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Found 335 results

  1. Hello every pony thus is a what if story idea I had a while back . The basic plot goes like this . So we know in our universe that's when Celestia and Luna defeated Discord and turned him to stone the first tine he was acting alone . Just him and his powers but what if Discord had help from allies behind the mlp universe ? ( a small group of characters from animated movies and shows ) to try to help him keep his chaos . They're still defeated and put in stone but but after Discord's reformation they aren't released along with him . However when the cmc get into a argument with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ( who knows why ) . The group accidentally frees Discord's former partners . A certain female dog among them convinces the fillies into becoming their minions . As chaos , plunder seeds and evil spread Discord must make a choice rejoin his old friends and once again fall to the dark side or defend his new friends bad become a true hero . You guys can leave ideas for who Discord's partners should be ( must be from outside the show and sorry no ocs ) . I have a few ideas myself but you're gonna have to guess those ha !* smirks* anyway is this a interesting concept guys ? Have fun with it !
  3. Itit's been a bad year for the mane 6 and the fillies . Recently their lives just haven't been going well and they don't know how to explain it . They're all looking for somepony to blame . Celestia sees her subjects going through this time of depression and decides give them advice through a lesson . She tells them that they all have had had past lives . Non equestrian past lives telling them of their deeds . The groups will go on adventure to find themselves and their past selves . One question remains in their minds will they end up with same fates as their former lives or can they rise above this ? We'll see. The past lives and their deeds as well as the pasts and origins behind the cmc and 2 certain bullies as they discover what it means to be who they are . Ok here you go guys ! Leave suggestions for who the past lives should be !
  4. Hello guys today I'll be casting two parodies using animash characters . One of South Park and one of Lion King . First the SP animash cast Stan : Bambi or Copper Kyle : Simba Cartman : Scamp or Todd Kenny :Oliver Butters : Ed TLK animash cast Simba : Balto Nala : Jenna Mufasa : the great price of the forest Sarabi : Rain : Zaziu Spike ( yes I know he's from MLP but MLP is part of animash ) Scar : Shere Khan Timon : Cash Pumbaa : Copper Shenzi : Dixie Banzai : Todd Ed : Scamp There you go there are the casts ! Tell me if I should change anything or add someone or which one you want done first .
  5. I'm want to draw more Mass Ponies, like Apple Wrex, and thought that I would like to do Grunt, but now I can't decide if to use Big Mac, or Applebloom, so I'm using this poll to decide. Here is a example of what it may look like.
  6. Mlp and Lord of the Rings... My two favourite fandoms. The ultimate crossover. I hate Twilegolas (twi being least favourite pony Leggy being favourite character) but I over Applegorn and Rainboromir! Would the ring be a horseshoe? Who would be the Uruk hais? Changelings? Discuss your opinions on the MLP LotR crossover on this thread
  7. Hey everyone I'm going to be doing more writing anyway . This something I posted on a green lantern forum . . Basically the black lanterns return and are under the control of king sombra . The gaurdians in a last resort effort send two of of each ring to both earth and equestria . Here is the list Green lanterns: Twilight and Kyle Blue lanterns : Applejack and Stan Star sapphires : Rarity and Wendy Indigo tribe : Fluttershy and Butters White lanterns : Zecora and Cheif Sinestro corps : Sunset Shimmer and Damien Orange lanterns : Rainbow Dash and Cartman Red lanterns : Gilda and Trent Black lanterns ; Pinkie Pie and Kenny Others coming later !
  8. Does anyone remember this notorious YouTube crossover series? For those who don't, here is the 1st part to recap (or if you have never heard of this crossover series before): For those who do remember watching this crossover series from the beginning to the end (if you have not finished it yet, then do so by clicking to check out the official playlist!), why not discuss down below what you liked and did not like about the series and your overall thoughts? I personally loved this crossover. It's hands-down my most favourite fan-made crossovers to date! Go ahead and post away!
  9. Hey everypony! I'm the hero, American Star! My nickname is America and you might know my human version, Alfred F. Jones. Just ask me anything!
