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Found 340 results

  1. So, I was derping around in school the other day when I decided to work on some Alpha Foals. So far I only have Berry Punch finished, as well as a quick doodle of Sparkler and Noi, but the other three'll be up later! Berry Punch: Sparkler and Noi (Note: Their eyes are white because they're ghosts! ) I really only uploaded to get your guys' opinion: am I a good artist? EDIT: Hooray for updates! This may not be update art, but I felt like drawing it. :3
  2. I'm not certain if this is the right place for this thread .... do move it if i have placed it wrong. Ok, here are my latest pixellization of non-mlp-characters as ponies + some other characters. Viewers are wellcome to suggest what the character says, as well as comment normally
  3. Hello I’m Director of Hoofs of Liberty Team. Project team develop MLP : FIM and Starcraft 2 CrossOver. This forum has many creators and creating stuff. I feel happy to find this forum. As Director of Project, I need many of line art artists to make project. Can I ask to join our Project Team? Project Promotion. I'm making Pony Crossover Project. I need your help. Introduction. I started to Starcraft 2 and Friendship is magic CrossOver Project. Project will be developed as 15-20 second per one picture and additional narrative with voice acting like Half Animated asks Discord : Link and ask Princess Molestia, mature content : Making process. My Aim is make 20 minutes story for each episodes; 25 more episodes to make complete story. I’m writer and director but not drawer. The Project needs 60-80 line arts for 1 episode. Team need 4-6 or more line art artists and 2 or more basic line coloring-but not full coloring- or basic coloring artists; a lot of very confidence voice actors; 1 or 2 video editors for sound mixing and subtitles; and 1 concept director and assistant director, who keep My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic’s direction and feeling into CrossOver Project PonyCraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty. It’s fan made project. I expect making 1 Episode would take 1 or 3 weeks. Each Line art artist will follow guide of concept director Antik9797; will drawing 13 or 15 line art for 1or 3 week. Story and Character line. I finished character overview of Hoofs of Liberty Project. It’s character developing and matching document; and, I will make synopsis soon Link : http://kardien.devia...llery/#/d52wljv . I wrote Ponified The Deal Trailer script; have idea of first three episodes, currently. Project will follow basic line of original starcraft 2 stories but Hoofs of Liberty will also have their own storyline and plot twist. Hoofs of Liberty is CrossOver Project. I hope project will have its own taste and enjoyment. Pony kind will have similar position like terrain but they keep their own culture and way of life from original show. Few of special ponies-Alicorns have great magical power unlike Terran doesn’t have. Discord will featured as zerg in story. Their creature spread disharmony through universe. They are opposite to Pony Kind who wants harmony and friendship. Griffon will have position of Protoss. It mean they have mixed identity which comes from both of Protoss and MLP : FIM Griffon. First Step. [Project need line art drawers urgently. Project aim basic line drawing; you can join project if you can make line art drawing and have passion of Ponies. Think about Project team’s story become popular among bronies; and, change community.] My first movement as director is making preview video before team start to make actual episode. I want team ponified Starcraft 2 trailer first as a promotion of project. Starcraft 2 trailer The Deal has 3 minutes lengths. Project needs 24 picture and few voice actors. Starcraft 2 Trailer the deal Link : http-~~-// Preview video need 1 or 2 video/sound editor for making caption and project logo in Ponified trailer; voice actors for Princess Celestia, Applejack and adjutant-colt/male voice/warm tone but little bit indifferent like machine because Pony is maternal society; adjutant is needed to be colt unlike terrain; 1 or 2 line art artist; and, 1 line coloring artist. Please, send mail to Project Team. I already wrote script. Reason of why I start project. My plan started with Ponycraft 2 trailer mash up : It is well done Pony trailer mash up; called One of Brony’s best Conversion Tool. RTS Game Starcraft 2’s is basically adventure story in space; find what are humanity, freedom and things which wroth for fighting. Think about Ponies in space which called Centaurs Sector; and, struggling against Alien races-I decide to use Discord as Zerg, Griffon as Protoss; to keep their Equinity. In Project Story, Twilight Sparkle; she lost almost things after betrayal of her previous teacher Princess Celestia and brutal Brood War. Even, herself doesn’t sure she will find real friendship and love in wartorn space; but, when time has comes which Discord and Disharmony invade into Centaurs Sector; she start adventure to find her old friend and save all Ponies from threat of Discord and Disharmony. I want to make well done and Full Length finished Story that can outstanding in our Brony Community. Project Plan is possible; I aim enough to good equity to sell Project. It’s dream get support from both Hasbro and Blizzard Companies; but, I want to make impressive Story which can inspire actual show. Things I need as Project Director is your Passion of My Little Pony. Brony Community already made many real meetings, products and albums. They already proved we can make some good stuff within our community and culture. If you have strong love and Passion about pony, that’s enough. And, send mail to ; While I make actual Synopsis Ponycraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty. Let’s do this, make Project Team Hoofs of Liberty. Current Development. Director : Kardien Lupus. Art and Concept Director : Antik9797 Link . He will give Critique and suggested improvements to keep MLP : FIM show’s feeling in Project. Currently Team managed to gather three voice actors. Voice Actors SooperTanzy : Voice Actor of Celestia-changed .Daniel Escudero : Voice Actor of Adjutant Stallion-AI Link . Ail : Voice Actor of Applejack Link . I still need more of bronies and your passion to make project; especially line artists. I will make clear timeline and portfolio after Project have enough core members. My Twitter is @Kardien_Lupus or you can search as Kardien Lupus. My Deviantart is . Offical Tumblr is .
