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Found 265 results

  1. Ponylozenge

    Technology Desktop | PC Talk

    Hello Ponies! This thread will be used to discuss, ask, and talk about computers, specifically desktops and laptops. Whether it be a question about someone's PC, to, "is that one ad a virus?" Just ask and... well, -I hope someone answers you. Sooooo.. Yeah!
  2. I first learned of the brony community years ago when a good friend of mine told me he liked mlp after making some vague mentions of it in the past. The first thing he did was send me the Upheaval Breaking Point fanfic and said that it was really good. So just out of curiosity, I listened to the first few chapters and found myself, oddly enough, enjoying the story. Soon after, I found myself actually watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and discovered that I liked the show. Is it weird that I sincerely enjoyed upheaval? How many others like or have listened to this? Thanks- Frostbyte Here a reference....
  3. Artimis Whooves

    Gaming Anybody else play Flight rising?

    Does anybody else play flight rising?
  4. Please discuss this in a discussion. This is my new character version, Oak the Shadow Dragon. I nerfed him a lot like the Mugen Fighter Guild said, making his hitboxes big and lowering his attack damage., I also gave him a unique gimmick of his own to make him less AJy. He's a clone like in SSB. But now he has his own attacks and stuff fitting his playstyle and personality. Also I had to make a new account and site because google kept asking for A PHONE NUMBER I DONT HAVE. https://www.mediafir...bxxuda3gikw1doi I want to know if you like him. And if he's cool. Also how can I improve him and make him stronger? At first, he could only be hurt if the enemy hit his weak point his Cutie Mark. BUT, Mugen fighter guild complained about that a lot and also said it wasn't really fair, which I understood. So I made his hitboxes big and cover his whole body so people can hurt him anywhere now. Let's discuss that and also if you like my OC and if you like this fighting game character him in a discussion.
  5. FlyingChicken

    Main 6 fears?

    As the title says, everypony has fears, but what are the main 6 afraid of? For Twilight, I think what she fears the most is not living up to other pony expectations. She needs to do everything perfectly to the point where she would do anything and everything to make ponies accept her. For Applejack, it's pretty similar to Twilight but it goes towards her pride and her family (including her friends). She's pretty stubborn and she won't admit being a failure that easily. but to be honest, I don't know that I could call it 'fear' of her or so to speak. For Fluttershy, this one is tough, she fears mostly everything but I think the fear of her, is fear of facing the problems. She always hides when everything went south. For Rainbow Dash, it's easy. She afraid of losing, not even a small thing. She's afraid to lose yet she gets nervous every time she had to do something big. For Pinkie Pie, her fear of losing friends is noticeable throughout the show. She desperately trying to get everyone attention and also pay her attention to everypony equally. She's sad when her friends didn't like Maud yet she didn't have the heart to tell them. Even though it was pretty obvious. :okiedokielokie: For Rarity, she's pretty hard to think of. She might be afraid of losing her chance to go big. She did mention a lot that she dreams of being important. I'm not sure at all. These are my thoughts, what about yours?
  6. So, does anyone know of any mlp pyromancers? (not talking like the tf2 pyro. i mean as in magic users to delve into fire based magics) i'm interested in making one. but i dont know if its a good idea. anyone think they seem fine? my one opossible hate is an overpowered oc, which is a no-go. so, anyone got one or seen one? from unicorns to earthponies. i'm fine with any
  7. Mentis Soliloquy

    Do Earth Ponies really Posses magic?

