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  1. Saw this on reddit. Really hope like hell it isn't true. If it is, there are spoilers in it for season 3 so keep that in mind if you intend to read further:
  2. Here's a doodle I just finished of Derpy and Dinky! C: I didn't know how to make the background look nice so I just put in a random square and put a bunch of blobs on it. Thoughts? Critiques? Would this make a nice print? Should I change anything? Tell me eeeeeverythingggg c:
  3. So I was just wondering, for those who find "Derpy" offensive why do you? I respect your opinion completely I was just wondering why you did/do. (I personally don't but that's just me.) I don't want to start a fight but if one does breakout I WILL ask a mod to shut the thread down.
  4. Will the last new episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic for who-knows-how-long close with a bang... or a nightmare? To subscribe:
  5. So I still see a lot of people still seem to think Derpy was an "animation error." From the first time I heard of her and saw her I was like "Yeah right, animation error " I loved working with flash (which is initially why I was interested in MLP) back when I had a class with it and know pretty well how it all works. Derpy had messed up eyes AND a stupid mouth initially- so having 2 mistakes was fishy to me. The only "ERROR" is that she showed up in the finished episode. It turns out that the infamous scene was changed somewhere in the editing process and widened. Doing that brought her on screen. Whoever did that didn't notice that she was now visible in the wider shot. Here is a video interview with one of the animators from season 1. The Derpy part is at 25:36 Also Vinyl Scratch's eyes were originally gray- then red- but are toned down to magenta by a color correction filter
  6. 100 episodes. One Second Opinion. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, GO! To subscribe:
  7. *takes a deep breath* Well now... that was certainly an experience, wasn't it? :comeatus: This... all of this... where do I even begin? Welcome back, everypony, to the 100th episode edition of "Batbrony Reviews." If we're going to start somewhere, I suppose it's best to start by saying just what this was, at least in my own opinion. This was everything I expected, everything I did not expect, and so very much more. It was basically a fanfiction made into an episode, if you want to be blunt, but it was more than that even. It was a love letter in every sense of the word: to the fans, to the show, to the background characters, supporting characters, main characters, and everything we love about the world of Equestria and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 100 episodes, and we've finally reached that point, the point that few shows ever do, even long-lasting, successful ones; we have reached the point where the creators and the fandom have acknowledged in both canon and fanon love and mutual respect for one another and their creations. It's a beautiful thing, really, and it made for a wonderfully chaotic and somehow beautifully balanced time this episode. Let's dive right in and fully take in every bit of wonderful, shall we? This review won't be in any particular order, because it really doesn't matter for an episode that had so very much. It's going to be more of a... well-thought out fangasm, if you will. What did I love, here? I... LOVED... EVERYTHING! I know that that's not the case with everyone, and that's perfectly fine if people had complaints or different levels of appreciation of this episode, but for me, it was perfect. I loved every single bit of this gift, and that's what it is, a gift from DHX that they gave to us and put together with tender, loving care. M.A. Larson, perhaps both the most beloved and at the same time infamous writer of the show, was the perfect choice for putting this episode together, especially in the post-Faust MLP. Only Faust herself could've possibly outdone him if she were still attached to the show, but I don't think even whatever she could've put together would've been quite as delightfully insane in that Larson-y fashion that only he himself, the master of trolly writers in MLP, can manage. Larson has now officially become my favorite writer of the show for this episode alone, and for that, he has my everlasting gratitude. No, wait, I actually mean it this time! Every savory bite of this delectable masterpiece was delicious in its own unique way. Lyra (Ashleigh Ball) and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops (Andrea Libman) were hardly surprising in their appearance, but they were surprising in just what exactly DHX did with them. First, I was completely surprised by the fact that Bon Bon not only received such a bizarre background that had no grounding in the fandom whatsoever, but also by the fact that she was the focus of the subplot and not Lyra. Upon thinking about this further, I realized it was quite brilliant, actually, in its own insane way. Not only did they not meet expectations by simply taking the easy route with those two, but they also came up with an amazingly zany explanation of Bon Bon's alternate name, Sweetie Drops, that somehow managed to make both canon. But perhaps even more brilliant than that, they found a way to please both those who ship Lyra and Bon Bon in the fandom, and those who do not. Technically, in canon they are nothing more than best friends; they hammered it on the head quite a bit in fact to the point of ludicrousness. But there was also so much shipping fuel in their interactions together, that Lyra and Bon Bon shippers can't possibly even be mad. DHX went as far as they could to embrace both interpretations in