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Found 546 results

  1. Script Chime

    critique wanted Pony Art Collection

    So I have been making pony art and have posted them as status updates but I just decided to have an actual topic for myself for these things similar to my cutie mark topic. Here we are first down the runway is the first piece I did once I got my computer back Happy Script Chime! Speedpaint for this one here Next is a dark side for Script here named Elusive Shadow well one rendition of her anyway Next up is a demon edgelord who is the boyfriend of a roleplay character give it up for Shaded Fang Alright I'm done with the "fashion show" gimmick anyway next are to characters who love each other dearly this is Delightful Sweets and Cunning Claws! Moving on is the darkest yet supposedly happiest moment of my life. The day I earned my cutie mark Next is kind of sad. Its two characters once enamored with each other getting the punishment for that love. For something on a lighter note here is something based off a person at my job. She has this aura of just cuteness and the constant inability to hate her on her side so I drew this out to show how I felt Speedpaint for this is here And finally the most recent work Flank Sinatrot singing. Yes that's a pun and no I don't feel ashamed. I love the music he sang and I had wanted to make the piece for a long time and I finally got the time to so here we go The speedpaint for this is here Hope you like this!
  2. So I've had this idea for a fan species (Ex: Whisper ponies, Ice cream ponies, Flutterias, Pond ponies/Fawn ponds, Flame lights) for a long time and I kinda started it out, but gave up when I realized it was too complicated to create a whole new species all alone ;~; They were called Nature ponies because they were all based off of natural disasters or weather. Like this girl who is a volcanic type Nature. Or this guy who is a gloom type Nature. Sky Thunderstorm is also a gloom type although, he's a common rarity. I was working on the twister type Natures, but I never uploaded the art. Basically, they had glowing marks, couldn't open their eyes, the ears turned to twisters, and the tail was a twister. Does this sound interesting to anyone? I also have another one I was working on called Jems. They looked like this and had different types. Each gemstone was a different Jem type like my girl Salt Shaker. She's a diamond Jem because her gemstones were diamonds. Eh, eh? Interested anyone?
  3. This is my first concept design of the main character to my video game series. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ART OF THE CHARACTER! Changes may be provided as time goes on to him. I’ll make the changes maybe in the program I’ll make my first game in. Anything you think I should have critique of? Let me know of the first of the many designs to the main character I am in the middle of designing.
  4. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask such a question) I was wondering if anyone had any tips in creating a truly villainous villain, one that people dread the protagonist running into rather than just another obstacle. Might anyone have any tips on achieving such a character?
  5. Featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle at the song - We are the One!
  6. The Novel Series has Now Grown to 24 Books and Counting... However this depends on weather books are combined or Separated. Anything can happen.. Been Quiet for a While.. Busy on An Illustration Storm and the Stories... Here is a Sneak Peak update on titles of each novel and a scatter story here and there new stories.. 1.) Our Little Miracle 2.) The Story of Crystal Frost......Sneak peek.... ( When you wish upon a star Weather you are near or far.. Shining hope up in the sky Makes you tear up want to cry. Want to stay with all my heart Sadly I have to go depart My little child listen to me Your mother loves you so fondly. Yet the time has come to past Your father you will go at last My dearest child one last verse I say I love you with my heart, you will always forever stay... ) 3.) Challenges of Being a Father. 4.) Return of Crystal Frost 5.) The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 6.) Family Unity Tragedy Shatters..........Sneak Peek....... ( Seeing her father obsess over only work and her baby brother wanting to hold him all the time, starts to feel left out resentful for the baby... While her dad is at work, holding her sketch book, she hears her little brother now 2 years old, crying in the nursery, She goes inside,sketch book in her hoof, looks at him with tears in her eyes '' what are you crying For, mom held you in her arms for one full year, and she held on to me only once'' Tiger Lilly hearing the whole thing play out, tries to help Star Shine. However She Quickly turns on her'' what do you know,'' thinking back to that kiss at the festival'' you just wanted mom out of the way so you can have my dad all to your self.'' in tears she runs out of the room sketch book in her hoof..) 6.) Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.. 7.) Star Knight Shines Journey 8.) A Dragon in The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 9.) The Final Battle 10.) The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life 11.) The Truth will set you free 12.) Knight Wings Greatest Challenge. 13.) Frost Knight Storm Journey 14.) Visions of the Blind 15.) Varian Frost Swirl 16.) Romance and Tragedy........Sneak Peek.... ( The last day Varian, has to leave back to Military Base, seeing Hopes Mother Amanda, Confessing to her.’’ I love Hope more that anything,, I just don’t understand why her Father will not let us be.’’ Amanda respond.’’ He is Just afraid he will loose his baby girl.’’ Revealing to Varian, Adrian’s dream to have a big family. However the accident she been in, resulted in her unable to bear children ever again. The two still kept in the dark about the truth. ) 17.) Out of the Shadow and Into the Light 18.) A Struggle to Survive 19.) On a Journey for Home 20.) The Burden of Knowing the Truth 21.) Luke and Lucas..........Sneak Peek..... ( Hearing a rustle in the forest, heart racing, as Anita Appears in his view, walking to towards Lucas her mane and tail decorated in beautiful blue and pink Ribbons, holding in her mouth. A bouquet of fresh picked Golden orange Flowers kept in place with a beautiful blue ribbon. Walking to the place to sand by Lucas side... The Priest begins '' We gather here, in the presence of nature and her beauty , before God and his Son to join these two in holy matrimony,'' continue on, looking over at Anita.'' Lucas wishes share his vow he wrote just for you.'' Lucas feeling nervous, yet with the passion in his heart, gains the courage, reaches for his paper. Looking over at Anita..... ) 22.) Snowfall and the Prince......... Sneak Peek... ( Hearing a rustle in the bushes, seeing Richard hoof out motioning her to leave. Turns around for one last look. A tear falling from her eye, dropping on the newborns face, waking up the infant causing her to open her eyes, seeing a clear view of her mother, The Newborn making baby cooing sounds happy to see her mother. Quickly leaves her baby behind, running into the woods, crying, heartbroken as she hers her newborn cries. Richard seeing how emotional Snowfall was through the whole situation quickly chases after her. Prepared to fight to defend the creature he is forbidden to love. ) 23.) Glacier and the Princess.... 24.) Charity and the Guardian... I was Inspired By Charles Dickens ''A Christmas Carol.'' to Write no own version of the Well Known story. Raw Written Material in 5 days '' Once Upon a Christmas Tale.''18 Chapters long.. Here is sample to First Chapter. .......Once Upon a Christmas Tale........ .........Ch1........ "'Once upon a time, many years ago. During the time of Christmas, Frost, Ice, and, Snow. In the City of Forest Shine, A creature obsessed in business, That loved gold, With all his heart. Oh how he would quiver, At the thought to be apart. True his partner of long ago. Passed away within their successfully prime. Leaving the creature with everything, only wealth consume his mind. Yet let's continue further. For there is much to tell. How this creature went form obsession of greed. To being caring thoughtful and sharing with those in need.'' This one is Raw Written Material, Full of my Poetic works. However I want to go over it again and write in more Depth and Detail. Granted is Off from my 24 Novel series.. I Love the Story of the Twin Clyuniasus Sisters.. And yes there is Way more Rich Stories to Tell. Here is My You Tube With each Character officially tethered in the stories.. Clyony.. In summer their coat is very short, when fall comes and the weather gets cold the Clyonies coat would start to grow nice and long. When winter arrives their long coat will keep them warm and cozy. As the Season changes and Spring comes along their long coat sheds and becomes nice and thin. This cycle continues.. As the events in their history change them from wild to more civilized they not only build homes from wood, and cultivate the land for crops they cut their fur during fall and winter, keeping it nice and short, resulting them with the need to wear cloaks and other warm clothing. Painted Feathers is native to the lands. as her tribe sticks to the old ways of their ancestors. Novel Character Name : Painted Feathers Species : Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Novel Character Name : Ross Forest Species Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Ross Forest is what my species would look like with their fur trimmed or naturally shed... Granted all species Male and Female will have Furry legs, Furry underbellies and Fur in their ears. Only difference to look is build and the scruff under chin and painted look trailing from forehead and nose. yes I Plan to Trademark My Creation in Future.. And will announce it here. once I Achieve this Goal as well. What do you think of my New Design Look.. I'm aware that Hasbro is Changing their designs of MLP G5 .However now that I Published my Chosen Final Design Work they can not use my Exclusive Designs from what I created. More Sneak Peaks and Surprises on the Way...
  7. EDIT: please see the latest post to see the latest versions of these animations. Once I get some more feedback on the tail wireframe-animations and get a finalized version of the animations, I'll be updating this OP with the revised bases. I noticed that there weren't any base animations of Celestia walking---at least, none proportionate to the animations of the mane six (see my signature for an example of what I'm talking about). So when someone on deviantart requested an animation of Celestia, I took it upon myself to create such a base. It's a work in progress; I can tell that I need to fix the animation of her left front leg (the animation kind of jumps). I could use some pointers on what else I should do with it; for instance, should I have a frame or two where her flank is a pixel lower, to make it look more like she's walking? I used the frames of Celestia pacing back and forth, worrying whether Twilight would run into a manticore, from the Celestial Advice episode to make this. It's not an exact match, but I figured it didn't quite need to be. Please let me know what you think. (older EDIT): based on feedback I've received (thank you very much ShadOBabe!), I've created a wireframe base of Celestia walking, made to be to-scale with the existing pony pixelart animations. Feel free to use it!
  8. Lightning Roller

