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Found 113 results

  1. Hello every pony, Nintenboy195 here to announce my latest project. And because pf this, I have decided to cancel two of my older ones. Which are "Mlp Super Mario Bros Wii" and "Smile PC". This is a tech demo inspired from fallout equestria. And as I said in the video, I am not completely going off the canon of FoE, this is my interpretation. Video Posters Credit to Morning Glory for Nintenboy195 Illustration Note: reuploaded vid. there was a problem. More artwork that will be featured in Fallout Equestria: Project Rebirth. I know this seems kinda weird right now, but trust me, all will make sense soon! ^^ Another peice of artwork. This is another billboard. Here is the entrance to Rebirth City Park. Here is another update of Fallout Equestria: Project Rebirth.
  2. I am considering putting together a dramatic reading of the fanficton Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. Is this something anyone would be willing to help with, or should I just not do this altogether?
  3. I didn't realize it cut off the full title...but it's actually this: The Manehattan Project Update #31: Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) Audiobook Final Version is Live! Original Post: A very happy Thursday to all of you! Novel Idea here and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing this post. I will, however, attempt to demonstrate with the following picture. Corvus and I are both in this state. To quote him, "There aren't enough yesses in the whole world" to express our joy at this day. That's right folks. It's happened. At long, long last, the final revisions to the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) Audiobook are complete. Here's a list of the changes we've made in this version: Repeated Lines Removed: 7 (Chapters 8, 24, 15, 21, 33, 38 & Epilogue) Flubbed Lines Removed: 6 (Chapters 22, 25, 39, 40, 42, 2 in 44) Removed "Footnote: Maximum Level" from Chapter 37 & remastered Chapter 37 Re-recorded & remastered Manehattan Edition Opening and Finale, now set to the instrumental version of "This Coming Storm" by Corvus Productions. These were designed in the style of Audible audiobooks complete with the "The Manehattan Project hopes you've enjoyed this broadcast" at the end. Added full vocal version of "This Coming Storm" to the end of the Epilogue, as was originally written into the novel. Completely revised Cover Art by Novel Idea & Blue Nova, using the Steel Ranger from Gardens of Equestria's new Steel Ranger Recruitment poster. This will also make it easy to differentiate versions of the audiobook with the new dark background. M4B version is now in 10 7-hour parts instead of 8 8-hour parts to allow for faster downloading and easier control. M4B & MP3 Audiobook Chapter Titles now show properly when using iTunes or the iOS iBooks Audiobook App for iPhone and iPad. MP3 version is now preconfigured to be set as an Audiobook with correct metadata (description, date, narrator, other details) and updated album art. Both the MP3 Version and the M4B version are mirrored now on MediaFire and Google Drive. I even found a repeated line I missed at around 1 AM this morning, so I dove into the file and cut it out and rebuilt all the archives just so you folks have the best possible experience. Is this over the top? Probably. It is OCD? Definitely. But as I've said before, I've come to live by my own personal adage, "If you're going to do something, do it right and do it with style." I've even tested the audiobook thoroughly in both the Audible App and the iBooks App on the iPhone. I tried to find a way to get chapter titles to show up properly in Audible, but just wasn't happening. I did have a friend do some QA using the Smart Audiobook Player and found that chapters work just fine in there. By the way, if anyone has a favorite audiobook player that we don't have listened on our Audiobook page, please speak up! I'm going to leave the specific details about the correct way to update your version of the audiobook (if you have one of our older versions) on our Audiobook Page here. So if you're interested in downloading our new version, head on over right now! As for GoE news, we actually have a new member of our Technical Team, but I want to give that person their own introduction post, so I'm going to wait to introduce him until next week. In addition, since I'm having to upload 22 different files, which is essentially 32GB of data to online servers for you folks, we're not going to start the YouTube updates until next week. This will give me the time I need to get the movies slammed together and ready to go. Now, to be honest, if I find something more, I will update the book, but we have no intention of doing another full version again. This is it folks. The penultimate and definitive unabridged audiobook of Fallout: Equestria! We hope you find it worth the wait. Until next week, have fun and stay safe out there! -Novel Idea
  4. I've been considering doing this for a few months now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger and jump start this! The fanfiction I have set for a Dramatic Reading? Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. I know this is a rather large task to undertaker, but what's life without a few risks? If you are interested click the link below to go to the google doc page with more info. I can say there is a fair mix of female to male characters. I encourage anyone interested in trying out to do so, because with a character roster this big, chances are you might get a role. Click here! Best of luck to all who decide to try out!
