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Found 331 results

  1. I noticed how there is a maximum of FOUR binding of Issac crossover fan fictions. This game has great story, characters, setting, creatures - why doesn't it get moar love ?
  2. In her seeking for secrets of the worlds, she gets to it's darkest corners... Crossover with masterpiece of gaming industrie. Not perfect, so I need your critique and advice. Also, Deviantart.
  3. I really suck at editing. Every time I attempt to edit, it's still full of mistakes. So can someone else please edit it? I will credit you. Just include the name you want to be credited as. It is a My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop crossover fan fiction and a Rarity based one.
  4. LiraCrown

    An Ico crossover

    Not sure if an Ico crossover has been done much. I have another image of this crossover in mind but this one is just an extra cause I had time to do it. Mostly played with the background stuff.
  5. Primarch Fulgrim

    Dark Warhammer 40k MLP Crossover short

    Das Story Ayy, tell me what you think. Don't need to know much about WH40K 2 read. Also, tell your friends that might be interested. Will post updates on the addition of new content!
  6. Long ago in a distant land, I, Hasbro, the shape-shilling master of marketing unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish Faust writer wielding a pony show stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final story arc was struck, I tore open her contract and sent her into the future where my canon is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the show and undo the evil that is Twilicorn. So, with that joke out of the way. I'm curious to see what everyone would think if there was a hypothetical crossover episode where Jack found his way to Ponyville. What would happen? I think it would work out something like this: * Jack finds his way to Ponyville, a small pocket of freedom in Aku's domain thanks to Princess Celestia's rule. * There's a language barrier between the two 'cause equestrians and human. * Through gestures Jack helps the mane six save Ponyville from the forces of Aku. * Jack learns of the power of friendship. * The samurai wants to stay, but decides he has to continue his quest. * Cue the second parter. * The mane six travel with Jack as he confronts Aku for their final showdown. * The seven heroes fight and defeat Aku, allowing Jack to return to the past after many farewells.
  7. This is my first poll, so hopefully it doesn't burst into flames but... At first people were very apprehensive about this topic, bronies didn't want anything to do with it, but after watching, some actually enjoyed it, and I think that especially after Rainbow Rocks, a large number of EQG fans, namely fans of Sunset Shimmer, have emerged. So I put this topic in show discussion because technically it has to do with the show, and there will be a less bias opinion here. So how do you feel about mixing the show and the movies? Do you want them to stay separate forever? Are you open to change? or would you absolutely support some pony shimmer? Edit: I will try not to vote till later on
  8. Suukorak

    The Mata Nui War

    Hello everyone! This isn't technically a new story, but I've never posted it here before, and I recently updated it. It's a Bionicle-MLP crossover and I'd like to hear what you guys think of it. It's got about four kilowords so far but it's been relatively unnoticed (or maybe no bronies like Bionicle, and I'm a weirdo). Anyway: [The Mata Nui War] Enjoy! Please let me know what you think, in the comments either here or on FiMFiction. ...or both. P.S. I've got another story which I haven't posted here. It's been complete for nearly a year now, though; should I still post it?
  9. Brony Man

    Adventure Hi guys. Heyo guys. SparkinClark here. Are you guys a fan of MLP/Pokemon crossover stories? Well, check out my crossover story I am making called "It's a Whole New World We Live In." So give that baby a like, follow and comment. Heck! You can even make a side story if you like?
  10. Buck Testa

    Ima Take her home!

