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Found 113 results

  1. You're in need of something lighting ablaze?! Coooome on, ask me anything, ANYTHING! I can burn anything for you too, dunno why you would need my help burning something but I can if ya want!
  2. Right so, I was recently commissioned to draw someones Fallout Equestira OC. This is what I did with my day. It was fun and a wonderful challenge. So, here is what I drew! I Let me know what ya think, it is very appreciated! Original. ---->
  3. this art work took me the whole week to do (it uses pony bases and a premade background)
  4. So we all know the Bethesda is coming out with Fallout 4 for October 23 2015. (from this most resent video posted thursday here) So my biggest question, to all those FEQ readers. Do you thing Kkat will make a follow up series based off of the new fallout game? Maybe a new fanfic to add the rest of the fallout equestrian universe? Post your thoughts below, and share to the rest of the pony fandom! P.S. Always Follow the form rulez~! P.S.S. Im so hyped for the game!!! (thank you for the move @PathfinderCS) Night Spark.
  5. THIS is a fanfic that I've stayed up till 1:00 AM every night writing! It's a Fallout: Equestria fanfic, set RIGHT after the Megaspells fall. Violet (the mane character) Must find a way to survive, and keep her foal safe from this harsh new reality! Story is currently in its 2nd chapter, and I've just made cover art for it (see below) The story can be viewed on FimFiction here:
  6. I am currently working on it, however, due to some feedback by one of my friends, I took it down because it needs a lot of work. Anywho, it should be up in about a week or two.
  7. It will mainly be Adventurous, Romantic and Dark (because FO:E. lol) Anywho, I might not be the first person to do this, but it will feature a close relationship between me and Littlepip and possibly Blackjack, however, she's not leaving Homage, nor is Blackjack leaving Morning Glory. >_< Anywho, I might not release this since it's personal stuff (like me having the biggest crush on Littlepip and Blackjack in the Universe has ever known.) Anyways, I have two chapters done. It basically starts out as me finally finishing Fallout: Equestria, grabbing my Vinyl plush, and going off to sleep, and I end up some how getting transported to the Equestrian wasteland. If someone wants to help me edit a chapter or two, to fix grammar mistakes, or to make it more fluid, feel free to private message me. Or if you feel like throwing hate at me for writing a love story between me and Littlepip, do that as well! I don't care what you choose, honestly. lol Note: It's called Spinoff for a reason. I'm sure Kkat wouldn't make this canon to any extent other than to make me a close friend to the main characters. But yeah, I'm hoping you guys don't flip out on me for writing this.
  8. Hello Forums! I recently finished Fallout Equestria (SO GOOD!) and wanted to know who your favorite Ministry was. Post why you chose that particular one below! (Try to keep the reasoning to the original fic please) As for me I'd need to say MoM because of all that they do. They’re all of the conspiracy theories rolled into one agency.
  9. Based off this colorguide I seen the other day for her. It's a work on progress, I'm thinking about adding in a Fallout-ish background. Anyways, tell me what you think. Also, I might redo this using GMOD or SFM.
  10. Hi all, So like the title sort of implies. Do you think the story/fiction Fallout: Equestria should be turned into an audio book version? I'm not talking about taking it an adapting it or changing it, just simply getting a huge cast and production team together to voice all of the characters that show up throughout the book. The reason why I ask this is because I am thinking about doing such a project. As a matter of fact I am in the process of looking into doing something like that, however I am greatly concerned and worried that it will get a less then stellar reception. Not to mention the fact that I would need a lot of people working with me in order to just help get the basics and ground work laid out before a whole lot of progress could be made. So what do you think? Would you be willing to give it a chance if the quality was good? Does this even sound like something worth pursuing? If anyone would be interested in this project or wanted to get involved please let me know and I will be more then happy to talk to you about it. Again this is in the concept stage, and I would really like to know if anyone would like to see something like that happen. Have a great day and I cannot wait to see what you think. To steal a quote from CannedCream, "Stay pony my friends!"
  11. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this, so if its in the wrong place, please move it. Anyways, I recently finished reading Fallout: Equestria. I loved it. It's easily my favorite fanfic. Now I don't know what to read. I started looking for a sequel and found project horizons (I know it isn't a sequel) I'm not sure if I should read it though. I don't want the original FoE to be spoiled. This probably sounds weird, but the reason I'm asking this is because when I read my little dashie, the sequel was just stupid in my opinion. So my question is, do you think I should read it? Thanks
  12. *SPOILERS, SKIP TO PIC TO AVOID FO:E SPOILERS* This is the scene from Fallout Equestria where Littlepip adn the gang help the small town of Arbu (The Friendliest Town in the Wasteland) get a reliable source of water via a water talisman stoeln from a nearby Brotherhood outpost. She comes back tired and battered, to find that there are few places in Arbu to sleep for the night. So, she wanders around and finds herself tempted to open up a room she was kindly told was off limits previously. Being insatiably curious, she sneaks by the family guarding the door and picks the lock, and ventures downstairs. What she finds is a cellar filled with carved up corpses, butchered for meat. She then pieces together that, in the nice meal the town gave them earlier, she ate a pony's heart. The town was filled with cannibals. She then proceeded to slaughter everyone. Except the children. But from then on, the children of the wasteland dubbed her the Hellmare. She never fully recovered after that, neither her psyche nor her image to the Wastelanders. Seeing this pic, and considering the gun she used shoots f*cking fire, It's not hard to see why.
