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Found 1 result

  1. Last night I was busy catching up on season six, and while reading off to bed I began thinking. Many of my assossiates have told me how they thought season six was the worst of the entire show run. Yet here I was laughing and enjoying myself just like every other season preceding. So here is my proposed question, is it possible to hold unrealistic standards or overanylize a show to the point where you lose enjoyment in it? We all enjoy My Little Pony, that's why we're here. It seems that over time however that some people have forgotten that it's a kids show at heart. That's why Y7 appears in the corner of every episode after all. Yet some fans, with religious fervor, will go beyond reasonable measures to prove that it somehow isn't. This isn't to say adults can't watch MLP of course, what I'm getting at is that some people hold the show up to a high standard it will never reasonable achieve. In this way I feel that this not only alienates others from watching the show but when someone holds that high of a bar the more furious they become when it can't reach that artificial standard. I believe this is where the people crying that, "Season one/two was the best season," come into play. Again this isn't to say that one can't hold that opinion. Only that it may be because of a certain bar they hold over the older episodes that somehow limits their enjoyment of those following. Then there are those people I feel may look too deep into the show for messages that don't exist. An common example I see is the season five episode Do Prinesses Dream of Magical Sheep. In this episode Luna is tormented by the Tantabus in her dreams as penance for the Nightmare Moon incident. The moral of the episode basically can be summed up to 'Don't beat yourself up over past events you can't change and move on to make yourself a better person'. At least that's what I got out of it, but some people find another message hidden there. They'll claim it's an allegory for self harm, and it is this manufactured message that has caused people I know to leave the fandom. I personally do not agree that this is what the message of the episode is at all, and is instead a warped one to fit what that specific person wants to believe. Again I direct you to the Y7 rating. I of course am not saying that children's television can't tackle mature subjects, but do you really think that MLP is trying to honestly teach little kids the ramifications of self harm when at this stage in life they wouldn't have even thought about such things? The message is about letting go of the past for those things that weigh on us, a relatable message as I believe we've all done things we've regretted. So there is my point, are people overanylizing a kids shownto the point of seeing things that aren't there? I'll step off my soap box now. This is just a topic that has been bothering me for a while now. Do any of you agree that some people hold too high of a standard for children's media or not? Let me know, I just wanted to spark a bit of an engaging dialogue. Have a nice day everyone!