  4. Just posted this on my DA page, getting quicker at Illustrator and drawing in general. Asking for opinions here on improvements or what you like about it. It's Kermit the Frog as Batman!
  5. Someone else has gotten permission from the author of the Phoenix Wright Crossovers and has started their own crossover of that. Miles Edgeworth will also be included and will appear in the next episode. Basically a crossover of a crossover [media=] [/media]
  6. I'm busy writing a fic witch puts the ponies from the series in a situation echoing that of the Dissidia games. I have a few of the chapters up for test reading and I would love to have some feedback on them. I still intend to make at least one illustration per chapter and add background music, but I'm neither Tetsuya Nomura nor Deadmau5 and it shows, if anyone would be willing to help me with either I would be so grateful for that. Here's a link to the story Again, please tell me your opinion, even if you think it completely sucks, just tell me what I can do to improve it.
  7. My Little Clue: Whodunit is Magic, idk I just like using My Little (blank): (blank) is (blank) Anyways, crossover time with an old, popular board game: Clue! Professor Plum Sparkle Miss Green Shy Colonel Applejack Miss Peacock Dash Miss Scarlett Pie Miss White Rarity and finally a group photo to tie it all together!
  8. I have recently been working on a story insired by several hours of playing Dragon Age: Origins and then going back to my computer to watch ponies. I have up until this point been uploading it to but I thought it might be a good idea to share it here as well. Here is the premise. The Unicorn and The Blight "The world of Thedas is on the brink of the fifth Blight and the Grey Wardens are once again needed. Their warnings have been ignored for too long and the world may truly face disaster. One Unicorn Stallion, alone in the world, finds himself pulled into the turmoil and learns that the Wardens may be few in number, but even a single Warden can hold the fate of Thedas in his hooves. " I would be happy if you read it and if you do I would be gratefull to any comments or critique. This is my first time atempting to write something like this so any feedback would be welcome.
  9. Do you like Video Games? Do you like My Little Pony? Are you a Spriter or Pixel Artist? Do you wish that there were more Video Games and other related material to My Little Pony? If you said yes to all of the above, then you've come to the right place. This is a crossover thread which is dedicated to combining our favorite ponies into our favorite video game classics. And the way to do that is with Sprite Editing Projects where the goal is to replace the characters of a game with ponies. A prime example of this is Pony Poki Panic, made by herooftime1000. This game is a modification of Super Mario Bros 2 but with the main cast and some of the enemies replaced with MLP-Themed Characters. So if you're good at Spriting and have lots of free time on your hooves, this is where you come in. All the Projects here are voluntary and open to everypony. ========== Project: Legend of Cadance 2: Shining Armor's Adventure Princess Cadance has been put to eternal sleep by an evil magician and now it's up to our hero, Shining Armor, to retrieve the Triforces to break the spell. In order to do that, he will have to venture far and wide and face many perils in order to return the six crystals of harmony to each of the great palaces which are scattered across many unfamiliar lands. -Change this Sprite Sheet of Link to Shining Armor -Princess Cadance > Zelda -Grogar > Ganon -Parasprites > Boons -Diamond Dog Soldiers > Moblins -Timberwolves > Goriyas -Griffon Soldiers > Darias -Tambelon Goat Soldiers > Lizalfos -Cataphracts > Iron Knuckles -Pegasus Nightguards > Hawk Knights - > Horsehead - > Helmethead - > Rebonack -Chosen Necromancer of Grogar > Carock -Evil Minotaur > Gooma - > Barba -Nightmare Moon > The Thunderbird
  10. Transformers: Return to Ponyville is the first sequel in the Transformers/Friendship is Magic crossover trilogy. It will feature some more bots, such as Devastator. NEW BOTS Sideswipe Devastator Brawl PLOT 6 months after the events of the first movie, Optimus Prime and the Autobots has been protecting Ponyville from Decepticons that have been invading Equestira. They even got a new recruit Autobot named Sideswipe. Meanwhile, the ponies have been doing their average pony thing. But they don't know that the Decepticons are planning something. But Optimus is suspicious. He calls a meeting with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, telling them what's going on. Princess Celestia assures Optimus that with Megatron destroyed, the Decepticons will have no choice but to give up. But Optimus isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash discovers a piece of the Allspark, which was destroyed during the battle in Ponyville in the first movie. She thinks the Decepticons want it, so she tries to hide it somewhere where they can't find it. But the fragment's energy signals are emitting. The Decepticons, led by Starscream, find out the location of the shard and attack Ponyville to get it. The Autobots arrive just in time to fight the Decepticons, and