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Found 113 results

  1. Greetings, I am the producer of the "Fallout Equestria: Silver Linings" radio play, and I would like to invite you to listen to our first episode. Our website is listed here: If you are interested in any part of the project, send me a message here or at the website and I will get in touch with you. Thank you for listening!
  2. Greetings, We are beginning production of an exciting and never before seen radio-play set in the Fallout Equestria wasteland and we are in need of voice actors to fill many of the roles. The story follows a disgraced and broken dashite as he discovers just how harsh the wasteland is to the weak and innocent at heart all while trying to find those who caused him to venture into the wastes in the first place... And make them pay. Currently we have 1 script written for an introductory teaser and are in need of several male VAs, one of which will be long term throughout the production of the series. If you are a female you may also audition a sample reel as we can assure you that female parts WILL be introduced later and we will stay in touch with you if we determine you fit the part. Although these are voice auditions, if you have skills in writing, proofreading, sound editing, etc, please feel free to let us know. While we understand that we all have our own personal lives complete with social aspects and unforeseen crisis, we do insist that our VAs have a work ethic. SAMPLE LINES FOUND AT BOTTOM OF POST. Mic requirements: As this is a radio-play, the better the quality of microphone the better. Audio can be repaired and noise removed, but if you recorded a reel on an Iphone or like device we cannot fix this. DEADLINE: End of year 2013 (flexible) SAMPLE LINES Sterling Cloud ROLE FILLED Early adult Pegasus Male voice type: Mid to deep range male. Young but rough. (If you can can sound like Kiefer Sutherland than you're in) This is the main character of the story, so the VA who gets this role should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment. Sterling is a pegasus who continued to live in the safety of the clouds long after the war until one day, a rogue balefire bomb was detonated in his city killing everyone he knew and loved. Scarred both physically and emotionally, he enters the wasteland below on a mission to find the splinter group and bring them to justice. Sadly, the wasteland has only shown him hardship and suffering, and to cope he has taken to "unhealthy" habits such as smoking, drinking, one night stands, unorthodox fighting tactics, etc. He is no vagrant, as he is a skilled marksmen and survivalist. More of his backstory has been left out because of spoilers. Sample lines: --It's true what they say. War never changes. If anything, it's patient. The Great War decimated the world below, consuming all life in arcane fire and destroying countless lives both past and present. Not for us though. The Pegasi closed the sky and our civilization continued to thrive. At least that was what I was told as a colt. --(in anger) I said shut up! --I don't need your help. I've got everything I need now. Spike / Watcher 200+ year old adult dragon male. Voice type: Any. Will be altered slightly to become reptilian and robotic. If you've read Fallout Equestria then you already know this character. Otherwise, suffice to say that this is a older version of Spike who monitors the wasteland through the use of robotic communication drones. Sample lines: --You don't have to do this. That is always a better way to solve this. --Please, I'm begging you. We have to be better than this. --Don't even think for a minute that I can't understand what you've lost because I have. But revenge won't solve anything. Captive zealot Any equine species, possibly Zebra. Voice type: Any. This is a generic baddie for this episode. The only details are that he is a part of the fanatical group responsible for the attack that Sterling is out to avenge. They are zealous for their cause and very dangerous. Sample lines: --Who was it pegasus? --A population in the hundreds finally went to tartarus except you, even though millions have gone before. --More than one of us there may be, and I wish death on those like thee. Thank you for you're interest!
  3. As a Human If you couldn't end up in a canon like universe, which of these three bad universes would you rather end up in? Also multiverse theory. Would you rather end up in one of the My Little Human universes, where there's a huge number of Ponies that like Humans "that way" and a TV show called My Little Human with millions of fans called Humies. Some of us Bronies would like this universe, you know the ones I mean. I mean I would but.... ummm. Also they have the Internet, enough said. A Conversion Bureau universe, on the spot you will be turned into a Pony with a hive like mindset, along with a new personality, constantly smiling and very low IQ, or be killed on the spot if you are somehow immune to the conversion potion. A Fallout Equestria universe, a world just like the Fallout game series only with Ponies.
