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Found 30 results

  1. That's right. A new song. I've been working on this for the past couple of weeks whenever I had free time in Music Tech. So yeah. I made it in Reason, which is why I called it "one good reason". You can download it on Soundcloud if ya feels like it:
  2. So then, here's a thing I think y'all will like. It's this website app-thing called "The Wub Machine", and if you haven't hear of it, then... well I'm not sure whether or not I'm surprised. Basically what it is is this thing that you can plop music files into and it will then "remix" the songs into utter pieces of crap that are often so bad that they're hilarious. Sometimes though, it'll kind of work. I say kind of with emphasis, because it still sounds bad, but things are at least on tune with the rest of the song. Anyways, I just thought it'd fun to post this here to see what you guys get out of this... thing. Da website, it be here: Enjoy?
  3. I made this song for *ahem* craps and chuckles (as opposed to s**ts and giggles. ) Anyways, yeah. It's a short stupid little drum n' bass song that I did for fun.
  4. Today I decided I'd make a song dedicated to my favorite pony species ever: the pegasi. So, I made this airy little d'n'b track with fake guitars and such. I hope y'all enjoy it. I had fun making it, and my friend helped a bit. (He didn't know it was pony based ) Generic song title for the win.