  5. What is the difference to fallout equestrian technology and equestrian real one did they have some sort of ponyfied internet did they have video games did they even have computers i know in foe there are terminals but did the terminals have internet and other sorts have technology.
  6. A very happy new year to all of you! We here at the Manehattan Project hope that the holidays treated you well. As for us, ironically half of us were sick during most of them and the other half spent a bit more time in Fallout 4 when we should have been working in GoE. Such is the way of gamers. But don't worry, we're almost completely back on track. We've made some internal changes to the way we're handling the workload that should bring things to fruition much sooner. At the moment, I'm happy to say that we even have a general goal for launch. While we're not ready to share that just yet, know that this is coming. Soon, the Manehattan Project will invite you to head back to New Pegasus and save two worlds. It's in that vein that I'm here today. We have a couple important openings I'm sure you will be interested in. Artist: The MLP and Fallout: Equestria community is filled with gifted and talented artists. Thankfully, many folks have given us permission to use their material, giving us the opportunity to create some truly awesome customized items for GoE 1. But there's still a lot of work to do. We're looking for someone with experience in GIMP, Photoshop or a similar program. It doesn't need to be extensive. There are two sides of our artistic endeavors: Retextures: We're looking for folks who are adept at changing existing in-game elements to fit the FO:E asthetic. For example, you would change the primary image file for the signs says "Overseer" to "Overmare." There are a lot of little changes that need to be made and we need someone to make this happen. We're also looking for people to create higher-resolution versions of the existing material (such as foodstuffs and drinks). Original Artwork: We're also looking for individuals to create original artwork for the various skill books, magazines, Ministry posters and other Fallout: Equestria-style material. We need them to be high-resolution (at least at Fallout 4's level) so we can reuse them for GoE 2. There's a lot of freedom in this role, but we do have a few critical projects. You'll be working hand-in-hand with our Lead Artist, Littlepip/FancyCat. In addition, if you already have some art like this (or know of people with art like this), please let us know in the comments! PMV/Visualizer/YouTube Effects Artist (After Effects): This is a completely new position we're just announcing today! We're looking for someone with some minor experience in After Effects. We have several big trailer projects (including a totally epic Launch Trailer for GoE 1) along with our music announcements. Heck, if you want to even add some cool effects to the audiobook videos, that would be great! All you need to have is After Effects and a willingness to make epic things. Those are the two big roles we have open at the moment. If you're interested, please drop us an application! Thanks to Reddit, we have our new Calamity tentatively cast already. Polyphonic is over the moon about this potential candidate. In addition, massive work has been done on the Rock Farm Sector 3. Let me just say that the Rock Farm is by far the most complex and ambitious level I've ever designed. It's utterly MASSIVE. (It's six stories tall with numerous labs and facilities on each level!). There's an enormous amount of custom material. I've actually created unique Maneframes for the Ministry of Arcane Science, the Ministry of Technology and joint MAS/MWT Maneframes for this, complete with custom glow colors and actual ministry logos. That's all with a completely recolored purple glow version of the glowing blue utility set from "Old World Blues." It's epic. Seriously. That's all we have for this week. But now that the holidays are over, the kid gloves are coming off. We're making this happen. We're going to give you an awesome reason to head back to New Pegasus...and make you wonder just what we have in store for you in GoE 2 in Buckston. Until next week folks, have fun and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  7. Okay... *sigh* here we go. So, for those of you who visit my deviantART account, you've probably noticed that I've recently gotten into Fallout Equestria. Well, really it's a result of Fallout 4 coming out recently, but you get the point. I've started a short little spinoff that I'm hoping is eventually going to turn into a completed work. But due to the immense lack of feedback, I've put the series on hold since I don't know whether or not it's something my viewers want. My request is simple. I've added links to the prologue as well as the first chapter of the fanfiction down below. I try to keep them reasonably short -- it shouldn't take but five minutes of your time. All I ask is that you read them and give me a comment or two. Or, if you really want to, you could throw a full-blown critique my way; I'd really appreciate that. I just need to see whether or not this series is worth continuing, m'kay? M'kay. Also, just a heads-up, I won't get offended if you don't like it. I prefer brutal honesty over sugar-coated honesty. FoE: Domain Prologue - FoE: Domain Chapter 1 - Again, I'd really appreciate any sort of feedback you can give me. If you've read down this far, you have an awesome face and are an awesome person. Stay frosty!
