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Found 335 results

  1. This is what keeps me thinking all night and i just wanted to say this to get off my crest.To any of my watchers who are Ponies fans, that if you want to know about me, Is understanding why I dislike Sonic x MLP crossover?I not considering complaining or trolling, on the Sonic fandom or MLP should crossover.THIS is MY OWN Personal opinion how Sonic and MLP are NOTHING Alike!this is like comparing lettuces and cabbages.The point of this is to analyze similar characters and finding to tell theme apart of find their similarities and differences.Dispite, there are know horrible shippings or bad fanfictions those plots that cliché or predictable.The one thing I hated this crossover because of fans comparing Sonic characters with the Mane Six,Some fans believe that these characters personalities and traits are similar to Sonic and his friends and they are totally the same characters,I wanted to see actual differences of characters and the series are they are NOT the same.It's just the way I see this similarities is that the Mane Six seemly didn't seem to stood out as individual and completely original characters,as fanS speculate that these characters are inspired from Sonic characters.These are common similarities of these characters if as you know.......Sonic = Rainbow Dash: for having being cool blue characters who are fast.Amy = Pinkie Pie: For being the color pink or somewhat randomCream = Fluttershy: Shy, kind, timid personalitiesBlaze = Twilight: Purple color and both princesses.Shadow = Sunset: Well having backstories that getting along the main characters and consider Chaos Emeralds = The Elements: Plot devices that involves defeating villains.Mane Six have something unique about them.I really wanted to know there any differences at all!I heard that Sonic characters are known be bland or bad.I'm sorry, I just wanted to see if there's anything more Unique traits to or any characters developments of these Pony characters, or anyone looking a deeper analysis on their personalities.MLP show is to have some respective nature and good writing of these episodes than any Sonic cartoon.This show doesn't revolve these ponies fighting random villains all the time. This show seems to have maturely and major changes in this show.So what to you think that Sonic characters inspired the Mane SIX
  2. Pitty Paws does a little Thomas Hewitt cosplay sans the Leatherface mask, but hey she has the chainsaw.
  3. (This based off a ongoing series that me and a few friends do on Fimfiction ) We open in a alternate Equestria. As Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are giving a spech to a clsss of filles and colts. "Welcome to Canterlot children we're so happy to be leading this tour." Celestia gave a bright smile As Luna nodded warmly "Indeed we have much to tell you about our land and it's rich history " "Hm hm as do we...." familiar voices echoed and bounced across the vibrant castle walls. "Isfet... " Both princesses sighed "Bingo!" The crazed gods poofed into the room in a odd explosion of shadow colored smoke and living confetti Luna sighed heavily "What is it you want?" she wiped the living party favors from her mane in pain. "Well we just noticed you were giving these wonderful little foals a history lesson and we figured we'd give our amazing imput on the subject." Celestia hesitated she didn't wish to offend the semi reformed villains they'd been friends for quite a while but she knew mixing immortal monsters with small children was a terrible idea. "With all due respect Isfet. I'm not sure the foals should he around beings with such a. Checkered past ." Isfet in their usual mocking way covered themselves in checker spot "Whatever do you mean?" "Conquering Equestria under thousands of years of eternal chaos, enslaving the Crystal Empire, the Alicorn Amulet. Weirdmaggedon, the Wonderbolts academy incident, aiding the Lion Tyrant Scar, cutting up,a child's parents was into chili and feeding it to him." Luna made a blunt list of just some of their many crimes. "Humph come on that's all in the past we've moved past such things." They poofed a flashing over the top rainbow colored sign that read "good guys " in annoyingly bright letters "You may not be full blown villains anymore but you're not exactly. Good " "Oh just shut up and give us the space to talk. Tell me what you think of isfet's personality so far and I'll continue
  4. Hey everypony! This is my new crossover fanfiction that I've posted on, feel free to leave comments, criticism and suggestions, I don't bite! Thank you for reading.
  5. Hi all, I'm creating a crossover fanfic with the CMC starting a Pokemon Adventure and I'm looking for ponies to be introduced as either trainers or important parts of story! I'll be playing and basing this fanfic on Pokemon Black, which has a lot of characters and things to see. I hope that you'll read it :).