  4. Simply put, i`ve decided to start a long term project, which involved a dramatic reading of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. I`ve never done a project like this, but understand that if you want a part that this will be long term, with hundreds of lines for most characters. While mic quality is important, what i`m really looking for is emotion. If you sound like you`re talking out of a broken radio, i`ll probrably still give you a shot if you`re good. I`m going to list a few of the main characters from the first book for all of you to look at. If they are marked with an O, they are open. C, they are closed and very unlikely to reopen. C? Means they are currently closed, but might be opened soon. O? means they are almost definatly open. EDIT: In order to make it easier for those that have not read the story, I will mark each character with an M for male and a F for female. This does not mean you MUST be of that gender, it just so you know whom is which gender. If you have auditions send them here: If I wish to discuss your audition further, i`ll reply, and perhaps share my skype for further communication. For your auditions, I`d suggest just reading a few lines from the first chapter the character appears in, but if you are familar with the story, I would love to hear auditions for some of the later, more dramatic scenes. Edit: After some consideration, i`ve opted to add both the first chapter the character appears in, as well as some of thier lines for use in audition. By all means, you don`t need to use these lines, they are there for those that do. I`ll add onto this as I feel is needed. F: BlackJack/Narrator:O First appearance: Chapter 1 "Red, it`s dead. Yellow, be mellow." "Great, cause do I have a story to tell! Here I was, minding my own bussiness, when these hoofcuffs appeared on me like magic! Can you believe that?" I asked with a grin as I tapped them on the table. "So, there I was, pondering and bemoaning my perdiciment, when I remembered a certain vision of angelic equinity whose magic far outshines my own, and whose kindness and generosity would compell them to free me!" "Well... i`m gonna go thump 'em with my stick." "I`m not an executioner." "She shot me! You shot me in my face!" "What`s with people shooting me when my guard is down, huh? That`s two times in two days!" "They told him to stop transmitting! They told him to shut up and die with dozens of young ponies! They were organized enough for that!" M:P-21: C? (GingerJoy) "Blackjack, are you trying to turn us into the deadliest band of angsty whiny ponies to wander the Wasteland?" "Just kill`s what you do, isn`t it?" "Don`t touch me!" "why... why did you stop them when you`re just going to kill me anyway?" "To hell with you, this Stable, and everypony in it! my whole life, you mares have fucked me! Now you`re getting fucked by you`re own. It`s nothing less than you deserve." "Seeking out death and danger for fun and profit. What a life..." "Isn`t there a firearm rule about not putting the barrel up your nose?" F:Rampage:O M:Deus:O "CUUUUUUUNT" "Cunts gun is broke. Cunt is useless. Cunt should be FUCKED. Right, cunt?" "Cunt thought she was fast! Cunt was wrong!" "Cunts still got some fight in 'em, Cunts are FUCKED." F:Scotch Tape:O F:Midnight:O "I don`t have time for flank spank right now Blackjack, the Overmare`s pissed." "Get out! Of all the times to come to me for flank spank, you choose now!? Get out right now or ill-" "You`re going to owe me so much for this Blackjack..." "Find security... get everyone down below.... what are you going to do?" F:Overmare:O "Get out! Getout get out get out! Leave before I have you all shot! You`re useless!" "Oh! You found my trick pony!" "That doesn`t matter. This is my stable. Mine. And i`m not going to allow that gray nag to run it any longer! It`s mine!" "why don`t you tell me where Rivets and the other 30 maintenance mares are hiding. Do they have weapons? Are they planning to sabotage my Stable?" "There is a threat to my Stable, and to my ponies. A threat within that must be dealt with." "Stable Overmare log 11-#260: The traitor! The little traitor! I select her, allow her to go outside, and she dares demand that I give her her reward? How dare she! How DARE she!? She`s placed an enscription on EC-1101, and refuses to lift it, even when I threatened to throw her and her foal into the recycler." F: Daisy: O "No running in the halls, Blackjack. Not even after pussy." "Awe, don`t know the spell yourself? I thought all security unicorns did. Marmalde does!" "About time we found the missing penis. And he`s with you! Bonus." "oh, he`s fighting us. Resisting secuirty, a real dangerous case, eh Marmalade?" "One day, i`m gonna have your fucking head on a stick Blackjack. Promise you that." "Yeah yeah yeah, sunshine and rainbows and hugs and all that horseshit." F: Marmalade : O "Back? You`re going somewhere?" "But you`ll