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Found 335 results

  1. Title says all Go on with your life now.
  2. It's time to get real. "I've been preening myself all these years and no one bothered to tell me until now?!" "*pffft* Well, it is pretty funny to watch." "..." "..." "So many tummy aches..." This is what happens when one doesn't attend a proper preen-ed class. Not too hot with how this turned out, but whatever, it is what is. And what is isn't so shabby. DeviantArt! And Tumblr!
  3. So I made this huge ponified version of the famous picture "Lunch atop a Skyscraper"! The result is this awesome group picture, in which I included some funny details and references. I spent 20+ hours on this, it is by far my biggest project (in terms of work and size ^^)! Please comment!
  4. Hello everypony! This is my first MS paint drawing of Derpy . I really hope you all enjoy it.
  5. Brothers and sisters of MLP Forums, I beckon you all, come forward and hear my words! Listen to what I have to say, and maybe, just maybe, you will be there for a certain grey mare in her hour of need. I can only hope. Note: If you're not in the mood for reading this bit, I've gone and actually recorded myself reading it as well, if you're in the mood for a more audio experienced. Be warned, however, for I've been known to make those with weaker constitutions swoon in the past with my melodious tones. Listen at your own risk. For amplified epicness, listen to this number while reading or listening to speech. And yes, I did all this for ponies, why wouldn't I? Now, seeing as I, of course, am throwing all my weight and support behind Derpy, as usual, I just wanna talk to ya'll a bit, about Derpy, about voting for her, you know, the usual. Now this isn't just for the Derp Brigade, nor those going for Pinkie, this is for everyone, lovers of AJ, Rarity, Twilight, RD, Flutters, whoever. This here's for each and every one of you. Overrated. That's a word I keep seeing people going for Pinkie Pie throwing out there when they talk about why they're not voting for Derpy. Overrated. That's a word I really don't like seeing used to describe Ms. Hooves, of course. In fact, I wanna instinctively do this to anyone who describes her that way : Sorry, can't help it. But I think that word can get overused sometimes, no matter the circumstances. And I really think we throw the word around liberally when we just don't understand why so many people might love something. That doesn't mean that something or someone can't be overrated, but still, I myself am guilty of this. I think that Maud Pie's overrated, but that's because I don't understand what people see in her. So, without judging anyone who thinks that Derpy's overrated, and without retreading all of her history, let me just try to explain from where I'm coming why I think she deserves every bit of love she gets, going back to her origins. On paper, yeah, it doesn't look like Derpy should get as much love as she does. She's a background pony, there's dozens of those. She's only talked once, generally only utilized for comedic relief. So why the love? Basically, Derpy's first and, to date, most important contribution has a lot to do with it, at least, that's where the foundation begins. She was, in my opinion, the first element of the show that the makers and creators utilized to communicate with bronies. To let us know that they knew we watched this show, that we liked it, and that they were happy we liked it and took seriously things we liked. All by simply retaining an animation error that a whole bunch of adult viewers had caught and adored. Well you all know what's happened since then. The animation error grew into the most beloved background character in the show, the face of the fandom, but possibly even more importantly, one of the strongest links between bronies and MLP's creators, to this day. As long as she keeps appearing, we know our bond is strong with them. Yes, these days DHX shows us that they're listening in so many other ways to what we have to say about the show, but it all started with her. All with her. Think about that. Derpy is a bond between bronies and DHX, a bond unlike any other. She's not a bread and butter element of the show, something utterly necessary to the dish. But she's a spice, an extra bit of flavor that gives the show a kick which, without, it would feel somewhat wanting in flavor, to the point that, while she may not be the most important ingredient, she's still a vital ingredient. And suddenly, she's not looking so overrated, is she? Suddenly it makes perfect sense that she should be here. Now, what I'm about to ask is, really, pretty darn illogical in every sense of the word, but hey, love's not always logical, is it? I mean heck, we all have our best ponies, and can we really say that any one of them, even Mane 6 best ponies, are THE best pony? No, we can't. The love we have for these ponies is completely personal preference. Oh yeah, there's plenty of good reasons to love them, but still, could any one of these characters carry the