    I'm a fan of Higurashi and Mlp, and I know a meeting between these two would go EXACTLY like this
  11. My goal when putting this fanfiction idea together is to find a balance between the dark drama of Vampire the Masquerade with the lighthearted world of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The roleplaying game is actually pretty grim, as even the vampires that are the protagonist struggle with what is called 'the beast' or 'the beast within' and it is much of a tooth and nail world. The clans of Camarilla, though aligned and working together to keep the deception of the Masquerade intact, at times see their allies poorly and struggle with their own problem or conflicts. I have decided, because of what such would represent, that each of the six will be of different houses which thankfully isn't too difficult. Yet by having the six be the vampires of the clans it will mean their personalities will be a bit darker. On the same note the dark drama of the roleplay will be lessened, as I wish to still stay true to the show to an extent. This will be interesting and challenging to say the least, which is why I ask all those that know the Vampire the Masquerade or are willing to learn of the roleplay help me figure out how to do this. I would be most grateful for any help I can get and what I currently have is below. Also there will still be the Elements of Harmony in this fanfiction though they may work a bit differently and it is because of these artifacts and the six vampires of the clans that used them that Luna was able to be torn from the grasp of her own 'beast within'. One thing I am sure you will also notice as well as there wont be any true family bonds, as only the Giovanni clan actually take from their own often incestuous family line... and lets just say there is a few reasons why Camarilla hates this clan and that is one of them. Most vampires that are sired are not related to the one that changed them into their undead state though I have played it that they still 'join the families' of their sire so to speak. Twilight Sparkle would be of Clan Tremere, as turned by a vampire that would become her mother who had adopted Twilight with her hunsband and raised her in preparation of what she would learn of Tremere. When she had gained the attention of her city's princess, and the most ancient of Camarilla's elders, she would become her student... despite the fact Celestia was a Ventrue. The reason for this was that Celestia was far more skilled in Thaumaturgy then most Tremere. This being mostly because of her age then anything else, thus being one that could teach her student many things especially the use of the power Presence, and the blood magics of her student's clan. Twilight has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, wishing to know all there is and a very logical mind which lend well to her great skill at magic. Pinkie Pie would be of Clan Malkavian, a true example of her clan as she does not always make sense and her insanity showing itself as an odd eccentrics and a surprising energy few could hope to match. Her greatest pleasure being to bring, at times confusing, excitement into the lives of those she meets and especially that of other kindreds. Her greatest skill being to cause others to laugh and to underestimate the abilities she possesses, all the while taking in what is going on around her and doing that which seems impossible... or so it seems. In truth it is because the special power of her clan Dementation is continuously in effect if to a minor degree, simply put the impossible things that happen when she is around is because of this power. Rarity would be of Clan Toreador, a vampire of great beauty and refinement a Toreador in every sense of the word that goes through her unlife working for there to be beauty all around her. Having been a fashion designer in life she continues such once being turned, growing to be in demand by those like her because of her skills. Yet her skills were not only in the cloth but in a social setting as well, truly knowing how to manipulate those around her and get what she wants out of the situation. Yet at the same time, secretly, she has shown what would surprise many to be a generous side that only those she trusts knows about and all others she waves it away as no big deal or suggests is for selfish reasons. Rainbow Dash would be of Clan Brujah, is hotheaded and brash much like other of her clan with of love of the extreme. Once a stunt flyer that did small shows in her town it was through this she gained the chance to meet fliers