know of" Rainbow Dash: "Thanks for the help Spike" As Rainbow replied she walked to the throne room to nopony in sight but just Twilight cleaning a royal sword with her cutiemark as the emblem. Quietly Rainbow Dash had gone to the balcony and sat there. Twilight still full of anger has placed the sword back in its place with her discoloured magic. Rainbow Dash notices the change in Twilight's magic and asks. Rainbow Dash: "Twilight??....hy is your magic no longer purple. Your magic has gone grey. Whats going on with you Twilight" Twilight: "Nothing is going on, its just the light. It changes the colour of one's magic. Ohh and one thing. Tell the others i'm going to The Crystal Empire then the south of the empire for a few things." Rainbow Dash: "Ok, But Twilight. You've changed so suddenly. Are you alright. Why did you say those things back there." Twilight: "Because all of you are using me for your selfish gain. No one liked me in canterlot. They pretended to like me because i lived in the Canterlot Castle. Its the same here. Your using me for your selfish and pitious gain." As twilight finished that she canceled Rainbow Dash out and had walked to her Quarters to pack her things. While Twilight does her business, Rainbow Dash felt the darkness in her. RD felt sad because she would never of thought that Twilight considered her and her friends as fake. Twilight continued to back her things and said to Spike. Twilight: "Spike, i want you to be in charge while i go do something in the Crystal Empire. I want all of them out of my castle and don't let anypony inside except yourself. Advise the guards that if Fluttershy, Rarity. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie try to come in. Have them noted that there never allowed to enter the castle ever again by my order." Spike: "Ok Twilight. But you seem a little off." Twilight had left Spike with the orders and flew to the crystal empire with her bag on her back. It took Twilight a few hours but she got there just in time. Twilight went to the Crystal Castle located in the centre of The Crystal Empire and had went inside. Twilight walked through the corridors and had found Shining Armour. Twilight asked. Twilight: "Hello brother. Can i stay at your residence tonight. Sorry there wasn't a warning before coming here. I just needed time away from everything." Shining Armour: "No problem Twily. You can have the Second Main Bedroom. How long will you be staying here for." Twilight: "A few days the most. That is all i ask of you my brother" Shining Armour: "Twilight, Are you ok. You seem a little off." Twilight: "Yes im fine Big Brother. Can you lead me to my quaters to rest for a while" Shining Armour: "Sure sister" Shining Armour lead twilight to her room where Twilight said her fair doos. Twilight had laid on her bed and had written up a plan of action to try and find the missing horn of Sombras. Twilight finished her planning with a few steps and had hit the hay for the night. Cautious Twilight had locked the door before she even closed an eye. To prevent her plans being seen and her items that have magical properties being stolen from under her grasp. Including the book that Sombra is sealed inside. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all for now for the part two. I hope you enjoy this part. If you have any suggestions. Please submit them in the comments below.
  23. What exactly was the point in grooming and watching over Twiligh to get her to make friends, discver a brand new type of magic that is stronger than Alicorn magic, and crown Twi princess, if Sunbutt isn't abandoning her throne and duties, and up and leaving, never to be heard from again? Yes, she probably did it for extra defense in Equestria, but since Sunbutt and Luna aren't connected to the elements, which have been put back in the tree of harmony, and Twilight learned how to raise the sun and moon in their absence, what role does Sunbutt really have, now, with Twilight and friends as the new guardians of harmony, with stonger magic than the Alicorns themselves, and with Twi knowing how to raise celestial bodies? And while on the topic of Twiligh, by extension, does anyone ese think that the cutie map will eventually lead her to Starswirl, and somehow tech her cherished idol the importance of friendship?
  24. This idea came to me the other day, so I made it. Sorry its massive.
  25. My princess celestia drawing ,the crown and necklace i change to a new accessories