show alone? Heck no. That's why I don't even have a favorite among the Mane 6; I can't single out one of them when each one is so vital to the group. But as for Derpy, I guess I don't find it so hard to call her my best pony because, well, loving her, in so many ways, is illogical. On paper, she doesn't deserve that much passion. But it's what she represents and what she can be that really draws me to her. Derpy doesn't need to grow as a character in the show, because she can be anything as is; she can be whatever the writers need her to be, she can be whatever us bronies want her to be. I love well written characters, but the fact that so little is set in stone for Derpy is kind of awesome, really. The bond between DHX and bronies continues because all of us can make of this character what we want, not just DHX, not just bronies, all of us. I don't know about you, but I for one want an element like that in the Final Four. Pinkie's won this tournament before, she's probably won tons of other best pony tournaments before, and she'll probably go far in or win tons of other best pony tournaments in the future. That's inevitable, because she's a main character and a great character. But we've already got water, bread, and butter in 3 slots in the Final Four. How about we mix things up a bit, huh, just a touch. Let's get a little spice into the Final Four and bring little ol' Derpy to a slot she'll rarely reach in any tournament, and we all know it. What's the fun in always being logical, in always going with the choice that makes perfect sense. Wouldn't life just be so boring if we did that all the time? So come on, one and all. Lovers of Rarity, let's get another pony voiced by your beloved Tabitha St. Germain in the Final Four. Applejackers, I know we've had some rough patches in the past, but if you'll recall, Derpy was cheering on your very own AJ when she first spoke in "The Last Roundup", just happy that somepony was willing to raise some money to fix her mistake. Flutter Corps, the Derp Brigade has stood by you through thick and thin this tournament, and now your butter pony is on her way to the Final Four for the very first time. Twily and RD fans, I know you're still sore from your best ponies losing, but why don't you do something just crazy and buck the trend for once. And to the followers of Pinkamena Diane Pie herself; ya know, I doubt I'll change any of your minds, but if you're feeling as crazy and random as Pinkie Pie, there's few things crazier or more random than voting for the pony competing against your best pony, that's for sure. And finally, to my brothers and sisters in the Derp Brigade. Whether we achieve victory or suffer defeat, know this; we will not, WE WILL NOT go down without a fight! Let's raise all sorts of hell right here, right now, and give Pinkie Pie and her fans the match they deserve, a truly epic competition the likes of which this tourney's rarely seen. We're still hanging in there, and we can become a problem for Ms. Pie just like that. You know it, I know it, they know it. So arm yourselves and let slip the dogs of war, because Derpy Hooves is not going down with a whimper. If she's going out or going on, it's going to be with a bang. I'll leave you all with this, some words from another one of my favorite underdogs currently on television: We are lovers of Derpy, and we will not go quietly into the night. ONWARD!!! To vote for Derpy, follow this link:
  6. Hi there, I'm Kurtis Hahn and I'm a 14 Year old Male. This being my first sketch I though I would make it of Derpy Hooves I would love some critique. I'm trying to find my place in the Brony community whether it be music, art, or stories "When All Else Fails Ctrl+Alt+Delete" - King Kurtis
  7. So this is a drawing iv done of derpy licking your screen xD it was drawn by moi and you can find it on my dA riiight here: so what do you guys think of it? :3 it is my first drawing of derpy and i know it has a few mistakes. the main one being the little bit of white around her eye. but i cant fix it so.. ene
  8. Here's a super funny email tone I made last night. Anyone can use this tone! It features our favorite clumsy mailmare! I credit all original sources of each sound MLP:FIM Hanna-Barbera Anonymous Download it here:
  9. The first few posts here are gonna look a bit weird now that I ain't asking for feedback. Thanks for the input, guys! And thanks for pointing out the weird gear shadow problem, @. I wanted to give a little shine to Derpy's mane without making it look like a balloon like artists sometimes do. I think I was successful. Oh, and Deviantart. And Tumblr. What Citrus Was Listening To While Making This:
  10. Here's a drawing I did for Derpy Day a few days ago. I drew it all in inkscape by hand. Took about 5 distracted hours to make (inkscape slowing down when you add blurs and details doesn't help either). On DA:
  11. Yeah, I had this good old fashioned wallpaper just lying around my desktop and I thought i'd don't mind posting. I hope your was was a derpy day, so grab yourself a muffin and enjoy!!