a fight happens. But the Decepticons get the shard and make off with it. The Decepticons find Megatron's body, which was dumped in the Equine River. They use the shard and bring Megatron back to life. The Decepticons head to the woods to discuss their plan. Megatron tells them that he's heard of this thing called The Elements of Harmony, and tells his minions they could be useful to the Decepticon cause. So, the Decepticons attack and destroy Canterlot and kidnap Princess Celestia, threatening to kill her unless the ponies hand over the Elements of Harmony. The non-main ponies decide to give Megatron the Elements of Harmony to save Princess Celestia. But, Rainbow Dash says NO! RD manages to knock some sense into Twilight, though, and together, they rally all the ponies and tell them they're not going down without a fight and they manage to find Optimus and the Autobots. The ponies and Autobots head to the ruins of Canterlot to confront the Decepticons, and plan to use fake Elements of Harmony to trick Megatron and plan to use the REAL Elements of Harmony to defeat Megatron. Megatron examines the fake Elements of Harmony, fooled at first, but then he sees through their trick, telling them the REAL Elements of Harmony are NOT made of plastic. A huge battle in Canterlot happens, and Megatron swipes the REAL Elements of Harmony, and he becomes EXTREMELY powerful. Using the Elements of Harmony, Megatron hammers Optimus during their fight, and sends the Decepticons to attack the Autobots, and Devastator, a huge monster robot made of 6 Constructicons, to destroy the ponies. Optimus fights Devastator, and with the help of Rainbow Dash, destroys him. The ponies and Autobots fight the Decepticons in an intense battle, while Optimus confronts Megatron again, and gets pummeled again due to Megatron wielding the power of The Elements of Harmony. But Optimus finds enough strength to hit Megatron hard enough to knock the artifacts controlling the Elements of Harmony off Megatron's head. The ponies use the Elements of Harmony to severly damage Megatron, and he and his Decepticons are forced to leave Equestria. But Megatron vows that this is not over. Equestria is saved once again through the courage of the ponies and the Autobots. The End SEQUEL Another sequel is being planned. It is the last installment in the trilogy and will be THE MOST ACTION PACKED! TO CHECK OUT THE FIRST MOVIE, CLICK HERE!
  11. Hi there! These ponies are a crossover from of my favorite series.(aside from mlp)The series is called Shaman King. Yoh (the pony on the left) is one of my favorite characters of all time! Mainly because of his personality. It's like if you took all the elements of harmony and smashed into one, that would be Yoh's personality. I also had a fun time drawing Amidamaru (the pony on the right) in his spirit form. Though, I'm not very good at drawing swords. Sorry about the cutoffs. When I was scaning the outlines the paper in my printer was larger than my sketch book paper. This is my first is my first time posting art work here so tell me what you think.
  12. I just finished this tonight for my special somepony. This is a character from League of Legends (LoL) called Vladimir.
  13. This is just a tribute mostly to my friend and their videos. Please subscribe to them and like my story All suggestions are loved. Here is another site to read my fic on if this version is difficult to read. http://www.fimfictio...s-of-friendship Chapter order: 1 A fortress of Friendship(An unexpected Teleportation) 2 Twilight's Sniper training 3 Rainbow Dash: Scout training 4 Applejack's Engineer Training 5 Big Mac’s training 6 Rarity’s training 7 Fluttershy’s training 8 Spike’s training 9 Zecora’s training 10 Pinkie Pie’s training 11 The Switch: Rainbow Dash and Applejack 12 Dash's 20 cooler new style 13 Applebloom and her mark on the world 14 Rainbow Dash vs. Scootabuse 15 Twilight’s death, Luna’s blessing 16 Ben and Silver Speech 17 Ben and the Cutie Mark Cultists 18 Ben's Challenge 19 Tank 2.0 A fortress of friendship.docx Twilight sniper training.docx Rainbow Dash Scout training.docx Applejacks training.docx Big Mac's training.docx Rarity's training.docx Fluttershy's medic training.docx Spike's training.docx Zecora's Demo apprenticeship.docx Pinke Pie's training.docx Rainbow Dash and Applejack, The Switch.docx Rainbow Dash's 20% cooler weapon and style.docx Applebloom and her mark on the world.docx Rainbow Dash VS Scootabuse.docx Twilight's death and Luna's blessing.docx Ben and Silver Speach.docx Ben and the Cutie Mark Cultists.docx Ben's challenge.docx Tank 2.0.docx
  14. Now, if My Little Pony broke the 4th wall, what show/game would you consider them related to first?
  15. There’s a Pony for That! I think I've seen a pony version of almost everything and everyone so this is the thread where we’ll be compiling an image gallery of all of them! I'll be updating the OP regularly with the ponies. Keep in mind, this isn't the place for just any pictures of crossovers- only "ponified" pics are allowed. As in taking something that isn't a pony and turning it into one- not the other way around. Example: Happy posting, everypony! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Video Games Comic Books TV Other