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Found 265 results

  1. Alright, I've been thinking, so I go to school with a pony shirt, I get all compliments. I wear my sock monkey hat. Compliments. Spider-Man tie. Pokemon. Mario. Your stereotypical american nerd with Marvel comics, video games galore, at least as I have seen, no longer gets insulted. On the contrary, people seem to like it. If It's not just me, perhaps, could what was once looked down upon become something to respect? Why, I dress up as Aang (from Avatar, The Last Airbender) for superhero day, and people seem to respect me MORE. Some people will respect it for being gutsy, and some people are mature enough not to be insulting, most in my experiences, so what about the people who seem to simply like it? They seem to be in great number. Has nerdy become simply ingrained into pop culture? Minecrafters, bronies, whovians, is that the modern norm? Food for thought... opinions?
  2. For those of you who aren't in the know, Homestuck is an webcomic made by Andrew Hussie, the latest in a line of webcomics known collectively as MS Paint Adventures. It was originally interactive, taking commands from the fans, but this was discontinued as the plot became far too big for it. Homestuck is an absolutely massive story focused around a game that has drastic and universe reaching consequences, starting around 4 kids who are playing this game and gradually growing in scope and size. It has action, adventure, drama, feels, humor, timeline shenanigans, and genuinely lovable characters. One of my friends said it best: "Homestuck has something for everyone, its just a question of whether its enough to get into." If you haven't done so, I would encourage that you give it a try, though it starts a bit slow in the beginning, it is well worth the effort. I know that there is a lot of enmity between the fans of My Little Pony and the Homestuck fandom, but you shouldn't let that get in the way of enjoying this incredible show. In fact, Hussie has shown at least a knowledge of ponies, with a cameo later in the comic by one of the ponies. You don't have to join the fandom, just give the comic a try. I looked for a thread about this, but I didn't find one, so I figured I'd give everyone a chance to talk about it. Any questions, ask me. If you are already a fan, what did you like about the show, favorite troll, best part, etc.? My favorite trolls are Aradia (post-robot) and Gamzee, my favorite part so far has been Cascade (but no surprise there), and I want to finallly see Lord English get his comeuppance.
  3. Me and my friend were talking about My Little Pony one day. Somehow or another, we arrived at the topic of how humans would react if My Little Pony characters came to planet earth. "I believe that humans would accept the addition of ponies into our society. They're bright, colorful, happy, helpful creatures (with only a few exceptions). There would be no reason for humans to react with hostility." I said. "My friend, you are very wrong. Think about it. Even bronies would freak out if ponies actually came to earth. They would be treated like alien life forms. The government would capture them and perform experiments on them against their will. Even if some ponies did escape, they wouldn't have a chance of being accepted into society. Because they are so different, they would never fit in." my friend said. "You seem to have forgotten that ponies (from the FiM universe at least) are very, very similar to human beings. They can speak English, and operate with a degree of intelligence on par with our own. Humans would think twice before they banished or rejected them completely. Plus, the ponies would have no intention but to seek peace. Humans would react positively to that." I said. My friend laughed at this. "What an ignorant fool. Have you ever read the book "Metamorphasis" by Kafka? Humans react badly to drastic changes in appearances, values, and mind-sets. Whether they like it or not, humans judge others harshly. Look at how black people and Asians were treated when they first arrived in our country. Heck, we still have racism today! Imagine how intensified that racism would be towards ponies. It would take years for them to integrate into our society." he said. "Aha! So you at least admit that it's possible for them to assimilate. Consider this: The man in Kafka's story was transformed into a giant cockroach. Wouldn't you agree that a giant cockroach is much more horrifying than a tiny pony who barely comes up to your waist? Their appearance is different, but not frighteningly so. Combine that with their ability to think and comprehend things at the same level as us, I think they'd assimilate faster than you'd think." After this statement, my friend and I benched the conversation until later. I was so intrigued by our discussion, that I thought I'd post it here to see what you guys think. Do you think that my friend is correct to assume that ponies would be shunned, killed, or experimented on upon their arrival?
  4. Doctor XFizzle