canon, and I still can't believe they managed to pull it off. I've seen some Lyra and Bon Bon fans in this thread arguing since the episode aired about what is and isn't canon, but I implore you, no matter what you believe, please don't! You're both right, and there's no need to! It's rather remarkable, that way, isn't it? Friend or ship, either way, we all win! Continuing with the Big 6 of background ponies, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody's (Kazumi Evans) bits were just as amazing. I know dubstep's not everyone's cup of tea, but I for one adored the classical music/dubstep cross they put together, and their ride through town on Vinyl's bass cannon was nothing short of spectacular, glorious insanity, topped off by them literally jumping the shark. I really like that Vinyl has no voice, as well; it would've been really easy for Nowacking to agree to do her voice, but then she wouldn't be able to do fan projects anymore, so I really appreciate that, if DHX did approach, she held out, but DHX found a rather clever alternative. Instead of trying to find an alternative to Nowacking, they seem to be content keeping her as a silent character, and it oddly seems to work for her. Octavia's voice, provided by Rarity's singing VA, is very close to EileMonty's and suits her nicely as well. Their house is too awesome for words to describe (and I'm sure Two Face wouldn't mind living there either), and it was so much fun seeing them throw their musical noggins together. There wasn't really anything in the way of shipping fuel with those two like there was with other characters, but that worked just fine for them; I've always preferred thinking of them as best friends and housemates rather than an actual couple compared to other pairs in fanon. Twilicane: "You thought I was dead, did you?! HAH! Foolish mortals, I can never die! I simply return time and again to amplify the awesome and simply confuse you even more!!!!!!!" Moving on to some of the lesser bits of the episode, we had the surprise return of Steven Magnet (and his canon naming as well) as, of all things, Cranky Doodle's very own "Best Beast" for his wedding, and boy oh boy was he fun to watch. Steven's always been a favorite Season 1 character of mine, even if he'd only ever been in the first episode before today, and Lee Tockar's exuberance in the role is simply infectious. He's one of those characters who, no matter how over-the-top he gets, manages to not get at any point obnoxious, but instead is just a delight to watch the entire time. And to top it all off, despite freaking out Matilda about halfway through the episode (because of course he'd freak out a bride on her wedding day ), he had a very affectionate moment with his apparently best friend, Cranky, at the end of the episode, as well as a sweet nod to Rarity's own generosity that she'd extended his way in Season 1. Gummy's existential inner monologue was simply too epic for words to describe, and for me, he is from now on best pet, no doubt, sorry Tank, you're awesome, he's just awesomer. That was probably the most surprising moment of the episode for me, though it oddly makes sense for Pinkie's beloved alligator that he would be the only pet in all of Ponyville to ponder the meaning of life (on a regular basis, I'm guessing). Amethyst Star had her own small bit taking over the organization for Matilda's wedding (both voiced by Brenda Crichlow, that's certainly confusing), but it was very cool learning more about her, she's one of my favorite unicorns in all of Ponyville for sure. The Flower Trio of Lily Valley, Roseluck, and Daisy (Cathy Weseluck, Kazumi Evans, and Ashleigh Ball) of course had their own little moment of over-the-top dramatics (or rather, several), and even the royals made a surprise appearance in ways we're not accustomed to. Shining Armor apparently gets super emotional at weddings along with Cadance, and Celestia and Luna's little sibling-spat was too adorable and hilarious. Speaking as a sibling myself, I loved that, every bit of it, because it felt so real, and yet it was also a side to those two that we'd never gotten to see before. But in the end, listening to Mayor Mare's heartwarming words, they reconciled as all siblings always should over little stuff like that (especially if you're both over 1,000 years old :comeatus:). Besides all that, basically every single other background pony in existence popped up in some regard. The CMC had a quick bit, Bulk Biceps was there, Filthy Rich, Button Mash, Truffles, Berry Punch hugging a barrel of cider, Thunderlane, Colgate, Carrot Top, Cloud Kicker, Mr. and Mrs. Cake along with Pound and Pumpkin Cake, Raindrops, that pony with the jelly-fetish, the sofa-and-quills salesman, the tennis-player with the world's greatest mutton chops, Lotus and Aloe, Hayseed Turniptruck, Pipsqueak, Cloud Chaser, Flitter, Featherweight, a completely random Changeling, and oh so many more, pretty much the entire town, in fact. Matilda and Cranky themselves were quite delightful to see again as well, especially getting to learn more about both of them. I love that Cranky is this cheap bastard and, despite even finding the love of his life, still a curmudgeon (just seems to fit him well, I guess, but a lovable curmudgeon, mind you), and Matilda was too funny in the beleaguered-bride-on-her-wedding day role. But in the end, their wedding was a smashing success, and I'm sure no matter how much we see of them in the future, in the show's universe, they shall have a long and happy life together! Main characters? GET THE BUCK OUTTA HERE! Now of course, those of you who know me will know that I've been building up to what, for me, stole the show here. What really made this oh so