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Found 335 results

  1. i]*•*Chapter 1: the Mirror*•*[/i] "Delivery for Rarity," a skinny mailpony called. "Oh, the mirrors have arrived!" Rarity cried. "After somepony so rudely broke them." She walked to the door, rudely glaring at the other resident of the house. "Cutie Mark Crusader mane stylists?" Sweetie Belle commented weakly. As innocent as it sounded, the project had ended with three dresses destroyed, one smashed window, four mirrors broken, all Crusaders grounded, and Rainbow Dash not being able to sit down for a week. "Hmph." Rarity carried the package into her inspiration room, leaving an unthanked (and depressed) mailpony at the door. @•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@• The bell rung. "Coming!" Rarity opened the door, welcoming in a tan pony with pink and blue curls in. "Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every dress is..." "Chic, unique, and whatever else pleases the stupid, stupid COSTUMERS!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!" Sweetie Belle swung her forelegs around violently. "So...BORED! Why do I have to be grounded? It was Scootaloo's idea anyway! I didn't even participate! All I did was let them into our stupid home!" Sweetie Belle stomped out of her room, sulking. If Rarity was occupied enough, Sweetie might be able to sneak a few minutes of Minecraft. Buttons might be on. Sweetie proceeded to creep towards the stairs. "Wedding gown? So tell me what you're you looking for..." Good. Wedding gowns took a while, so Sweetie could easily sneak on to the comput- Something from Rarity's inspiration room was sparkling and shimmering. Bright gold. Sweetie walked over to it, as if attracted to it magnetically. She approached a mirror. The mirror, however, was different. Its frame was oval, and glittered golden, with a heart shaped gem on top, with was either red or purple, depending on how you looked at it. The mirror's glass was tinted gold, and Sweetie could barely see her reflection in it. Dazed, Sweetie stuck her hoof out to touch it. It reacted by slurping her up. *•*Chapter 2: Ever After High*•* "Where... Am I?" Sweetie Belle rubbed her head. Only... she didn't have her hoof anymore. Instead, it was one of those 'hands' Twilight and Lyra had talked about. She had ended up in front of a sign, which said: Ever After High School of the Future Fairy Tales Half a moment later, a bunch of students went in, saying something about 'Book-to-School'. With no better plans, Sweetie decided to follow them. Walking, on two legs, (as it was done) was harder than expected. Sweetie stumbled like a bad quality doll into the school. By the time she managed to stumble into the building, everyone was in the building, except for one girl with a red hood who was leaving. Sweetie just shrugged, and thought nothing of it. She continued to stumble until she reached the bathroom. She could now see her reflection. Her mane and eyes had stayed the same colors, though her hairstyle was different. Her coat-or rather, skin had become a few shades darker. Her clothing consisted of a dress, with a white blouse and skirt, and a black overskirt on top. In her hair was a sparkly black bow, and her shoes were black high heels. That would explain the walking troubles. As she tried to take off these strangely uncomfortable shoes- Excuse me? I'm the narrator here! Go back to your own story! But there's nothing to narrate! He is right. Just couldn't go without interrupting my lunch break, could you? I'm sorry, but whose story is this? You can't just barge into my story! We just did! Apple White is better than Raven Queen! This is my story! Raven shouldn't be evil! It's her destiny! Go argue somewhere else, this is MY story- "Excuse me," Madeline Hatter interrupted. Since she is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, she has the strange (and creepy) ability to hear the narrators. "I heard that!" said Maddie,who had spontaneously set up a tea party in the hallway. Yes, sorry. Alright, Let's try that last part again. Can we- NO! Aww... @•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@•@• While Sweetie Belle tried to figure out how to get the shoe off, Maddie was heading towards the restroom as well. "Hi there!" Maddie said cheerfully, skipping into the bathroom. "Gah!" Sweetie jumped. "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there!" "Tea?" Maddie held a teacup in front of Sweetie. "Um... Okay," In what sort of world do creatures offer each other tea to each other as a greeting? "My name is Sweetie Belle, and... I'm new here... Could you help me around?" "Sure! I am Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter. Who's your fairytale parent, a castle's maid?" "Um... Yeah." Sweetie decided to stick with that, since she knew what a maid was. Maddie continued talking, pouring tea whenever Sweetie's cup was empty. And that's how Sweetie's first tea party in a restroom with an extraterrestrial went. (Please review!)