  10. I see pony crossover art with every thing form other TV shows to games and I just love seeing the transformations. However, multiple times I've seen people in the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom hate on the bronies for mashing it up with ponies and making it Five Nights at AJ's or pinkie's and saying its "ruining the image of the fandom." This is just one example. Do you like crossovers or do you think they ruin both fandoms? By:AnAppleForgotten by ShinyWhiteWaters
  11. Took work over two days to get this project done but it was a lot of fun and I really like this style. It was so hard to wait till I finished to release all these together. If you don't know the show Steven Universe then I don't even know. Style wise I was partially trying to mimic Steven Universe's distant models. I feel I did well in picking the best matching characters. I wasn't happy with Applejack as Garnet, but she didn't really fit as anyone else, and Maud fit Garnet better then anypony else, but I couldn't not have Applejack so I compromised. Rarity was basically a joke. I think Fluttershy and Trixie are my favorites in this set. Click here to see them individually too
  12. Hey everybody it's me again ! Have any of you ever heard of the YouTube series Disney villains vs non Disney villains ? Well I was going to Create a spin off of that where villains and antagonists from various animated films take on the villains, antagonists and anti heroes of MLP.hetes how it works you send me your suggestions for hyped either by commenting or private message. All battles must contain a combatant from each side . Please note I'll to get to as many suggestion as I can but not all of them will get chosen . Anyway give me your first suggestions!
  13. Well here it is guys going down to ponyville,part 1. Going down to ponyville part 1 The insanity empire daytime. It had been weeks since the battle with King Sombra. The arguing nations of the Lunar republic and the insanity had uneasy diplomatic relations through Pinkie pie. They came to an agreement that ponyville and they parts of the empire that wre farther from the everfreee forest back to the lunar republic this meant the inhabitants of chaosville had to go deeper into the forest. Discord was not exactly “ happy “ with this arrangement it wasn't the worst thing in the world. He and the elements of disharmony were actually enjoying creating the new chaosville. But Discord let his chaotic magic get out of hand. It created a huge portal he tri d to close it but another equally strong force on the other side was preventing him from doing it. The human world South Park Colorado Worlds away in a small town on earth . Five certain boys Stan Marsh , Kyle Brovlofski , Eric Cartman , Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch were walking down the street. Their teacher Mr Garrison had told the class that they were to do an advanced science project and could work in groups . The boys got into their normal group . Kyle and Stan wanted to study honestly . Cartman and Kenny thought it would be easer to cheat and ask dr Methesto for help . “ I still don't think this is a good idea Cartman. You know this cheating and you remember all the times we asked Methesto for help things went wrong !” Cartman glared at his fiend “ shut it Jew ! I'm not gonna waste my time working on a boring science project!” Kyle muttered about how Cartman never did anything valuable with his time. Kenny who had his hood down chimed in.” Personally Kyle I get what your saying but Cartman’s right why would we waste our time when the solution is right in front of us?” Stan groaned he wasn't in the mood for their arguments.” Let's just get this over with..” Butters said nothing he didn't want to get yelled at. Soon the boys reached the large creepy house/ lab of Dr Methesto. They told him that they needed a cool invention . He and his assistant started to show them cloning ideas . Cartman soon got board and wondered off . He noticed a strange glowing machine and pressed a large red button on the top of it .” Hey what's this thing do ?” He asks . The dr and the other boys quickly run over.” That's my new dimensional transporter ! Don't touch it !” Unfortunately the pull had already consumed Cartman and the other boys who had since then run to close.. They screamed as they were pulled into the portal . Then everything went black. After what seemed like hours or days they came to. Stan lifted his head in pain. “ dude what happened ? Where are we ?” Kyle looked around. He saw a dark forest around them .” I don't know but I feel