  6. i did another EQG crossover drawing with one of my characters hope ever pony likes it
  7. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Change in the Human World The year was 2013, March 17, 2013 to be exact. I had awoke from an amazing dream where I dreamt that every thing on earth was changed into the land of Equestria and that all the humans were changed to ponies and there would be no more crime. Well when I awoke I went to do my daily routine and I noticed that I hade trouble standing on my feet, I then tripped on my foot and landed on my hands, but I noticed that my hands were hooves, I thought to my self “how could this be possible,” I laid back in bed to see if I was probably still dreaming, I slept for about 15 minutes and when I woke up I still had hooves for hands and was curios of what had happened I had walked down stairs and thought my mom would have asked me any questions on what happened but she didn’t, so I got a little more curios the day seemed to be normal but I know it wasn’t, I know I had to figure out what was going on and why the world changed. So I set off on my journey to find out what exactly happened why the world was changed into the land of Equestria like in my dream. I then went to school to see if every was still acting the same way as before which it was but they all were ponies, in my head I was thinking “oh this could be a good thing no more bulling everything would be nice,” then suddenly my friends came running towards me in this case galloping. They all started asking me questions at once I couldn’t understand what they were saying so I tried my best to calm them down and asked to one at a time to ask what they needed to ask. They all asked me the same thing, why was the world changed into what seemed like to be the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. After they ask there questions, I asked them, if they had the same dream as I did and I explained to them what happened in my dream and they all said yes but there dream they were all them selves, same dream different experiences. So I afford my friends if they wanted to come on a journey with me to see what was going on in what was now equestria and how could we change it back to being earth again. But first we needed to find some clues on what happened, like what could of caused the world to change and why into equestria and why now and who caused it to change and why they did it in the first place. While on our journey we begin to see other ponies that actually come out in the show such as “Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack.” My friends and I stopped in confusion wondering why they were in what used to be the human world. They then noticed and approached us like if we had already meet before, Twilight greeted me first since I has in front of my friends she said, “hi there thrash” which is the name of the pony I drew of my self, I then replied “how did you now that I would call my self trash?” she then replied “call your self? That’s your actual name you silly filly” I then asked if I could have a word with her, she said, “sure why not” we then went to sugar cube corner (which is a sweets shop in the show) I explained to her what had happen at first she did not believe what I had told her but my friends the assured her that all was not right what is now Equestria.
  8. I was thinking about what if my characters cross over with the equeastria girls but letting the main 7 use the powers of my own characters the T.K Heroes. it was on my mind for a long time that and trying to find the characters that will suit the main 7
  9. Undertale; no doubt the best indie game out there. With its thriving popularity and strong fanbase, I could totally see it as a crossover with MLP. The episode starts with the maine 6's human friend (more on him in another topic) is playing Undertale on his computer. Then, Fluttershy gets knocked unconscious falling down a mountain. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the underground where many of the other MLP characters play the Undertale characters (examples include Pinkie Pie as Sans, Rarity as Mettaton, Rainbow Dash as Undyne, and Twilight as Alphys). The episode would play out like the pacifist route, except that Fluttershy falls off the cliff at the end of her adventure and wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by her friends (don't worry, though, she gets out the next day). The lesson would be to treat everyone nice, even those who don't treat you nice.
  10. Twilight Sparkle has been very forgetful lately, wherever she goes she seems to leave something behind. Growing tired of having to retrieve them, she decides to cast a spell that will bring these items to her. But, the spell isn't quite what it seems and now Ponyville has four new residents. Unsure of how to return them to where they came from, the Mane 6 must teach these newcomers how to fit-in in Equestria. Takumi, Iketani, Kenji and Itsuki are just having a guys night out racing along the roads of Mount Akina, when suddenly a flash of light changes everything. Now they must learn how to live in this new world and form strong bonds along the way. Will they ever see their world again, or will they have to make Equestria their new home? Link to the story:
  11. Hello guys and gals me again with the another story of a strange out of this planet being named Xenas. He was brought here by some unknown man to a certain town. Then is quickly abandoned. The town he ventured aimlessly from landscapes until he stumbled along at the sight of a town. It is populated by many people, even he never seen such a being that is not his kind. Yet he is unsure of what events will unfold as here enters this town. Will he make alleys or enemies? Don't know. Let get into it. *Strange whirling sounds* "I am sorry son, but our leader cannot have you in our home land." Mystery man said. "D--dad, don't--lea-ve me....please. I'm sorry and I won't do that again." Xenas said as the doors of a certain spaceship closes quickly. Xenas gathered his strength to get run towards the spacecraft, but to no avail. Xenas looked in disbelief as he have never been anyone to someone. Not even the mystery man wanted him no more. Xenas then kept himself from being sad and pushed himself in any direction. He is not certain on where he is going, but he determined to find. "Maybe someone would care for me. Why did you abandoned me. My kind....I didn't mean to hurt them. I am so sorry." Xenas said to himself as a tear dropped from his face. He later on managed to suck in his tears, but still felt very bad for what he did to his people. His regret gets worse as he continues venturing off into the unknown landscape. As time passes by him and the land takes its toll on Xenas. He then try to find a spot to where he could get some rest for now. He looked around and found some trees. He snapped some branches for sticks and found a used blue tarp in the garbage can that was right near him. It smelled very foul, but it will have to do. Now he wondered why still they can't simply forgive him and let him go back. He then said to himself while making the tent. "Why me? Do I always have to suffer like this? I just wonder if the next area I find. I hope the people that live there let me prove that I am not a threat to them. Please let that be." After that Xenas completed the tent and made a fire with extra sticks he had left and concentrated his power into anger. His hands glowed orange as if fire came from within him. He then aimed at the center of the campfire. He shoots a short burst of energy at it and the campfire lit. "I still got it. Though I need to work on my energy even more. I still don't what other kinds of powers I can do." Xenas said while looking at his hands. He then sat down in his tent, warming up to the fire. "I'm so very lonely and I know no one cares about me, but I can't lose faith now." He said to himself. He looked out at the far and said. "The people there in the next area. I hope you like me and accept me. Please, I have nowhere to go and no one to look up to. So I beg for you." Xenas then went to bed and closed his eyes. He went fast asleep. The next morning. Xenas woke up and just realizing while looking around. That tent was missing. He just wondered maybe some strong gust of wind must of did this as he was asleep in his tent. He stood up and then looked for the tent in the woods. "Oh no where could it have went? I knew that tent should have been secured. I just used the rest of my sticks for the campfire." Xenas said while having regret. Xenas went further and further into the woods, yet he couldn't just find that tent. "Are you serious right now? Thats it I am out of he--" Xenas said when just looked very far away. He saw lights and buildings. His hopes build up inside him and with excitment said"My-my word a town. Shelter.....people....warmth. Wait up every one cause here comes a new member here!" As he ran as fast that he could. Then his mind he wondered. Could this be too good to be true? What if I'm wrong and they are like them that abandoned me? Just quit your whining and go there, yes I will." He then continued on. Not knowing what to expect from these town people. Will they accept him as their own. Only time will tell. So guys this the first part. I will come up with more content in this story. Don't you guys worry. Anyways what do you think about Xenas the unknown being? Is he good or bad? Will the town accept him or reject him and please explain why? So that is all for now. I will be waiting for your opinions.