special for this particular brony. I am talking, of course, about the incredible, amazing, awesomeness that was Derpy Hooves (Tabitha St. Germain... again) and Doctor Whooves (Peter New). Oh my, where to start with these two. There's just so much to say. If I didn't love Derpy so much, I'd say that Peter with his performance alone stole the whole show altogether. His accent was amazing, the mannerisms were spot on (and this coming from a non-Whovian), the references were not too hard for non-Whovians like myself to understand, but still abounding throughout, I could just go on and on. I loved how he got so easily absentminded throughout the whole episode, always going from one random activity to another, and I loved that Derpy seemed to be the only one who really got him, too. His bowling with the Big Lebowski-ponies (with the Dude actually getting a voice, of all things) was too epic for words to describe, but it was somehow surpassed by his bits at the end, if you can believe that. Derpy herself, well... she was everything I could've hoped for. She is and always will be my best pony, and I can't thank DHX enough for what they did for her. Bringing Tabitha St. Germain back in the role even though she changed the voice (in fact, I actually liked this voice more than her original, and MUCH MORE than that dreadful replacement they came up with after "The Last Roundup" controversy, it sounded like Derpy but also more feminine than her original, which makes sense when you consider that Tabitha originally thought that Derpy was supposed to be a boy), putting her in the spotlight, making her both derpy in her behavior as she's always been but also completely lovable, exuberant, and in the end helpful, oh, and muffin refunds, it all worked so perfectly. There were, however, two things I loved the most about her. The first was that, interestingly enough, despite starring in this episode, Derpy (and the same can be said for many background ponies here) was still a background pony. Her activities, like all background ponies, were just one small-drop in the bigger picture of what the story of Ponyville and the lives of all its citizens are, and it was actually quite apparent. All of these subplots happened alongside each other without really running into each other or colliding, and it was quite frankly amazing. The other thing I loved, with all my heart, was Derpy and the Doctor. At first, it seemed like they were just extremely close friends. But at the end of the day, DHX did something I never in my wildest dreams thought they would do. They gave just enough for fans to reasonably claim that Derpy and the Doctor is a canon ship. If you don't interpret it that way, that's perfectly fine, but for me, their affectionate hug/snuggle at the end, her telling the Doctor he looked like a million bits in his amazing scarf, even booping their noses earlier in the episode in his lab/home, that's enough for me to say that they are, in my book, a canon couple. No one can take that away from me, and it warms my heart that DHX would be willing to do something like that for those of us who love shipping those two in this fandom. They were adorable together, they were perfect in their performances, and I loved every single minute of them. They were by far the highlight of this episode, for me. What else can ya say but ALONSY!!! Ships... who ever said they couldn't be canon? But wait, there's more! The Mane 6 were here, yeah, shocker right? They were fighting this crazy awesome looking monster called a Bug Bear (which apparently Bon Bon has a history with and also looked very much like a literal panda getting thrown at us... oh Larson, you!). But what I loved more than anything was that they were very much in the background the whole time, until the last scene, of course. And boy oh boy what a last scene, that was. Mayor Mare herself almost stole the show when she delivered the moral of the episode, and this, this was the genius of the episode summed up. Her speech was DHX's way of saying, "this has been great fun, but this has been more than simple fan service or pandering." This, for them, was genuine love and affection. Love for us, love for each and every one of their characters, love for the world they've created. Every story in Equestria is special in its own way, everyone in this show, at DHX, in the fandom, in the world, has a special story of their own to tell, and that should be celebrated as much as possible. That speech took the episode from silly, zany, off-the-walls amazing to sincere, genuine, respectable writing and fan-love, not just fan service. They wanted to make sure this 100th episode would be a thing to remember, and boy, did they ever succeed. Ending the episode back with the Mane 6, Twilight declaring her love for her friends and the town of Ponyville and all its inhabitants we've come to know and love. What better way to end such an episode could you have asked for? That's all I have to say about this one, guys. What else is there to say? Everyone will have a different opinion about this one, but for this brony at least, this episode is perfection. It is the greatest slice of life (fitting enough considering that was its very name ) episode of MLP I have ever seen, probably ever will see, and I will always love this with all of my heart and treasure the fact that I have gotten to share in the love of this show, these characters, and the folks who have created them, with all of you guys. This is Batbrony, resident Bat-lover of Derpy and all things background ponies, signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic and joyously exuberant exit* Thank you for being such a special little town, Ponyville, for all of us, in oh so many ways.