different.” Cartman got up “ yeah I don't know where the hell we are but I feel different too .” Kenny nodded . Butters who apparently had gotten up before any of them called to them from over by a puddle ,”fellers come look !” They ran over to where Butters told them to . They noticed walking felt a bit different then before . When they looked at their reflections in the puddle and realized they were no longer human. Kenny couldn't be believe it.” Dudes we’re ponies!” Stan was now a grey earth pony , Kyle was now a green unicorn with the same red curly hair in his mane . Cartman was now a Pegasus his hair and eyes were the same color . He was a bit less chubby . His skin was now red and his wings were small . Kenny was also a Pegasus he had a a blonde mane and orange feathers as well as the same blue eyes . Butters was a earth pony . He had a blonde mane and his body was a mix of blue and yellow . Cartman stated ranting .” Really of all the animals we had to get turned into fucking ponies ?!” He would've kept on ranting but Stan slapped him .” Dude calm down at least we're alive it could be worse .” Cartman sighed “ ugh fine I guess ..” He looked at his reflection again “ well me and Kenny can fly unlike you dweebs haha!” Kyle snorted “ are you kidding me your probably to fat to fly especially with those tiny wings!” This earned a laugh out of everypony but Cartman .” Ay screw you!????”. The chubby Pegasus growled . After the laughter died down . Kenny looked ahead .” The about a mile away there's a town !” They started for their destination . After trying to get used to walking on four legs they walked about a mile were they stood at the boarder between the forest and the new chaosville . They saw weird things like floating trees and houses , multicolored hills and ponies a d other strange creatures everywhere . “ this whole place looks like it's on acid I should know I've been on it .” Kenny muttered . Suddenly as they were about to go in a blinding flash of white lite Peter . Then standing in front of them stood Discord . He let loose a furious roar . The colts screamed in fear . Discord began to laugh .” You guys should see the looks on your faces faces ha ha !” Cartman reacted angrily . “ who the hell are you ?!” Discord chuckled .” I am Discord the God of chaos and the ruler of the insanity empire . You 5 are Stan , Kyle , Eric , Kenny and Butters I presume ?” Kyle molded still still shaking a but .” That- that's. Us sir but how do you know us ?” Discord laughed again “ oh trust me I know more about you then most people do …” Discord explains to them that there was a war going on between the forces of chaos and order . He also explained to them that he was trying to rebuild his empire when his magic went out of control and he accidentally transported them here and turned them into ponies . Apparently even though he'd been in stone during the time he used mind based powers to watch the boys grow up and knew every experience they'd had . Butters thought for a minute.” so if we’re stuck here I just have to know are there any rules .?” Discord smiled .” Of coarse not the insanity empire is ruled by chaos meaning that you you can do whatever you want !” Cartman , Kenny and Butters smiled .” Sweet “ Cartman laughed Stan and Kyle however were unsure what to think . Discord led them to a treehouse “ since you boys ate of the younger generation you'll be staying with the special forces operations team . The repo se was a synchronized “ cool “. They climbed up the ladder in hopes of meeting a bunch of cool colts but were disdained to find five girls in the club house . The girls were first to introduce themselves . Sweetie Belle trotted over to Stan “ hey I'm Swetie Belle who are you ?” Stan smiled and said “ I'm Stan Marsh nice to meet you .” Scootaloo walked over to Cartman “ hey I'm Scootalok cool to meet yo .” At first Cartman couldn't believe what he was doing . But he could tell by the look in filly’s eyes that she was someone he'd find cool . He shook her hoof .” It's cool to meet you to Scootaloo I’m Eric Cartman but you can just call me Cartman .” Applebloom award talking to Kenny and Butters about apples when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon approached Butters .” Just ignore them .” Applebloom whispered to Kenny . Silver a Spoon spoke First . “ Hello I'm SilverSpoon pleased to meet you .” She says with dignity . Butters cautiously and politely shakes her hoof .” I'm Leopold Butters Stotch but just call me butters .” He said smiling sweetly . Silver smiles back . Diamond Tiara was about to introduce herself but then