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Found 265 results

  1. Howdy all! The Lord Of Chaos has his own book coming out on July 7TH. You can preorder it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Interesting to read what trouble hes gonna cook up on the mane 6 See ya!
  2. It's basically just me and LZRD WZRD, talking mostly about MLP and a bit of other stuff. We pretty celebrate ourselves during the whole thing. But it's still pretty interesting.
  3. If Blueblood is Celestia's and Luna's nephew then who are his parents? O.o
  4. So out of all the dreams and what not we experience during sleep, what is one of the stranger dreams or occurrences you have experienced. (from dreams to sleep walking or talking) I'll start One time when I was young, perhaps six years old, I had a race car bed that had a large spolier on the back that you could use as a bookshelf. So it stood about a foot and a half from the mattress. One night I had a dream where I was walking up to the ledge of a cliff and below I could see a river, from what I could tell I was maybe 500 feet up. As I inched up to the edge of the cliff, it turns out I had actually sleep walked on top of my bed's spoiler. In my dream as I jumped off the cliff I did so in real life as. I quickly found this out when I hit my mattress and bounced. I actually woke up in mid air right after the bounce, I knew this because I felt the force on my neck. Before I could get out a "what is happening" I landed face first in my sheets confused as to what had just happened lol So that's mine, let's see what the rest of you got
  5. This is a topic I very rarely mention and usually just ignore for the most part. But I have been pondering and it has been on my mind today so I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic and hear others thoughts as well. Back in high school I did not really think much about dating let alone cared about it that much. I did "date" this one girl for what about 3-4 months but it was a joke and I would not even consider that a true relationship whatsoever. But I have been thinking it would be nice to get to know someone and develop a bond with someone where you like each other for who you are regardless of other things. I mean you know what I am say by this. I also believe building a relationship like this with someone takes time. But is seeking love or waiting for love to find you the right way to go about it? Well it is a nice thing to look forward to in the future. I also certainly believe things like this should never be rushed you know? But those are just a few thoughts if mine on the topic. What are your thoughts on love/relationships or just seeking love in general?
  6. Hello Pokem fans! As you may or may not know, the offical 'Pokemon' webiste announced on May 7th, 2014 that the original games Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire will indeed have re-makes. The re-makes are titled: Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The games are confirmed to be released world-wide on November 21st, 2014. (NOW OUT AND READY TO BE PURCHASED). Now, I know that we still have awhile longer to wait, but I, like most Pokemon fans, am hyped for these games to come out! Fans have been speculating for a long time that these re-makes would be made, and now they are. So, I figured I would start a thread to discuss the upcoming games. * I pre-ordered Pokemon Omega Ruby . * I chose Mudkip as my starter. My Team's Status - Swampert (Royal) level 64 - Mightyena (Wolf) level 61 - Berloom (Vuka) level 60 - Rayquaza (Diablo) level 71 - Skarmory (Cobalt) level 58 - Electrike (Wixom) level 59
  7. Hello there, everypony After watching all 50+ episodes of the anime 'Soul Eater', I can now call myself a HUGE fan of it! I loved the show and I adored the characters. So, I figured that I would create a thread dedicated to the show because I couldn't find one that existed already. Favorite characters: Soul , Death The Kid, Stein, Spirit, Crona, and Excalibur. Favorite episode(s): All of them! They were all awesome. Favorite Introductions: Resonance: Black Paper Moon: Favorite Ending:
  8. Possible spoilers, so tread lightly! Ok, so S5 is coming out this year....what do you guys think that they'll start it off with? We know that they find a small village where girls & guys have all the same basic hairstyle, plus they all have the '=' Cutie Mark and very creepy smiles to go along with it. We also know that in one of the trailers, at least Rainbow gets her Mark changed to the same thing. Plus, there's some other stuff in the trailers that eludes to the Mane 6 being captured before Twi blasts some Magic at them. My theory is that the village is a representation of where everyone's exactly the same, like in many horror movies or novels. But it's not where they'll eat you alive or they're murderers, they just want everyone to be like them and live in the same li'l paradise of boring same-ness. Of course, this leads them to becoming very controlling and one-sided as they'll do anything to remain in their paradise. So, the Mane 6 (except Twi) must have their Marks changed at some point and Twi has to learn that even though we are the same we should accept our differences for what they are. This allows the other 5 to return to normal, and then they try to fix the village....but who knows, maybe they will change or not. Again, this reminds me of movies like the 'Stepford Wives' or even the MLP fan game 'Story of the Blanks'. I do like it that they're doing this though, and I wonder what will unfold in S5. Here's a brohoof to S5 everypony!
  9. sharkdiscusses

    sharkdiscusses channel thread

    Hello eveyrpony shark here and this thread is for my youtube channel which is called shark discusses please enjoy like my videos and subscribe i well be posting all my videos here
  10. Doodle Dabble