  8. Just made one more vector from My Little Pony 100th episode (: .More vectors are coming soon (: . -- Deviantart link - . -- Subscribe for more vectors, if you want (: .
  9. So why is every Friendship is Magic fan so sure this is going to be bad all of a sudden? To subscribe:
  10. The 100th episode is right around the corner, so let's analyze the latest preview! To subscribe:
  11. [Note: I felt the need to repost this so I'm reposting it here right now and adding some new stuff] Heya there everybody/everypony, PastelPetal here! I have a fanmade MLP G5 show called "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" replacing the word elements in the title like in Elements of Harmony XD Friends of Harmony is a fanfiction I'm posting on FIMFiction.Net and my FIMFiction account is Fire-Flare The Mane Six and Spike are in the G5 or G4 point something (Don't worry, it won't be bad like G3.5) but instead of a Mane 6, there's a Mane 20 (Don't complain it's too many characters, the second episode will teach you all!) What Friends of Harmony is about: Under Princess Celestia's instructions, Brother and Sister Twins Twilight Sparkle and Duskshine,along with their friend,Spike the dragon,must go to Ponyville to supervise the preparations for the special event of the "Summer Sun Celebration"! However,the princess requests that they make "Friends" and Twilight and Duskshine however both aren't really the "Social" type. As their lifes suddently turn upside-down,both twins meet 18 ponies: Triplets Pinkie Pie,Surprise Pie,and Bubble Berry Pie otherwise known as the "Smile Trio" ,Applejack,Derpy Hooves,Applejake,Rainbow Dash,Vinly Scratch,Rainbow Blitz,Rarity,Colgate,Elusive,Octaiva,Fluttershy,Lyra,Buttersnotch,Doctor Whooves,and Bon-Bon. Twilight and Duskshine can't take it but when a wicked mare of darkness makes a ever-longing comeback,these 20 ponies must work together to defeat her and find the ever legendary "Elements of Harmony" Which are said to have been created because their purpose was they were created because one day,20 ponies,that go by each and every element in a way, will be born and meet each other someday and once they were born,they will be granted to forever live to guard and go by these elements and the elements will change shape as soon as all 20 earn their cutie mark at the very same time on the very same day. Twilight,Duskshine,and the rest go on the dangerous journey quest to stop the dark shadow goddess ruining the celebration to make "The Night Last Forever!" On the way,Duskshine and Twilight soon get used to the 18 ponies that been causing them such trouble from earlier and start thinking all of them kind of acts like each Harmony Element in a way......... Elements of Harmony: Twilight - Magic Duskshine - Confidence Pinkie Pie - Laughter Suprise - Acceptance Bubble Berry - Still thinking, post ideas please! Applejack - Honesty (I might change her element, I'll explain why when I edit this post soon) Derpy - Determination AppleBuck - Diligence Rainbow Dash - Loyalty (I might also change it, I'll edit this soon explaining why because I have my reasons to change Rainbow Dash and Applejack's elements) Vinly Scratch - Skill Rainbow Blitz - Bravery Rarity - Generosity (Might change it since Rarity isn't really that generous in Friendship is Magic) Colgate - Persistence Octavia Melody - Inspiration Elusive - Still thinking, please give me ideas Lyra - Still thinking, post your ideas down below Fluttershy - Kindness Bon Bon - Patience Buttersnotch - Compassion Doctor Whooves - Still thinking, again, please post your ideas (NOTE** Duskshine,Elusive.Rainbow Blitz,Butterscotch,Applebuck,and Bubble Berry and Surprise aren't my OCs) For the Cutie Mark Crusaders this is what I got: Sweetie Belle Applebloom Scootaloo Babs Seed (She moves to Ponyville in the series and is less of a bully) Rumble Dinky and Button Mash What's wrong with having 2 boy crusaders? I'm not really including anyone's OCs unless I have a contest or something or auction and choose OCs that I like. Anyways, I plan on to make this a actual series (without Hasbro getting mad at me for copyrights, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE HASBRO WILL GET THE CREDIT THEY WANT, SO EVERYONE CAN BE HAPPY! :I ) but of course, I need voice actors and actresses, artist, animators, etc So here's the topic to show off your talents in any of those and become a crew and help me bring my fanfiction series right to life! Voice Acting: I'll make a script with all the dialogue in my fan-fiction and link my fan-fiction to all voice actors and actresses and everyone needs to pratice theirs very often when you have the right time. If some voice actors and actresses are still taking long to pratice theirs, I will be patient and all voice actors and actresses are expected to be patient too (OR ELSE! XD) Only person currently choosing