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Found 262 results

  1. Ive been thinking, what would an industrial revolution in Equestria look like, and what would the outcomes be? Seeing as how Equestria has varied degrees of technology, from simple medieval weapons to 60's DJ equipment (yes I know what era its from) I believe that a industrial revolution would being about a variety of different things. Most likely the outcome would be something mirroring a steampunk society I assume with zeppelins earth ponies and unicorns can use, in fact we've seen some already, and technology would be much more advanced but not to the point where there are giant factories everywhere. What do you guys think, is such a industrial leap even possible in Equestria?
  2. So this is just a thought.... I've been thinking about this for a while now. Now I don't want to cause any trouble but I've always thought "anime" could be defined as something multinational; anyone country can do one and it's not Japan who only makes them. Heck, France made an "anime" or animation and it's called "Oban Star Racers!" Also, anime is just a short term for the English word "animation", which is why I think anime shouldn't be a label, especially since I think the word is not used correctly. For example, any cartoon from a foreign country that is bought to Japan is referred to as "anime".(ex:Frozen and MLP is considered as anime in Japan) And in recent news, RWBY has been licensed in Japan, which is a milestone. I think it could prove that anime is indeed multinational and could move away from the archaic definition. Sorry for the long explanation and I hope it makes sense.
  3. This is going to be a bit of an unusual thread. But I know some of MLPForums are very tech savvy, even more so than I am. So here is the scenario: I have an opportunity to be a site administrator for a website that is part of a YouTube Network's brand. Specifically If I got the role I would be recruiting YouTube partners to make content around a particular niche' I was thinking technology. In order to do this I need to come up with a business strategy that will help the partners on the site grow, what I do to support them, what my business plan would be, goal, work strategy etc etc, and of course I would need to recruit partners to make content on the site. I'm currently in my second year of college doing my degree in IT Software. Currently I know HTLM5, CSS3, some JavaScript and JQuery, barely just started on the CMS side of things such as php and MySQL and I have a reasonable understanding of SEO. I would be given a wordpress based site to run so most of my technical knowledge is unlikely to come into play. Naturally I will be doing a lot of independent research but I also need a starting point, and of course I need to be able to come up with a strategy that is worth the network having me run the site. I have college 2 days a week so I have up to 5 days a week I could work on the site. Below is a more specific look at the types of things I need to look into to create a business plan. Any feedback is helpful, however specific or general. I have been developing content for the web for some time and I regularly look into ways to build my presence but this is the first time I have attempted something on this scale. How will you provide support to your partners: What methods/tools will you be using to help your partners grow? Mission Statement: Business Plan: Marketing Knowledge: Management Skills: Network Description: Team: Work Strategy: Competitor: Goals: Financial: (Optional)
  4. The Euphonium Brony

    "Agree to Disagree" Discussion Thread

    Hey Guys, I'm curious about what you all think about a new thing were trying called "Agree to Disagree" where 2 people debate their own top 5 lists about MLP topics. I'm open to all suggestions, and hope to get some feedback, thanks!
  5. Thunder Tinker