looked the flanks of all the colts . Then she whispered something to Silver Spoon causing her friend to glare at her .” I don't care Diamond ! After we teamed up with Sweetie Belle , Scootaloo and Applebloom we promised we wouldn't bully anypony anymore ! So I don't care if their blank flanks !” Butters looked at her strangely “ what's a blank flank ?” He asked ? Silver Spoon trend to look at him.” A blank flank is a pony who doesn’t have their cutie mark yet .” She explains . Kenny decides to interject .” What's a cutie mark ?” Kenny asks .” Y’all aren't from around here are ha ?” Applebloom questions flatly . The colts shake their heads . They all sit on the floor of the treehouse while Sweetie Belle explains what a cutie mark is to the colts .” A cutie mark is a mark that you get on your flank that tells you what your special talent is . Applebloom , Scootaloo and I got ours kinda recently . Before that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon used to bully us because we didn't have our .” Cartman grow,Ed “ they shouldn’t have bullied you guys just because you didn't have some stupid mark on your flank !” He exclaimed pissed off at the two rich fillies . “ says the biggest racist I know .” Kyle muttered . Cartman whipped around “ shit it Jew !” Kyle glared back “ I've told you a thousand times fatass don't make fun of my religion !” What's a religion Sweetie belle asks .” It's like a belief that a person has . Being Jewish or a “ jew “ as Cartman calls it is one of them .” The girls nodded somewhat understanding . Cartman leaned over and whispers something anti Semitic in Scootaloo’s ear causing the orange Pegasus to snicker .” You know Kyle from what I hear your religion sounds pretty dumb !”???? age laughs rather meanly .” Shut up chicken !” A New York accented voice calls from the door . Babs Seed see trotted over “ don't rip on the guy for believing in that you don't believe in !” She glared at Scootaloo and Cartman then glared at Butters , Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara who were snickering .” She sat down ext to Kyke . Applebloom smiled at her cousin .” Hey Babs it's great to see ya could make it !” Babs Seed smiles back “ hey Bloom nice to see ha again . Security in Manehatten was tough Rainbkw Dash and Lightening Dust almost got caught trying to get me out of there .” Apllebloom nodded . Babs was a bout to turn around but was tapped on the shoulder .” Hey thanks for covering me against those assholes .” Kyle said with a sincere smile .”” No problem I know what it's like to be both the bully and the victim so I felt I had to stick up for you when that dumb Chicken and her new fat friend were picking on you .” Babs responded with an equally sincere smile .” I'm Kyle by the way .” The green colt said holding out his hoof to shake hers .”Babs Seed accepted his hoof shake “ I'm Babs Seed nice to meet meet yo .” Kyle’s smile turned into a large grin “ Well Babs I think this is the start of a great friendship .” Everypony else agreed . The files asked their new friends what they liked to do . The colts responded with answers like Tv , video games and football Cartman was horrified to learn that equestria didn't have any of those things . But Scootaloo reassured him that that there were many just as good things to do in chaosville . She and the other girls decked to give the boys a tour of the town . Scootaloo was right the boys had a huge amount of fun . They bounced on the hills like bouncy houses , swung from the from the disfigured trees and skydived from the floating houses ,. Bad rating the chocolate rain that constantly poured down . They sent monster hunting and the boys caught themselves pets . Stan caught a manticore , Kyle caught a cocktrice , Cartman caught a Tiberwolf , Kenny caught a hydra and Butters caught a parasprite . Cartman and Scootallo started laughing because they thought the bug Butters and Silver Spoon had captured .” Ha Butters your pet looks totally gay !” Cartman laughed .” Yeah that has got to be the most not scary pet ever .” Scootalok agreed . The parasprite did not react well, . It ate all the food the two pegasai were carrying in one gulp . Everypony but those two laughed . They started yelling at their friends . The colts asked Discord to poof them up a football so they could show the girls his to play . They expected it to a easy win but their female friends showed themselves to have surprising Speed and agility in the end Scootaloo one the game by tackling Stan taking the.ball and doing a touchdown . When the babe need Cartman ran over .” Wow Scoots great jib tack