  2. Also known as Hanako from Katawa Shoujo One would think that such an adorable person would have to be kept away from someone with a heart disorder, but no. Seriously, how can anyone not say that that face is adorable?
  3. A Doctor Whooves tale starring the Seventh Doctor. The Doctor goes to Whinnychester Castle to pay a visit to his former companion, the Alicorn Celestia of Equestria. What starts as a social call becomes something else when the Doctor learns Celestia's sister has been working herself to exhaustion investigating something that has been attacking ponies in their dreams. But even that is simply a prelude to something far more sinister. Something that will require the Doctor, Celestia, and the captain of Princess Luna's night guard to travel through the dreams and memories of the Princess of the Night. On their quest, the trio will uncover the origins of great darkness and maybe, just maybe, avert the calamity of Nightmare Moon. Read it Here
  4. Do you remember Chalkzone (started small on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" and became a full show on Nickelodeon)? Well, what if MLP Ponies were drawn on Chalkboards and erased into Chalkzone? I can imagine a Chalk version of Pinkie Pie enjoying the party of her life with the Lollypoppians: I can also imagine Chalk versions of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia going crazy under the spell of a "Keyboard Chasm"; and a Chalk version of Twilight Sparkle studying off Barney the “encyclocentipedia”: Imagine a Chalk version of the Mysterious Mare Do Well helping Rudy, Penny an Snap foil Skrawl's latest evil scheme. And, if Spike could fall for Rarity, imagine the red dragon who appears in Chalkzone’s Theme Song (from an “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” episode) falling for any Chalk Pony. Fell free to share your thoughts on this.
  5. Some art I did of a Huge Power Azumarill. It's also a crossover between Pokemon and Durarara. Critiques are welcome!
  6. After reading mutiple fan fiction on film fiction i picked out my favrit one out of all of them fallout equstria rancked number 1 as well as it sequles. so i got to thinking how about i get other sides of the story on how ppl liked it and other things. So what do u think of this fiction and what would u do in there place.
  7. If you've noticed that I've been a bit quiet lately, it has been for good reason (I hope): my energies have been invested in both graduate work and crafting a crossover between two of my favorite fictional universes. Months of labor have at last set into motion my newest pride and joy, An Old-Fashioned Notion. Description: Loki stands on the verge of conquest. His enemies are scattered; their greatest weapons are powerless to stop him. Very soon the Tesseract will open the doorway to an alien army bent on overrunning the planet. Everything has fallen perfectly into place for Loki to bring humanity to its knees. But when a twist of fate radically alters the events which unite the Avengers, the impending battle for Earth is cast into a little world, an equine world. Now a group of remarkable yet unstable individuals must learn from six colorful ponies that the greatest of teams are forged by the power of their friendships. Try some, won't you?
