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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everypony, I'm not sure if this topic has already been up before but I couldn't find it, so I made my own. So, yesterday I was thinking about economy and how the ponies hold up with money. Specifically, the mane 6. Applejack has a family that she has to take care of, so she obviously needs to earn money and we've seen in the show that money is what she often aims for when it comes to it. She wanted to sell at the Gala, she sells cider, she sells apples and pies in a stand in the middle of Ponyville.. She really tries to earn money now and again. This fixation is probably because she needs to take care of her farm and family to keep it all running. Pinkie Pie works at Sugarcube Corner, probably to earn money and buy her party accessories? And I cannot imagine that it's free to live in a house like they all do. They probably pay rent somehow, all of them. Rarity has her boutique, makes dresses for others and probably earns money that way. She has a sister as well, that she sometimes need to take care of. As well as keeping her budget up to buy fabric and other necessary things for her dress-making. Twilight is a Princess now but I'm not sure how she makes money... She was a student of Celestia before, so I'm still a bit confused about that. Has anyone else gotten any idea? Rainbow Dash literally doesn't do much at all. Perhaps she works for Clouds-dale somehow, but that sounds a bit weak of a theory to me. Fluttershy takes care of ponies pets, but I cannot imagine she would charge many ponies for anything like that. Otherwise she doesn't do much for a living either... Lend me your ideas and thoughts, I'd love to know what you think!
  2. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs For almost 70 years, it's been the universal assumption that top students would go to a 4-year university, get a bachelor's degree (at minimum), then continue on in an office environment, slowly making their way up the work ladder until they find themselves in the corner office on the highest floor. Only the students who cannot make it end up in trade school and blue collar work is seen by our modern society as a dead end path. The truth is that blue collar work should be a serious consideration for any high school student thinking about what to do with his or her life, or people currently working in jobs they hate. Trade jobs have a myriad of benefits: great pay, strong job security, and numerous intangible advantages―from greater autonomy to experiencing the joy of working with one's hands and solving concrete problems. Tradesmen made America what it is. Our buildings, roads, cars, homes, and our great infrastructure of abundant energy and clean water―all of these things were built by the greasy and calloused hands of blue collar workers. To think that these careers belong in a museum in our techno-entrepreneur world is a complete underestimation of the value these jobs still hold in our rapidly urbanizing cities and towns. America still needs new skyscrapers, updated roads and highways, and water systems to save us from drought. These are projects that require the handy work of tradesman, not the white collar office workers. While there is nothing wrong with pursing a bachelor's degree and working in a cubicle, people who feel that they cannot work in such jobs should forget the old stereotypes and myths that the only good jobs out there are those that require a bachelor's degree. It's true that many jobs that require a bachelor's degree typically pay more than those that don't. But there seems to be this culturally-institutionalized belief that in order to live happily in our generation governed by consumerism and capitalism we must become wealthy, obtain corporate jobs, and adopt a luxurious lifestyle. That does not have to be the case. Although we live in a post-industrialized age, let us not forget that our country's infrastructure still needs to grow and be maintained. And by no means am I dismissing the importance of white collar workers. But I would argue that this country needs a plenitude of both white collar office workers and blue collar tradesmen and quite frankly, there seems to be a noticeable imbalance between the two as our modern culture is becoming increasingly skewed towards the idea of going to college, getting a B.A., and then becoming an arduous office worker or an executive. It's almost as if colleges these days are now some kind of profitable gimmick that college districts seek to commercialize. It's ridiculous how much insurmountable faith is placed in what too many people believe to be the sole gateway to a brighter future. Higher education is frequently perceived these days as the absolute road to success in the professional world when it should be considered as a possible road to success along with the other possible paths that prospective students can choose from. Our salaries do not need to exceed $30,000 a year in order for us to survive. If we focused more on wisely budgeting our money, resisting the temptation to use credit, and spending it more on the necessities and less on the non-essentials, we could live confidently with better self-control, stability, and financial security regardless of what job we have. If you embrace minimalism the possibilities of making a comfortable living broaden economically and financially speaking. Thus, the opportunities become truly endless in the job market. Do not conform to the materialistic and superficial passions of generation X―do not let your possessions own you or hold you back from experiencing what you want to experience and doing what you want to do. So explore every possible avenue. Whether one chooses to attend college, trade school, or obtain a work license/certificate, there is a place for everyone in our country's labor force.
