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Found 113 results

  1. Concept for a light trooper of the Enclave. (Not the sleek, black soldiers. Those are going to come next)
  2. Sketch of the manipulative, cunning villain, Red Eye, from Fallout Equestria. I think I'll need to tweak the head size slightly on the final vector, but I think he turned out okay.
  3. For those who don't know, I'm helping with the Fallout: Equestria Mod for Fallout 3, and I'm working on some concept art for it. Especially designs for clothing and weapons. I recently made 5 different Zebra clothes concepts over a single base vector that I'm showing off by request, so I hope you like them. Legionnaire Spy Soldier Necromancer Caesar
  4. *insert Mic's insane laughter from September* Finally, it's done! IT'S FINALLY DONE! HA HAHA HAA! After several hours of frustrating computer crashes, finally I completed Steelhooves' vector. There are actually going to be three variations of Steelhooves overall that I'm planning, so this will be fun. Stay tuned for Applejack Ranger Steelhooves and Sgt. Applesnack.
  5. Hi again! I just posted a new Fallout: Equestria story. Twenty Minutes: Would you risk your life to save a stranger? What if you could only save her for twenty minutes? This is a sad story. To quote loliger_rofler: "F*ing hell. OUCH. This was condensed, weaponized sadness." Why, thank you very much.
  6. A sketch of the mysterious martial artist Zebra from Red Eye's slave camps. Xenith. If it looks rough, that's cause it is. Zebras are harder than they look when it comes to proportions. But the final vector should look better.
  7. Here's the radio mare you all know and love. Homage as a vector!
  8. Working on my next vector. Decided to save Xenith and Steelhooves last because of their complexity. The wonderful radio mare that is DJ PON-3 Homage of Tenpony Tower is coming up, and here is my sketch of her.
  9. Went through a lot of tinkering to get this one right. One of my friends wouldn't stop complaining about the guns, and stallions apparently aren't a strong suit for me. But still, here is the loyal Dashite in his rugged glory.
  10. Preview sketch of my upcoming vector of Calamity from Fallout: Equestria.
  11. Finished with my vector of Velvet Remedy, complete with Ministry of Peace first aid kit. FEATURED ON EQUESTRIA DAILY
  12. Hi there everypony! I recently tried my hoof at writing a Fallout Equestria fanfic in my spare time. Go check it out! Summary: Frosty Winds was just your typical rank-and-file Enclave scout. Then one day she took a mission and... Days later, she wakes up in a Steel Ranger base as a prisoner, her memories stolen, and is forced to put together what happened and who she is, all the while trying to stay alive and put her life back together. I am currently in the middle of Chapter 4 and looking for several editors! Also, keep an eye out! I'll be involving the the fans every now and then!
  13. So during my absence I started my own FoE fanfic, Fallout Equestria: Honor and Survival. Below is the link to the site that I have it on. Tell me what you think on here:) enjoy!