more skilled then herself who it turned out one was of the clan Brujah and she was turned into a vampire. Loving her new abilities and speed as a vampire she took to it better then many. Quick to violence she is also very loyal, and has a sense of honor that will allow her to be relied on despite her temper. She seems to care more about showing off and looking cool yet is willing to puts such aside if she needs to and is very good to have in a fight. Applejack would be of Clan Ventrue, having been turned by one she would come to call her brother and taken in by his family growing to eventually pretty much lead her new family's business. Known for keeping her words and her dealings honest with the kindred she always gives a fair yet profitable price. Having a strong will and hardheadedness that cases her house and others exasperation at times, yet her grasp of the rules and how to use them is second to none. She will help to make sure everything is in order and point out the flaws in what others say even if she does not lead, and it seems she has gained the strength know for by her family. Fluttershy would be of Clan Gangrel, being a true oddity among vampires and is considered too softhearted for unlife, making many wonder who sired. Her passion and skill for animals, the very thing that caused her to be turned her into a vampire by her sire, helped her to reforge the bond that had seemed lost with her animal compantions for becoming a monster. She is shy and reclusive to say the least but has over time grown used to her lot. She still likes to stay in the forest with her animal companions yet has learned how to involve herself in Camarilla's affairs and has, surprisingly for many, even become close to some of other vampires. Celestia and Luna would be of Clan Ventrue, both over 2000 years old and thus very powerful though for a very long time Luna had been imprisoned when she lost herself to the 'beast within' until her sister was able to finally find a way to bring her back to her senses and have her released from the beast. Many wondered why the eldest didn't just kill her, as was common for those that gave in and lost themselves to the beast but if she had there would be one less threat to any that thought to oppose the Camarilla and Equestria. It was also for other reasons, as it had been because of her sister that Celestia had not herself given into the beast and gone mad. Not only that but they were mutually blood bonded to the fullest degree, which in part is what lead Luna to fall to her darkness when her sister begin spending more time with and giving more attention to her subjects then to her. Now that Luna has returned though her older sister has shown her more affection then she could almost handle, in part because of how much Celestia missed her. Luna has had to learn to adapt to the changes that have come about since her return, and is currently be taught by her sister how to come to a state where she will not need to worry of her beast any longer. It has been spoken that Celestia has found Golconda, and for those that actually know more her search for such come after being forced to imprison her sister away when she gave into the beast. This actually is truth, which bring into question why this princess and elder has not left as most have that gained Golconda... but for all that know her it is because she truly does care about her subjects both vampire and mortal, being unwilling to leave for as long as they need her. It was on the return of her sister, after Luna was given release from the beast, that Celestia now helps her younger sister towards Golconda as well. Yet she has not only focused on herself and her sister but seeks to lead other vampires to this higher state as well... counting perhaps Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- No one knows for sure where Discord came from though the princess connect him to the Clans Ravnos and Followers of Chaos (alternate version of Followers of Set), an extremely ancient vampire that even Celestia and Luna fear greatly. With no care but for his own and having perfected many of powers that a vampire can learn he seems at times to actually warp the land around him with his illusions and magics. Manipulative and deceptive he loves getting others to play his games at his terms. Working it so that he comes out on top and with the last laugh. He holds no love for his kindred or for the clans, let alone humans which he uses as mere playthings... though he often does the same for vampires as such there isn't much difference.
  12. Buck Testa you know them?