  8. Just something I drew when I was bored. I've yet to receive feedback on this yet. Not my best work, but... eh, not my worst. So yeah, um... what do y'all think?
  9. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  10. I have thinking for a while, we have an audio series and soon to be game, what are your feelings on a movie? Like a two or three hour video, animated with either flash or in sfm. Obviously its not going to be as good as the book because, you can´t fit everything in it, so opinions?
  11. I'm not sure if anyone did this already, so I'm just gonna start this. If your OC is in the world of Fallout: Equestria, what'll be his/her starting SPECIAL stats. Here is Kronos' SPECIAL stats: Strength 9| Perception 2| Endurance 5| Charisma 6| Intelligence 9| Agility 3| Luck 7| 100% Skills: Lockpick Science Repair Speech Barter Medicine Big Guns Energy Weapons Helpful Perks: Animal Friend, Rank 2 Power Armor Training Scrounger Fortune Finder "Unique" Perks: Cosmic Seraph: Access to Exclusive Blueprints (Hellfire Compound Minigun, Seraph Swords, etc.) Royal Bodyguard: Damage Resistange and Weapon Damage significantly increased when companions get attacked Possesed Cyborg: Deal more damage to certain enemies dependeant on moral status (Good Karma=More damage to slavers, etc. and vice versa) Mare's Colt: More dialogue opitons when talking to mares Nature's General: Can arm befriended animals with apparel Inner Prince: Always successful speech attempts What about anyone else? Does my Fallout: Equestria OC seem too OP? What are your like?
  12. Guys... I just realized something. There isn't a general Fallout Equestria thread! *commence running in panic* Let me explain this: Fallout Equestria is a really long MLP and Fallout crossover writen by High Exalted, Lord Kkat. You really wouldn't expect something as lighthearted as MLP going with something as dark and depressing as fallout, but The High Exalted, Lord Kkat managed to pull it off excellently. The plot centers around Littlepip, who has just escaped from Stable 2 looking for an escapee, Velvet Remedy. They meet some people and do some shit until they discover the real villian- no, not gonna say anything more. Read (or listen) to it. Now. If you've read it already and this is entirely irrelevant to you, go gush about it below.
  13. [A dark, croaky voice replied to you] Oh, hey there. Obviously you don't know me much, if you're gonna start asking me questions like this. My reasons for answering? Well, it's been some time since anypony has actually spoken a word to me. I'm Black Opal. I survived a horrible taint poisoning experiment by one of my most trusted friends... Turns out they weren't to be trusted. I've spent nearly a millenia, part pony, part ghoul, part taint, for as long as this war has lasted, from even before the pre-war era. I was born just as the first signs of nuclear war arose. I learned to cope with the threat of being blown apart and irradiated my whole life, which has made these days... easier. How do i cope with the wasteland? Well, at least pain has been numbed through those experiments. But i've got plenty of battle-scars hidden away waiting for you to see. I'm not exactly wearing my barding right now, but this is all i can show you for the minute. Pretty 'normal', right? Not very... So... i guess, ask away. It's the last thing i can do for this world...