    The Concerts/Festivals Thread

    Post (if you can remember) every concert and/or festival you've been to Sheryl Crow - I was about 7 or 8 - she performed at some park at Michigan State University during the Oldsmobile 100th Anniversary festival Barry Manilow - Think I was 9 or 10 - Fox Theater Detroit, MI - dragged to it by my parents Eve 6 - Think I was 10 - Michigan State Fairgrounds - my best friend at the time really liked them so our parents took us to the fair the night they were performing Spice Girls - 2008 - Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI - Spice Girls reunion tour awww yeah. I went with two girls and was probably one of 20 guys there but it was a blast. I was Sporty Spice. Britney Spears - 2009 - Schottenstein Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH - dang Britney put on a show, again see above Muse - March 2010 - Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI - My favorite concert to date. I went with a good friend and we had an amazing time. Loved it loved it loved it. Muse - October 2010 - Schottenstein Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH - drove 4 hours from Ann Arbor, MI for this one with 2 friends. Not as awesome as the previous one, but it was still pretty awesome because duh, it's Muse. Jon Secada - 2011 - Caesars Windsor Hotel/Casino, Windsor, Ontario, Canada - had free tickets and my parents and I like to gamble from time to time and he was a favorite of my mom's so why not? For being older, Jonny still had the magic. What's your concert experiences?
  5. so I was wondering what kind of relationship Pinkie Pie has with Mr. and Mrs. Cake? it obviously looks like Pinkie Pie is their (only) employee, however, I think she has too many "advantanges" as an employee, like throwing every kind of parties in their establishment and they don't seem to be invited to any of them, she also takes a lot of free time to hang out with her friends when she really should be working. They actually are really careful with what tasks they give to her, like if they don't trust her enough, so why they chose Pinkie Pie and not other pony? She lives in Sugarcube Corner, and they seem to pay for her needs (it seems), they aren't any kind of relatives that I recall...why doesn't she has a place of her own? she has a job right? She used to work in a rock farm with her family, what happened after she earned her cutie mark, why did she left them? Does she wanted to pursue the "pony" dream in Ponyville by leaving her family? what are your thoughts on that "gap" in the life of Pinkie Pie, time to discuss away guys!!
  6. Silverwisp the Bard

    The Royal Sisters and love....