her character that I'm allowing is I'll put requirements later for Voice Actors and Actresses later but the first one I'm putting now is you must add me as a friend on MLP Fourms if I choose you to work for Friends of Harmony the series. Same goes for the artist and animators about being patient with me (I will hold a auction for voice actors and actresses soon so for now, those of you who want to voice a character have to wait and many follow this topic to see when I edit this topic and open and hold up voice auctions) Artists: For artist, I will upload onto this topic and on my DeviantART some art of the character designs (In My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony, ponies wear clothing What? I like the idea of ponies wearing clothing XD But I WON'T use the Equestira Girls design, most of the designs will be by me and what I think match the characters) and I'll do sketches of comic panels of scenes from my fan-fiction which the artist can all outline and color and etc the panels (The series will be in G4 style so don't worry about art styles if you want to be a artist) The comic panels will also be helpful to the animators I'm sure Proof Readers/Editors: The series is in fan-fiction form and will be posted on FIMFiction.Net and my FIMFiction.Net account is Fire-Flare and the fan fiction isn't published yet but don't worry! I'll link it to here soon and will give all proof-readers and editors instructions later Only requirements I can think of for proof readers and editors is to have a FIMFiction.Net account but I'll up some more soon! Requirements for artists: *Must have a DeviantART or if you can't have a DeviantART, just link me the picture and I'll post it in my DeviantART and will give you credit *A FIMFiction.Net account *Be able to draw in G4 style well and maybe be able to make vectors of the comic sketches I will send all of you *Must be patient with me, I get sometimes hard homework and Junior High isn't all fun and games for me that much so must be very, VERY patient! Even if it takes like 20 days YOU MUST BE PATIENT! *Must add me as friend here on MLP Fourms Animators: As I said, the comic panels the artist will do might be pretty helpful for all of you, just use the comic panels and animate the comics in different frames. It's best if you have Flash Adobe and if there's any people who can make models for Flash Adobe Player out of my character designs, that would be needed and helpful! Requirements: *I guess Flash Adobe since most people make good animations out of it or I'll check out what animation program was used to make popular animations for MLP like the Children of the Night video for example *YouTube to upload it and I perfer it if any of you are able to make a new YouTube channel name the channel "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" and there we can upload all the episodes, I'm unable to make a YouTube account so I would love anyone who becomes one of the animators to make a channel IF your able to and you MUST PM me the user and password for the YouTube channel! *Maybe a DeviantART *A FIMFiction.Net account *Must be patient with me, I get sometimes hard homework and Junior High isn't all fun and games for me that much so must be very, VERY patient! Even if it takes like 20 days YOU MUST BE PATIENT! *Must add me as friend here on MLP Fourms I'll think of some more requirements and rules and make sure a lot of people can get included with this! Anyways, I'm not sure what else other info to put and include here for now so here's everything! Hope ya all have a good day! ~PastelPetal
  12. OK, so I was thinking about the mailmare in this last Saturday's episode, and about how she shouldn't have been so out of her element in Discord's home turf because she works with a bunch of aliens, if she isn't one herself. This then led me to everypony's favorite wall-eyed mailmare with a less than natural muffin obsession, Derpy Hooves. Could it be that our beloved Derpy is some form of extraterrestrial life form? If you don't understand what I'm referencing, watch this:
  13. As promised last week, a brand spanking new chapter of Batmare Begins has just been uploaded, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Hope those of you who read the chapter like it, and have a nice day everypony! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  14. As promised last week, a brand spanking new chapter of Batmare Begins has just been uploaded, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Hope those of you who read the chapter like it, and have a nice day everypony! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  15. ranul


    no this is most likely in the work section but here is the question would you ever call any of your friends derpy in jest after they just did something clumsy and how would you feel if some one called you derpy ?