    Hey all again here is this weeks question, it has been show on a few occasions on the show that Earth ponies posses some kind of magic. Otherwise what did Tarek steal? So what magic do they posses (if any) and what form is it used for and what form does it take shape? BELOW HERE IS UNRELATED (soft off) see my last question here: my video response here: on a side note those who have seen me around may have noticed the name and picture change I wanted both my OC's to be represented a pegasus (Emerald Bolt) and her younger sis an Unicorn (Sapphire) so that's what I did. see entries here: Bolt and the video for this segment will take a while as i'm on holiday next week and so no pc access but I will contribute as per normal. stay tuned for the VID if you're interested.
  8. Hello this is gonna be a bit of a weird post from me. So here it goes I've been part of this community for a few months now and in the forums for roughly 2 months you may of seen me around or said hi. I have come to love this community as like none before everyone here has such great input into items and the amount of artistry from many is inspiring and depressing at the same time. You see I'm not artistically gifted I can't draw or sing or make animations etc... But I do have my mind a hive of activity, sometimes annoying as I can not turn it off so It keeps going. Nevertheless I was giving it some thought last night as too what do and what i'm capable of and what I can do is make analysis and theory vids as well as reviews you may of seen them around (I make COH2 tactics vids aswell), and I thought though many might be able to do what I can not everyone does and I do so i'm kinda of a mental artist (sounds like metal patient) anyway now for some self promotion (dignity somewhat dies now) I'm am making a direct appeal to those out there who like the sort of things I do to give me some consideration, or tell a friend of me. I never attempted this for fame or fortune but to leave a hoof print on the world something that would be here after myself (sounds a bit silly) my videos get for me great amount of views anywhere from 10-40 and more on some which is awesome, even 10 people out in the world stop and watch something i made it fills me with pride, but I'd like more of you guys to see it. Anyway I posted this video yesterday and I has some views makes me happy but I'd like you, yes you reading to watch it (ALL OF IT) it's 7 mins and post below your thoughts, on the subject or constructive criticism etc... Anyway here it is and I'm not telling you anything about the contents (it's a surprise) And if you don't watch I'm ok with that It may not be your cup of tea, and I will post it's message in a day or two so people can talk about it.
  9. Sporemane

    Ponysona VS OC

    While I was in my thinking tree, I was pondering. Witch was better, an OC or a Ponysona? With an OC you could potently create any kind of character that you can imagine. With a Ponysona you are limited to creating a character that is based off of your personality. A Ponysona just doesn't seem as creative or fun as making an OC to me. What do you think? Is a Ponysona limiting your creativity or is a OC to much of a wild card.
  10. I would like to start making episode analysis videos for Mlp and would like to know if anyone could help me get started on how to do it and possibly help me? I would really love and appreciate the support and help from everyone. I invite you to be apart of it as well. :3
  11. The anime Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign has become incredibly popular since it's original airing early this year. So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  12. Diamond Tiara is quite possibly the most hated character in MLP. Twist is forgotten, Snips and snails are obnoxious, and Suri Polomare is ignored, but bronies seem to hate Diamond Tiara with a fury. My question is: why? Now if you've seen any of the threads that i've created, you I don't go the usual route to things. I could compare her to other villains in the show, Discord, Sombra, etc, but that's been done. Instead, i'd rather compare how people feel about her as compared to other characters and see how opinions differ. As compared to Angelica Pickles, from Rugrats: Her attitude is much the same as Diamond Tiaras, her actions mostly the same. On the whole, however, instead of being shunned, people seem to love Angelica's character. As compared to Binky Barnes, from the TV show Arthur: He's yet another bully who happened to harass Arthur many a time. However, he seems to strike a more sympathetic case with people, rather than outright hatred. As compared to Nelson, from the simpsons: If you like The Simpsons, you'll probably find Nelson funny. His actions end up being hillarious instead of antagonistic. These characters all fit the bully stereotype, but the attitudes towards them are much different from the ones exhibited towards Diamond. No one would celebrate were a murder/rape fic to be created about any of the above character's, but when DT is concerned, it's perfectly acceptable, even celebrated. Why is that? I'd like to discuss it below. Also realize that this is a place for rational conversation; if you're argument extends to "because she's a bitch, and I hate her", it's best to find another thread.
  13. So we all know how Pinkie has her Pinkie sense to know when something is about to happen, or Cheese Sandwich with his cheese sense to know when somepony needs a party. Well I have a sixth sense when it comes to TV shows. When I'm thinking of some moment in any show and I check the TV listings to see what is on at the moment, I notice the moment I'm thinking of is being played on TV at that time. Funny enough it happened to me three days in a row. Does anyone else have a type of Pinkie sense or sixth sense when it comes to anything?
  14. I recently started watching the newer epiodes of Spongebob (today, actually) and I started wondering If anyone in this forum is a fan of that show. If you do watch Spongebob, what are your thoughts on it? Do you like the older seasons or the newer seasons, who's your favorite character, etc.
  15. For me it would definitely be Twilight Sparkle and Moondancer because of the similar traits and situations they face such as social anxiety, their love of studying, and their emotional breakdowns.
  16. Please know while reading the following that I love-love-love Felicia as much as anybody. But, it is possible, even crucial, to be critical of the things we enjoy, and to love something while acknowledging it's problems. With that in mind, I'm about 100 pages into her memoir. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. It's a fun read, full of personality and weirdness and passion. But a few things that she says in the prologue continue to bother me. Take the following line: "I opened my mouth to tell the kid that princess dresses reinforce sexual stereotypes." or the even worse: "This isn't a typical lady memoir. I appreciate my beauty sleep too much to have crazy 'one night in Cabo' stories. I don't have emo ex-boyfriends to gossip about. And I haven't been on any quirky drug trips that ended in profound self-realizations." And, for different reasons, "Always...assume the worst, then your never disappointed." Was anybody else bothered by these throwaway lines? Does it change your opinions of her at all?
  17. Any of you guys playing this game? It' super cool and super hard, or at least for me.. Discuss your fave items, most hated items, or cool item combination, or just experiences. I would love to hear them. ahh. Brimstone and spoon bender... classic
  18. So I've seen this game played on various forums for different fandoms (videos games; wrestling) and I thought it might be fun to try here. So, you know you watch too much MLP when: It's jarring to hear characters on T.V. say "somebody" instead of "somepony" If someone mentions muffins, you immediately think of Derpy. Big Mac is a colt, not a burger. Your turn!
  19. Found Footage Films! I honestly really love them! Course their really aren't that many I can find, mostly because I'm picky about them. I don't find anything wrong with them (well, maybe a few things), I think there's so much you do with them just like anything else! So, I want to hear your thoughts about Found Footage Films, how do you feel about them? If you have a favorite, what is it? By the way my favorite is VHS 2! -a~N
  20. Pony Munchies