    Do you think Luna and/or Celestia have ever taken a (mortal) lover/royal Paramour? Attention: This thread not about whetever either of them had a fling with Discord (that's a completely different can of worms) or ever had any kids. Also, let's keep this on a mature level, we're mostly grown-ups watching catoon ponies after all.
  7. So...celestia, for some a beloved ruler, for other a ruthless dictator who sold her own soul to the evil gods. What do you think of Celestia? How does her government work? How long has she been alive? Is she immortal? Is she a god? Is she the ruler of the world or only ponykind? What is her relationship to the other races? What's her relationship with Discord? There are those and many other questions about her. Frankly I think that she is a freak that defeated Discord and became a ruthless ruler once in the power, then after eons of being a ruler, she became a good princess. Why do I think so? In the episode in which they have that play about how unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies came to work together, Celestia wasn't the ruler of equestria or of any other race and the world was a little chaotic (I mean freezing because you're an ass? What logic is behind for that to work?) so I can assume that Discord was in charge, or that not even Discord existed yet. Whatever the thing is that Celestia had to take the power from Discord, who took it from some other being or who "unified" the land under his iron fist, before she became the one in charge and apparently a demi-god. I have to mention also that in the episode (the one about the play) there was no mention of a unicorm pegasus race anywhere. There were only the earth ponies, the unicorn and the pegasi, there was no royal family or "half breeds" like Celestia, Luna and Cadenza are. So I'm assuming that that race (unicorn pegasi) is the result of a interratial relationship between a unicorn and a pegasus (a relationship between one of the before mentioned races and an earth pony wouldn't result in anything strange. That's assuming that unicorns give birth to unicorns and pegasi to pegasi (which I'm starting to doubt since Miss cake gave birth to a unicorn and a pegasi while she was a common earth pony. If it were so that any race can birth any race it would make their society really weird. )) I also think that Celestia could be a being created with the only purpose of defeating Discord and ruling the three races. What again, would make her the puppet of a greater organization pulling the strings from behind. There's also the possibility that she was born daughter of one of the three races and although being shunned for being what she is, learnd the feeling of pain and suffering and bravely decided to free ponykind from the clutches of an evil being who was plaguing the land. (I don't like this one though...too disney.) Based on this I can say that: A) Celestia's birth was unnatural. She wasn't a born the ruler of equestria. After clearing that out I must explain why I call her a ruthless ruler. All rulers are ruthless at some point. Rulers are there to protect their people (in theory) and some times it's pretty wise to wage war or to banish other races to their certain death. She had to deal with beasts and other races like the changelings after Discord was gone. I'm sure that at first she didn't doubt to do battle whenever enemies appeared. But after hundreds or thousand of years of being a ruler she learnd how to do things better and avoid certain choices. What do you think tough? Please tell me. I must know!
  8. Hello all, this is ADashOfRainbow here to bring you a thread all about one of his favorite music genres, ska. So what is ska? Pure awesomeness. The best I can describe it as is punk-rock with concert band instruments thrown into the mix, like trumpets, trombones, saxes, ETC. This genre was popular in the 90s, but still has quite the underground following nowadays. My favorite ska bands are Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And now for some tunes: Discuss and post more ska!
  9. This thread is for scenes in movies tht are complete fails. A point in a movie where an intense/emotional/whatever moment is KILLED by some form of a fail, whether it be bad acting, bad lines, or anything else. For me, as big of a Star Wars fan as I am, Obi Wan's death KILLED the mood. It was such an act of desperation and sacrifice but it is RUINED by his actual death. Here's the clip.
  10. Prince Lightning Da Cute


    I was attending my global history class and we got the roman empire, me and my teacher have actually debating in class about it aswell. (Scores 3-2 if you wanted to know) so today we got to watch ancient Rome the movie, which over Neros rein. I was asleep through the first half, but I tuned in just before the assassination attempt.... God, I should've stayed asleep, the way he killed all them. In public, no excuses and no escapes either. Then he threw an art festival and starred in it while Rome was nearly backrupt?! Back then, Actors weren't what the are now, back then was in social status just, just above a beggar. So this was like Queen Elizabeth mud wrestling. After words he literally killed his wife infront of his servants because she mentioned how he dropped one prop. He kicked her to death and killed their heir aswell. He then went on tour with his act, in a poor attempt to earn money. While there he made a plan to force all the wealthy to put everything they Had in their will to him and then kill them. Not a moment later, he executed this plan, and it was bloody.... He even turned one of them into a women and watched them do it aswell. They then got enough sense to rebel against him, and force to commit suicide. He called himself a god, but I disagree with every part of me to even speak those words. He in my opinion may be one of the worst people on the history of humanity. Did he do good? Or did he doors bad stuff that I forgot to mention? What's your opinion of him? TL;DR? I think Nero is horrible what do you think?
  11. Inkfeather

    A Dollhouse.