  12. I've had this funny little idea for quite sometime. Suppose two of the most famous rogues galleries in the history of fiction were to cross paths. I'm talking about the Disney Villains and the Batman Villains. I thought "What would happen if by some coincidence, the various Disney Villains were to be committed to Arkham Asylum. Imagine the sort of interactions that those such as Hades, Jafar, Scar, Meleficant, Ursula, etc. would have with the likes of the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, etc. Which Disney Villians are crazy enough to be committed to Arkham? How would the interactions play out? Which Rogues gallery is better? How well do the Disney Villains compare to the Batman Villains?
  13. I finished this commission for JonasDarkmane. It took forever, but it came out really well I think.
  14. Hello! Two members of the team have gotten together to write a fan-fiction presenting the advanced society (future) of Las Pegasus. A city of crime lying under the blanket of stereotypes among races that seemingly cause irrevocable trouble. Empires rise as fast as the crime rate within Ridgee's hometown as he provides information as a member of the Las Pegasus Task Force, and bringing appropriate justice. Note: The actual story contains profanity. Although we are somewhat allowed to use slang within the mlpforum, we find it uncivil to do so. Here is a clean copy, brief and cut out from the dark action, and gives you an idea of what this story is about. (UNDERGOING EDITING & ADDITIONS). LINK: What do we need to work on? What would you expect from us? Status: Nervous
  15. Disclaimer Okay, so first off, let me get a few things out of the way before we start the story. This does have a pony/human non-romantic crossover. You'll see how in a little while. Um... anything else? Oh, I originally made this story in bed one night, and then just built upon it when I was bored. This does have a relation to my spinoff of the Rainbow Factory Creepypasta. There's no detailed gore, but there will be a flashback scene with that spinoff and some things go down, so heads up. Also for the sake of the story I placed the Everfree into the human world with it's Equestrian counterpart as the portal exit. Let's get going then! The Story *** Scott crouched behind a few shrubs, and aimed his rifle at a bird nest. Pang! The nest shook as the bullet hit it, and the avians scattered. Scott placed his rifle carefully behind him and darted towards the small mound of stones and decaying wood which the nest was resting. After a few minutes of rock climbing failures, Scott reached his prize: an egg. The aroma of pure deliciousness wafted into Scott's nose. "I'll save you for later," Scott cooed at his stolen meal as he placed it into his old duffel bag on his back. Scott sat on a log deep in Everfree Forest. Last week, local travelers told him that Everfree Forest had a portal that lead into the magical world of Equestria. Being bored and yearning for adventure, the teen at the age of 16 kissed his parents and cat, Furball, goodbye (as well as leaving some foul-smelling kitty kibble and fresh litter) for the weekend, packed. Scott was an orphan, plain and simple. He had the generic orphan story; 'parents died before I was born, I never knew them' and had loving foster parents. The couple was off on vacation for the week, and so Scott took the opportunity to do things he was told not to do, like terrorize the neighbor's dog with Furball's laser pointer through his window and bugging his friends to come over to spend the night to no avail. That was that morning. Scott had decided on what to take, and figured it wouldn't be a long adventure, so all he took was a pale green duffel bag, his trusty bat, which he had named 'Sandman', and his dirty red hoodie, as well as a sleeping bag and some food (plus the rifle mentioned earlier). Scott shivered. It was getting cold. He stood up and opened his duffel bag. Lets see here... some cola, a sandwich, some Jerky, Ah! Here we go! Some matches! Scott triumphantly pulled out a small pack of damp but functional matches. Now I need some firewood. Scott examined his surroundings, and saw trees, trees and more trees. Scott looked over at Sandman, then scolded himself for even thinking about burning his beloved bat. Well, I need the exercise. Scott ran deeper into Everfree Forest, the sun falling lower by the second. That's a stick... and a pine cone... any logs, though? Scott strode through the depths of Everfree, keeping watch for anything that would burn well while picking up large sticks and other kindling. If only I had brought something to cut with... Scott shivered again, and looked up. To his surprise, it seemed that the day was about over. I need wood, though. Scott trudged onwards. Scott sat before his small campfire a couple hours later. He had a lukewarm can of Cola and some jerky beside him as he watched the flames dance up into the night sky, giving away their precious warmth. He moved some of the twigs around with his makeshift poker, and then settled in for the night. Alright, I'll look around a little bit tomorrow, and if I don't find any signs of anything interesting, I'll call it quits. With that, he quickly dozed off. *** BOOM! Scott jolted upright as he was snapped out of his dream, and whipped out his hunting rifle. "Who's there?" Scott shouted into the darkness. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply. Better go check it out, then. When he arrived, he found himself staring at quite a strange sight. It looks like something just ripped a strip of earth out. Scott stared in awe at the pit, and his eyes followed it... until he saw a flash of silver. Huh? What would a car be doing out here? Was there an accident? Scott moved towards the light, and found he was wrong about it being a car. Dead wrong, in fact. It was a pair of small pods, dented and scraped. Both had the words Property of Cloudsdale painted across their sides. Cloudsdale? I've never heard of any 'Cloudsdale' before. Scott readied his weapon and moved towards the metal behemoth. He noticed a sliding door, half open, on the front of the nearest one. How convenient.Scott attempted to slide the door open, and a loud Clank! sprang from the metal slab. It must be stuck. Scott pulled again with all his might. This time the door cranked open, and it was pitch black inside. Scott took out one of the spare sticks from his fuel expedition earlier and lit it with one of his matches. Good. Scott gingerly stepped into the pod, and held his torch in front of him. There was... a small puddle blood on the floor. And this is about the point where the first character in a story dies. I'll just look around for a minute more, and then I'll call the cops. Scott willed his body to step forward instead of turning back. Suddenly, Scott tripped over something. "Look out!" Scott shrieked as he faceplanted into the ground. "I didn't mean any harm, I just wanted to look-- huh?" Scott turned to see what he had tripped over. It was what looked like a cartoon horse, but very, very real. First off, he noted that it was unconscious. It didn't seem ugly - In fact, it looked cute - until Scott noticed it had blood dripping from it's head. "I've never seen one of these before." Scott put his hand on the thing's... hoof? "Okay, so you're not dead. That's a start." There was a weak pulse. Scott had already become attached to this thing, and he didn't even really know what it was. I need to go check that other pod. Scott hopped out of the first pod and peeped inside the other, and found another similar creature. This one... this one was also alive, but it had a piece of wood protruding from it's hoof, and looked like it was in great pain. It was also unconscious. Scott trembled at his new finding. What should I do? Should I call the police? Area 51? No, they'd probably conduct tests on these poor things. I don't have any medical supplies, though... I mean, besides a band-aid. Here, I'll just make sure neither of them die tonight, and then I'll call... I'll call someone. Anyone, really. Scott patrolled between the two pods for an hour, but eventually gave in to his need for sleep. He slumped against a pod. It wasn't very comfortable, but Scott was so tired that he was out like a light. "Wake up!" Scott woke up to see something standing over him. "Huh?" Scott mumbled. "WAKE UP." It said again. Scott examined it. Memories flooded back to him. "Ooooooh." Scott got up and saw the toon pony from earlier. "Who are you?" The pony asked. It had light gray fur and a plain black mane and tail. His head had dried blood on it. He glared at Scott, but he didn't look dangerous at all. "Scott. I'm Scott." Scott looked at the pony, and asked, "What's your name? Do you have a name?" The pony looked at Scott, and hesitated. "Aw, don't worry. I'm nice," Scott made his best 'cute' face. The pony sighed. "Well, what's to lose. I'm Lance." ** --This was where I stopped revising for today-- Scott looked over the other pony, the one with the injured hoof. "What's it's name?" Scott asked. "'It's' a her, for your information," Lance replied. "So what's her name?" Scott asked again. "Gale." Lance's eyes went fuzzy for a second. "Ooof, what happened to her hoof?" Scott winced at the sight of it. It was gory, that's for sure. A piece of plywood stuck of of her hoof. It was average-sized, but it seemed to do a lot of damage. "Huh?" Lance snapped out of his daydream. "Oh, geez. I don't know what happened." Lance gave Scott a sheepish grin. "How do you not know how someone in the same pod as you gets impaled by a piece of wood?" Scott stared at Lance. Lance paused, then whispered, "It's a long story..." Scott looked at Lance suspiciously, then said, "I have all the time in the world." Lance looked up at Scott. "Suit yourself." Lance began his tale. "Well, it started about a week ago. At least, it feels like a week. I can't be sure. So anyway, I was at the Cloudsdale Pegasus graduations. As you can see, I'm not a Pegasus, but a friend told me that amazing stuff happened there, so I came to spectate. Gale came with me because she figured she wasn't doing anything on the day of the graduation, so she might as well come. The Cloudsdale Pegasus graduations work like this: Said Pegasus must complete a flying test at the end of their school year. It contains all the stuff they should have learned how to do. So anyway, I was watching, and it was pretty cool. They were doing all these flips and flyer-saults or whatever they're called. Then, this one pony crashed into a pole. It's wings were injured and it couldn't fly, and it looked like it needed medical attention. The next one was fine, and then the final tester just seemed... out there. It didn't seem zombielike or anything, just like it didn't know where it was. It didn't get injured, luckily. It just wasn't able to get the flips right and stuff. So on my way out, I noticed that the ponies that had passed were going back into their school, probably to get the papers for graduation, but the ones who hadn't were being led to an unmarked carriage. Because I had nothing better to do, I said, 'Hey, what's over there?' and