    Technology iOS Updates Dicussion

    iOS 8.0 came out... I updated my iPad Air because there are a lot of new things in this updates and the thing excited me the most... 'Metal'. From what I have seen, this is even better than the Unreal engine! Back to the actual updates. I'm using a 16GB iPad Air and it lags a little bit, only a little. It runs quite smoothly for a new update, despite no optimizations and bug fixes yet. Your thoughts everyone?
  6. Hey everyone, we've all(most) heard all about destiny hitting the shelves yesterday (Poor shelves) anyway I think its a brilliant game and one if the most successful MMOs to ever land on console gaming but enough about my opinion I wanna know what everyone thinks about it. Thanks if you contribute Note to self, don't spam the button if it didn't work the first time :S
  7. Welcome to the thread! Here you can talk about your petitions, share ones that are important to you, and discuss. Let your voice be heard! ( Also,I checked beforehand, and I could find another thread for Please let me know if one exists.)
  8. So any favorite animated shows or movies(or maybe anything) that you thought had really beautiful animation? I recently just finished a movie called "5 Centimeters Per Second" and I thought everything about the animation was just..breathtaking. No seriously just look at how gorgeous this movie looks! So beautiful.
  9. Ok so about yesterday I remember I was online and I apparently was looking for amvs to watch. So I accidentally stumbled upon an article that was about Hayao Miyazaki and so..I read it just to see what's it about. So the article was basically about Miyazaki talking about his view on the anime industry. Apparently he thinks that it's "suffering because it's full of Otaku" . (Now please notice that the word "Otaku" does have kind of a different meaning in Japanese.) But then again this article was a bit interesting. You can read the rest of it here: As I was reading more of it, he also mentions that people in the industry "don't spend time watching real people" and how they're "humans who can't stand looking at other humans." While there are some things I could disagree on,then again, I can actually see his point. As someone who also draws and writes short stories, I like to be creative and sometimes use everyday activities as examples for my stories. Although I am quiet but at least I try to be involved with fun activities and try to socialize with others. So what do you think? Is the anime industry...lacking some things? Or maybe is it..declining? Discuss below!
  10. Over time history has given us some of histories finest heroes that we all remember, but what about the villians? The bad guys always need some love and that's why here I want you to tell us your favorites, I for one can only think of two right about now. 1)Robotnik (SatAM version)- Not many of you have probably watched the show considering it only had two seasons and was canceled in 1994. However never in my life have I seen a villain in children's media so dark and evil. Not only is his design awesome, his voice is something you here of in legend's. Although I must admit that he has little character that doesn't matter because its always a joy to see him on screen and planning to straight up murder anyone who gets in his way. 2) GLaDOS- For those of you who have played Portal you'll know exactly why she's here. The AI is in charge of the Aperture Science lab and makes you undergo many tests, in the beginning she guides you until she just insults you, providing some of the funniest dialogue I've ever seen in a game. Right now Im having trouble describing why I like her as a villain, I guess only playing the game can really do her justice. Anyway enough of my pointless rambling, leave your favorite villain(s) choices below.
  11. Is there a show pilot you think should've got picked up for a series? A sitcom? An animated short maybe? Perhaps, anything that got cancelled but should've got a continuation? I remember this one short I saw on DC nation called "Batman in Shanghai" The animation style here great, and I think the short itself is pretty rad. There's this other show called Verne on Vacation, which has gorgeous animation. Gotham is another series that I would watch. So is there a tv pilot that you think could get picked up as a great series?
  12. Alright, here we go again. A theory I’ve come up with from too much overthinking the episode and listening to “This Day Aria” on repeat is that Queen Chrysalis is not as evil as the episode makes her out to be. This theory is based on a lot of personal interpretations from the actual song and some of the things in the episode. I would like to start by saying; we know only that Chrysalis intended to invade Equestria to feed her subjects, the changelings. This is an act of survival, and an act of selflessness because she was actually in the front line and the one at risk through the entire episode. We see that she only wants her race to survive, since she clearly says that they needed to feed on love, and seeing how they hungers for it, they must’ve been starving. In the song, I feel that Chrysalis is not only singing against the real Cadence at the time, but also against herself. Her part of the lyrics can easily be interpreted to contain two actual opinions on the matter. She sings that she have been looking forward to “this day” since she was small, a thing we can interpret as that she’s not only doing this to feed on love, but also because she have a personal dream of marriage, as is often the dream of a princess, the title you have before becoming a queen. She sings that she wants him to be all hers as well as she want them to be together. This would seem like she actually wish for love, but have no other means to get it other than through her evil means. She is a rather awkward species, and we see that she’s the only true intelligent being amongst the changelings we meet. “Finally the moment has arrived For me to be one lucky bride” This was what triggered my initial thoughts on this theory, she actually sings this. That she’s going to be a lucky bride. This is what I see as the proof of her dreaming about marriage since she was small, since she was an innocent little princess. I believe that she have been brought up to have the evil opinion she have, since all princesses must’ve had parents. I think she was taught to be evil and therefore proceeds to fulfill her wishes through the only means she have been taught. As we see, she doesn’t harm the mane six when she captures them, she actually didn’t wish to hurt anypony, she just wanted to have love. All she did was trap what was standing in her way of the love she thought she could gain by fake means. I presume that if one were to give Chrysalis real love, if someone loved her for who she was and “fed” her natural love, she would have no reason to be evil, since the only reason she was evil to begin with was to acquire love for herself and the other changelings. She ends her son with “Mine, all mine” another thing that can easily be interpreted as her wish to have the source of love all for herself, and the reason she acts as evil as she does could be from jealousy towards the couple who felt immeasurable love for each other. If Chrysalis was to find love of her own, I personally think she would have no further reason to act as she did in this episode and she would retreat to being a more tolerable pony/changeling.
  13. In late June, the Deadpool video game came out. Being a huge Marvel superhero fan, I was hyped up and excited when Deadpool finally got his own game. When I finally played it, I was... unimpressed, to say the least. I don't really remember too much from the game. It had some good stuff in there, but it just wasn't enough to satisfy me. For those who have played the game, tell me. Do you think it was over-hyped?
  14. Spock