  3. I'm just wondering, from what you know about the country, how do you feel about the economy, the crime rates, and the culture of El Salvador. As far as the economy goes, El Salvador is becoming much like Greece and I feel that it may completely fall apart in the future. Jobs are so incredibly hard to find over there and the crime rates are among the highest in the world (if I'm not mistaken). A lot of the Hispanics over there seem arrogant as if the world revolves around them. I may be biased on that one though, since my girlfriend has to go through hell with her Salvadorian family every single day over there. Some of my Hispanic friends here even agree with me. lol
  4. They use bits as currency, but they also accept gems as currency? How does that make sense? Equestria is loaded with gems, how come they don't have crazy inflation?
  5. I found this rather interesting article about abandoned malls in the US. When I scrolled through the pictures, I was shocked that they reminded me of The Last of Us so strongly, I bet they used some of these photos to design certain parts of the game. (inside malls) Back to the topic at hand... Malls are declining... and not just small, no-town malls. Large malls with over hundreds of stores... I don't know if this will continue on in our current time of financial events, but I certainly hope not. It fascinates me though. The feel you get when looking at these pictures is so... surreal yet disturbing. It kinda makes me want to go abandon-mall hunting. XD As if these places are historical landmarks... which I kinda guess they are since they once did serve a purpose on our planet. Another thing that I found interesting was this specific quote, "That all changed in the 1990s. Cloverleaf’s best customers, women, began staying away from the mall, fearful of the youth who were beginning to congregate there. People started seeing kids with huge baggy pants and chains hanging off their belts, and people were intimidated, and they would say there were gangs.” ^ That right there personally relates to me. (not the mall though) Back in the day, we were all known as skaters.. goths.. punks. We wore trip pants with chains, mostly all black. We did look intimidating but as far as my group of friends go, we were completely harmless. We actually supported the mall by spending tons of money at the arcades due to that place being our hang out spot. We also ate in the food court like NO tomorrow. We were just as much as a customer as the next guy. That seems pretty spiteful.. But just out of curiosity, anyone else on here use to be a part of that group? Here's some of the pictures:
  6. Sweden and possibly Australia are to experiment with this for a year. Source article here: Aside from this being much less straining for all of us as workers, there may be benefits to employers as well and even the economy at large as this could mean more job openings to get money circulating more. Here are some points for employers to consider. And those would be the basic points this source is trying to get across. More jobs for the economy in an increasingly automated economy, more productivity and efficiency from workers and less sick days resulting from greater employee health. Definitely something to keep an eye on because the success or failure of this experiment will have some profound implications that could change the lives of billions of people both in this generation and beyond.
  7. I work at a meat locker. I have to keep tabs on the meat market (which I never cared about before this job), we learned that the cheapest meat available, pork, just went nearly $2.00 PER POUND!!! I know why this happening and it's not hard to find out why if you don't already know. But this something I'd like to talk about. Milk prices (due to the farm bill) is also going to go up a great deal. Crop prices themselves (especially corn) are dropping, so more farmers are going to ditch crop for animals or farm a more profitable crop than corn for this year. This will (down the road) drive up corn prices a LOT because less corn (which is mostly used for animal feed) and higher demand equals simple economics. I also keep up on crop prices in general because I live in the most fertile part of the nation as well as knowing that crop prices affect meat prices (and vice versa). All in all, food is going to go up in price while the economy elsewhere (i.e. our paychecks) stay stagnant. So with all that exposition out of the way, lets discuss! For you farmer bronies out there, what do you see in your area about the way the Amercian food economy is going in the next 3 or so years? For those overseas, how do you see the American food market affecting you? Also, what's the food economy like in your area, and how(if) do you see it affecting America? For those not concerned with the economic aspect of food, what do you, as someone who eats food (we all do) see as far your wallet is concerned? If you don't buy your own food yet, what do your see your family doing? Do you see your diet changing? What do you see in food economy, and where do you think it's going?
  8. I've been studying and doing a bit of research in financial planning lately. I've recently came across a lot of articles that claim that although going without using a credit card is more difficult and requires some planning and establishing good savings, it is a much better option than having to rely on credit card to cover your expenses. I am still no expert on the fundamental economics and finances that comes into play here, but that's why I decided to post this topic. To gather some of your thoughts. A good majority of the community here is composed of adults ranging from their early twenties to thirties, with a whole lot of experience in the economic world where balancing budget, personal finances, and savings is a real necessity. So I'd just like to know your guy's thoughts on using only cash as opposed to using credit cards or both. Like how does one balance that out? How do you handle your credit and finance?