  14. I have some new projects im working on with other brony musicians and ive just had FOE on the brain and since one of the songs is FOE based i just cant get enough of this gritty art design!!! and it definitely screams metal!!!
  15. Good afternoon fillies and colts! Novel Idea here with a very special surprise for all of you! We've got a ton of new content for all you kind folks. While I'll leave the screenshots on the main blog page here, I'm super excited to reveal new music courtesy of our Music Director, Corvus Productions! As you know, we here at the Manehattan Project believe that music is an integral part of the storytelling experience. For those of you who remember the ending of Mass Effect 2, think about the stirring score that pounds through your speakers during your mad dash to escape the Collector's Base. Listen to that and anything you're doing becomes epic! We're bringing this philosophy to Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! We're happy to reveal a remastered edition of the Smuggler's Run theme, the Mysterious Cave sketch and finally, the Rock Farm - Sector X. Check them out below! The Rock Farm - Sector X Mysterious Cave Smuggler's Run Theme - Remastered We're also releasing Chapters 15, 16 & 17 today from the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) audiobook! You can find the fully updated playlist here. We hope you enjoy this preview of things to come. Have a great day and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  16. We have a nice little treat for you this week in apology for us missing last week. For those of you who have read Fallout: Equestria...this might look somewhat familiar. And it's just a hint of what's to come. Just a little tidbit of what's coming! We also have a little preview about the history of the "Gateway Research Facility" which will be the grand finale of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! But to see that, you'll need to stop by and check it out for yourself! ;) We're also still looking for scripters familiar with the GECK! Let us know if you're interested!
  17. Hello, and welcome to a little project I've wanted to do for a while. In case you don't know, this is a Choose Your Own Adventure style story. I will begin by giving you a piece of story and then you choose what happens next. I'm intending for this to be a little loose with the CYOA definition, I might give you guys a bit more choices here at the beginning, and then less later. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. Also, if you've never heard of Fallout Equestria, go check out the original story. Sound interesting? Let's get started! Heavy rasping breath escapes your lungs. Every moment of inhalation is agony, exhalation is torment. With effort, you manage to open your eyes just enough to see dust motes floating in the light bleeding through cracks in the wall. You roll off the bed you've been laying on for... How long has it been? You shake the thought away, and proceed to take in your surroundings. The walls are made from old sheets of metal, reinforced and held with wooden crossbeams. A door has been built into one wall to your left. Some boxes are stacked next to it. In front of you is an old, dirty mirror above a rusted sink. You realise how dry your mouth is and walk over to take a drink. After cooling your throat with the brown liquid, it can't be called water, you look up into the mirror and turn your face. Who do you see? Please describe what you look like, including coat and mane colour(s), cutie mark, race, eye colours and gender. Results will be a mixture of what you have voted for and/or personal pick due to setting constraints. Feel free to add a little backstory to your character as well.
  18. Important: A quick synopsis : It's been four years since Littlepip destroyed Marypony . Four years since the monstrous plan of the Goddess has been foiled . But it seems that, somewhere, there is still a trace of her . A beat . Is with this premise that Bone Saw, a unicorn with a cybernetic leg, accompanied by her sister and another pony, will go on an adventure to recover an object called the heart of the Goddess. But he will not be the only one who want that powerful artifact . Here's the link to the FimFiction page .
  19. As some of you may know, we are in the midst of developing a story-driven mod experience for Fallout: New Vegas called “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm," a mod featuring dozens of levels, an entirely new worldspace, custom music, fully-voiced NPCs, hostiles, and companions, and new weapons, armor, and enemies. It is the first chapter in an ongoing story that will continue in Fallout 4. However, our team has run into an unexpected hurdle. One of our scripters recently had to leave the project due to an excess of real-life demands on her time. In the wake of this development, we are looking for an experienced scripter willing to step into this role to keep us on target for our current estimated release date. You do not need to be a fan of MLP or Fallout: Equestria for this position. You simply need to have an understanding of scripting and some experience with working on quests, dialog or companions in the GECK for Fallout: New Vegas (or similar; e.g., Fallout 3, Oblivion, or Skyrim) and an interest in being part of the exciting accomplishment this opportunity offers, particularly for those interested in bulking up their portfolios for entry into the game industry proper. We're looking for a serious candidate who's willing and able to buckle down and work flat-out for the next two months, with the possibility of staying on for the continuation of our work in Fallout 4. If you're interested, please contact us! You can either do so through by applying at or contacting the project lead directly at With your inquiry or application, please include a sample of modding work you've done in the past as well as an explanation of your experience with scripting generally if you haven't worked extensively in the GECK. Thank you for your time.