    Sea ponies?

    Wondering if Sea Ponies could be added to MLP FIM. I know they look/act terrible, but so did the old ponies. Of course, they were never mentioned o0r acknowledged yet, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be used. Would you like/expect To see them in FIM, Revamped accordingly? If anyone has a picture of what a FIM version might look like, please put it up! This was going to be mentioned eventually.
  15. So anybody have seen this vid from screwattack yet If so, what do you thought about the outcome?
  16. I know it's been a while since the season finale, but I really liked Tirek's design. I did some sketches of him and him and Discord just for fun. They're obviously not finished pieces, but I think I like how they turned out. I'm not quite sure about his magic in the second picture though, that was just such a nice effect in the show. I'm always worried when drawing FIM stuff that my style is too close to the shows, that I'm just copying the designs without really doing much drawing myself. I tried to portray them differently enough to make them interesting to look at, but I like to know what you fine folks think of them. Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated. Also, the pictures are taken from my phone because my digital scanner is in storage at the moment, so please excuse the image quality. Tirek persuading Discord Tirek at full power Closeup of head & magic
  17. Guardians of the Galaxy: Friendship is Magic (or so I think it should be called) I saw it in IMAX 3D and enjoyed it very much. If you've seen it, what did you think? Edit: There are spoilers in this thread!
  18. It just doesn't seem that Earth ponies and Pegasus ponies have any advantage over the unicorns. I mean, okay.. Earth ponies are strong and resilient with tons of stamina to spare.. Pegasus ponies has agility and speed, with the ability to arrange and walk on clouds.. Manual labor would be nothing to unicorns, since they can move or plow the fields with magic. Unicorns can even speed up the growth with an aging spell (with a unicorn magic that's strong enough).. We've already proved that unicorns can grant flight and walk on clouds(Sonic Rainboom).. and arrange clouds (Rarity had RD's Cutie Mark).. I'm pretty sure if unicorn try hard enough they can make rainbows too.. What do you guys think?
  19. I am currently trying to get and refine ideas for my stories, as a budding author, but I'm gonna need your help. Can I find any websites where I share my story-related ideas, however long, and discuss them with other writers (instead of spending forum posts where not many people are willing to even listen ... ) ?
  20. So a random thought, or should I say memory, had just occurred to me... I sucked at Pokemon when I was a kid. No matter what I did, I never could beat the ones on the gameboy color. Basically here's how it went.... I sat down and played yellow; my brother refused to let play gold or silver until I beat the others. So, I played the game, I did pretty much fine. Til I made it to a gym leader. this is where I suddenly lost my intelligence....I believe I was battling Brock, and I got knocked out pretty quickly... I think I spent quite some time trying to figure that out and I never did. Years later! I realized something....pikachu is weak against rock Because you know, you get him at the beginning! Plus I liked pikachu because of the show! Thought he was the strongest too! And it took me until I was 13 to figure out the problem....even though my brother had a Pokemon MANUEL book which tells you about that...which I refused to read.... Very stupid right? Well, that doesn't happen now since you know, I'm older now, so its pretty easy(for the most part). So, my question to you all is, ever had one of those days or moments. ~a-N
  21. I just fininshed Fallout Equestria a few minutes ago and I thought it was phenomenal. I actually began reading it before i was a brony for the Fallout aspect but it was one of the main factors to me becoming a brony. This story, all 626 thousand words of it were all ridiculously enjoyable. Whether it be the character develpment on the non combat situations or the sheer evil and grim setting, i thought it was awesome. I personally HATED the "Ten Years After" chapter though. For some reason, I HATE how Fluttershy somehow can magically be poofed back to life. I feel as if it was a shallow ending made just to please the FlutterFanatics out there. (I do like how they mention Homage going to visit Littlepip, though). What are your guys thoughts on this story? By the way, my favorite character was Steelhooves. May he finally slumber without torment. Steelhooves, you were the man );
  22. moongarnet77

    Who is the better pony villain?