watched as the pony that had hurt it's wings and the one that wasn't paying attention as well as a couple other Pegasi were led inside. The stallions who guarded it looked... off. They didn't look like they were happy for the graduates, or sad for them failing. They just looked... off. Like they knew something that they didn't. So anyway, being the idiot that I was, I decided to tape some fake wings on from pieces of paper, and get on the carriage with them. Gale, unfortunately, wanted to follow me so I wouldn't get myself killed... oh, god. It's all my fault for her getting hurt." Lance looked so heartbroken that Scott couldn't help but pat him on the head. "It'll be fine," Scott assured him. "What happened next?" Lance took a breath and continued his story. "Well, so I was obviously a fake, but for some reason the guards didn't care and let me on. They let Gale in too, even though she wasn't even disguised. So anyway, they slammed the carriage door shut and I got the eerie feeling that I had gotten myself in to huge trouble. For about an hour the Pegasi made small talk, and I just watched. Then the carriage stopped and a guard came and opened the door. 'Out!' he said. We obeyed, but I didn't feel welcome anymore. We weren't near the school anymore. This seemed more like a prison. 'Line up!' They called. We did. Then a masked Pegasus walked in front of us. It told us this, 'Welcome to the Rainbow Factory. Because Cloudsdale has no use for failures like you, we decided we can make some use of you anyway. We will use your life force to help supply all the rainbows and happy this and that to Equestria. How, you ask? Simple. Say hello to Lil' Chew Chew.' It pointed to... to a horrific piece of machinery. I didn't know it then, but in a few minutes I'd know this machine was made with one sole purpose: to kill." Scott gaped at Lance. "What? I mean, that couldn't have possibly happened. That's... that's horrible. How could cute ponies like you make such a horrible piece of machinery?" Lance glared at Scott. "Did you just call me cute?" Before Scott could reply with 'Yes' and ask what he was going to do about it, a grunt cut him off. Scott turned to see Sandman coming towards his face and Lance shouting, "No! Wait!", before a shot of pain blasting through his body, and then the world fading to black. The last words he heard before falling into the abyss of unconsciousness were, "He was on our side!.." When Scott awoke, he was already angry. He didn't know why at first; he just had the impulse to be angry. Then, of course, he remembered. He was furious. Scott then noticed he was on a... makeshift bed? It sure seemed like it. He felt what he was lying on: his hoodie and duffel bag were squashed under his back. Scott felt a little better. At least Lance tried to make me a bed. Scott sat up, and got the eerie feeling that he was alone. He noticed the blood stain from last night. Was it? It looks too fresh. I wonder where it came from... Scott rubbed his chin. When he took his hand away, he was shown the answer. My hand! It's covered in blood! Scott traced his fingers from his chin to his nose. Oh. Okay. Broken nose. Awesome. Scott looked towards the blood stain on the floor again. Sandman was lying next to it, and the black rag was taken off and was lying next to it. Scott forced himself to stand up and trudged over. On the rag, it had writing on it. In blood. It read: Hey! Uh, sorry about getting your faced smashed in. Oh, and I know this looks creepy, written in blood and all, but we have no paper or ink, so blood was the next best thing, right?.. Anyway, the pony that beat your face in was Gale, she woke up while I was telling you the story and ambushed you with your own weapon. She says she's sorry, but I don't blame her. I mean, I would've done the same thing, except you were already asleep, so... yeah. Oh, and we went exploring so we could find some food and stuff. We'll be back soon! -Lance Scott sighed. First off, his rag was ruined. Second, he had been beaten by a pony in a single shot. Third, he still had questions for Lance and was dying to hear the rest of the story. "Going from a wanderer to the first human to see real ponies... what a day I'm having," Scott thought aloud. I'm bored. Scott wanted to go outside and forget about all of this, but he had too many questions. Scott remembered that his nose was broken when a drop of blood got into his mouth. "Ew," Scott spat out the liquid and searched the wreckage of the pod for something to stop the bleeding. Huh. What's this? Scott picked up a piece of paper peeking out from under a small pile of debris. It's covered in symbols I can't understand... oh wait. I'm holding it upside down. Scott turned the page right side up. Scott read the first few words, then got bored. It's all legal stuff. Why would ponies have legal stuff? Scott plopped down on the floor. "This sucks," Scott whined. Scott lay sprawled on the floor of the pod. His bloody nose made him look dead at first glance, but he was just bored out of his mind. I've done almost everything I can do to make me... uh... not bored. I've made a sculpture of debris, another sculpture of debris... on second thought, all I've done is made debris sculptures. You know... Scott looked around the pod. It feels like Lance and Gale are taking too long. Maybe-- Crashing outside stopped Scott mid-thought. It wasn't very loud, like last night when the pod crashed, more like... stomping in grass. You know, it's probably Lance and Gale coming back. The crashing came closer. Then, a banging at the door caught Scott off