  8. (Story is a work in progress) Prologue My name is name is Shadow Scoundrel. I used to be a human. Funny now I’m here, in a place that I thought was only a fantasy. This place… “This” place I now call home. It’s strange… like it was made for me. A paradise, if you will. I remember how it all began. How I got here, The infestation of Zombies, the "Swarm", Dr Edward Richtofen, Samantha, Maxis. This is where I begin my story. It was 16th of January in the new year. Hmff, seems like ages ago, Never the less It was my senior year at my high school, Bret Harte High, I was typing on the computer for my Senior Project during 5th period. Suddenly the lights go out. I got pissed for a moment, then remembered that it saved right before it went out. I was fine I was happy when I heard “Because of the power outage please contact your parents so then you can go home.” I was able to call home and get a pickup. While I was heading home, I had a weird feeling, like, something bad was about to happen. Regretfully I was right. On the 18th. An Orange fog slowly rolled in The CDC where confused and decided to investigate, as soon as they touched the fog, It explodes, like a nuclear bomb. Yet there is no more fog… I look around I see parts of the earth following in the air, the place where the CDC were, gone. As if they never existed. There is light spewing out of the river, and the heat, it’s like going from a blizzard to a volcano within milliseconds. It hurt a lot, and the smell, it smeed like what I imagine a rotten body going through the crematorium. That is when I saw my first “Real” Zombie. More of a “Shock and Awe” for the first thing of reanimating of a corpse, wait a minute, why is its Eyes glowing? Why is its glowing orange? My mind is racing of things, then one thing of my ideas makes me almost fall flat on my face, my theory of how universes work, where anything you think, is happening in another universe. “Edward.” I whispered. “NO FUCKING WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!” “Listen, I need your help. I don’t have time to explain everything. DON’T LISTEN TO MAXIS. He is sending me back to when it all started and ending the world I’m sending Samantha down there so then he does not do so. That rat and I don’t get along but we agree on one thing, and that is to not destroy the world. You and Samantha are the only survivors left. You can make some soldiers with the M40A1 Sniper Rifle Packed a Punched. They are Idiots, but they will add some protected firepower, yet they don’t move that much.” Richthofen says. “All right…” I say, "Wait what? I thought you would need some convincing.” Richthofen said. “Richthofen. I know too much as it is.” Chapter 1 “”Do you have any weapons?” Richtofen asks. “A rifle, a handgun, a revolver, and a bat.” I reply. “Good you will need them. You will find her near the barn on your property.” “All right. But is there anyway to go back to my family here?” “What are you talking about?” “I was here but it wasn’t with a shit load of zombies Richtofen, it was nothing like this then I see an orange fog on my property then BOOM! I’m here.” “You must have entered a small rift in the universal plane. I can’t open it. it’s physically impossible. I’m surprised that you are here…” “No way back…” “Correct. Oh.. You can not cross back, it’s just not possible.” That hit me like a wrecking ball. All of me just wanted to do SOMETHING! SOMETHING! Instead of nothing but I couldn’t. Even I knew it, it wasn’t going to happen. I will never see my family ever again. I fell on the ground, partly for the resend of of disgust, for shock, and agony. “My family, forever lost…” “You need to focus! Samantha will arrive any minute, forget your feelings and focus that can save the last of humanity. FOCUS!” Richthofen yelled. “FUCK YOU!” I screamed! “IT WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GOD FORSAKEN NAZI!” I yelled. “I know, and regret it. I never meant to do the amount of destruction that I’ve caused. But the thing was is that I wanted to end the war. The element 115 drove me insane. I had no control over myself, and I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to change that.” “Two minutes till the particles of her teleportation will hit the atmosphere. Two more till she reassembles at the barn. Hurry! You, must get going, i’m fading! Good luck.” Richthofen said with a gasp. “May god have mercy on your sole Edward.” Then, he was gone. I Hear Maxis, “What! There still is one, where is Samantha!?” I run to the barn to get to Samantha, if she dies, she heads to Maxis I can not let that happen. I had to hold out with the few guns that I have. The blood dripping from all the infected, I don’t know that moment but all went black. I see a night sky surrounded by a light blue waves. What made me regain consciousness was hearing Maxis scream. “STOP!!!!!” and I wake with two fuckers just holding my intestines, I grabbed the bat of mine and slammed them into the ground, the others just standing there. watching me, with soulless eyes. I fall, its like the belt broke on the conveyor belt. She