    First of all, I need to say that many of the quotes I will use in this is rough translations from the danish language and may therefore sound cheesy and/or stupid to some. On another note, I will relate this post to ponies, hence why I post in the Sugarcube Corner section, just be patient. Now, to the actual post. Today I read an article about RealDolls, an article I had to read in connection with a Danish test and pre-exam. This article, with the name "A Dollhouse", seemed stupid at first, because the topic in itself seemed boring. That was, until I actually started reading. This article interviews and communicates with the owner of these RealDolls, a type of dolls designed to be the size of humans, around the same weight and pretty much extremely lifelike. The owners at first, are mostly male. Some might think why this is, or may have ideas what they use these dolls for but, whatever you're thinking right now. Stop. The owners of these dolls were mostly found in the wealthier parts of the suburbs. People who lived fairly normal lives, with normal jobs, friends and a night out in the weekend for sports games and such. The only abnormal thing about this life of theirs is the fact that they live with these dolls. One man, an author named Rob had his doll. He live with this doll the day to day and is still as happy with it as the day he bought it. His story is one where he tells that he wanted to reward himself with something nice after finishing his first novel. It might seem weird and freaky to own these dolls but, he explained fairly well how he enjoys the company of this doll, named Lily, and how he actually rarely ever use for for anything but the company of it. Sitting in the couch and holding hands, maybe staring into her eyes during a dinner for one. His reason for liking this Lily was this: "And I will say, that the biggest surprise have been, that RealDoll creates such a real and comfortable illusion about being with someone." I find this to be beautiful. That this man is able to feel love towards his doll as if it were a person. I think it's nice to know that he's able to find happiness by spending time with this Lily. Okay, and now to why this is relevant to ponies. The aforementioned quote, try putting that in relation to ponies. Try seeing it for yourself as you imagine your favorite pony scene or just the image of a pony you like in particular. Doesn't it fit quite well? These ponies, these lovely and beautiful equines creates an illusion for us, of a better place and of happiness in general. It helps us, some of us at least, to find a certain degree of peace in this rushed life of ours. We enjoy this because the show makes it seem real. We enjoy it because it's easy to let imagination brew. Just as another of Rob's quotes: "Imagination is a powerful tool, and it has to be used." The rest of the quote contains thought and facts about how dolls were used for this for thousand of years. Well, this quote, try putting it in relation to ponies again, look at the forum and the roleplay section. These equines again, create a fantastic opportunity to let our imaginations bloom. They create this happy world of joy and smiles that no darkness nor corruption can destroy. This article made me think, are we really so different from other people by liking ponies? I think not, and yet we are. We have a freedom, and a medium to channel our fantasies and imagination through, these ponies, this Equestria helps us do exactly that, like these doll Lily helps Rob use his imagination. "And when I tell Lily, that she's looking good today, I imagine what her figure would answer, and I smile at the thought of the connection we create as we play in reality." This is another quote of his, and by far the most beautiful of them, in my opinion. Rob plays his life as we play our OC's in a roleplay. He uses his imagination to make his life better in company with his doll, Lily. Just as the artists of this site do when they create new images of pony art, just as we do when we play our roleplays in the pony world. We are all artists, in our own way. By using our imagination and the medium that is ponies, we all create a perfect world. A wonderland one might say. We create our wonderland, right here, right now, with the help of ponies. Just as these people live their own by the help of their dolls. "They have found something that works for them, something, that is true to them, and they live it out - no matter what others think of them. They are people, who is fiercely loyal to the thought of living in their personal reality." This could just as well be said about bronies, about us, about you and me. - Inkfeather.
  12. I was looking at qoutations and ran across this one, I've never actually seen the show myself but I found it very interesting: "Even without the events of 40 years ago, I think man would still be a creature that fears the dark. He doesn't face that fear, he averts his eyes from it and acts as if he doesn't have any memories of his past. But, 40 years is both a short time and yet, a long time. Man's fear has withered. And even time itself tries to wither the desire to know the truth. Is it a crime to try and learn the truth? Is it a sin to search for those things which you fear. My purpose in this world is knowledge, and the dissemination of it. And it is I who is to restore the fruits of my labor to the entire world. Fear... It is something vital to us puny creatures. The instant man stop fearing is the instant the species reaches a dead end, only to sink to pitable lows, only to sit and wait apathetically for extinction. Humans who lose the ability to think become creatures whose existence has no value. Wake up! Don't be afraid of knowledge! Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think! Signed, Schwarzwald." -The Big O. So, what are your opinions on the need for fear in man's existence? Do we need it to survive, could it ever even dissapear? Anything you want to bring up in discussion please feel free to do so, as long as it stays on topic and respectful. I am interested to hear your opinions, I have been mulling over this myself for a while.