guard. Wait. Lance and Gale must have opened the door when they left, and they would have known it was a sliding door... oh, @%. Whoever's out there isn't Lance or Gale. Scott flew into a panic and leaped to his feet. Uuuh.. fight or flight? Fight or flight?! Scott decided to err on the side of caution and dove under a sculpture that resembled a table, more or less. Whatever, I just hope they- whoever 'they' are- don't find me. Scott held his breath and attempted to look as small as possible when a human broke down the door. Two humans, to be exact. They were both armed with tasers and vests. They had goggles covering their eyes. "WE KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE, CONVICTS! COME OUT WITH YOUR HOOVES IN THE AIR!" A officer screamed into the room, his taser raised. Scott noticed he said 'Hooves'... that meant that he either wanted the ponies, or he was a crazed horse hunter. But wasn't Scott the only human ever to see Lance and Gale? Please, please please don't let Lance and Gale walk in on this... The first officer nodded to the second, and the pair ran into the room. Convicts? "Ew, who made these things? They're the ugliest I've ever seen!" An officer commented on Scott's work. I'm not THAT bad. Scott almost grunted, but stopped himself in the nick of time. After a few more minutes of searching, the first officer said, "They must have known we were coming. We have to report that we found the pod to Luna." The officers then left, leaving the door askew. Scott was more than shaken. "Scott? SCOTT!" Lance darted in, upon seeing the broken door, and Gale rushed in behind him. Scott crawled out from his hidey hole. "L-L-L-Lance... u-uuh... We m-may have a p-p-problem..." Scott stammered. Lance gave Scott a puzzled look. "Some guards c-came. They wanted y-you guys... they r-ref-f-f-fered to you as 'c-convicts'.." Lance's eyes widened. "They came, after all. They know we're here," Lance looked at Gale, "We have to get back to Equestria." "What's Equestria?" Scott wanted to know. Lance glanced at Scott and immediately replied, "A place you aren't going. Come on, Gale! We don't have much time before they come back." Scott paused, and said, "Yes, I'm coming with you." Lance moved his gaze directly to Scott and looked at him in the eyes. "No, you aren't. It isn't safe. I mean, you're just a human! You can't handle- I can't handle, either- the Equestrian guards. They are ruthless, soulless beings. They would kill anyone they were told without a second thought. You seem like to type of human that tries to get out of situations peacefully. That's not how they work, Scott." Lance took a breath. "You're not coming with us. Period." Lance turned around and began grabbing anything he could salvage from he debris. Scott didn't stay put, though. "They were human, though! I know more about humans than you do!" Lance paused, and asked, "Did you say they were human?" Scott immediately blurted out, "YES! I can--" Lance stopped him. "Oooh, yeah. You're not coming. They were ponies. They didn't look like it, but they were. You see, there's a thing in our world, Equestria, where you can walk through a portal and enter this world. It requires either extreme magic or extreme luck. When you walk through said portal, you become a human counterpart of your pony form. Those guards must have gone through one of these portals. This means that they must have been part of royalty to get their hooves on these portals... well, great. Looks like we're up against Celestia or Luna." Scott still refused to shut his mouth. "Oh yeah? How come you didn't become human?" Lance replied, "I don't know." Scott fired question after question, until finally Lance gave in. "You can come with us. You're going to die, you know. But okay. If you really want to, fine." Scott smiled. The trio walked through everfree forest quietly. "What are we looking for again?" Scott asked. "A portal to Equestria." Lance rolled his eyes, "The same thing we were looking for when you asked five minutes ago." Gale had been pretty quiet the whole day. The only thing she did was glare at Lance or Scott when they talked too loudly. Mostly Scott, though. Scott had millions of questions he wanted answered. He asked the most burning one, "Can you finish your story on how you got here?" Lance sighed and grunted, "First off, it's not a story. It is a true tale. Second, fine. Be quiet, though..." "So where I left off, we were in front of the killing machine, correct? Well, the masked pony said that one of us were going to be first in line to see what the machine does. 'Don't worry, everyone. You'll all get a chance to experience it sooner or later.' The pony pointed a hoof at a stallion nearby. 'You! Come up here.' The stallion looked terrified. 'Now, step into this compartment here...' The stallion's eyes were filled with fear, and he figured he was going to die, so he ran. He didn't make it far, however. He was shot with a tranquilizer dart almost immediately. He pushed forward for a couple more seconds, then he started walking... then trudging... then we was out for the count. I felt bad for him, but thankfully the masked killer didn't take another pony to take the previous one's place. Did I mention Gale was next in line? Anyway, the pony said, 'Well, a feisty group. I like that. It'll make it more fun to watch you scream in pain as the machine kills you. Because it will. Now, a guard will take you to your cells, which you will spend the remainder of your days, however short they may be.'" Lance coughed. "I think that's enough for today." MOAR STAURI? Coming soon.