die.... I don`t want you to go..." "Cause you`re my friend... why else do you think I fooled around with you all this time?" Really lazy... a bit of a letch.... Oh! and her horn is so tiny!" "How`d you know?.................. Rude..." "Opens a camera.... well, that`s what they said it did." F: Rivets : O "So, Blackjack, I noticed you keep getting shit on by Daisy and the others. They`ve been doing that for what, 3 years now?" "Well, that`s the question isn`t it? We cant do anything, Daisy is security, you get your job and you keep it, no matter how you abuse it." "Is it? You think it`s right that ponies like Daisy and Marmalade get to give you the shit ration day in day out?" F:Gin Rummy: O "So everypony, I want to thank you for your hard work. Stable incident reports are down under 5% this month. There hasn`t been anymore than a few Class C violations of violating curfew. Springs was caught hoarding a stash of med-x but surrendered it willingly. Punishment is 20 lashes in the atrium tommarrow morning." "Punishment will be administed by a random pony from A shift, Daisy. You know that." "Oh, and tommarrow, i`d like any pony confused about how to dispell a hoofcuff spell to please report to the security station at twelve hundred hours for for remidation." "Good thing your horn is so small, little fishy." M:DJ-Pon3:O Crazed Raider Mare: O "Bang, yer dead" M: U-10: O "I didn`t think I was sceduled for a double...." Merc Mare: O F: Lock : O "C`mon, let`s run for it!" F: Barrel : O "This is suicide..." M:U-21 : O "You can`t, Deus! If you destroy the terminal, than Sangurine will NEVER get that file!" "Okay... get the program, don`t get killed... get the program, don`t get killed...." "I should go with her, I should be the one who gets it." M: Ol' Hoss : O F: Textbook : O Chapter 1 "We were having a private conversation! F:Morning Glory:O M : Brolly: O Chapter 3 "Yeah dude, Rainbow may be hot, but you`ve got, like, no chance with her. Dude, isn`t she like the spokesperson for mare-riders? Heh.... yeah, I hear that. So, check out my score on the last basketball match on monitor one? Shyeah, we kicked tail thanks to yours trul-...... hey, what just happened?" "...this is crazy. The hoof is fucking gone, man! It`s fucking gone! There`s green... fire...shit like, everywhere! Nopony knows what`s going on. Fuck man! Game over!" M)Watcher : O "Yeah, ya did. But to be blunt, you`re fuck up only killed one filly. I know ponies who`s fuck ups have killed millions. Son on a grandscale of fuck-ups, I think you`re overrating yourself. So i`m asking you, is this it? Are you the pony that wallows in self-pity, and kicks herself for a mistake, or not? Because if it is, i`ll leave. I can`t help you. You can`t help anypony." F) Scoodle: O "Oh, this? Radhog is good 'eatin'!" " see, there are three kind of folks. Theres the kind that`ll shoot ya, the kind that`ll help ya, and the kind that won`t lift a hoof to help ya, but probrably won`t kill ya lessin ya give ;em a reason. M:The Dealer: O F:Lacunae:O F:Psychoshy: O F:Duct Tape:O "Overmare, you wanted me too.... oh... my." "I..... I didn`t want to be late. "Is he... is everything alright?" "I.... don`t think so. I mean... um... shouldn`t we get him to medical?" "this is so wonderful, it`s like a dream come true. The Overmare`s been so wonderful lately..." "And we can have another foal together! or two, or three! Because once we`re out, we won`t need quotas!" "You can be my.. my... what was it again? oh yes... husband. We can be the first poniess married in 99 since... well, the bad thing happened." "... I thought you`d be happy..." F:Charity:O M:Priest:O M/F:Various Crusaders:O (again, more the merrier) M( as the name implies):Big Daddy:O F: BottleCap:O F :Caprice:O M: Leo Zodiac:O M:Taurus:O F:Gemini: (technically two people, but stated to sound exactly alike) F: Aries:O M: Aquarius:O M: Prince Splendid:O F: Homage:O M: Stygius: O F: Xanthe: O M:Gorgon: O F: Virgo:O F:Twist: O F Psalm: O M: StrongHoof: O M: Rover (Diamond Dog) : O F: Applebot:O M: Sanguine:O (There are PLENTY of others. If I haven`t listed them yet, but you want to audition for them, go for it! it`ll remind me what to put up!) Now, there are a TON more characters that exist, even in the first book alone, but i`m taking this one step at a time here, so I`m gonna go with just focusing on the first book for now, and this should mostly cover the first couple of chapters. I`ll add more as I see fit. I really hope this caught your interest, cause i`d really love to see this through! So come one and all, experienced and new, young and old, mares and colts! Here, for those who want to read through, get your lines, or refersh your memory, here`s a link to the books: As a side note, if you see a part taken that you really think you could do a good job of, feel free to apply regardless. If I feel that your performance is preferable, I may switch you in for the part.