  9. I was just thinking about this while I was playing a racing game. I wonder what other people value most in a car? Well You will start giving Opinions Choose between these values. You can choose more than one. Remember, we are talking about your dream car. Also tell us why to make use of the minimum 100 characters limit Values -Performance (Stats of the Car) -Style (Looks of the car) -Comfort (Difficulty of use) -Economy (Pricing) I tell you mine: Well the value I want in my dream car is Performance. Why? Because I wanted a powerful car. With very fast speeds and very accurate handling..etc . I wanted something that can be used on a race track. I don't like slow and sluggish cars. I actually like to race, because it is fun to beat someone. It's is always nice if car goes fast do a face of O_O. Dream car: Koenigsegg Agera R
  10. To some, this may be directed as more of a rhetorical question, but it'll be interesting to see the opinions on this. So, do you think the world/country is rolling downhill like a snowball heading for hell & are the good times really over? By that I mean have we finally gotten to that point of no return for the economy, would life be better in a simpler time? (no current modernizations, such as a time before 1953) or even thoughts on why the world is so corrupt. (You can really stretch this topic as far as imaginable really) I'm leaving this question pretty vague because of all the aspects that relate to the question that may be left out in some opinions but added in others. I could probably write a decent sized paper on this topic, but I'll give a taste of a summary instead. Disclaimer: If you are offended by what you are about to read, I am not liable for any offence that is taken. Instead if you have a problem, do what the Government does, and blame the problem on another part of the Government. There is no doubt in my mind that we are rolling downhill like a snowball heading for hell, it's just the matter of when we'll reach the destination and melt. You can take many topics and blame them for the way we ended up, such as religion, currency, foreign trade, overpopulation, politics, outsourcing, etc. etc. But it's not really just one that gave us that initial "push" downhill, it was all of them working together to give us that shove (metaphorically speaking). The whole thing that made me want to begin a topic over this was Merle Haggard's song "Are the good times really over" the song begins with the line "I wish a buck was still silver back when the country was strong" and after that, he lists many things that lead to what he believes is the downfall of our country. Most of what I believe is to blame is what I had listed two paragraphs above (religion, currency, foreign trade, overpopulation, politics, outsourcing, etc. etc.) and I'm positive there is more things to add to that as well, but I believe it all generates within those topics. A few of those topics are what I call short term gain, long term loss and most are basically generated because of power especially religion. Probably without religion, I think it'd be safe to say there wouldn't have been as many wars, I say that because usually when you try to get someone to believe in something they don't want to, a issue arises. Originally, religion was put into play to scare people into following a "common order" so people weren't running all over killing each other, stealing, etc. then folks start to deviate from the norm and they make their own religions, then I bet you can guess what happens... they have a dispute over it and try and destroy each other (this is why we should have all just been puppies...) And to touch on the "Are the good times really over" aspect; I definitely think we hit that mark as a country too for many obvious reasons such as illegal immigration, outsourcing and many other stupid things that match up with those two examples. Another thing that is very jacked up is how the United States seems to always get sucked into helping these worn down third world countries, and if we don't people get all hot n' bothered and throw a fit (not just people in our country, others as well) I think it's very straight forward that we need to line up our own railroad tracks before we go lining up someone else's. The country was strong back when we had jobs here, such as automobile manufacturers for example. Thanks to outsourcing we are going broke. And they also worry about "sweatshops" in other countries and how they should put a stop to that, but personally, I think that idea would backfire like a old Buick. If we put a stop to the sweatshops, those people will come here to the united states because they won't be getting paid at all when they were getting paid before (not saying they were getting paid a lot, but still). We don't need more folks coming in and taking what jobs we do have left. People stick their hand out to Uncle Sam for some money when Uncle Sam is the one on the sidewalk living in a box.... damn welfare... anyways... And I'll just stop there because like I said, it's possible to drag this on forever. Should be interesting... Anyways, that is along the lines of where i'm going with this topic. Like Grandpap always said "There's never any wrong answers, but there is always going to be ignorant answers." Grandpap was a self-certified philosopher.