  16. Evening everypony, I hope you've all had a Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday! I just wanted to let you all know that I've just uploaded a new chapter of my first and, to date, only fanfiction, Batmare Begins, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my friends and fic followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! The story stars everypony's favorite mailmare, Derpy Hooves, as she embarks on a journey to discover who she is and what she's meant to do, leading her towards her destiny with a certain cape and cowl. If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always very much appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Happy Easter everypony, and I hope you enjoy this small holiday present of mine. P.S. A big shoutout to my BFF DashForever for previewing and helping me edit the new chapter, as always! You're the best, buddy!
  17. Evening everypony, I hope you've all had a Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday! I just wanted to let you all know that I've just uploaded a new chapter of my first and, to date, only fanfiction, Batmare Begins, which you can find here. I want to thank all of my friends and fic followers for their patience and continued support, and to anyone who hasn't yet checked out my story, I'd really love it if you gave it a chance! The story stars everypony's favorite mailmare, Derpy Hooves, as she embarks on a journey to discover who she is and what she's meant to do, leading her towards her destiny with a certain cape and cowl. If any new readers like it enough, likes, favorites, and follows are always very much appreciated, as are comments and feedback on what I might do to improve the story. Happy Easter everypony, and I hope you enjoy this small holiday present of mine. P.S. A big shoutout to my BFF DashForever for previewing and helping me edit the new chapter, as always! You're the best, buddy!
  18. So I posted a new fic and you can feel free to read it. Warning, the prequel is clop with plot so you have been warned. Link:
  19. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out, tell me what you guys think http:/
  20. Hi there! It's me and I just wanted to share a theory for reasons. Like I said in the welcoming post, my head cannons aren't so popular and they probably will never get a nod in the hundredth episode but never mind that. Let me start The Derpy Theory by PinkieApplePie123 Derpy was a weather pony until she got fired due to her causing many problems on the weather. Her best friend since childhood Carrot Top helped her out by letting her stay at her house. Derpy's older sister, Cloud Kicker then later had a baby named Dinky Doo. The father was a kind stallion named Ponet. Soon Cloud Kicker and Ponet became very busy and too busy to take care of Dinky. So Cloud Kicker let Derpy take care of her permanently. Later in the years Dinky became a very smart filly. She had a cutie mark in magic and had three great friends: Noi aka Carrot Top's sister, Pina Colada aka Berry Punch's sister, and Ruby Pinch aka Berry Punch's other sister. Dinky's other sister Flutter Doo then had a child named Tornado Bolt. Dinky doesn't really hang out with Flutter Doo. Derpy once attended a Apple Family reunion with Carrot Top. Soon Derpy had a job as a mailmare. She did a great job doing it too. Okay that's it. It's disorganized I know #sorrynotsorry
  21. I am getting faster ad doing these now. This took me maybe half the time it did about a week ago. Also I can finally cross derpy off my list of ponies to do art for. I think I finally got the muzzle/mouth from this angle right too. Not sure about how I did on the hair shading though. Derpy's hair is so plain its hard to do much. Also forgot to do the highlights but, live and learn right? Thoughts? Opinions? Love? Hate? Etc?