along the hippie ! You’re a really good football player .” Scootaloo grinned smugly “ thanks chubs your not bad yourself .” She chuckled as they continued to trot towards their tree house home . Cartman was cough tiff guard by the new nickname if anybody else called him that he'd probably would've screamed at then but for some reason he didn't mind when Scootaloo said it . Now that they were all titled the boys asked Discord to give them a tv and video game system so that their friends could experience it . As they headed back with the tv Kenny called to Cartman and Scottaloo “ hey are you guys coming we’re gonna set this thing up and then watch a movie !” Cartman called back .” Yeah we’ll be thee soon ken keep our seats warm and don't let the Jew or the New Yorker eat any of our snacks !” Kenny nodded and laughed mat his fat friend’s joke . Then Cartman Turned to Scootaloo .” Hey scoots do like pranks ?” He asked curiously .” You know it ! What did us have in mind ?” She asked a smirk forming on her face . Cartman whispered something in her ear that made the female pegusus smirk grow what seemed like ten miles wide . Later that night The two youngsters snickered evilly as they put a piece of Timberwolf crap in a bag and lit the bag on fire . Then they placed it on the steps of Trixie’s trailer . Trixie who was practicing spells noticed the flaming bag and stepped on it to put it out then she realized she had stepped in Timberwolf poo . Cartman and Scootaloo howled with laughter from the bushes . Then they ran off as Trixie screwed with rage . Rainbow Dash who's friendly relationship with the unicorn had Turned into dating flew outside “ hey what happened ?” She asked scurried .” Those troublemaking foals Scootaloo and Eric Cartman made me step in Timberwolf dung !” Dash started to laugh “ aw yeah I met him today he's really cool and that prank is totally priceless !” She howled as she keeled over with laughter .” It reassures Trixie so much that you laugh at your mare friend . While she's hoof deep in shit ..!” Trixie growled sarcastically . Cartman and Scootaloo continued to do this prank to many of the empire’s residence . Things didn't go so well when they did it at the palace of Spike and Queen Chrysalis . Who had Garble chase them for a long time . After running for their lives and almost reaching the treehouse the duo stopped to catch their breath.. “ this was fun huh ?” Scootaloo said with a smile Cart,an nodded .” Yep tonight was really fun you know scoots sometimes I feel like nobody understands me I think you might be the first person er pony to really get me .” Scootaloo nodded and couldn't help but blush .” I honestly feel that way too . “I'd never thought I'd say this to anybody But Kenny but your best friend Scoots .” They stated heading home but before they did Scootaloo kissed Cartman’s cheek causing him to get his first ever wingboner . When they returned to the treehouse dumb and dumber was on .” Aw sweet I love this ml ie !” He laughed as sat down next to Kenny and Applebloom . But then noticed that Kyle and Babs Seed had food .” Kenny I thought I told you not to let them have our food !” Applebloom decided to pipe up “ sorry Eric but they said that if we didn't give them some candy that they would punch you guys and us in the faces . Ah really didn't wanna get punched so Kenny gave the snacks to the. .” Cartman sighed and went back to watching the movie . After the movie that they all found hilarious it was time to sleep . Butters was helping Silver Spoon take her glasses off . He blushed as he did .” What's the matter ?” She asked curiously .” It's just you look even prettier with these off .” He complemented her . Silver spoon giggled and lightly kissed him on the cheek . This caused the blonde cot to blush dark red .” Ew guys stop it !” Cartman whined .” Says the colt who got kissed tonight .” Scootaloo laughed “ sh- shut Scootaloo !” He growled . Kenny was about to continue the conversation but Stan stopped him “ alright ! We get it good night everybody er pony !” Stan was already curled up with Sweetie Belle so the other five got into their respective Paris and began sleeping . Diamond needed a place to sleep so she was allowed to sleep with Cartman and Scootaloo . The boys all agreed chaosville and equestria in general may not be exactly like South Park but it was just as crazy and with their new best friends by their sides they were going to love their new home . Remember guys vote and comment ( random viewer ) but don't wanna vore ! Me vote or die ! ( anyone get the reference ?) anyway vote comment and enjoy !