  13. I was inspired by this thread to start a deep thoughts discussion. This discussion is all just for fun and enjoyment, so please don't get too worked up over anything. (I trust the members of this forum though, so the warning is probably unneccesary) I mainly just want to see what other opinions are out there and enjoy some stimulating conversation. The following is just some of my views, tell me what you think, what your opinions are, bring up your own points, etc. I have learned to look at the world as an absurd and horribly silly place where "truth" in philosophical terms means nothing and you have to just live how you want to. If people want to attack you because you have an opinion (which is neither right nor wrong) then let them, because they are just as correct/incorrect as you are. (This doesn't mean you can't argue for your opinion, freeom lets us do that as much as we please. It can be quite fun and stimulating if done in a kind and positive environment.) An opinion is little more than you voicing how you feel or think, and if someone expects another person to agree with exactly how they feel then they are as absurd as I believe them to be! (Note: Now living how you want to and not placing absolute belief in ideas does not mean being unkind towards everyone and not caring, absurdity does not equal nihilism. I still hold opinions and work to make the world a better place, I just acknowledge that deep down I will never truly be right nor wrong). Even facts are not 100% provable/unprovable. Can gravity be 100% irrevocably proven, nope, can it be 100% irrevocably disproven, nope. All facts are truly just opinions that a large group of people choose to accept. At one point a large portion of the world's population believed the sun revolved around the Earth, and they greatly ostracized anyone who disagreed (Galileo). Then one day someone decided "Oh wait, maybe he was right." and another joined in saying "I think your right, he was right!" and it just kept going until it was accepted. If you really want to go deep into the "is anything true discussion" start asking is any of this really real. Can you prove you aren't dreaming right now? Can you prove you are actually "seeing" right now, and not something else (Plato's Allegory of the Cave). There is always a 0.00000000000...etc. % chance something is possible. (Why I love philosophy so much! ) And yes, the above is an opinion so it is very much flawed but for now it is the best I have! In case it matters in discussion to anypony I am an absurdist/existentialist agnostic.
  14. So I may be a little late on seeing this awe-inspiring video, but I've yet to see a thread that has to do with pure discussion on it which surprised me. So for anyone who hasn't seen the video its here... For me, the video certainly is inspiring and clearly defines everything that I’ve learned thus far about the brony community. It made me take a step back and realize how amazing it is to be a part of such a large group of individuals who have come together to promote tolerance and love within today’s messed up world. It's message of friendship prevailing in 2012 seemed to capture the aspect of the shows theme and apply it to today’s relevant world, with bronies as the way forward. I have a feeling that the fanbase will become much MUCH bigger and help combat hate with a simple nonviolent message of friendship. But that’s just my thoughts xD. Make It Happen Everypony!
  15. Tiaaaaa

    What makes music pony?

    There's a lot of pony music out there, but only so much music from the show to work with. Not everyone in the community is a singer and some people don't like to sample sound clips so there's also a lot of pony music that doesn't include pony voices, lyrics about ponies, or music from the show. So what in your mind makes it pony related? I know there's been a lot of commentary that Luna songs in particular have little to nothing to do with the series, and I think that a little unfair. But then again my answer is pretty simple and really broad. If the creator had ponies in mind when she/he made the song then as far as I'm concerned it's pony related. In other words, it's the artist's intent that matters to me more than the execution. Although having a name that fits the song well can really change the way you think about it. For example, For Celestia's Honor is a song that I really couldn't see being Celestia's theme at all. But giving it that name changes it from being a musical representation of Celestia to a song about Celestia or those loyal to her. In my mind it makes all the difference in the world. How about you all? What does/doesn't make a song pony in your opinion?