  22. That's right--I got 'em all. I have no proof so you'll just have to trust me on this one. 5:1, 5:2 - Princess Celestia accidentally transforms Diamond Tiara into an alicorn princess. Chaos ensues. 5:3 - Flash Sentry from the Equestria Girls universe visits Ponyville. The Mane 6 spend the whole episode talking about how hot he is. 5:4 - Cheerilee goes back to school--in Prance. Sacre bleu! 5:5 - A spell gone awry causes Celestia and Luna to switch bodies with Snips and Snails. Unfortunately, it's permanent. 5:6 - The Apple Family stands in front of their fence drinking cider and saying "yup." 5:7 - Rarity saves Spike's life. The Dragon Code demands that he stay by her side and repay the debt. Little does he know what his pony mistress has in store for him. (Working title: "Fifty Shades of Off-White.") 5:8 - The Changelings take over the Crystal Empire, then give it back because it was just way too easy. (Crystal Heart powered by love + changelings = very bad news.) 5:9 - The background pony episode. Unfortunately, it is based on MTV's Real World where they all must live in an apartment together. 5:10 - In a stunning development, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Ditzy Doo are able to visit the real human world. They spend the whole time in a shopping mall where Rarity just can't find the right color lipstick. 5:11 - Somepony gives Pinkie Pie some mare-a-juana cookies. 5:12 - Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle accept Scootaloo's invitation to a "house party," not realizing her house is a cardboard box in the woods. 5:13 - Princess Luna (still in Snips' body) learns that she owes over 1000 years worth of back taxes from when she was imprisoned on the moon. The entire monarchy goes bankrupt, leaving Mrs. Harshwhinny the new ruler of Equestria. 5:14 - Twilight Sparkle becomes a fan of the Twilight series. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson guest-star. 5:15 - Discord pursues his lifelong dream of being a country singer. 5:16 - Rainbow Dash goes so fast that she accelerates her own evolution and starts turning into a lizard. 5:17 - Silver Spoon reads Nietzsche and concludes that Celestia is dead. 5:18 - King Sombra comes back from the dead to challenge Tirek to a grunting and growling contest. 5:19 - Owloysius visits the Mirror Pool, makes a million copies of himself, and attempts to take over Equestria. 5:20 - Pinkie Pie gets diabetes. 5:21 - Ponyville catches disco fever. 99% of the episode is singing and dancing. Donna Summer guest-stars. 5:22 - Fluttershy wants Celestia to change her into a tree. 5:23 - The CMC messes around with love potions again, causing every Mane 6 pony to fall in love with all the others. 5:24 - With water skiing becoming an increasingly popular sport in Equestria, Rainbow Dash is determined to successfully jump over a shark. Granny Smith raps at the end. 5:25, 5:26 - The finale. A supposed flashback to the ending of 'Over a Barrel' reveals that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are still stranded in the desert, and everything that has happened in the series since then was just stories they were making up to entertain each other. (24 bad ideas. I feel strangely proud.)
  23. It usually suggested that you involve: 1. Muffins (eat, share) 2. Delivery (give out gifts/cards/stickers, mail letters/postcards, something mailmare related) I've also seen people say you should: 3. Make "derpy eyes" in photographs (as best you can) 4. Wear grey/yellow 5. Photograph or carry around Derpy toys Me: Last year I printed out Derpy related line-art and had a coloring day scheduled with a friend, but they got sick and had to cancel. So I colored them by myself. Plus, I only like chocolate muffins, and I'm allergic to chocolate. Any easy-to-make, tasty, oatmeal / cinnamon type muffin recipe suggestions? (not blueberry or poppy seed, yuck!) There's a page on Facebook for sharing your Derpy Day photos too - the original FB page shared by Equestria Daily was dropped (I talked to the guy), but there's one called "Derpy Day (March 1st)". It's not super active - but it's more active than an other FB pages I looked at (a year or so ago). I think Feb 29th should be Derpy day - and March 1st could be the "observed" Derpy Day!