  14. Hey guys guess what ?! Best story idea ever ! I'm combining my 2 favorite franchises MLP and South Park ! ( yeah !) here's what goes down When Stan and friends accidentally mess with dr methesto's new dimensional transporter they wind up in equestria and meet the mane 6 and spike ! At first the meeting is awkward ( especially with Dash and Cartman around ) but the two groups soon find their crazy messed up lives have a lot in commen . Things don't stay peaceful for long however because the new group of friends receives word from Discord that Satan and Schott Tennerman has teamed up with King Sombra and Tirek to contour both worlds and eventually the animated universe . Now the already unlikely pack must team up and make amends with old enemies to stop the end of everything they know .. Well here ya go ????. Hope ya like it remember vote and comment ! Also try to remember if your going to criticize make it constructive !! I fucking hate flamers !! So for those who enjoy both shows or have constructive criticism enjoy if your a troll then you can as Cartman would say suck my balls ! Hopefully there aren't any trolls reading this so .. Yeah enjoy people ! Oh and remember don't just vote and comment !
  15. Hey guys this is a question I've been think I would ask you . Do have any unpopular pairings either perky rom MLP or crossed with another ? I'm pretty sure everyone has had at least one . Anyway here are mine Twilight x applejack Rainbow dash x trxie Rainbow dash x lightening dust Trxie x lightening . Dust Spike x chrysalis King Sombra x twilight Rarity x Rover l Diamond tiara x Scootaloo I Discord x Dadh is growing on me but I favore Pinkie x discord Luna x King sombra Sweete belle x silver spoon As far as crossovers go I pit the South Park boys with some of the human ponies . Feel free to express you opinion
  16. Hello, mares and stallions! Im not the only one who is in love with Hunger Games, right? Because I found many great pictures I would love to sahre with all of you. From pony Katniss figurines to Peeta and Gales ponysonas. First though, I want to talk. Talk about the Hunger Games and the books and movies. So first off, no, I have not read the books. Please dont hate me or something, but, I didnt really want to when everypony starting reading it a few years ago. It was just so popular and literally EVERYPONY was reading it. I wasnt interested in reading it because I wouldve felt like I was just following the latest fad. However, when the first movie came out, I was realy excited since one of my best friends at the time would always tell me about the book every chance she got. And let me tell you, after watching The Hunger Games, I was hooked. I didnt know what to do with myself for a few weeks. It was a great movie, at least in my opinion. And my stepdad, who had read the first book, told me that the movie was actually pretty accurate. Which made me happy, because if you have ever read a book and then watched the movie and the entire time you were wacthing the movie you were torn between leaving the room and punching something or staying to see what happens, then you would know how great it feels to know that somepony can do a book justice. I saw the second movie, Catching Fire, way later than I shouldve, which was around August of last year. I watched it with my best friend, Ashlie, who hadnt even seen the first, so I spent an hour beforehand explaining everything to her so she would understand. During the movie, I was freaking out so much about EVERYTHING that I kept hitting her. Trust me, it wasnt intentional. I was simply trapped in a glass case of emotions. Anyways, the ending had me so messedd up that I rolled off of the end of the bed and continued to roll back and forth on the floor while groaning and mumbling and crying. Literally crying. I have yet to see Mockingjay Part 1, but Ive already gotten spoilers that I never wanted to know... I will only watch part 1 when I can watch part 2 right after, since the wait between the movies has always had me on the floor and crying and extremely sad for a few weeks after watching one of them. So for now, I just have to wait until this November, if the pattern continues. And I havent said anything specific about any of the movies because I dont want to spoil anything for anypony who hasnt seen them yet and wants to. In the comments, I would love to know your favorite character in the series and why. Also, team Gale or team Peeta? Me personally, Im team Peeta, and I have gotten some spoilers lately that deifinetly show that the odds are in my favor. Keep the comments happy, mares and stallions. Here are some pictures for all y'all.
  17. What's up, everypony! This blog has every fandom from Doctor Who to Markiplier to Pokémon to Hunger Games! Youtube and shows and books and movies and video games! Everything! Im here to join fandoms together and share the love of fanmares and stallions. Im here to share news and show you awesome pictures and crossovers and what not. Im pretty much here to show you everything I can get my hooves on from every fandom I know anything about. So don't fret! I will do everything in my power to share the knowledge and love of the fandoms! So to start, here are some crossovers.