  16. Good evening everypony! I'm just here to let you all know about the latest updates to my fic, "Batmare Begins"! After a very long hiatus, I've brought back updates to it in a big way; in the last two weeks, I've posted 5 new chapters totaling over 40,000 words!!! I'm always looking for and happy to get new readers, so if you'd like to delve into a crossover that's earnestly trying to make crossing over the MLP universe with the Batman universe (and with Derpy in the titular role of Batmare, no less) work, then please click on the link below where you will find my story! Likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, and feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have in the comments section for the fic itself! Thanks for your time everypony, and have a nice evening. Batmare Begins by Batbrony
  17. Good evening everypony! I'm just here to let you all know about the latest updates to my fic, "Batmare Begins"! After a very long hiatus, I've brought back updates to it in a big way; in the last two weeks, I've posted 5 new chapters totaling over 40,000 words!!! I'm always looking for and happy to get new readers, so if you'd like to delve into a crossover that's earnestly trying to make crossing over the MLP universe with the Batman universe (and with Derpy in the titular role of Batmare, no less) work, then please click on the link below where you will find my story! Likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, and feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have in the comments section for the fic itself! Thanks for your time everypony, and have a nice evening. Batmare Begins by Batbrony
  18. ....Or you might get trapped inside of a magical ball. I suck at drawing circular stuff ;^;
  19. Daylight at the campus of LSU was coming. Rainbow Dash saw the sunlight and woke up."Rainbow Dash!", a voice called. Rainbow recognized the voice. It was her boyfriend, LSU wide receiver Malachi Dupre. They had been together for about a year and a half. In another dorm room, Rainbow Dash's brother, Icy Storm, woke up. Tonight on the campus big house, there would be a big event. There would be a huge party. "Ready for tonight?", asked Brandon Harris, the quarterback for LSU and Icy's best friend on the team. "Yeah", said Icy. "Should be fun.". To be continued.... Alright, that's the end of the first chapter. I might as well do some character introductions: Rainbow Dash, the wide receiver for LSU and the girlfriend of Malachi Dupre Malachi Dupre, another wide receiver and Rainbow Dash's boyfriend who ends up becoming the vampire pony later on during the big party Icy Storm, Rainbow Dash's brother who is best friends with Brandon Harris Brandon Harris, the quarterback for LSU who teaches Icy everything to know about being a quarterback Jamal Adams, the safety for LSU, who becomes Malachi's first victim after his transformation Kendell Beckwith, the linebacker, who witnesses Malachi's transformation and the attack on Jamal Emerald Bolt, the vampire pony that bites Malachi. (You might know who she is from Vampires run in the family) All of the LSU students were gathering at the campus big house for the party. All of the student-athletes were there, too. It was a party to welcome all of the the new freshmen. Icy was one of them. The entire school was there. However, a special guest was outside. It was Emerald, the queen of the Royal Family of Manity. She was here to find Malachi to turn him into what she was. After a long time partying, Malachi went outside to get a break. Some of the other students were sitting at the outside tables. As soon as Emerald saw Malachi, she turned invisible. She slowly sneaked up to him and jumped on him. "Hey there, Malachi!", said Emerald in a sweet voice. "Emerald?! What are you doing?! Get off of me!!!", Malachi shouted. "I'm not doing that just yet.", said Emerald. "But, however, I want to taste your blood! I will feed on you just as I have done to many of my victims! I wonder what human blood tastes like, you know." "Nooooo!!!", Malachi said in fear. Emerald did not listen. She unsheathed her fangs and sunk them into Malachi's right shoulder and began to feed. Malachi screamed in pain. The pain was unlike anything he'd ever felt. The students over at the tables heard what was going on, but when they saw what was happening, they became frozen with fear. Kendell saw what was happening, too, and fell to his knees. By then, Emerald had finished feeding on Malachi. She lifted her fangs from Malachi's shoulder and took flight. "Have fun!", she said cheerfully. She disappeared into the night. "Malachi!!", cried Kendell, running over to him. "Oh my god... What happened to you?!", said one of the LSU students. "What was that thing?!", another LSU student said. "A vampire pony", said Malachi. "I know her. Her name is Emerald Bolt, but she's usually just called Emerald. She's from Equestria and she's the queen of the Royal Family of Manity. Manity is a place on the outskirts of Equestria. I have no idea how she got here. She's originally from a story called Vampires run in the family. I knew she was real. But right now... just get me to the doctor. My shoulder..." Kendell looked at Malachi's shoulder. It was bloody. Some of the blood had soaked onto the top right part of Malachi's shirt. Kendell carried Malachi to the campus care center. It was still open. The doctor recognized Kendell and Malachi. "Whoa... what happened to you, Malachi?", the doctor asked. "OK... you're going to have to believe me... but I was bitten by a creature from Equestria called a vampire pony.". "Wow", said the doctor. "That's quite an interesting injury cause. Luckily, I have some bandages to help fix you up. The doctor got the bandages out from the drawer and started to wrap them around Malachi's right shoulder. After he was done, the doctor said, "Make sure he gets plenty of rest. He'll need it". "Thanks", said Kendell. He would make sure of it.
