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Found 44 results

  1. So what are you wearing right now??? Today as I'm making this thread I'm wearing my bright yellow stretchy jeans, black skull top with my rainbow pusheen crop top shirt over that. The only thing that doesn't match very well are my old dark blue shoes. Bleh. Pictures of your outfits are welcome as long as they are appropriate.
  2. Modified some hats into these cute animal ears a few month ago. I'm really happy with them! The ears in the pictures are made of fleece but I do minky and faux fur too. Enjoy!
  3. Anyone else who also owns MLP Related clothing? I got some G1 PJ's and shirts from Primark as well as some of my own G4 designs from Teepublic/Redbubble. Will share a pic later when I'm home again. Whats your favorite piece of MLP clothing? Also feel free to share pics.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I have nothing wrong with Rainbow Dash and as a matter of fact I own socks and a shirt that have RD on it! I just have noticed that when I go shopping for pony merchandise, from mainstream stores, it seems like she dominates the adult clothing market. From shirts, to jackets, socks and jewelry, I have found it difficult to find any other mane six character in adult sizing. Now Etsy has a nice selection though, because they're handmade the prices are a bit high, but even then pickings are slim for other characters. Why do you think she seemingly dominates the adult market? Also have you found it as difficult as I have to find plus size, adult pony merch? Am I asking for the moon? Are you finding other mane six clothing and accessories somewhere that I haven't looked? Please share if so!
  5. This is a drawing I made some time ago, thought I'd post it here.
  6. I'm male, and I prefer to wear dresses and all manner of apparel typically deemed "feminine", or for women. Given my style of dress, nearly anyone who saw me would label me a crossdresser, and that's fine--I take no offense. However, I advocate that there's no such thing. Clothes are clothes. It doesn't matter who's wearing them. The concept of gender specific clothing is purely a learned, environmental phenomenon. You think it's part of our DNA to know that skirts are for women? Of course not. Everything that any culture believes about clothing, and which sex should wear what, is just due to what people grow up seeing and being told is normal. The fact is that there is no rationale whatsoever for any clothing being sex-specific. Take dresses for example. It's a dress. It's a one-piece thing with a skirt instead of pant legs. It knows no gender. What does it matter what it's covering? The only reason we have any concept of "dressing like a woman" or "dressing like a man" is because of what society tells us is normal. A Shyamalan The Village-esque isolation experiment could easily produce a generation of people believing that dresses are just for men. In my opinion, the only thing that could possibly qualify as truly crossdressing would be wearing a garment designed for a body part you don't have. I.e. support undergarments. That's it. (And even then, I don't care what people want to wear. Wear whatever makes you happy.) Other than that, I don't think clothing should have gender labels. Although I concede that adjectives such as masculine and feminine are useful in describing clothing, as well as other things, I submit that we steer away from this idea of "men's clothing" and "women's clothing." I also concede that it's still useful to have men's and women's departments in stores, as the fit of the clothes will be different, but what I'm advocating is that we throw out the idea that certain types, certain...genres, if you will, of clothing are just for one sex or the other. Thoughts? *EDIT* It occurred to me that my main post could be taken to imply that I am in favor of complete gender neutrality, possibly to the point of not acknowledging the differences between the sexes. This isn't the case at all. In fact, you'll never meet a bigger advocate for noticing, appreciating, and celebrating the differences between the sexes. Fair and equal treatment is the not the same thing as pretending that there are no differences. I am merely calling for the lifting of apparel taboos, and for people to realize that a man wearing a dress is not unnatural, nor does it automatically equate to or imply cosplaying as a woman. If a man is wearing a dress, then it's a man's dress. We should not have to call it "crossdressing," though I'll reiterate that I don't take offense to the term, either. Just wanted to clarify that. Cheerio.