  5. If you were the Pony version of the Lone Wanderer in the Fallout Equestria universe. Would you agree with the Pony version of the Enclave (lead by a VI of Princess Celestia) who think only pure Ponies have the right to exist, while the rest should die who drink from the river? If you agree with the Enclave you poison the water purifier and river, so that only pure non mutated Ponies can live drinking from it, while millions of other Ponies that drink from it end up dying, with even the slightest unnoticeable mutation end up dying. Or would you agree what your father had planned to do? By activating the water purifier with no poison, so that anypony of mutant, ghoul and Pony alike can drink from it.
  6. [CLOSED] Fallout Equestria [Open] Xendref This animation project is very near to finishing all scenes have now been animated. There is another project which I will start once the release. You can find the link here: I am not going to tell you anything about it. Make up your own voices on what you think the setting would be. Skype is my best way to contact. Though I would prefer hearing your voice first as a demo reel on youtube or soundcloud. etc.
  7. So, I recently heard of a Fallout Equestria, Then I went on to read many of the comics. Then I thought, What else has My Little Pony versions? Could there be a World of Ponycraft: Canterclysm? So, I thought people could list other games that sound ponyised, for fun! Mostly... And if you know of anything like Fallout Equestria, then please give me a poke! I find myself addicted to the idea of Ponies in other universes... *Eyes Pinkie Pie*... Not just her!
  8. I s**t you not. This is my first time with a tablet. Ever. Took me a few days, but I figured it out as I went. I just started drawing... and ended up with this. Made in Paint Tool Sai.
  9. Hello, I am Sonofahare and I am looking to start an animated Fallout: Equestria series. I need animators and voice actors, and I'll do the rest (converting story into script, crediting voice actors and animator, hosting series, etc. just show your interest, show me a voice audition and/or animation example and I'll consider you!
  10. How does this beautiful fan project not have a thread yet? Either the search bar is broken, or a terrible injustice has been committed. Anywho, the Fallout: Equestria Radio Play is a project which aims to adapt the entirety of Kkat's epic fanfiction into a full radio play in much the same style as the Doctor Whooves radio plays. Official tumblr The project will star a number of well-known brony voice actors, including Rina-chan as Homage, the ever so talented EileMonty as Velvet Remedy, and Jessi Nowack as the stable dweller herself, Littlepip. Full official cast list (spoiler warning) New pieces of promtional media are posted on Radiohooves' Soundcloud roughly every 2-4 weeks, and range anywhere from 2 minute shorts to 12 minute long epics. Though not official, SqueakAnon (the creator of the excellent Doctor Whooves Adventures series) has started his own FO:E-related radio series, which is regularly promoted on Radiohooves's tumblr, and which I would personally recommend to help tide you over between Fallout Fridays.
  11. Making FoE in to a movie is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I know it would be a huge project, and it wouldnt be a simple thing to do in a couple days. However, I know it is not impossible. We just need many people to work together to make it. Although this post isnt for recruiting people. Its pretty much just asking what you guys think about making this. Do you think its a stupid idea? Or what? Thanks in advance for the feedback. P.S. I havent had much time to work on it, but here is a bit of a script I wrote for chapter one (Note: I have absolutely no experience in writing scripts so it will probably suck )
  12. I was looking up information on the hardcover books being published when I discovered three volumes of recently released softcover on Amazon! Amazon has a long history of selling... less than official MLP merchandise, but I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about it? Looking through the previews, it seems legit, complete with simple illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I was really excited to discover this, but I am also very hesitant before I throw my money at someone who might be profiting from someone else's works without their permission. Check it out here!