  24. You and I by Rhode/Tao Derpy and her daughter Dinky share a simple night around the fire in Heart's Warming eve. Sometimes the greatest gift you can have is just being with family and remembering those memories! Derpy only smiled, washing the plates of the party now hours ended of the close friends who had come by, shared in a delight of home made food and gifts exchanged with a few untouched by the mother and daughter team. Speaking of the filly, Dinky Diana Doo was eyeing the silver wrapped box under the tree from her Aunt Daring Do her mother had placed with that knowing smile only she could when it came to her explorer sister who was half way across the world doing well, the things that made her famous of all the Doo clan! Dinky loved the gifts her Aunt would send on her birthdays and Heart's Eve minus the one her mother would save for the coming morning! "Dinky, can you clear the table of the trash and wrap the food up?" Derpy called out, putting the plate away and hearing a mutter of yes and little hooves on the floor in a eager way. Her golden hued eyes light up, glad she used paper plates and cups in the young filly was now just using magic in any opening she could which had caused some broken glass in the Doo household but it was price Derpy would loving pay to help her daughter grow without any worry to hold her little muffin back! The two worked, cleaning up the party and putting the food away, the crackling in the back in its own music and the small simple pine tree in grand splendor of silver and gold ribbon and balls with lights softly glowing in the living room. Those outside would see the glow of lights and know it was full of warmth of a loving family! Humming, the mail mare put the last dish away and made to peek into the dinning room to see her little muffin's glow of magic, gray in color but sparks of sterling silver wrapped around the trash and struggling to make it into the trash bag. Eyes shut and all her mental power to keep it afloat, having the small pile of papers make it into the bag and seeing and feeling it, Dinky's smile was bright and full of hope she was mastering her magic little by little! Pride, if anything filled the mother of seeing her daughter growing up! Her reason to get up every day was in front of her and greatest gift the world had given the golden eyed mare for all her days, thinking for a moment of a stallion of golden mane so much like her daughters own crown of it but she pushed that old shadow away! "Are you done little love?" Derpy's asked walking into the clean room with a brow raised and a amused smile on her muzzle. Happily with a nod of yes, the little unicorn pranced a bit, hooves picking up in knowing she had used her magic without it faltering out like normal. Dinky looked up at her mom, "So can we have some cookies and hot chocolate mom and you tell me stories about Aunt Daring and you?" Nodding, a happy laugh filled the rooms as the filly went to fetch the pillows they would sit on, a blanket to wrap up in as Derpy put a few more logs on the fire to keep it going well into the night! She had slipped on the milk to boil and chocolate mix and the cookies cooling on the table in the shapes of stars and moons which her daughter loved! Oh yes Derpy was known for her muffins but the mail-mare was a grand baker in her own right a enough to rival even the Cakes in a few areas! Wings picked up the pot, pouring it into coffee mugs as the steam sailed into the air and the cookies onto a simple white plate as with many years of practice, carried both on wings lightly opened and walking to place them on a small table in reach of the ponies close to the fire. Curling up into the plush pillows, Dinky flouted the hot liquid over and took a breathe to chill it a enough for a sip and loving the sweet warmth filled her mouth as a sound nearly to a cat purring was voiced out much to her mother's amusement in sipping her own and letting the pleasure of her taste drive away the weariness of the cold outside. “So, which story do you want to hear?” Derpy asked, waiting for a moment as her daughter looked a bit thoughtful and smiled. “How about the one when you and Aunt Daring got lost in the Ever-free and found those ruins of the castle of the two sisters?” Dinky asked, eyes eager to hear the tale. Her left wing tapped on her muzzle in the thoughts of the story, “That when Daring earned her cutie mark if I do recall.....” “YAH!” Smiling the single mother started out the tale, how in learning the fly the twins had been caught in a head wind that had blown them into the wild Ever-free, finding the castle and the adventures that seemed to follow them and also how Daring Do had found her cutie mark in that day! Derpy loved her twin even if the two where as well, night and day like one other pair of sisters very well known to all ponies! This was their tradition, that having that quite night in front of the fire, the tree all glow with some hot chocolate and cookies and sharing stories of the real and ones made up in the moment of a child's mind and her mother joining into the fun! For them the holiday was of the you and I and being a mother and daughter just like always! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first FIM Story! Link can be found:
  25. I think I'm well over 1,000 by this point- they've become my full stops, pretty much See? Right there! Feel free to go into more detail, if you wish- what emoticons you use more of, where you use them, whatever I did it again!! >_<