  7. So I've recently moved into a new house with laminate flooring, and I find that my feet get really cold walking around barefoot all day. I wanted a nice pair of MLP house slippers, so I started shopping around only to find NOTHING. In the episode Tanks for the Memories, we see Tank wearing these adorable little slippers with Rainbow Dash's face on them. Why aren't these slippers a real thing already?! The closest I could find was this:,type%5BSTILLLIFE_FRONT%5D&hmver=2&call=url%5Bfile:/product/main%5D While they're okay, and I would have bought them, they're from a store in the UK and they were all out of my size. The other results I found were either for toddlers or were just regular slippers with pictures on them. If anybody knows where I can get a nice pair of MLP plush slippers, please, please tell me. Also, someone really should make Tank's slippers a real thing. Seriously, those would sell like mad.
  8. Sure, they don't normally wear clothes, but that doesn't mean they don't ever wear clothes! I saw it appropriate, that since this forum is honoring World Fashion Day, to make a blog post about my favorite outfits from the show: Fashion, despite being a major part of Rarity's character and prominent in many episodes of the series, is often overlooked in its symbolism and expression of character. Many of the show's artists express enjoyment with designing outfits for the characters to wear on special occasions. I'd like to see how much this community appreciates it. Which outfits in the series are your favorites? What kind of fashion would you like to see in the series?
  9. Hi, to go straight to the point, I am working on a story and I have just begun to introduce my two main characters (both girls). I describe their personality and there and their eyes, hairstyle, you know, the usual stuff. I then felt like, if I really want my readers to be able to get an image of how these main characters look, how can I really do that. So being a guy that is not in to fashion and pretty much dress however I choose to, I found it hard to describe a Women´s figures. I´ve done some research and come up with that many girls follow some kind of figure shape, like Hourglass shape or triangle shape, when they describe their body and choose clothes. But does all girls do this or is it a question about if your in to fashion or not. I think that, if I can use these shapes in my story it would be a great help but I don´t wan to end up with only, you know, just perfect examples of model girls. I want it to sound realistic but still it´s very good to have some kind of scheme to work after. Thanks for taking your time to read this and a symbolic brohoof to you if you reply /) (Oh and I tried to find the right part of the forum to post this but I´m not sure I managed to, so if any admins move it, Thank you on forehand)
  10. What have been some of the most unusual or hilarious clothing combinations you have had to wear in your life? One day, me and my dad went to the zoo for a trip. However, before we could go on, my mom got worried because it was cold. And indeed, it was. While it was fine for me to go with a hoody jacket, she got carried away and I ended up wearing a weird mix between a sweater, a jacket, a cap, a scarf and really thick pants. While it seemed normal, none of the clothes were of the same color scheme and thus created a strange effect.
  11. Are there hats any of you own that you consider unique? Also, where did you get them from? Here are mine: Despicable Me hat from Universal Studios Hollywood: SnapBack from World of Disney Disneyland Paris. Not sure if this is the Cheshire Cat?
  12. This an especially significant and entirely serious topic that ought to be addressed and explored, at length, by only the greatest minds... On these forums, I mean: Ponies wearing clothing... Is it adorable? Is it not adorable? Obviously everyone thinks it's adorable. Probably. So when you mouthed "yes" to the above text, you likely thought of a particular pony in a particular article of clothing / manner of dress. Share that with us. Not your thought, since modern technology has yet to discover how to transfer thoughts of clothed ponies directly into forum posts for the viewing pleasure of all. I know people are hard at work on that, though. I happen to be particularly fond of Rainbow Dash (there's more to this sentence) wearing her recurring cap and whistle combo! Because... Because it's just a cap and whistle! It obscures as little pony as possible, and it provides a visual indicator of her authority. Over tornado-producing pegasi and pet competitors. If we can unite in earnest and delve exhaustively into the heretofore inexplicable phenomenon of clothed ponies cuteness, we can doubtless accomplish anything.
  13. Well I'm back, and this drawing I had done some time but due to me being really busy with college and other things took me to post .... Rarity and Spitfire are my favorite characters this is not for nothing, I decided to make a tribute both, and one drawing, with some changes and additions ... Based on my new art style.