    I'd like to see everyone's opinions on this. I believe that Queen Chrysalis is the best villain, but obviously not everypony agrees.
  23. VelvetDivan

    Gaming System Shock 2 vs Bioshock

    Do not read this thread if you mind spoilers! I've been a fan of System Shock 2 since I played the game five years or so ago, and it scared the pants off me. I didn't get around to playing Bioshock until recently though, and I've been making my way slowly through the first game. The plasmid system was an interesting replacement for the PSI abilities from SS2, and the plasmids are streamlined enough that I was encouraged to use those abilities more than I ever bothered with SS2's PSI powers. While I do kind of appreciate not having to struggle with inventory management in Bioshock, it was one of the elements from SS2 that made me feel like I was struggling in a survival situation, keeping with me just what I needed most. I had to make painful decisions at times, leaving behind weapons or resources. The only way this is reflected in Bioshock is the limits on how much ammo or how many items you can carry. As far as the environment goes, Rapture is radically different from the Von Braun. There was almost nothing 'beautiful' about the sterile corridors of SS2's starship, or its crippled laboratories and blood-smeared deck plates. Still, most of the ship looked like with a week's cleanup using a small army of janitors and engineers, it would look as good as new. You were following right on the heels of the trouble that had transpired there. Rapture on the other hand was a *mess* that was beyond salvaging, both socially and physically. While I would hardly call the more interior sections, the shabby apartments and steelworks-esque underbelly beautiful, every time you found a porthole, a window, or a tunnel looking out into the sea it was like an (ironically enough) breath of fresh air. There was grandeur in some of the environments, and you could feel for Ryan, seeing how run down and overrun with crazed Splicers the sites had become. Rapture was far darker, literally, than the Von Braun. There are more shadows for enemies to lurk in, and you barely ever saw any of your opponents in full light. It's only gotten worse as I've reached the escort portion of the game, donning the Big Daddy suit, restricting my vision. (Yes, I haven't yet finished the game.) As far as the plot goes, I was expecting to be betrayed, quite possibly by Atlas, but the mechanic of the betrayal was a total shock. Ryan's death was grisly, possibly the most visceral death ever dealt out at the hands of a character I controlled. Not the most violent, but the death in which I could *feel* every blow that caused it, and it meant something. It wasn't just 'one more' body on my way towards the finish line. In System Shock 2 you never kill anyone who isn't beyond redemption, and though you are deceived, you're always in control of your own actions physically. With all the cybernetic implants it's almost surprising SHODAN didn't have a degree of direct control over you near the end, but that avenue wasn't explored in the game. I could blather on, but does anyone have any thoughts to share about the two games?
  24. When I play video games, I love to get real into it. Few things feel quite as satisfying as defeating an impossible boss or finishing a level. However, some video games have qualities in them that make you so angry, you ragequit and throw things. So my question is, what in a video game can make you that angry? I will give my own as an example. What I hate in video games are one-hit-kills. When you are playing a game, and an enemy or boss just kills you in one hit, when you have full health, it is super annoying to me. I find it unfair that any enemy should ever be able to do that. It totally takes away from the fun. Now, a combo of moves that can lead up to killing you, that I can deal with. But If I start with a fight and the boss kills me in one hit in the very beggining, I get a little angry. But that is just me. This problem can be solved with abilities like second chance from Kingdom hearts, and undershirt from megaman, where no matter how much damage an attack does, it will automatically leave you with 1 hp, so you have a chance to recover. Now its your turn, tell me what you guys think!
  25. Lots of cool new animes out there these days. But whats your favorite ones from the 90s or 2000s? And if you feel like it say who your favorite character is too. Do you remember your childhood nostalgia??? -a~N My Favorites: YuYu Hakusho Dragonball Rurouni Kenshin Ranma 1/2 Naruto (including shippuden) M.A.R Rave Master One Piece The Law of Ueki Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Zatch Bell D.Gray-Man Medabots Ultimate Muscle XXXHolic Elemental Gelade Soul Eater Bleach A Certain Magical Index