    Poor Twilight did not know the Foreign princess she was going to meet was none other than Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III and her two brothers Yakko and Wakko... she's going to have a looong day
  13. After the origins of his tranformation were raveled Discord reluctantly and slowly began to tell them tales of his human childhood. . According to him he was the coolest kid in the town . It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was bragging . So Twilight cast a spell on him him. This allowed them to hear his true pre- chaos life . They found out that he was in fact one of the most disliked children in his home town of South Park for some very good reason . He had committed many , many crimes ranging from murder to drug use to pricy and those were just 3 of his hundreds of misadventures with is former friends . It turns out that in oddness his town was not unlike ponyville itself . Everypony ( or as the humans called it everyone ) was weird and special in there own liute wats and things always attacked the town . Some of these occurrences had to do with Eric / Discord directly such as a giant chaos demon named Cthulhu who Discord continued to be friends with throughout his chaotic reign over Equstria. However despite all the trouble he caused Discord had quite a few embarrassing moments including loosing a fight to a girl who he'd teased for years and getting arrested many times . His most desturbing adventure was probably when he chopped us half brother's parents into chili. Discord also shared tales of his time as king of Equstria . He said that he as responsible for May things including the size of the everfree Foret , the creation of Timberwolves , Diamond Dogs , Manticores , Parasprites , Changelings and dragons. He then boasted that if it weren't for him Twilight wouldn't have Spike therefore she owed him she disagreed and " repayrd " him with a slap in the face . He also boasted . That he through the first party Equstria ever had . After that Pinkie began to follow him like like a stalker asking him for chocolate rain and his autograph. They even got information from Celestia who explained that she hadn't imprsoned Discord because what he had done was evil he did it because he'd been acting selfish during his time in power and didn't take into account that ponies needed both stability and fun in their lives. As she learned more about the past each day Twlight decied to write a book to inform future citizens of the distant past . She combined Discord's current name with his former last name titling it the book of Discord Cartman Eventually this book reached the public of the town . Slowly ponies began to fear Discord a bit less now that they knew more about him . Infacy 3 fillies in paticular took interest in his book the cutie mark crusaders . The cmc was already quite friendly with the spirt of chaos . They had akrresdy made him an honorary member of their club long before they knew his origins . Now they treated the book as if it were a bible which Discord explained was a book that humans sometimes read for guidance. The information Discord gave the citizens was often bias or without compete certain . They often had to confirm the info with Celestia and Luna and Discord was many times scored for lying or descrimating . He may be reformed but he was stil Eric Cartman that was for sure. Now that Discord was famous for something other then being a jerk he began to forge a number of friendships other then Fluttershy. Most of which he was assisted in forming by the crusaders. Scootaloo even helped begin to form a stronger friendship with Rainbow Dash which she had to admit was a challage due to all the argueing they did. Slowly though Dash and Discoed began to warn up to each other and found friendship in their shared hobby of pranking. In return for their help Discord decided to help the cmc get back at the two filles who bulled them Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon . He haut he'd those two for days saying he wouid only stop dream bullying them f they made peace with the crusaders . He also said that he also said that if they refused their parents might revive a littie visit from the chilli making hack saw. . Needless to say after this ordeal they apologized and the cmc although they were a bit skeptical at first but overall greeted their former rivals with open hooves of friendship and their bond became much more genuine then a forced friendship through threat. Discord watched his life change in front of his eyes . 1000 years ago if somepony told him he wouid be changing , making Fred's and becoming famous in a good way he wouidbe laughed a then and them and then killed them. But he was living that reality now . His world was changing and frankly although he knew he wouid always be a jerk because that's who he was he realized his curse wasn't a curse at all it was in its own way a blessing . He was had friends and his chaotic powers so he couldn't be happir. In fact a few nights after contemplating all of this he made a another choice that would once again change the coarse of his life forte eg. While it was true he had fries he now considered almost family and he one had screwball, they weren't his actual family and screwball was gone . So he made a choice ... Eric Discord Theodore Cartman was going to adopt a foal ! It was a tough decision but he chose it . He didn't know why but he saw himself in Scootaloo and she was already his freed so why not? He told Twilight who thought it was a horrible idea saying that even though they were now close friends Discird was not fit to be a parent . This earned a annoying pout and whining from Discord and a meeting with Celestia. Although she was somewhat worried she agreed that raising a child could help prove that Discord had matured . So she made it legal for him to adopt children and pets . Rainbow Dash barged in on the conversation declaring that Scootaloo was her sister and she should get to adopt her . This enege up being a rather into see argument each participant claiming that the other one was " to stroud and immature to raise a filly ." Finally Celesia had enough and used her loudest non Canterlot voice to break it up . Deciding that they wouid both enjoy partial custody of Scootaloo endless they agreed to move in with each other . It was settled Scootaloo wouid after that day be living under the custody of both Discord and Rainbow Dash . Well his life was cetainly going to be .. Interesting to say the least .