was alive. Holding what looked like quick revive. As soon as it hit my mouth, it was as bad as what dempsie has said “Tastes like red herring dipped in cat piss blaaah...” All of a sudden I feel excruciating pain where my ribcage was.. and I see everything growing back into me. I reminded me so much of “Meet the medic.” Except there is no maniacal laughing, no light show, and no Archimedes. I Picked up Samantha and said. “We need to get back to the house.” she shook her head in agreement. She helped me as I limped back to the house as fast as we could go, still puzzled for the resend of “(Why did Maxis stop them attacking us… because if Samantha dies, wouldn’t that mean she would be back with maxis?)” We enter the farmhouse, “Home sweet home.” i said with a mix of sarcasm and sadness. I locked the doors, barricaded the windows checked my ammo supply. I decided to rest. Still thinking this was all a bad dream. Chapter 2 The darkness in the room is complemented by its coldness. Yet, it has one thing that I myself didn’t expect… Comfort. Yet uncertainty of the darkness as if the comfort that I have was distrusting… The mare of the night spikes through the darkness like a lighthouse in the blanket of fog. Something I don’t see clearly, till she stood at least ten yards, or was it twenty yards, the light blinded me so much I couldn't get a real measurement of the distance. This moment almost got me as much as going into as much as entering Richtofen infested hell hole. Yet hit me harder than losing my family. It is still to me a confusing feeling that I can’t describe in detail myself. yet never the less, I kneel “I notice that you know me, how?” Honestly, how do you tell royalty that you’re a cartoon character from a tv show? “I just had a feeling that you were royalty...thats all.” “All… right… then….” “There is a portal on your property, you must follow the steps that are in this scroll.” “What scroll?” “You’ll see it,, but its now time for you to wake.” I wake with that damn Quick Revive in my mouth. “Fuck this is nasty!” “I see you're up, come in here wait what?” I see the dong lying on the ground, with its embers dying out. With a bag on her back. “What is she doing here, and why is she not chewing us up at the moment?” “(Just like what happened to Richtofen, she went mad with the element. She is nearing her final breath)” She was speechless I brush the side of the dog with my hand, a bolt lurches out like a hidden dagger. “Fuckin Hell!!!” “You say fuck a lot don’t you?” “Yea Samantha.” “How did you know my name?” “(Shit THink of something)” “That german told me before he left.” “Richtofen”? “Yea, him.” I look in the bag. “What are you doing?” “Just looking.” I see the scroll. “What the fuck? That was only a dream.”” “What was only a dream?” “When I was out did you hear anything?” “I heard you mumbling a lot” “I saw a “(don’t want her to think I’m crazy)” a… person of high importance and She” “She?” “Yes a she, anyway she said that there is a way for us to escape by a scroll that is located near by. “Ok, that explains why the bag appeared right after you woke up.” “Wait this appeared. “(Oh so thats why you were speechless)” OK that makes sense, I think.. Well lets see what it says... (Like I said, Work in progress, please put your comments on what you guys think of it so far)
  9. What is the most ridiculous crossover you ever seen of My Little Pony? Name the story. I mean, I love crossovers. But sometimes I feel the story is bit ridiculous when you crossover such a show like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Warhammer 40K or something like Duke Nukem. Crossovers I find can be funny as hell, like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect saves the entire galaxy with his trusty steed Applejack, whom also is his unrequited love. But they get together in the end, much to shock of all of his crew. Or a crossover crackfic where Zoidberg and Princess Celestia fall in love.
  10. I'm putting up a couple of crossover ponies I have made recently, from the show, Steven Universe, as well as one of a Marcy Pony from Adventure time. Open to feedback!
  11. When Cheerilee expresses concern and confusion over one of her students, an especially bright filly named Perennial, she and Big Macintosh try to learn more about her and her mysterious grandfather, a "Doctor Forelock," and wind up in an adventure that will take them to the ends of Time and Space in this Friendship is Magic retelling of the very first Doctor Who tale, originally written by Anthony Coburn. Not sure what the preferred way to post fics in-site is. Seen both copy/pasted in-thread and linked to google docs or FiMFiction. Given length of chapters though, I'm going to opt to just link from here. An Unearthly Filly
  12. This is a commix strip fanfiction so keep in touch it ma y take time in between episodes
  13. This is something I completely forgot about! I drew it straight after Day of the Doctor on my 3DS. I've really got into ponification. It's so much fun! What do you think of this one? I think it's probably one of my better ones.