    Cutie mark theories

    What do you guys think? What would yours be in real life and how did you choose it?
  11. Princess Moony

    Thoughts on PonyTube

    Just found this while searching on youtube,I think is great what about you guys,what do you think of it
  12. marce

    this picture

    can we talk about this picture
  13. ThatCheer

    Season 4 was awful

    The story was a mess, the foreshadowing was bad, AJ and RD got flanderization episodes, no buildup or anything, and the worst thing is that the season finale (that i liked) was downright predictable. We all know that Discord was going to fail and that Twilight will have to save his world at the end, so Hasbro could sell their new toys. Moreover, how is it that Twilight+Celestia+Luna+Cadence fusion can match Equestria+Discord? Even if Tirek was just toying with her that doesnt make any damn sense! If Hasbro will do two seasons more they should give the producers more freedom so this wouldnt turn the series i know and love into a stinking marketing crap like the new Simpsons.
  14. To be honest you guys, I'm just curious as to what you guys feel are YOUR favorite things about the show! For example my favorite things about the show are, the art style, and Rainbow Dash.
  15. If this has already been made, I am sorry. I didn't see it when I looked. Feel free to take this down if it's happened. Anyway, this is just what the title says it is. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Just a few rules; not many: Be respectful of all opinions. Put spoiler tags where necessary. Have fun! I just read all the books in under two weeks, and saw the movies at the same time (kind of confusing trying to read Prisoner of Azkaban and watch Half-Blood Prince simultaneously!). Here are my personal opinions. Yes, it contains spoilers. Anyway, go forth and share the Potter love!
  16. Rene

    Alicorn OCs

    So I've noticed that Alicorn OCs tend to get a lot of hate. I'm not saying there aren't bad ones out there but by how some people ban all of them, the good ones are ignored. Alicorns now have the stereotype of being Mary Sues. I personally don't think it's fair. I have a few Alicorn OCs myself, so I won't try and pretend I'm not biased. But I'll admit that only one of my Alicorn OCs I'm actually content with as a character. And even though she's red and black, magic-less (sorta), and abused, I'm fully happy with where she's gone and I do not think she would qualify as a Mary Sue at all. On the other hand I have a few that I will openly admit are Mary Sues and I'm trying to fix them. So what are all your opinions on Alicorn OCs? On a side note, what do you all think of OCs with chaos magic/are related to Discord? Do you think they're over powered? I've got one with Discord's powers but he basically doesn't think about anything, so.... Yeah... Your thoughts?
  17. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV Disney and Studio Ghibli

    So I'm doing a poll to see which one of the biggest animation studio you prefer? Disney or Ghibli? Or maybe both?
  18. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV FAILED Show Pilots

    I was wondering was there any show pilot that you thought could've gained a full series? Personally, I think any of the DC comic shorts on CN should get a show. Especially the Princess Ameythst shorts. Either that or Cartoon Hangover's Blackford Manor pilot, which I think is amazing at handling the mystery elements. You can watch it BM here if you're interested: They look like they have potential to be good shows! So what is a show pilot that you wanted to get a full series of? Discuss below!
  19. I've noticed a lot of passionate folks posting on this site, which is good. But I've also not seen a lot of that passion put into the finer details of discussion. I mean, there's a lot here to discuss! And with how much we love the show, we can surely provide some in-depth examples. So, in this thread, I want to ask three things: 1. What's your approach to average show discussion, and what do you hope to get out of it? 2. What's something you absolutely adore about the show, and why? Go in as much detail as possible. 3. What's something you absolutely despise about the show, and why? Again, as much detail as possible. Remember to be respectful and patient toward others, and try to swap some ideas. That's what we're here for, after all.
  20. Apparently the new Assassin's Creed game runs sub-30fps at some points, has multiple rendering issues, terrible texture quality, and other performance and gameplay problems, as well as microtransactions. I haven't played it yet, but I'm curious to hear what people have to say, because everything I've heard so far is completely negative.
  21. so ever sence I started reading starter fire spitfire on tumblr i've been jack hooked on the story and hearing this song in one of the animations for spit's dreams this animation just made me really happy and stuff <3 please look at it then we might be able to talk about it *squees with delight*
  22. Ah Walmart; one of the major monopolies of the world. With a retail chain like this that is so widely popular, there is bound to be some crazy stories out there. So tell me: what is your craziest Walmart experience?
  23. Petrus