  14. "Come on Discord we're all bored and ICelestia says I need to learn something about you today!" Twilight pleaded . She had a slight whine in her voice to add effect. " No Twilight I told you before my origins are top secret stuff you cannot hear them! " Discord insisted for the what semmed like the hundredth time. It didn't take long for the group to think of another idea. " oh Discord look at these faces !" Pinkie Pie and Flutteshy began making unbelievably cute faces at him complete with quivering lips and puppy dog eyes . " ok ok I'll tell you ! Just don't hate me afterword!" Discord uses his powers to pull out a old but clean book that was writen by starswirl the bearded and began to narrate. ( cue flashback narrated by Discord ) "You see girls I wasn't always who I am today . Millenia ago when equstria was first found led there were humans here. I was one of the more infamous of coarse. My name was Eric Cartman and I .. Well I was jerk to put it lightly. I was arrogant , brash , stubborn , stupid , greedy , vain and a sociopath and most of all i was fat . I had been recruited by the remaining humans to fight for them . I hated my job . " ugh I can't believe I'm fighting against ponies !" I wouid whine.i tricked several other solders and generals into liking me and betrayed them to move up the tanks in hopes to have the power to make my own choices in the army. might've been lazy but I still killed quite a number of equstria's soldiers. Then I did the unthinkable I killed the mate of Starswirl the bearded . I didn't know it yet but that decision wouid effect everything about me for the rest of my life . Of coarse when I was told it was a bad idea and frankly of horrible moral to do such a thing I laughed at the human who told e this caling them a retard . The founders of equstria put a curse upon me in my sleep they said it turned my outside appetence into what I was like on the inside . Over the next few days I slowky became a young draconequess. I asked human and pony alike for help but the curse was permanent. On the final day of the week after I commeted the crime I felt a powerful burst of chaotic Magic and I became a ful, creature of chaos . After that everything and Everypony avoided me not only because of my personality but my body as well . I tried to make a new group of friends but they all ran away in fear. " who needs those assholes anyway?.. ." I muttered as the fled. In reality however I was deeply hurt I actully began to miss my childhood friends who had necer liked me any way . My only friends that stuck around were Kenny and Butters who had been recrutted with me . We had fun using my new chaos powers for our amusement . One day the disappeared and never returned . I spent my first young adult years alone with only my powers and the creatures of the everfree forest for company. Eventually I met Celestia and Luna we were secretly friends when we were young but starswirl didn't approve so they stopped being my friends. her that bad choice was partly what caused Celestia to dedicate her life to friendship . I however took it a much different way. " I'm done with being the joke of life to everyone ! First Stan and Kyle , then the military , then starswirl and the rest of equstria and now Celestia and Luna the only friends I've had in forever ! Fine if the world is going to treat me like a joke and chaos is my only friend then I'll turn the world into my own big joke!" I was now a full grown adult with my powers in full strength , my body my larger and my voice was much different . and an army of monsters behind me i took over equstria and made my own personal plaything. For hundreds of hers I did as I pleased I tugged at the hearts of every creature .. A,though I did desriminate against some species namely zebras , unicorn and diamond dogs . Equstria and all the lands surrounding it for be wer're like one big toy closet for me . For me life was one big movie that I watched . I denounced friendship and became the true embodiment of chaos. .encountered my old " friends " Celestia and Luna and laughed at them when they challaged me with your little elements of harmony . That was until the day the princesses turned me to stone . I had a lot of faith in myself and my creations. Maybe a bit to much faith .. Since I was turned into a statue for my arrogance . During my two stone imprusoments I refkected back on my childhood and old friends as a boy . Now that I think of it those children that freed me by accident their antics and traits remind me of my friends and I when we were their age . Very cute , crazy , chaotic and violent . I know I'm not just one person I'm Discord but im also Eric Cartman of South Park Colorado. ( end narration ) Twilight and the others sat mystified " so humans really did exist wow .." Twilight drawled as she lined this information. " Discord coukd we maybe diss us this more often so I can document Brian history ?" Twilight pleaded . discord sighs. " fine if you want starter information hers a book starswirl wrote on humans he met during the war ." Rainbow Dash snatches the book and flips through until she finds Discord's former name . " ha wow you weren't kidding you really were fat ! But .. Why does this description of your personality remind me of me , Scootaoo or Lightening Dust ?" Discord smirks at the frightened Pegasus. " hm its a mystery Rainbow Dash ." He reporters away leaving the girls to stare at the pictured of Discird / Eric Cartman in silence . That night in Flutteshy's cottage Discord lokked in the mirror before bed . " who am I Discord , Eric or both ?" He finally cane to a conclusion that night as he drifted off to sleep Cartman and Discord had always been the sane person at heart and always wouid be. He swore Flutteshy's voice sounded like Butters when she said " goodnight Eric ". Discord smiled it was good to be home .