  14. There are two things I love in this world: Ponies, and Kerbal Space Program, and other stuffs. So I thought why not put them together so now I give you spacefairing Rarity filling in for Jebediah Kerman, because we all know in this situation Rarity would be the badass one.
  15. Title: THE CLONE WARS: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC Author: Flagwaver Acknowledgements: I would like to thank everyone who has forced me to be exposed to My Little Pony, as well I would like to curse their names for all eternity… but I still love you all. I would also like to thank Lauren Faust for making an addictive children’s show that is enjoyable for adults, as well. Also, I would like to George Lucas for that other genre.&
  16. Link: Minsk Saves Equestria Shadow falls across Equestria as an evil demon with a vast army of shadowy monsters consumes the land. In desperation, Twilight Sparkle uses an ancient scroll to summon a hero from another universe... Unfortunately, she only got some insane Human with a pet hamster. But little did Twilight know she has got the best man for the job. The one and only Minsc and his hamster Boo. Together they shall give evil a righteous butt-kicking. Evil is doomed.
  17. Hello one and all! Just posting this blog post to celebrate the publishing of the last of four recently completed chapters for "Batmare Begins" and give ya'll some news about what comes next. As it now stands, the fic is 6 chapters and +55,000 words long. This'll be the last chapter released for a little while. I'm busy getting underway writing Chapter 7, and even though I'm also getting started with a new part time job, with the holidays coming to a close things should be a little less crazy from now on, so hopefully I'll be able to devote a consistent and fair amount of time to writing on a regular basis. To my old readers, I want to again thank you for all of your patience during this 8 month hiatus; to my new readers, I want to thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope as my story develops that it does not disappoint, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you one and all for your support! To anyone who has yet to check my story out and would like to, you'll find the link to the story itself below. As I've said before, I started writing this fic as a way to give back to both MLP Forums and the brony community as a whole for bringing the show, so many new friends, and thousands of pieces of amazing artwork, fanfiction, music, and videos into my life. I promise you, it's not as goofy, predictable, or ridiculous a story as the premise sounds like; I've tried to put together a serious, dramatic, and original story here, and to anyone who decides to check it out, I hope you enjoy the read! Merry Belated Christmas everypony, and Happy-Late-By-A-Few-Days-New-Year!!!
  18. Greetings ya'll!!! Well, with the forums back up and running, it's time for me to post the link to the sixth chapter of "Batmare Begins". I actually did still publish the chapter on Friday, but for obvious reasons was unable to share the good news with ya'll until today. Give it a read, and if you want, like it, fave it, or even provide some feedback and critiques in the comments section. As noted in the Author's Notes for this chapter as well, this chapter is dedicated to the 19 members of the Prescott Fire Department's Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished this summer while fighting the Yarnell Hill fire in central Arizona. I sincerely hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful or ostentatious on my part; believe me, I mean this with all sincerity when I say it. I know this is just some onine fanfiction of my own, and probably won't be seen or read by that many people, but back in the middle of summer when that terrible tragedy happened, I resolved then and there to dedicate this particular chapter to those men. I hold nothing but the highest respect and gratitude for their service and sacrifice, along with the service of every other man and woman across the country who serve in the United States' police and fire departments and paramedic squads. These men and women put their lives on the line every day in their work, and too often many end up making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of others, and to each and every one of them I say thank you. I truly hope that I was able to convey my respect for these professions in my writing this chapter. If anything at all came across as disrespectful or disingenuous, I deeply apologize. This'll be the last chapter released for a little while. I'm busy getting underway writing Chapter 7, and even though I'm also getting started with a new part time job, with the holidays coming to a close things should be a little less crazy from now on, so hopefully I'll be able to devote a consistent and fair amount of time to writing on a regular basis. To my old readers, I want to again thank you for all of your patience during this 8 month hiatus; to my new readers, I want to thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope as my story develops that it does not disappoint, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you one and all for your support!