  12. The newest pony merch I got. I chained her to my backpack and I never go far without her
  13. I certainly have, quite a bit. From saying "I just don't know what went wrong," to being just downright clumsy. A time where I pulled off a major Derpy was when I went snowboarding this last spring break. I was trying to heel-stop but leaned back too far, fell right on my rear and took down a skier that was in front of me. I was like "Oops, my bad!" So, have you pulled off a Derpy? When? What happened?
  14. I do not particularly enjoy how this came out, but it's definitley better what I was doing a few weeks ago, so have it anyway. May vector, depending on how I feel tonight. Either way, Happy Hearts and Hooves day, everyone. UPDATE: NOW WITH VECTOR!!!!! Deviant Art link, peoples!
  15. I know this is not my favorite holiday but heck enjoy the day regardless you know what I mean. I wish you all a wonderful day and just have a good time with a friend or just anyone you care for. :3 I died when I saw this dawww
  16. This is my first and only fan art - is it any good? Should I make more fan art? Comments and criticism welcome!
  17. *scans the area* Alright, he's not in, woohoo! Down to business... Hiya everypony, it's me, your favorite mailmare Derpy!!! I've just borrowed this kind fellow's laptop for a bit so I could make an entry in his blog (for very important-mom reasons as you'll see in a second). How did I do that? Oh it wasn't that hard, just took some potion Princess Sparkle made that lets ponies "cross over into different dimensions" or something like that. Only cost me 5 bits, what a deal, right?! Anyways, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to pull for my little muffin, Dinky Doo! That's her with her Aunty Carrot! Anyways, yeah, she's currently in a fierce competition with Miss Bon Bon for qualifying for a spot in your World Cup competition. Now I don't have anything against Miss Bon Bon, nothing at all; in fact, she and I are good friends, and I love the candies she sells, Dinky too! It's just, well... I have to pull for my daughter because... that's what moms do. I remember back on the day Dinky was born, I swore then and there that I'd always be there for my little muffin no matter what. That's Dinky right after we got out of the hospital after she was born. It was the happiest trip to the hospital I ever took in my entire life! Ever since that day, the two of us have been there for each other through thick and thin. Even when the Doctor's busy with his work or my older, adoptive daughter Amethyst is away at school, I always have my little Dinky by my side. She's everything to me! I love the Doctor, he's the best friend I'll ever have and so much more, but Dinky is, well... a part of me. Now I know you guys don't get to see that in this show about our lives that you seem to love to watch. Poor Dinky's a bit camera shy so she doesn't like showing up all too much at all. I tried that a bit myself last season, but that didn't work out all too well, and she didn't want me to not show up in something I love just because she's a little afraid of the camera. But you know what, it's OK that you don't see the two of us too often. You know why? Because YOU'VE all managed to tell our story for us! The art, the fanfiction, even the music you make about the two of us?! It's beautiful, wonderful stuff, it really is, and that's all the attention we need. You've seen the beauty there is in our relationship and given it a life of its own even though you don't even know anything about us, and it's touching, it really is. I mean, just look at all these moments you've made, these memories you've captured! That's just a hoofful of the ways you've captured the love between my daughter and I, and I couldn't be happier or more thankful for them all! My love for my Dinky's why I'm here now; I can only think of a few things I'd love more than getting to compete in the World Cup Tournament with my daughter. She's everything to me, and even if she was going up against the nicest pony in the world I'd still be there cheering her on. All she needs to qualify is a draw with Miss Bon Bon, so if you'd be so kind as to give a vote to my little Dinky so that she and I might get to have some fun together in the tournament, I'd be eternally grateful. I know I'm basically asking you to vote for her because she's my daughter and I love her, but ya know something, that's all the reason I need, and I guess it's all the reason I can give seeing as you know pretty much nothing else about her. So please, please, please everypony, vote for my little Dinky because I love her! And if you do, I might just bake muffins for you all to boot. Now scoot, there's only a few hours left to vote!!! Well, that's all I had to say everypony! Bye bye for now! Oh, and thanks to the guy who (sort of) let me post on his blog. I hear you're a big fan, so thanks for the support!!!