  20. You like writing? You like video games? You like Fallout Equestria? I've been on this forum long enough to know that the answer to all three of those questions is a resounding yes. And you're all in luck, because The Overmare Studios is on the lookout for new writers to fill its ranks. We're looking for new blood with talent, gusto, and an eye for the demented. What is The Overmare? We're the Equestrian Wasteland's own Budget Bethesda. An enormous community of writers, programmers, artists, designers, and musicians united in producing a video game adaptation of the fanfiction Fallout Equestra, as we have been for years now. We want to make massive, open world Role Playing Game completely faithful to the Fallout we all know and love, to be released for free upon completion. To apply, simply fill out an application on our site and wait for an admin to contact you. Applicants must be 18 or older, must already have an established and growing body of work, must have Skype, and must be familiar with the writing styles of at least the current Fallout titles. We want the best that the community has to offer, and that's why we're turning to you! And one more thing. To any wiseapples who want to try to get around the application process: Don't. Seriously, just don't. This isn't an audition. We need to keep things organized, and we need all of the information that the application provides. If you want to include a piece that you specifically wrote for the game, then that's dandy, but please put it in your application. Apply today! And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  21. We've got some fun previews today, though no pictures just yet. Plus the latest three chapters of the Fallout: Equestria Manehattan Edition audiobook are up on YouTube! Check out that and more at!
  22. Welcome, My name is Ben (AKA RRBrony) and I am the project director and coordinator for FOE Audio. We are looking for voice actors/actresses and people who can help with other elements of the project. Such as getting the lines for minor characters, editing, basic logistics, and much more. Now for a little about this project. Our purpose and goal here at FOE Audio is to turn the book Fallout: Equestria into an audio book. To do this we need a full cast of voice actors/actresses who will give life to all of the characters in the story. Unlike other projects currently underway we will read the book word for word as if the listener was reading it. We want to stay true to the original written work so that the listener will be able to get the full experience as Kkat intended. We are currently opening auditions to find VAs for the main cast. Once we have all of the main characters casted we will begin to work our way through the list of minor characters. Here is a video link to our youtube video which gives a little more information. Below you will find a master list of characters that we will be casting. Main Characters Currently Being Cast: Video link Calamity (must be able to hold a tune) (male) Steel Hooves/Applesnack (male) Red Eye (Main Evil character) (male) Main Characters Needing to Be Cast: Littlepip (female) Velvet Remedy (needs to be able to sing) (female) Watcher (male) Spike (male) DJPon3 (male) (Homage’s radio persona) Homage (female) Xenith/Zecora (female) Secondary Main Characters Needing to Be Cast: Applebloom (might sing) (female) Sweetie Belle (does sing) (female) Scootaloo (might sing) (female) Applejack (female) Fluttershy (female) Twilight Sparkle (female) Rainbow Dash (female) Pinkie Pie (female) Rarity (female) Luna (female) Celestia (female) Trixie (female) Gawdyna (female) Secondary Characters(may show up once in the entire story) Needing to Be Cast Chapter 1 1 LittlePip's Mother(for when Pip reflects on what her mother used to say about Velvet's barn door and the stable door) (female) 2 Four voices for when Velvet runs away(2 guys and two girls) 3 Overmare (will show up later in the story) (female) 4 Guard Pony (male) Chapter 2 1 Father's radio transmission: Father desperate but resigned (male) 2 Monterey Jack (will appear much later) (male) 3 Cracker - salver earth pony 1 (male) 4 Sawed off - slaver unicorn pony 2 (probably male) 5 Cagey - slaver earth pony with shovel 3 (male) 6 Raider unicorn (female) 7 Raider earth pony (female) Chapter 3 1 Raider, A pony that throws