  13. Hello there fellow writers and enthusiasts of the FO:E universe! I'm here to ask for the partnership of somepony who would be willing to collaborate with myself to produce a fiction based in the FO:E universe. The idea will be totally from scratch and will be discussed via the WWW and produced in the same place. I've always wanted to create a fiction for this genre for the primary reason of it being so enjoyable, but having a partner in crime seems to be the best option as of yet. I'm a good writer (blow my own trumpet there XD) who has been recognised for talent by many (guys on this site, in school, family, friends) so I would prefer a fairly seasoned writer so that I may improve my own skills whilst still creating magic and without being hauled along or hauling along a writing partner. Time zones may be an issue seeing as GMT is not a common factor amongst people here, but I'm willing to cope and compromise to an extent This is not meant as a 'claim to fame by a wannabe' so please don't leave with that idea XD Whilst I would love to get the story out there, I would much prefer for the process to be social, semi-relaxed yet still as productive as needed As for the roles to be filled, I may consider a joint-author setup or author and co-pilot/checker/no.2 team. I am totally open to any suggestions As a footnote: I'm not restricting this to uber-fic writers, but some skill/talent would be necessary Thanks for reading all of this XD
  14. You know what? Since I'm posting all these Fallout Equestria sketches and vectors I may as well make a general topic for it to save me the trouble of making new topics each time. If you haven't seen my stuff yet, I suggest you look around here to see my previous works. Brisineo on deviantART Starting off, just finished a sketch of Col. Autumn Leaf of the Pegasus Enclave. Vector coming soon.
  15. Ok I would like to point out i have not read FoE so these images are more just a Fallout styled drawing. anyway I've done two drawings one was a request for Ballistic and the over was just my OC in a Enclave/ Wonderbolt armor, and i would like to know what you think of them.
  16. I recently got hooked on the side story for Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons, and so far I have read the entire first volume within the span of two days. So to celebrate, I made this. Have a drunk Security Pony!
  17. I'm currently GMing a Fallout: Equestria PNP RP on the forums and I REALLY wanted an OC (thanks to there XD) Here he is! SPECIAL: S-6 (+2 with trait) P-6 E-9 C-3 I-9 A-3 L-4 He's mainly a survivalist for RP purposes.
  18. 's OC Vinyl Blade, 'The Badass Babe' of the wastelands taking out some flanking raiders with her custom assault rifle! This was done by friendly request for the RP I am GMing ATM. I intend to extend my reach into Fallout drawings with ponies as far as I can. My inspiration to do so is ~Zubias from deviantart, CHECK THIS GUY OUT! AMAZING WORK! I would really love some replies as to how I can better my style of drawing. Mainly on posing and facial expressions as those are where I tend to decline in... Besten Dank!
  19. These are the infamous servants of the Goddess in the Equestrian Wasteland. Very, very powerful, and each with it's own unique talents outside of it's already powerful array of magical skill; Purple being able to teleport at will, green able to erect large and impenetrable shields, and the blue able to cast invisibility. They think as one through a mental web controlled by the Goddess herself, and are able to learn from the mistakes of the previous ones, so in other words, you can't kill them the same way twice. They also erect a powerful shield at the first sign of trouble, so unless you are Steelhooves, you're not going to fare well against a large group of these creatures. To those who haven't read Fallout: Equestria, these are the ponified version of the Super Mutants from the Fallout games, except instead of tearing you limb from limb with brute strength, these mutants can cause the slowest deaths possible through magic and are a hundred times harder to kill...
  20. The Enclave Commanders are the tactical brains behind the Enclave armies, commanding from the massive Thunderheads, they have a birds-eye view of the battlefield below, and give direct orders to win the day. Both concept for the Fallout Equestria Mod, and a gift for Mindrop, a user on this forum and a friend of mine.
  21. "Evil? Yes. It is evil... But evil is what is needed." Presenting the kind-hearted, iron-fisted, cyberpony dictator of the Fillydelphia ruins and slave camps, the one and only Red Eye.
  22. Redid my Red Eye because I never felt comfortable vectoring the previous one. This one is FAR better in my opinion, and I'm sure you agree.
  23. Another concept for the Enclave for the Fallout Equestria mod. I actually had this one completed for some time but forgot...
  24. Yeah, so if anybody is unfamiliar with the concept of an SYOC it stands for Submit Your Own Character. I am in the process of writing one but am going to need editors. If you are interested comment or PM me, when I pick an Editor I will automatically accept their character.