    Music Any pony a Vocaloid fan?

    Hi every pony! I was wondering how many other bronies know what a vocaloid is. Every pony is welcome to discuss them here. Well even if you don't know what a vocaloid is, join us and learn. Lets start with what type of vocaliods you like. The producer, their singing style, what vocaloid you use to make songs. Feel free to talk about what ever on the topic. UTAUloids are welcome, too.
  21. I'm gonna say this again you guys: Even since Scootaloo's voice is changing due to puberty, I think it's time for Scootaloo to get a new voice actor who can sing and act very well except for Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett..Literally. Like, for example; Aaron Dismuke, the original voice actor who voiced Alphonse Elric in the English adaptation of the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist series who was unable to reprise his role due to his voice deepening through puberty. However, he voices a young Van Hohenheim later in the 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist reboot. Agreed?
  22. Away

    looking for friends

    Well, I've been a member here for a few months now but I don't seem to be making that many friends here. I've messaged people in the past but it sometimes felt as if they weren't all too interested in chatting. So I'm looking for anypony who actually wants to talk and hopefully become friends with me. And when I say "friends", I mean people that I connect to and talk to on a regular basis. People that I can grow to love and care about. I'm looking more specifically for people who like to talk mostly about ponies since I'm still so obsessed with the show. But don't worry, I also like to talk a bit about some other stuff as well. You can message me here right here on the forums or add me on Skype. My Skype username is LatinoChurro. I'm very friendly and would love to make some new friends. So don't be hesitant. I promise I don't bite. Oh, and I usually don't take calls on Skype because I'm really shy in person. But once I get to know you well enough, maybe we could chat then. But until then I would just like to stick to messages.
  23. Hiya! Alpha here! Asking thought provoking questions!! (if you can call them that) So! What kind things do you like in a villain? Genius plans? Excellent character? Not too easily defeated? Very powerful and challenging? What is it that you like in a villain? -a~N
  24. I have been wondering this for a while now and from seeing the street fight in the Canterlot wedding, the fight against Sombra and them completely blowing him up, Twilight blowing up a plant's head on Princess Twilight, the Celestia vs Nightmare Moon fight, and who can forget the Tirek vs Twilight fight? I personally want to know what you guys think because to me, I love dark stuff and I like it when the ponies gets violent because it makes them look so much more bad ass (Don't judge me) and seeing how much violent it got over the seasons, I'm pretty sure they are capable of spilling a lot of blood or do you think they are weak push overs?
  25. Overlord0909

    Who are "They"?

    Are "They" just the general populace, or are "They" some sort of secret organization... What do you think? (Going to say, although I shouldn't have to. With any of my threads, I want no swearing or inappropriate humour. Or I will get "They" to find you. ;3)