  18. These are my Mass Effect/My Little Pony fanart, and they are, in order, Apple Wrex, Twiliara, Raranda, Rainbow Garrus, and Tali'Shy. They are on my Deviantart account here: Feedback would be nice.
  19. So this is the first page of a comic I've got going on dA. If you're interested to see what happens in it, just click this: Thanks:)
  20. I mentioned this in my intro, but I'll go more in depth with it since this forum is specifically for fan fiction. If you don't know much about Ninja Turtles, that's okay. I'm mainly asking for MLP advice since I'm new-ish to the series. I know the gist of it, like how Twilight became an alicorn and the Princess of Friendship. Mostly I'd like the advice of you, fellow bronies and pegasisters, in case I miss something or get something wrong. With that being said, here's what I have so far: In Equestria, Princess Celestia senses a powerful disturbance that could pose a threat to the ponies of Ponyville. Thirty moons have passed and the portal kept safely in Princess Cadence's castle is now vulnerable to any intruders who happen to pass through. Frightened, Princess Celestia calls upon all the princesses of Equestria and urges them to gather together and use their magic to hold a barrier so that no intruders can come through their world. When Princess Twilight hears of this, she's worried about her friends at Canterlot High, thinking they will have no means of protection with their side of the portal open. She tells Princess Celestia this and asks if she can put up a spell of some sorts so that no intruders can get in or out of Canterlot High's portal. Princess Celestia agrees and sends Princess Twilight on her way. Waiting at Canterlot High is Sunset Shimmer, who Princess Twilight first informed of her visit. When she gathers the rest of the girls, Princess Twilight lets them know what's happening and they all ban together to build a barrier for the portal. However, before they can start the spell, the Kraang manage to come through the portal. Though they don't see much potential in the world of Canterlot High, they notice Princess Twlight's powerful magic and feel as though she will become useful in their invasion. Princess Twilight is captured. Unsure of what to do, the girls decide to follow Princess Twilight and her captors, but are immediately stopped by Canterlot High's own Twilight Sparkle (the one at the end of the credits in Rainbow Rocks). Confused of their being two Twilight's, the girls order an explanation from Canterlot High's Twilight. She tells them she knew something like this was going to happen after all the magical occurrences that have been happening at Canterlot High and figured erasing everyone's memories would do the trick in keeping them safe. Unsure of what she's talking about, the girls demand a a further explanation, so Twilight takes them to her home. She explains that Canterlot High once held magic just like that of Equestria, but not as powerful. Everyone was a hybrid of their pony counterpart in Ponyville, but ever since the incident with Sunset Shimmer and the Sirens, the magic at Canterlot High has become stronger and more known, leaving them a target for outsiders, such as the one that stole Princess Twilight. To keep from such a thing happening, Twilight was ordered by Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna to erase everyone's memories and have everyone think they were all just normal high school students. It worked for a while until the incident with Sunset Shimmer and the Sirens, opening everyone's memories of the magic they once possessed. Worried about Princess Twilight's fate, the girls decide to follow the Kraang anyway so that they could rescue their friend, figuring the magic they possess now will be enough to keep them safe. Thinking their plan is a suicide mission, Twilight forbids them from entering the portal, but the girls urge her to come along with them because of her knowledge with the portals. Not wanting them to get hurt, Twilight begrudgingly follows. So far, that's all I've got. I'm thinking the Kraang use Princess Twilight's magic to gain control over the humans so that they become more "compliant" with the invasion and the mutation of New York City. As for the mane, er, five in this case, Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight running into the Turtles, I'm thinking they run into Raph and Casey first after trying to fight against some Kraang soldiers and losing horrifically when they realize their magic doesn't work in this realm. (As to why their magic doesn't work, I'm going with their magic works differently in different dimensions. If anyone has a better idea, please feel free to voice your thoughts. ) After Casey and Raph lead them out of harms way, the girls ask the two if they know anything about the Kraang. Raph and Casey are hesitant to tell them anything, which angers the girls and they try to pursue the Kraang on their own. Not wanting them to get hurt, Casey offers to have the girls follow them to April's apartment, much to Raph's disapproval. For those who are familiar with TMNT, this is taking place during The Invasion pt. 1 and pt. 2. I'm not sure if I want it to go all the way through both episodes with them saving Princess Twilight in the end, but being stuck in New York City or them just not being able to save Princess Twilight and having to escape to Northampton with the Turtles, April, and Casey. Any form of advice will be much appreciated. I can't wait to get this story all worked out and ready to post on and possibly!
