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Found 136 results

  1. I design MLP aprons that I think Identify With Each Ponies Personality. I just finished the Mane 6 and wanted your opinion of what you guys think of my designs as well as who you guys think i should design Next! I will also be making a mens pattern even though my current designs are feminine and currently working on perfecting my plush pattern I want to be able to make MLP Merch that the fans can love and afford! Please give me your feed back ! TwilighSparkle- Pinkie Pie- FlutterShy- Rainbow Dash- Rarity- AppleJack-
  2. Hi I'm from Bonus41 costume creations and an MLP fursuit cosplay is next on my list! Basic head shaping/foaming is done but rough. It will be smoothed down and shaped better in time. What pony this will be is still a mystery! Eyes and ears are placeholders Dont worry they wont be paper XD maybe I'll get this pattern scanned for beigineer fursuit makers to make! I also added some pics of my crazy fox partial Hope you like my creations
  3. Was at Katsucon (National Harbor, MD) this past weekend...well just Saturday actually, and got to check out and join in the MLP:Fim gather/photo shoot. Lots of fun. What with the singing, the dancing, the great, friendly people. Felt more like a party then a photo shoot. Thought I'd share some of the photos I took at the event. Rest of the photos, as well as other photos from the con, will be posted on my Flickr account: and Deviantart account: First up we have the Beautiful Gala Ponies: Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Rarity: and Gala Twilight Sparkle and Gala Pinkie Pie: Currently, still working on going through photos, touching up, editing, etc. Hopefully over the course of the week, should have all the photos editited and uploaded to the mentioned accounts and my Facebook. May post a select few on here.
  4. My friend and I want to do a vlog as Derpy and Doctor Whooves. We would like to gather some questions to answer, or funny things to do in character. Ideas please? Derpy: Dr Whooves:
  5. So I really would like some cosplaying advice, especially from some female forum users... My boyfriend and I are going to BronyCon this summer, and I have an idea for a Pinkie Pie cosplay, but I need some help getting a "final draft" of it. I wanted to go out as a "punk rock Pinkie Pie", but I have no clue where to kinda start. I've never cosplayed before, and this will be my first convention, so I want it to look really good. Any suggestions/tips? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello. I have a somewhat strange request today. I'm making a music video for "Canterlot Whore". It's a parody/homage of Papa Roach's "Hollywood Whore", and it takes a look at how things might turn out if they sent the real Pinkie back into the Mirror Pool and kept a dysfunctional clone by accident. She's a mess, completely broken, a lot like PARTY.MOV, yada yada. Anyways, for the cover art of the video I'd like to use a somewhat authentic looking 4Chan style of photograph of a girl with pink hair holding up a sign that reads "Canterlot Whore". Try to keep it at least marginally PG-13/TV-14 (US) or 15 (UK) or whatever comparable content guidelines exist where you're submitting it. If it helps, "trashy" is useful for this project, but "sexual" not so much. Multiple photos would be great, since they could be used throughout the video. Hell, even if you're a guy, a good photo is a good photo, so long as it captures the vaguely tragic/comedic/awkward vibe of the song. Thanks for your help. This photo kind of has what I'm looking for, but I don't plan to use this one, because I have no idea who she is, and I don't want to get sued for labeling her a whore in a video that thousands of people will see. P.S. If the photography subject is not 18 (or legal age within your own country...whichever is higher), I'm afraid I can't use your photo.
  7. Hey, anybody here do cosplay? Horror cosplay! Movie cosplay! Even pony cosplay! Post yourself in costume, your props, your costume stuff, any of it, all of it, here! Let's start us off.... Here's a couple of cosplays that I've done- Pics of my The Lost World: Jurassic Park InGen Hunter Costume: My Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween II mask and knife: Some pics of me in full Myers costume: My Friday the 13th Part III Jason: Played with some effects on my camera to alter the coloration on my Jason picture. Much creepier, IMO: My cosplay weapons: And a Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Hobo Michael Myers that I'm currenty working on: ^Still need: -wig+beard set
  8. I went to MCM October Expo and cosplayed Poison Ivy! Sewing the leaves on took foreveeerrrrr but I think it was worth the effort. I'm so proud of how she turned out!