  15. This game takes place in an alternate universe in which during the Luna and Celestia battle, Luna managed to avoid being sent to the moon due to the darkness inside of her. Celestia casts a spell altering her form and she takes the name of Owluna, after the creatures of the night. You play as Vinyl Scratch, with help from a former Lunar guard by the name of Moonshine. Together you go on a quest to twart Owluna's plans and save Equestria.
  16. Hello everyone if you've seen my profile you probably no South Park ( next to MLP ). Is my favorite show ! You may seen my fanfic idea " going down to ponyville ". Well that story is supposed to be a sequel / continuation of friendship is chaos . The coupes will be either South Park boy x mane 6 member South Park boy x fly or the possibe boy x background pony . Here they are . South Park boy x mane 6 possible couples Applejack x Stan Kyle x Twilght Cartman x Dash Kenny x Pinkie Pie Butttters x Fluttershy Rarity x Tiolken South Park boy x filly possible couples Stan x Sweetie Belle Babs Seed x Kyle Cartman x Scottaloo Applebloom x Kenny Butters x Silver Spoon Diamond tiara x Tolken South Park boy x background pony possible couples Derpy x Tweek Clyde x Vinyl Scratch Cartman x lightening dust Gregory or Tolken x Octavia Kyle or Cartman x trxie And yes the boys will be in pony form before anyone asks ! Now it's up to you to decide their fates in this story ( evil chuckle .) and timber if you wantbto criticize keep it constructive please !
  17. As promised last week, a brand spanking new chapter of Batmare Begins has just been uploaded, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Hope those of you who read the chapter like it, and have a nice day everypony! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  18. As promised last week, a brand spanking new chapter of Batmare Begins has just been uploaded, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Hope those of you who read the chapter like it, and have a nice day everypony! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  19. It's nighttime in the everfree forest . The pack had set up base here and had already turned the place into a chaotic wonderland . The fillies had gotten their powes as promised and Todd and Eric tought them how to play cards . The five of them had just played poker and Diamond Tiara had lost . She began to whine and scream . Silver Spoon tried to talk to her but it was to no avail . Finally Scootaloo had enough and walked off to where the pink filly sat ." Diamond it's just a game . You need to calm the hell down !" Scootaloo growled . Diamond crossed her hoves " it's not fair ! I can't believe I lost to one of you stupid blank flanks !" Scootaloo growled and narrowed Her eyes ." Ugh not this again ! What is your problem ?! All you ever do walk around with dumb tiara and treat us like crap ! Why !?" To Scootaloo's surprise Diamond Tiara whipped around t. Her eyes were now angry , bloodshot and tearing ." Fine you wanna find out so bad I'll tell you ! When I was little I loved my mother than anypony else in the workd . We did everything together until she was killed in a chariot accident . This tiara is the only memory of her I have left . After my mom died my dad became more distant then ever he gave up on our family . Specifically me because I looked like my mother . He never actually says he loves me . He gives me gifts and money so he can avoid me . Before I met Silver Spoon I didn't have a lot of friends I was shy and the ponies thst hung out with me only did so because my dad is rich . When I met Silver we found we shared similar life stories so we stuck together . Then we met you guys . I was envious of the fact you were similar to me yet you remained happy . When I got my cutie mark I used that a excuse to pick on you . There were times I wanted to stop but I thought it might ruin my public image so I continued . Now I rralize I'm not destined to be anything other then second best ." Scootaloo took this all in . Then ate sighed ." I know what it's like ." She said sadly . Diamond glared at her ." No you don't ! You know nothing about how terrible abd lonely my life has been ! Scootaloo gave a sad smile ." Actually I do . When I first came to my orphanage I was antisocial , aggressive and mean . I was bitter because I never knew my patents so I had no friends . Until I met Sweetie Belle and Applebloom i was just like you . So my point is I know what it's like and nopony should go through that so .. You shouldn't feel worthless because you're not ." She was starting to leave when she felt Diamond pull her in to a hug and sobbed on her shoulder . Scootaloo sighed in defeat and retern the hug helping DT dry her tears . " thank you ..." Diamond Tiara smiles Scootaloo smiles back blushing ." You're welcome DT now come on We can't be late for training with the hyenas ." Diamond nods and follows her with larte smile forming on her face . After that confession Sweetie Belle and Applebloom hear Diamond Tiara's story . This allows the fillies to become a much better team and for the first time they truly became close friends . Especially Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara . Discord continued to visit the forest but for a little while was still unsure if he wanted to help his old friends regain chaos or help his new ones destroy it . Then something occurred to him . He coukd try to convince some of his friends to join the side of chaos without changeling