  19. Happy New Year everypony!!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve with your friends or family. To ring in the New Year, I've just published the fifth chapter of "Batmare Begins" over at FIMFiction! If you'd like, kindly check it out, rate it, and let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below the chapter, or even on this thread if you'd like (along with any questions you might have as well, either concerning the story or my own writing process). Not too much else to say besides that, so without further ado, here's the link to "Batmare Begins: Chapter 5 - Ascent"!
  20. Alrighty, the fourth chapter of "Batmare Begins" is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Things take a turn for the serious this chapter as Derpy begins to near the end of the first stages of her training. Will she manage to succeed and overcome the hurdles in her way? Find out in the latest installment of my fic! Once again, a big thank you to DashForever for helping me edit this chapter and providing some invaluable advice. Couldn't do it without ya buddy! Well, that's it for this topic; if you want to read the new chapter, just click on the link below, and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to leave them here or in the comments section of the fic itself. Have a good night everypony!!!
  21. PUNS!!!!! Happy Holidays, everybody! Also, DeviantArt.
  22. It's here, it's here, it's finally here everypony!!! After a MASSIVE writing period that took me all summer and fall, the first of four new chapters for "Batmare Begins" is finished and has been published ya'll!!! Chapter 3 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. The next three chapters will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday (at least, that's the plan). Special thanks to my BFF DashForever for helping me edit Chapter 3 as well as for all his support and helpful advice and creative input during the writing process. He also introduced me to the Winningverse during this writing period, which should in the long run have a BIG impact on the direction that my own writing takes, so thank you for that as well DF. You're the best, buddy! Also, big shout out to Midnight Scribbler (deviantART ID: Soultrip69), who's graciously volunteered to put together some new cover art for the story, which, Lord willing, may even be up this week. If you haven't yet, check out some of his awesome art here (; dude's seriously a fantastic artist and a great friend! Thanks for your help Midnight!!! Finally, a big, big thank you to Chengar Qordath, creator of the Winningverse. While my story does not take place in the Winningverse, Chengar Qordath has been kind enough to allow me to utilize Clan Kicker, and the major family members of said clan, such as Cloud Kicker and her immediate family, in my own story. He also has graciously provided me with lots and lots of useful tips and invaluable advice in my writing any segments that have involved Clan Kicker so far, and has always answered any questions I've had whenever I've come to him with them. Thank you so much Chengar for your permission and all your help and support, and seriously everypony, if you haven't checked out Chengar Qordath's Winningverse yet, do so ASAP! It's seriously one of the greatest fanon universes in all of MLP fanfiction, and contains some outstanding gems such as "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony" and "The Lunar Rebellion". Here's a link to his massive body of works: Well, that's all I got to say, so without further ado, here's "Batmare Begins - Chapter 3: The Order of Extraordinary Ponies". Just click on the link below and you'll get there. Enjoy everypony!!! Let me know what you think of the latest chapter in the comments below, and if you haven't started "Batmare Begins" yet and decide to do so, let me know what you think of the story as a whole.
  23. My first fanfiction,It's a crossover of the Hunger Games and My little pony. I want reviews on it,what your opinion is so far.Your predictions,etc. (P.S) Be brutal when you review
  24. (Yeah, I already made a thread for this, but two things happened. 1) I realised I would be cluttering up the forum if I posted a new topic for each chapter and 2) the forum completely messed up my formatting, so consider this a refresh!) Here is a crossover fan fiction series that I decided to start earlier in the semester as something to keep me occupied in my spare time (or to distract me from school...). I hope that you all enjoy! A Series of Right Rotten Events Chapter the First: A Dreadful Dawn Chapter the Second: Intrusive Introductions I am trying to finish at least one chapter a month, however with other projects taking up my time and attention I can make no guarantees in my consistency! However, I hope that you all enjoy it, all the same!