a grenade into carousel boutique (female) 2 Flashback, A pony from classroom throwing water balloon at Pip (male) 3 Caged pony in ponyville library (female) 4 Raider pony Kitchen scene (male) 5 Screaming Filly(young female) 6 Raider Pony jumping off of balcony (male) Chapter 4 1 Crazy pony bot in Ironshod firearms sounds like a filly (young female) 2 Voice of authority coming from a bot (strong female) 3 Colt's voice yelling at Calamity (young male) Chapter 5 1 Candi medical pony in New Appleloosa (female) 2 Grey earth pony possibly a doctor (male) 3 Railright, The Appleloosa sheriff (male) 4 Trolley, a young colt (male) 5 Colt's mother (female) 6 Crane (male) 7 Teacher's note/journal (female) 8 Maintenance pony journal (male) 9 Dr. Brieberry head of medicine Stable 24 (male) Chapter 6 1 Mare's voice in bar (female voice) 2 Stallion at card table (male) 3 Another stallion at card table (male) 4 Another mare closest to Pip (female voice) 5 Stallion further down the counter (male voice) 6 Apple Whiskey (bartender)(male voice) 7 Puller pony (Male) 8 Slaver pony near fence/slave pens (probably male) 10 Flamethrower pony (male) Once a character has been cast we will update this post to reflect the changes, as well as make an announcement here on the forum. If you see a role that you feel you would be perfect for but we are not currently casting, please feel free to message me or email us at and tell us which character you want to try out for. We will send you some lines and then you can submit your voice recording to us. Follow the links next to each characters name to get the audition lines, if you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we will answer them. You can submit your audition several ways, you can: ● Post a link in the comments with the name of the character(s) you are trying out for. ● Send me a PM ● E-mail ● Share with google docs
  23. I've started working on an incredible project with my friends that is hoped to be turned into a radio-play. Originally, we have an IRL role-play that we do, but with how it's been turning out, I've decided to start writing it as a fan-fiction (being that I'm helping the Overmare with an impossibly deep story (aka Dungeon Master) ) Many of my friends don't have an account here on MLP forums, otherwise I would put links to them here. We are currently looking for artists, VAs, musicians, and writers/editors to help make this into an infinitely amazing adventure! The main storyline of this adventure is that a group of ponies and creatures wake up together after being kidnapped. Their only prompt they are given is for them to go on an epic quest together to search for mysterious gems. Each character has their own story, which is told throughout their travels together as 'friends.' This is a highly emotionally-driven storyline, but there will be plenty of humor along the way. Trust me, in this group, everything is run by children.... everything. Feel free to PM me or contact The Overmare at There, we'll see what skills you have and be able to have you be a part of this amazing project. ^.^ If you are an artist, we don't expect too much from you. Program-wise, Gimp would work, but Photoshop would be ideal. It's all up to your personal preference. If you are a voice actor, then you are going to need a decent mic (lap-top mics or usb mics won't work... sorry). As for musicians, we expect that you can make sounds, melodies, chords, or anything that can be used to help bring the story to life (same goes for sound designers). If you are a writer or wish to edit, then we expect that you have a decent enough knowledge of English or working with scripts. Also, if you're not convinced that this is going to be a thing, here is a promo! I hope you all have a great day! I look forward to talking with you.
  24. Ask the Following Characters of Scootaboom, The Extremely Hotheaded explosivemaniac who is aso scootaloo. Space the Ai pet who serves scootaoom. ,and Muggy a insane secruitron obsessed with mugs. So ask away..
  25. We have around 5 months left of 2015, and I haven't read any bit of Fallout: Equestria since March of this year. I am currently on chapter 23, and I'm wanting to know if I could finish it by the end of the year, if I start reading it again now. Next year, I want to finish Project Horizons, which I have not started yet.