  18. In the Past couple months i have been working heavily on some of my ultimate favorite characters from the mlp fim show- Luna and Derpy among others i have yet to post here. most of them are digital work with the exceptiion of one, wich has made me the most proud. Luna in pencil. Enjoy!
  19. New Quick Pic up, though this one took me far longer than a typical Quick Pic. ->
  20. Derpy sets out on a path of destruction in singles competition. Who will her first victim be?
  21. Since Derpy officially reappeared in "Rainbow Falls", there have been Bronies (such as myself) who were elated, and satisfied with her making a a return in recent episodes, at long last, while some, i'm sure, were a little less enthusiastic about her not- and likely never will- having a speaking role from then on, so as not to offend anyone; especially since it wou;d've been a no-win situation had she been given her original voice back, which some Bronies liked but offense by iTunes and soccer momes was taken toward it, much like the fandom wouldn't be satisfied had Derpy's edited voice been given to her. However, I think that there is a way, albeit old-fashioned, that would allow Derpy to talk, and that's only through a silent movie (or...episode). (I said talk, not speak). And seeing as how I can't see a full silent 20-ish minute kids' cartoon working sucessfully, I'm thinking that something of this nature could be done best as a shpinoff short that-if the creators saw potential to give Derpy even more spotlight of her own- could be aired after the main MLP series. What does everyone think of this?
  22. I need everyone to hear me out about something I've been thinking about that would be kind of a big deal. *AHEM* What if they (and we) "Derpy" a new official name? Here's the thing: that word actually started out as a derogative term aimed at dumb people and dumb actions, based on the word "duhr" and "duh", used to denote someone saying or doing something dumb in a less than kind manner. "Oh how derpy of us!" *Someone says something obvious* "Derp!" "Well, that was derpy" "He's derped again" I can't blame the Hub/DHX/Hasbro for taking that out of "The Last Roundup". I actually find it annoying that Bronies stick up for that name when they should know full it's origin. They may as well call her "Stupid Hooves", "Idiot Hooves", "Moron Hooves" or even "Retarded Hooves" Heck, I prefer the name "Ditzy Doo" myself (she could be related to Daring!), but "ditzy" is also a cheap shot at someone's intelligence ("What a ditz!") aimed at females no less! Though it has become a little less insulting and maybe even a tad more affectionate/cuter than it was first invented... Even her toys/merchandise go out of their way to leave her nameless. I have even seen her vinyl figure with "I <3 :muffins:" where a name was supposed to be and a playset that had picture of a muffin where a name should be. So I for one suggest calling her a new name. I kind of like the idea of calling her "Bubbles", not only for her cutie mark, but to suggest she has a "bubbly" personality and might be "bubble headed", which still works. Also...if she talks again, Tara Strong could use the same voice she did for a certain Powerpuff Girl C'mon people. Many of you are always talking about being more open minded when it comes to her, so think it over for a few minutes. If ya'll want her to show up more/get a bigger role, her having a name that DIDN'T start it's existence as an insult would be a great start... There. I said my piece. In fact, anyone know how I can contact DHX or Hasbro???
  23. This is a frame from a animation that i started but never finished. in the end it was all about the muffin when i find some more random frames of animations that i didnt finish i will post them
  24. WWE MLP: CCW 02-002a, Apple-Pie?! Applejack and Pinkie Pie team up for the first time! Is it true? Does even the computer know that Pinkie is a member of the Apple family?! WWE MLP: CCW 02-002b, Derpy-Dream Returns! Ditzy-Doo / Derpy and Dream Baker return at just the right time to square off against Princess Twilight Sparkle and fellow Element of Harmony member, Rainbow Dash!