  21. I have since progressed since my previous work. On my deviantart:
  22. 1,000 years ago, Luna and Celestia lived in peace. They ruled over ponies in a kind manner. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Luna once forgot that ponies slept in the night time. She then secretly gathered the Elements of Harmony in an effort to make sure the ponies... I don't know... Spend more time with her? Luna banished her sister to none other than the moon for 900 years. Why not the sun? She would get seriously burned. NOW WE MOVE TO THE PRESENT TIME. Vinyl Scratch had been friends with this queen since she had first met her. Only, this wasn't the Luna we know. Her coat had changed color to a light magenta, her mane becoming a sparkling lime green, and her eyes becoming yellow. Owluna (as she was called) had undergone some physical changes, as well. Her mane looking something like this, while her tail matched Rainbow's but with orange and green stripes. The Darkness had absorbed Luna's heart, turning her absolutely evil. Vinyl had recently discovered this, so she set out to do what any sensible hero would do. Thing is, she's not any sensible hero. She has a Keyblade. Scratch called the blade by the name, "Feel the Beat," due to its music note-like structure at the blade. Vinyl rushed off to the castle, but not before meeting a new friend. Vinyl had met Moonshine, a young, blind Unicorn that utilizes sight magic in order to see. She was purple and had pitch black eyes. Her mane was like Pinkamena's, only shorter and it was black with orange stripes. The two rushed off to Owluna's castle. They were greeted by Owluna, holding her own Keyblade. It was Xehanort's Keyblade. Owluna and Vinyl ensued in an epic battle. Eventually, Owluna gave up and the evil inside her heart was broken. Moonshine was just kind of there. Author's note: This is the first of many stories in the Owluna's Reign series. This one may be short, but I'll make up for it given the fact that the others are broken into chapters. As always, I love feedback.
  23. I am a fic writer from Ukraine. Few weeks ago I have wrote a crossover of MLP and TES (The Elder Scrolls). Most of my readers liked it, but them quite a bit on that resourse. So, I desided to publicate it on central cites of MLP fandom. The problem is that I not quite enought in English, and absolutely don`t know English punctuanion, and my lexis is too poor. In other words, I need editor. I was able to begin translate it (with help of Google, of course), but I asking somebody of you to help me make it into readable form. If some of you has been interested, please, tell me. Here is Google docs. (first two chapters) Here is also original text. (God, I hope it isn`t too much mistakes in this text...) P.S. Text is quite large, 128439 words in russian.
  24. Hey ya'll, just wanted to give ya an update on my ongoing fanfic, Batmare Begins. It's been awhile since I updated it, but I just wanted to reassure any longtime readers of mine that yes, I am still writing it with every intention of finishing it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a new chapter posted before the New Year; I'll definitely have a lot more time to write once the semester ends this week. To anyone who has yet to read Batmare Begins, I am always happy to have new readers, and would love if any of you decided to take a look at it! The fic's very much a passion project, I won't deny that; after all, I'm crossing over my favorite superhero, Batman, with my favorite pony, Derpy. BUT that's not to say that I'm not trying to inject as much quality into this fic as I can; heck, that's half the reason writing chapters takes so long. Anyways, if any of you are looking for something to read, you just might enjoy what I've got written so far (which is most of the fic's first act), and again, I'd appreciate any support I can get. Cheers! If you'd like to take a look at Batmare Begins, click here. Batmare Begins cover art by Midnight Scribbler
  25. After a while playing Alien: Isolation, which is both very good and frustrating, I came up with this. A crossover of Changelings and Aliens. Here ya go...