    Hello Friends! Are you stressed right now like me? Share what your stressed about... I'm stressed that I have to study for 2 huge tests in to grades or i fail this semester, and next week i have two huge presentations to do or i fail the semester, and the week after that i have exams! so let it out ponies!
  24. I am about to say something so serious to me, I thought it belonged in the Debate Pit for things I may say if you go against what this video states within the review, but decided that it might not be controversial enough to need to be there. Before I saw this video, I thought trolls were not nearly as bad as cyber-bullying, that tolls were just something you could easily ignore. I have never felt so wrong in my entire life... This video opened my eyes to alot of things, to alot of feelings I thought I had locked up inside so far I would never see them again. I ask, no, I beg of you, keep talking about this video. Give your own analysis on the video being reviewed. Do ANYTHING to keep this thread on top of the front page. This, to me, is a serious issue that has left me feeling so alone and so afraid as a person who spends his whole life on the internet.
  25. Someone here started to write a MLP/BSG crossover. If I’ve got it right, in the series finale the Colonials jumped away after destruction of the cylon colony using The Song Coordinates, but instead of Earth they’ve found “Equus”/The Pony Planet. The idea looks very promising but quite difficult to execute. Unfortunately, the whole project seems abandoned: first two chapters are published almost three years ago and no update came ever since. I came up with a few interesting themes that could be a part of this story. The main theme: contact with the ponykind is the last chance of redemption for humanity. Do they screw it? Similarities between element-bearers and some of the colonials: Rainbow Dash = Starbuck. Applejack = Helo (these two are pretty obvious). Rarity = Baltar (self-made member of establishment, trained himself into sophistication early on, definitely a “drama queen” in his own way, and finally learned to be generous). Twilight = Athena (very smart and intelligent, knows asocial life, albeit being forced to it rather then choosing it, and definitely is a manifestation of magic, however, magic of love, not friendship). Fluttershy = Apollo (very kind and compassionate, gets upset when he has to disappoint those he cares about, often torn apart by conflicting imperatives). However, colonials don’t have they version of the bearer of laughter and optimism. This makes than “incomplete” and impossible to find harmony. Politics and ideology among colonials. There are three major ideological parties: Romo Lampkin, newly appointed “president of Colonies” backed up by Apollo. Their overall approach is of very practical nature, while Lampkin’s bitter cynicism and Apollo’s emotionality and righteousness outbalance each other. Gaius Baltar and his cult. Baltar is to adjust to the new situation while the cultists try to force him to the position of power on their behalf. Caprica Six tries to help him. Laura Roslin comes to the story almost dead but ponies try to save her. They put her into hibernation under work of several complicated spells. She survives after a few months of coma but ends up with a physical disability. She doesn’t claim any political or religious authority anymore, starting to work as a teacher instead. With a time she notices the effect ponies have on human children and sees it as both threat and opportunity. So, she forms and implements her own ideological view of the situation. Laura has Bill Adama on her side. And there are also quorum of Colonials and the speakers for each cylon model. Cylons among humans. Humans don’t mention this fact to ponies right away, while ponies at first have difficulties in distinguishing humans from each other (humans are much less variable in coloration, don’t have cutie marks and ponies are yet to learn to recognize human faces). So, some time goes by until several ponies notice that some humans look identical. Which rises questions. Meanwhile, cylons develop distinguished personalities and come up with idea to adopt the concept of cutie marks. Also. Equestria is already densely populated, so, ponies grant colonials but a few places to build settlements (with about 10 km of territory around each settlement) that humans can use as an operational base while searching for another suitable planet. A pony gets killed by a human, so Helo volunteers to investigate.