  20. To be quite honest, this surprised me. I was expecting terrible humour, bad writing and overall just a deplorable TV "special". But no Somehow this was much MUCH worse. Throughout the episode they tried to do the whole "hero vs hero" angle (ala Captain America vs iron man.). But instead of making both the super teams look strong (like any SANE TV writer would have done). They tried to constantly pander to the audience by pegging the teen titans squad as the immature, lazy, "heroes" who don't actually fight any bad guys. and pegging the...I'm guessing 4th grade PPGs as the straight man to that, the mature, hard-working heroes. But, and this is the main problem with the TTGO series general. Admitting your faults to the audience, ISN'T funny. It's lazy and without improvement it just looks like you're aiming to piss off anybody who dares to watch. Especially fans of the old show They've done this with numerous episodes, wally t, the fourth wall, that one Slade episode, and now this. Saying that you suck is not a reason to keep sucking. And as for the Powerpuff girls? Well, they're pretty much non-existent. Yeah, they have some lines and "action" scenes. But they pretty much just fade into the background, ironically, that's the main problem with PPG reboot. For the most part the show isn't terrible, but at the same time it isn't good. Just me, it's not memorable and with any other show that'd be fine. But when trying to reboot such a beloved series, me isn't good enough and that's how you get such bad ratings as this show has. Overall, this crossover just accent's the worse part of these two shows and magnifies them to about 100. *Sigh* if you're looking for a GOOD crossover I'd suggest the Steven universe and the uncle Grandpa crossover. Now I detest everything dealing with uncle Grandpa, but this episode used the most positive aspects if the show and paired that with the wonderful writing of Rebecca sugar and some actual FUNNY humour. They combined their strengths to make a good episode, like a crossover should accomplish. Anyway, I'm done. If you disagree with my comment why down below and see y'all later. Oh yeah, beast boy and cyborg do something with mojo Jojo or whatever, I don't care.
  21. So I recently started off a new MLP/Homestuck crossover webcomic. As of now it's very short, only at 3 pages, however I do plan to update frequently, and I am currently working on the next few pages. If you're curious to the plot, it's basically just the Mane 6 play Sburb and chaos ensues after that. I plan to make it fairly elaborate while presenting the new features in an understandable way to the audience. In a sense, I'm going to try to capture the spirit of both Homestuck and MLP in the comic. Here's the link to it if you want to check it out: That's all from me.
  22. Lots of people have made Jedi ponies, so I thought I might try my hand at it. It's an idea I've actually had for a while now. #1: Rhinestone Delivery Pony (Rarity Investigates) I might take a few requests for canon characters if you like. If so, please visit this thread:
  23. For those of you who play White Wolf's succesful tabletop games such as Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken or even the fanmade ones such as Genius: the Transgression, I'm sure you know that at least some of the rule systems allow for crossovers where your players/you come in contact with one of the other societies/races. You would also know that the games are depressing as Hell. Which leads me to ask, have any of you ever had instances where players played characters from different games but all team up to actually save the world, solve the various metaplots, and otherwise actually try to be the heroes screw whatever the tone is supposed to be? Or just the crossover or the heroics? I'd be happy to here either alone.
  24. What are some fighting game franchises you would like to see crossover with each other? In the vein of Street Fighter X Tekken? Not Smash Bros. or Marvel vs. Capcom fests where the rosters consist of characters from various franchises that may or may not be fighting games or fighting game versions of something else. (eg. Pokken Tournament of that fighting game based on Les Miserables . . . . seriously.) For the purposes of the question let's just say the various developers involve figure out a way to make the disparate systems balanced and fair, at least as fair what is acceptable for these days. For me, the first one would be Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat.
  25. No Disney has not announced anything like this I'm just asking a theoretical question. I love Disney, the man himself is my hero and the films have never failed to tug at my heartstrings. Now there have been times when multiple characters from different Disney properties have interacted with each other but House of Mouse never quite carried the gravitas that having all of them together in the same place should. Marvel's Avengers and everything leading up to it though was a watergate moment that changed movies forever. It showed that things like inter-film continuity between otherwise separate franchises was possible. Now, I'm not suggesting that Aladdin and Tarzan or something should team up, badass as that would be, but do you think it's at all possible that maybe Disney could launch a new series of films with the intent of bridging them all together in one film? Or could they bridge some of their old or established franchises in a similar manner? Why or why not?