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Found 16 results

  1. Well I'm all caught up on One Piece on Crunchyroll. All 762 episodes (and counting) of one amazing adventure. I'm caught up on Trigun a long time ago and I think that's it on popular animes. Anyway, what animes has anyone else caught up on?
  2. Did this little picture while I've been rewatching the OG Dragonball.
  3. I have been playing a good amount of DragonBall Xenoverse lately and while the fighting system is rather simplistic, I am still enjoying the game. This makes me think about all of the many, many DBZ fighting games. The first I ever played was Dragonball Z Budokai for the PS2 and I was hooked on the fighting games for the series. With so many to choose from, dating all the way back to the SNES, what is YOUR personal favorite or favorites from the fighting games? My personal favorites are Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 2. :3 I have fond memories of both of those games.
  4. Check out Alvin-Earthworm's DeviantArt for more info, as he did start a Patreon Campaign.
  5. So thought I might try some DBZ wallpaper and with my fav cannon: F. Trunks. Took a bit of a simple layout with use of smoke and city brushes with some vector effects and fire and lighting with a glows and blur effect and just trying to give it a lost hope or seeking hope feeling. I thought to try to make Trunks in color yet black and white with a simple light effect seemed to keep in a feeling. The only real color is from the flames burning the city in the skyline along with smoke filling in the air around the flames along with the sun in the background. Did a light oil effect and smudge with a bit of glow effect and neon effect in redoing the flames! Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Cannon: M. Trunks Layers: 22 Used: Gimp Time: 10 hours Theme: Burning
  6. I listened to cha la head cha la again, and realized this had to be made.
  7. A few months ago, I learned of the new Dragon Ball Z movie coming out in Japan on April 18, 2015! This thread is obviously for those who want to share their hopes, expectations, and any info they have about this new movie! Here's the official description: "A fated clash!! A battle surpassing gods begins — !!!! After peace returned to Earth following the battle with God of Destruction Beerus, the surviving remnants of Frieza’s forces, Sorbet and Tagoma, approached, seeking the Dragon Balls. Their objective: to revive Frieza in order to bring his forces back to power. That worst wish in history is granted at last, and the resurrected Frieza plots his vengeance against Goku and the other Saiyans... And so, Frieza’s new army advances on Earth, and Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin clash with a thousand soldiers. Goku and Vegeta challenge Frieza to a fated duel, but Frieza had attained an overwhelming power-up! “Allow me to show you… my further evolution!” Now, for warriors beyond their limits, the curtain was about to open on a battle like none before or since –." I, for one, am excited! I always kinda liked Frieza, and I think it'll be cool to see him gaining more attention in the canon DBZ universe. Not only that, but Beerus and Whis are back, and I am pretty excited about that too! (I don't hate them as much as everyone else does, I actually thought they were pretty funny). Anyways, what do you have to say about it? What are you looking forward too? What are your expectations? Anything you're hoping for? What else do you want to share? Trailer 3 Wiki Page
  8. For those who don't know who TeamFourStar is, they are a group of people who make abridged versions (basically comedic twists of already existing media) of different animes, such as Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing Ultimate and Attack on Titan. They also have several videos of them playing different games, sometimes impersonating their characters giving the impression that those characters are the ones playing. You can check them out here; As for those of you who are fellow fans, do you quote their characters and for what purpose/situation? (Mentioning who says it is optional) As for me; "Mineminemineminemine!"- I usually say it when I rush towards something I want. Spoken by Vegeta. "Everything dies!"- After killing a lot of video game enemies. Again, Vegeta. "That's it! Killing you both!"- Usually said right before a double-kill. Vegeta. "Boom. Headshot!"- Altough it doesn't originate from TeamFourStar, I still like impersonating Alucard when I say. "Oh no! Everyone's dead!"- Often said when I find out my whole team is dead. Spoken by Krillin. "Naaaail! (Insert order)!"- I jokingly say it when I want someone to do something. Spoken by Super Kami Guru. "You want this (insert object)?"- Often said when someone else wants something or wants me to pass them something. Often repeated thrice before I give the desired object. Spoken by Turles Everything Nappa says. After all, he is hilarious and you will quote everything he says.
  9. Which of these costumes should I wear? I like both of them, but I just can't decide. I finished the Goku one last night, and the Jedi robes I have had for 2 years. Or maybe I could do both??? Feel free to criticize my costumes as well. It wasn't taken with the best picture quality either. 1 Goku 2 Jedi 3 Goku/Jedi 4 More Goku/Jedi
  10. Akira Toriyama has been tying up a LOT of loose ends lately, revealing Goku's mother, revealing Android 17 and 18's names and even giving us an insight as too what 17 did after Z had ended. If he's setting up for a new series, will you guys welcome it with open arms? Goku's mother here. Android names and 17's story here.
  11. My thought when i first saw the MLP:DBZ fight... What was everyone elses thoughts as they watched Gok-I mean Twilight- take on Cel-I mean, Tirek?
  12. Dragon Ball: Universe Z ~ Thread Hello, Today I need some lovely people to help me with my fan-game for Dragonball Z. I know there are a lot of people here with many talents, and I could really use some.. I need Musicians for Stages. I need Sprite Artists for Character sheets. For Musicians I need somethig like Battle Music for the fighting game to feel hype! For Sprite Artists I need sprite sheets using this base sheet.. If you would like to enter follow these steps..if you don't mind :comeatus: For Musicians Submit a battle theme sample (Like 10-20 sec) If you have other samples link me to it, I would love to hear the work. For Sprite Artists Submit a small sample sprite sheet of the idle stance, walk cycle and attacks from the base above. The character that I need a sample of is her.. you need more info or need something else please PM me or quote this post, bye bye! ~
  13. What is your power level MLP Forums? Mine varies between 1 and 9001 depending on the time of day and wether I have been drinking. Full details are always fun. Gather ye popcorn ^^
  14. In the tradition of video game discussion threads, we are going to discuss the next Dragon Ball Z game known as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Which will feature for the first time ever a four or more player co-op being able to play all across the world online and in single player mode. So here is the trailer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z: So discuss it among yourselves!
  15. Oh god when I saw this on youtube it had me laughing so hard !! Enjoy this clip of Goku & Piccolo being forced to learn how to drive. Dragonball & Dragonball Z were simply one of the best cartoons ever.
  16. Was watching alot of dragonball z clips on youtube and came across this old intro. I played this game so much as a kid if you did as well leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed seeing this again :]