  14. Yeah. What's your favorite piece of clothing? What do you usually tend to go after? Tend to want to get right in the first place? Caps? Shoes? Polo(s)? T-shirts? You name it. Mine would ultimately be jackets, especially varsity-jackets. I just can't get enough of them (I currently own 5). Now, to those of you who don't know what a varsity-jacket is, i'll show you: Aren't they beautiful? Anyway, enough about my OCD ala "varsity-jackets" - what's your favorite piece of clothing?
  15. It's kinda weird. When you realize that ponies wear leather and leather comes from animals, you can't help but wonder - ponies harvest other species? I'M LOOKING AT YOU, BRAEBURN. I can understand if ponies get cotton and silk for clothing materials, but the fact that they use leather so often makes me wonder whether it's actually real. Wow, if so, then oh boy this isn't a kids show anymore.
  16. I feel it is very important to inform everyone about this product. The pegasus ones have little wings on them! I bought a pair of the Fluttershy socks from FYE, and though they look a bit odd on I think they would look more like the picture if I took the time to get them straight. They also seem to only come in one size which is disappointing. Still though, very cute :3
  17. This thread is for any and all discussion of mlp-themed fashion and outfits. By that, i do not just mean pony t-shirts to wear with jeans or what have you (though those are cute too). I mean FASHION, coordinated looks and outfits that even Rarity would be proud of! Handmade items adorned with subtle pony nods, outfits based on pony color schemes, things worn not just because ponies, but also because they just plain look good. Pictures are more than welcome, and this thread is not for any particular gender, so have at it
  18. What do you think looks good fashion-wise? Is it strange to talk about this? I hope it's not, given the amount of underdressed men out there. I'm going to discuss what I wear for Casual, Business Casual, and Formal clothes. I'm not really a T-Shirt, Polo, or a V-neck person, but I do wear Henleys. I personally wear solid color Henleys, no logos because then it looks bad. I think it looks great after hitting the gym (which I do very often) Yes it's for looks and I like it (That's not me though) Polos belong to the more business casual or golfers, and I don't really wear these at all. Actually now when I think about it all I have are Henleys. For business casual I wear button-down collarless shirts. There's the long sleeve stuff for interviews but there's also the 3/4 sleeves that I wear like these just for everyday use: I find this Korean website to always carry the clothes that I enjoy, just be sure measure yourself before buying And for formalwear I just think that TheLeesShop formalwear is awesome: Heck yeah! I don't know if this warrants enough of a discussion, but as you can tell I do like the slimwear casual, business casual, and formal-wear. Weird enough, I like shopping at places like H&M for the cheap casual Henleys or the occasional online purchase at that Korean store for the mid-upper formal tier clothes. Like the spirit of Rarity, I'm interested to see what clothes do you think looks good. Discuss.
  19. So I finally got the two t-shirts I ordered a while ago. It is two horror movie t-shirts, on the left you see Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and on the right, a print of the official cover from Halloween (1978). Jokuc is happy today.
  20. Okay so this is cool. In my Desktop Publishing class, we were asked to make a T Shirt design and I decided to do one with the MLP Forums logo so here it is. So what do you guys think?
  21. Hey, everypony. Just got a quick question to ask, where can I find a Wonderbolts Sweater or T-Shirt. There was one, if I recall in the Brony Documentary that was basically the "uniform" of the Wonderbolts. Im thinking about getting it, but don't know where?
  22. Post what your wearing! I'm wearing black sweatpants and a grateful dead rainbow shirt.
  23. That moment when the day rests in your panicky hooves. It's times like these that separate the stallions from the colts.
  24. Okay, so living in England is pretty weird. I guess the whole of England is anti-brony territory, because I can never find any mlp FiM clothing in female small size. Anyone got any ideas where to shop, or where to look online? I've found a cool Tee online.. I dont know what you think of it, but i'll need a response soon! I dont want it to look like i'm a brony to other people ~ but only the bronys will notice it. You knowwww, not really 'pony related' unlike this one: I mean, this ones not too bed :3 What do you think? Thanks! I need more clothes anyway.
  25. Just thought this could be interesting. I buy new clothes once every few weeks or so, whenever I can afford it pretty much. How about you?