their personalities . That way he wouldn't have to hurt them and still have his chaos back . He couldn't have picked at better time to do this either . Since the fugitive Starlight Glimmer had escaped Celestia had become paranoid . Afraid Srarkight's cult wouid take away the magic of friendship . She even became concerned that Starlight may have teamed up with long dead King Sombra . Most ponies and other creatures were getting fed up with Celestia's new security laws . Essentially equestria was locked in a one sided Cold War against Markism . Discord with the help the help of the pack rallied all of his friends that wouid listen to him . Those being Pinkie Pie , Rainbow Dash , Fluttershy and Spike . Pinkie wasn't plannig on fighting but left Celesia's forces because military trying had become so strict nothing fun ever happened anymore . Discord decide instead of fighting he and Pinkie coukd lead the kingdom of disharmony together . Dash became fed up with the strictness of the laws abd otyer ponies recent reactions to her prideful , smug attitude during a time of war . So even though she wasn't Discord's biggest fan ever see dud find friendship with the pack and had to admit Discord wasn't that bad of a guy and his chaos was fun at times . Spike and Discord had been discussing the new laws long before the others were recrutued . Celestia wasn't the only one suffering from a mental breakdown . Twilight was too on an even worse scale due to her ocd . Spike thought to himself " I'll do what's best for Twilight and if that means having to fight her then so be it !" He was disappointed however that Rarity didn't take their side . Fluttershy was to afraid to fight directly for the forces of chaos . She decided it be better and safer if we was a sort of " inside mare " which Discord agreeed was a much better idea . Soon he had gathered quite a large army consisting of ponies abd otyer creatures thst felt threatened by the now tyrannical princesses and a even large group of hyenas , dogs , humans , deer and other animals . He even brought back kenny to make Eric happy and to have one extra solider . Finally they were ready for war . Ok everyone hope you liked it fyi Markism is a spin on Marxism see ya later everyone and femver review !
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  21. Evening everypony, I hope you've all had a Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday! I just wanted to let you all know that I've just uploaded a new chapter of my first and, to date, only fanfiction, Batmare Begins, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my friends and fic followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! The story stars everypony's favorite mailmare, Derpy Hooves, as she embarks on a journey to discover who she is and what she's meant to do, leading her towards her destiny with a certain cape and cowl. If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always very much appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Happy Easter everypony, and I hope you enjoy this small holiday present of mine. P.S. A big shoutout to my BFF DashForever for previewing and helping me edit the new chapter, as always! You're the best, buddy!
  22. Hello every pony thus is a what if story idea I had a while back . The basic plot goes like this . So we know in our universe that's when Celestia and Luna defeated Discord and turned him to stone the first tine he was acting alone . Just him and his powers but what if Discord had help from allies behind the mlp universe ? ( a small group of characters from animated movies and shows ) to try to help him keep his chaos . They're still defeated and put in stone but but after Discord's reformation they aren't released along with him . However when the cmc get into a argument with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ( who knows why ) . The group accidentally frees Discord's former partners . A certain female dog among them convinces the fillies into becoming their minions . As chaos , plunder seeds and evil spread Discord must make a choice rejoin his old friends and once again fall to the dark side or defend his new friends bad become a true hero . You guys can leave ideas for who Discord's partners should be ( must be from outside the show and sorry no ocs ) . I have a few ideas myself but you're gonna have to guess those ha !* smirks* anyway is this a interesting concept guys ? Have fun with it !
  24. Itit's been a bad year for the mane 6 and the fillies . Recently their lives just haven't been going well and they don't know how to explain it . They're all looking for somepony to blame . Celestia sees her subjects going through this time of depression and decides give them advice through a lesson . She tells them that they all have had had past lives . Non equestrian past lives telling them of their deeds . The groups will go on adventure to find themselves and their past selves . One question remains in their minds will they end up with same fates as their former lives or can they rise above this ? We'll see. The past lives and their deeds as well as the pasts and origins behind the cmc and 2 certain bullies as they discover what it means to be who they are . Ok here you go guys ! Leave suggestions for who the past lives should be !
  25. Megachangeling12

    Fan Fiction Animash parodies

    Hello guys today I'll be casting two parodies using animash characters . One of South Park and one of Lion King . First the SP animash cast Stan : Bambi or Copper Kyle : Simba Cartman : Scamp or Todd Kenny :Oliver Butters : Ed TLK animash cast Simba : Balto Nala : Jenna Mufasa : the great price of the forest Sarabi : Rain : Zaziu Spike ( yes I know he's from MLP but MLP is part of animash ) Scar : Shere Khan Timon : Cash Pumbaa : Copper Shenzi : Dixie Banzai : Todd Ed : Scamp There you go there are the casts ! Tell me if I should change anything or add someone or which one you want done first .