  9. Hey guys just joined here and wanted to get some feedback on my vinyl cosplay. thank you so much.
  10. So yeah like i said in the topic when i have no ponies to watch these thing happen i do everything my self
  11. Hey, Um, I'm cosplaying Rikka from Chunnibyou and i found some wigs on ebay but i have bad luck with ebay. Whenever i buy something it's always cheep and pretty overall shitty. One time i paid alot of money for this Luka figma and when i got it, its head wouldnt attach. I swear i was going to flip a desk. Anywho, I'm pretty picky when it comes to cosplay.,I like to get it just right! I know milanoo is a rip-off. I like hello cosplay but they don't have the cow lick part of the wig, and i really don't feel like styiling it, i'd rather just get her wig already made. If you can help thanks, I'll love you forever =^.*.^ =
  12. Happy Nightmare Night to all! I just got back from work, but I had wanted to stop by to check up on everyone. I dressed up for work today as Pinkie Pie. Needless to say, the kids loved it! *bounces* I came to share some images. I was originally going to be Fluttershy but I used my light pink wig last year. Either way, here are a couple of pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of fun and tricks, harhar! For more pictures please check out this post /headstrongpredator-happy-halloween-everyone And of course check out the rest of my MLP blog while you're at it. I will post more MLP related things really soon(including a lot more of my Pinkie Pie imitations! *I need to upload them onto youtube). Take care everypony!
  13. I posted this one or two other places cause I wasn't sure where I was supposed to but I think I have it figured out now. Lol so I'm new to the site and just wanted to share my vinyl scratch cosplay! Love to hear your feedback!
  14. First time posting one of these, idk if it would be Craft or you know Cosplay. But here it is don't mind the.. Well background/me with ma epic hoodie on! Didn't show my face because i got way too much Pimples ATM! Btw! I made this aboust 2-3 years ago, so it does have minor errors.
  15. ok so i posted before asking for help deciding on something for this and now that ive gotten enough votes i started, i just finished the helm eairler today, ill post pics as i finish each piece, the full set will consist of a helm, chest piece, back piece, shin guards, bracers, sheild, sword, cape, and possiably an armored skirt. if anyone has any questions i am more then happy to answer
  16. My casting abilities starting up. I hope you all enjoy watching my stages. etc. I would love some comments soon. tomorrow I have management classes. Cosplay first one is called Fraun (Swan and Fawn)
  17. Ok so I need someone to re-draw this on an ipad or computer or something. I need it for my reaper cosplay. I got something for you guys so it would be a million times easier. Just follow the little notes on the side(except formthe ones that say "or"). You can pretty much trace the bottom part but the top needs to be fixed. Thanks in advance!
  18. my mate and I were playing Saints row the third until a crazy idea hit us, paint cars after mlp characters Mane 6 Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Fluttershy Applejack Rainbow Dash Rarity Background Ponies Lotus Aloe OC Ponies (taking requests) Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer's Dimitri Hammer Feld0's Overlord's Vinyl Blade ParsoOfEquestria's Parso Incendiare Shankveld's Cherished Colt-Fortune's Colt Fortune Auron's Jack Stallionston
  19. Does anyone hear contribute to the community? By contribute, I mean do fanwork like fanfiction, art, animation, cosplay, ect. Personally, I don't. I am a terrible artist, not willing to write fanfiction, and have no knowledge in cosplay.
  20. edit: looks like I found one You can now ignore this post, heh. Soon my full ensemble will be complete, yay! Just need to finish making my necklace XD
  21. Hey guys am a big queen chrysalis fan so i wanted to do her gender bend for a anime con am going to soon i would like your input on how i should make the crown were i could find a good place to buy the kind of wig in the pic of him and boots:D also if anypony knows were to get good dark green contacts that would be nice how do i get too look that pale? also any other tips on pulling this cosplay off would be nice
  22. Well, as the title says, I am having trouble deciding on which theme my OC would be best suited for (this will be the theme I make my cosplay for going to cons in as-well) Here is a picture of me: and here is a picture of my OC (as drawn by SkyDancer on BAu): i already thought of either steam or cyber punk, but the only problem is budget wise... I've tried going out in my jedi costume but it was just too much, didn't quite suit... So, any ideas? (would be best if it could fit a somewhat moderate budget)
  23. I'm going to a con in a couple weeks, CONvergence. I'm going to be cosplaying as Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club: She looks a bit like a boy, that's kinda the premise of the show. But, anyway, I was trying on the outfit yesterday, defiantly not official cosplay. I have to fix the hair, obviously, and we still need the dress pants and shoes. Otherwise, how does the uniform look?
  24. So, as far as I know, I am the first ever Sunset Shimmer Cosplayer. I figured I would post some pics here. I got started as soon as I saw Equestria Girls last week.