    critique wanted Fallout new vegas ponified

    Drew this for a friend a couple days ago. He was looking for commissions of robert house from fallout new vegas and I told him I'd take a shot at it. Gave me a chance to shake off my rust and draw something for the first time in a while.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering how I am copyright-wise with regards to Hasbro. I am writing a novel featuring horse like aliens in a futuristic setting. They can walk either quadruped or biped, and change their forehooves into hands when needed. They are also able to use telekinesis. Most have wings, but they can only glide and use them to aid in parkour ect. not fly outright. Would I be okay with copyright as far as Hasbro is concerned? It has no relation to the MLP world in any way, but I know how weird copyright can get at times, as they are pretty much Pegasi in all but name. Hasbro couldn't own the rights to the concept itself? Just thought I'd ask before I have cover art drawn up and everything. I would rather not, but I could change them to have a hybrid bat/feathered wing design instead. Here's a sketch I did of the two leads, the main character on the right, and her 11 year old son on the left. Thanks a bunch.
  10. Aetheres

    critique wanted Trailblazers

    Hello guys, Just started writing a new fic loosely based on Eve Online (although it's not central to the plot). I'm looking for some critique on my first chapter so I can eliminate any blundering errors that may lead to problems in the future. Also, if you'd like the plot for further study, don't be afraid to PM me for the document.
  11. Summary: A little time has passed since Princess Luna has returned to Equestria, and Luna still feels down and broken. So, her sister announced a holiday just for her.This is Lunar Appreciation Night, and ponies all over the Equestria are supposed to celebrate this, by writing the letters to newly redeemed Princess of the Night to make her feel better. Though there were a few letters with decent lengths but most of letters were nothing more than simple phrases "We love you Princess Luna" and "Happy Lunar Appreciation Night", which to some extent make her feel even worse, until she read out one letter which made her day (or in her case, night). Dear Princess Luna The most adored Princess of The Night And The Beauty of The Moon, and The Glimmers of The Stars Please accept the humble Greetings from one of your most pitiful subjects. I don't have words enough to explain my joy as I write this letter for you. The words can't comprehend how I feel when I think twice every time before writing every single word in your high regards. My greatest and most humble apologies as I feel lost here. I am clearly not sure how or where can I begin, or can I even begin at all. But I'll try my best anyways, and I will expect to get forgiveness for such disrespect, cause you deserve much more than that. You're more than a Princess to Equestria, you're more than an Alicorn, when I think about this and I see that you're not less than a blessing to the Land of Equestria. The Night you bring is more than just the dimmed shade of sky with Stars, and when I think about this I see this as a symbol of love you hold for your subjects and your kingdom, and you want them to see how much you care about all of them whether they see this or not. Your Night beholds the beauty more beautiful than anything else I ever known. And when I am all alone, sitting under the darkened sky I see that beauty, more over I see your love, and your care for your subjects, hoping that they will see this and may know that you care for them too. I can just go on all my life and still I don't think I'll ever be able to explain how I adore the charming beauty of The Night you bring, but I also want you to read this letter today, so I could make you feel that you're also loved, that you're also cared. But before I finish this letter, and let you know the name of this disrespectful subject of yours, I want to say something more. The Night may beholds the most incomparable beauty, but there is something which I adore even more than the Night, which I adore even more than the Stars, the only beauty who beholds the beauty more beautiful and adorable than the collective beauties of a thousands Starry Nights, and that's you, Princess Luna. This can be you and only you, the most adorable of all things beautiful in Equestria. Your Highness, I hope you except these few humble words of admiration. Happy Lunar Appreciation Night Your humble subject Night Glider ***Princess Luna's Perspective*** As Princess Luna finished the letter there was a genuinely true smile on her face, and tears in her eyes. She felt flattered as she looked towards a certain direction in horizon for some moments, before she she thought to herself "Maybe Tia is right," Luna smiled "Maybe some of my subjects still care for me, and others just needs a little time to understand."
  12. I was browsing through some old files on my old hard drive. I forgot I drew this picture a long time ago, around 2016. Something made me thought, why don't I have Nightmare Moon have an interest in model railroading. I mean, it sound crazy, but, hey why not? LOL Anyways, this is just a sketch, I know it's far from good to complete. Just asking what do you guys think about it?
  13. Heya everypony, so I tried to listen to the critique yall gave me earlier and I came up with this I gotta say I'm a lot more happy with this than the other one!
  14. Is my first time drawing something like thiscause I been looking at star wars space battle images and wanted to try it myself,so what do you guys think about it??? do I put tags? ^^;;;
  15. Drew Epona from LOZ into a mlp stylistic representation for LOZ:OOT's 20th Anniversary~ Lil late, yes, but the thought still counts~ I gave her fluffy ears, even though usually my ears are quite plain. The mane was a bit of a challenge but I think I represented well what I was going for. The hooves were fun to do even though they're a tad too detailed, basically she has two layers of fluff instead of one like some do. One of black, and one of white, and the hoof itself is grey. Her belly is black, and her muzzle is black too but I decided it was too strong so I lowered the opacity of it. Her eyes had to be green, to me, I'm not sure why. The lashes are Rainbow Dash inspired where they're not too girly but still girly suggested. Then the cutiemark is two carrots, one with a heart shape leaves and the other just stylized to look like the carrots from the carrot meter when you're riding Epona in the game. The background is just a simple river like background that's just a plain background so it completes the piece. Please know that I accept critiques, but my back hoof ankle bit is lower on purpose. That's my style of how I do the back hooves. The back back hoof is a bit off but I was too lazy to fix it. Otherwise, feedback away~
  16. Hardway Bet

    critique wanted Various Stuff

    Edit: I'm not actually asking for critique - though, sure, comment anything you like - I just thought you had to chose either 'no critique' or 'critique wanted', and now I can't get rid of it. Hey, I just thought if that if I'm gonna be active on here anyway, I might as well take the time to post some artwork. Also, if you want to avoid the stringent feedback rules here and tell me what worthless garbage I really am, I invite you to my Derpibooru account. Most of my stuff centers around fanfic ideas I had long ago but never made anything out of. What follows is a bunch of OCs from those stories - and I also tried my hand at turning one of the many scenes I've imagined into a comic page, albeit poorly. Pacing is hard. Pony deities from before the tribes united. A classic dysfunctional adventuring party.
  17. So I made my first Alicorn OC and was wanting a little feedback on her looks and the small things I got written up as a bio before I keep working on her! Name: Queen Amaranthine or Lady Amaranthine Title: Former Queen of the Isle of Avalon Nicknames: Ama, Warrior-Princess, Our Lady Talent: Fighting, Leading, Strategy Age: 25 Mother: Queen Madainn (Alicorn) Father: King Steelheart (Unicorn) Half Brother: King (Prince) Ferrum Note: She is ninth cousins with Princess Tia and Luna and Candace. Likes: Training, Fencing, Tracking, Spell-Work, Flying, Fighting Practice, Classic Plays, Sweet Drinks, Pastries, Cooking, Fish Dislikes: Dresses, Balls, Fancy Things, Courting Stallions, Dances, Wool, Pushy Beings.
  18. Preatorian60

    critique wanted So I drew Pinkie Pie

    Hiya! So I drew this little Pinkie Pie and I figured I'd post it
  19. Based on the amount of feedback I've gotten on my last thread, I've decided to reduce the number of pictures I'm showing per thread back down to one. That said, I've been wanting to do something involving both Blender and Inkscape at the same time, and this is what I came up with. (My usual hidden symbol wasn't integrated into this pic, something I only realised just now.) I highly appreciate any feedback on this; I'm finding it hard to keep drawing right now due to self-doubt and just not having time to draw anything right now.
  20. This is just a drawing I did of Discord staring into Cozy Glow, or is it vice versa.
  21. This is my ponysona! Its my first art piece of her that I made myself. It didn't take very long to make (her back legs took the longest) and I know I can improve so any criticism is welcomed! I hope you all enjoy!!
  22. Midnight Solace

    critique wanted Blank

    I like to draw. It takes my mind off the bad things. Sometimes the blank page makes me freeze up, though. It makes me more afraid of what will go wrong than what will go right...
  23. I've Been Drawing By Hand Quite A Long Time Now, And Nowadays I See Alot Of Pony Fan Art Drawn By PC. Personally I Think It Looks Better On PC But I Want To Know What You Guys Think. Hand Or PC Drawn?
  24. Midnight Solace

    critique wanted Mirrored

    When you look into a mirror, do you see yourself, or do you see something... else?
  25. Rocky Road and French Vanilla's baby girl. She fancies herself noble and refined like her mother, but she's much more like her father. I'll finish up Rocky Road and French Vanilla soon, but I loved Bean so much I HAD to draw her first.