  13. So on the recommendation of a friend I've been listening to YouTube audio-books of Fallout: Equestria. It's awesome so far! The basic picture took 2 hours and the details took another 2. Worth it! I hope you like the new art-style, too. It's a lot simpler. Critiques are always appreciated!
  14. Greetings, This is the producer of the radio-play "Fallout Equestria: Silver Linings" ( We are looking for a female voice actress for our upcoming episode and are currently holding auditions. Character description and sample lines are provided below. Demo reels may be posted here or sent to AUDITIONS WILL CLOSE AT THE END OF THE MONTH. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! Name: Carne Asada Female Earth pony, 20-35 in age. Caravan trader abandoned out in the wasteland and left for dead. Possible evil motives (not telling due to spoilers). Spanish or South American accent if possible. LINE 1: (Out of breath. Tired) " *cough* * cough* My caravan was ambushed. We were...en route to Hot deliver food...*cough*... when these bandits came out of nowhere...and attacked us. They tore our wagons apart, took our supplies and...and...*begins to tear up* my friends." Line 2: (Normal. Gaining strength) " name is Carne Asada." Line 3 ( Calm, but with a slight conniving tone) " A-A little...but I'd hate to be...more of a burden by...just letting you stay up all keep yourself."
  15. So basically, both Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition are on sale. I'm not planning on getting both, only one, so basically instead of looking at a bunch of put-off reviews online, i'm gonna judge based on how many MLP mods are available for each game. If anyone has an idea of which would be better when trying to create a Fallout: Equestria type feel, then please let me know. Thank you!
  16. I just fininshed Fallout Equestria a few minutes ago and I thought it was phenomenal. I actually began reading it before i was a brony for the Fallout aspect but it was one of the main factors to me becoming a brony. This story, all 626 thousand words of it were all ridiculously enjoyable. Whether it be the character develpment on the non combat situations or the sheer evil and grim setting, i thought it was awesome. I personally HATED the "Ten Years After" chapter though. For some reason, I HATE how Fluttershy somehow can magically be poofed back to life. I feel as if it was a shallow ending made just to please the FlutterFanatics out there. (I do like how they mention Homage going to visit Littlepip, though). What are your guys thoughts on this story? By the way, my favorite character was Steelhooves. May he finally slumber without torment. Steelhooves, you were the man );
  17. Everybody's favorite morbidly curious, multi-orgasmic heroine. Gotta add some shading to the clouds when I get home, but other than that, I'm proud of it.
  18. Just put up a Little Pip custom over on Devintart, she's the second one i've done
  19. Howdy y'all, So I am currently working on my version of fallout equestria. But I need help with a few things. So if you or anyone you know has a OC that you would like me to put into my fanfic then pleased PM me. If you have any ideas for villains or gangs etc the please PM with the details. If they fit with the plot then I will try and include them. Also if you have any ideas for my book at all please let me know. Also as I am a student and I don't have a job I am extremely tight on money. Any donations would be amazing to help me keep going. If any of you would like to proof read my book then please PM me. If you would like to ask anything about my book or would just like to chat to me then please pm me. Peace out ~L.S~ Also I forgot to say, if your ideas/OC do get used then you will be credited at the end of the chapter/s that it has been used in. Also you will be the first to read the said chapters before they get put online
  20. Here's my latest upload! Enjoy! /)
  21. Another week has passed and another song is posted. Enjoy some Fallout Equestria themed industrial music this time. Hope you enjoy! /)
  22. So recently I finished reading Fallout: Equestria and decided to draw Littlepip and co.! I started the inking, but I'll probably have to wait for school to end to complete it. In the meantime I'll work on the Inky Shop requests... Tell me what you think!
  23. So I've been bored a while and started reading fics left and right. Then I stumbled upon Fallout Equestria and because I'm a die-hard Fallout fan, I made this Side Story. Sure there are a ton of Side Stories out there, but I just enjoy writing these. So, I want someone to critique these and possibly get some Editors to help me. Link to the Story: I would appreciate the help if you, the reading public, would like to help. If you're interested in being an editor, just say your Gmail account so you can edit it.
  24. What would happen if Fallout Humanity meets Fallout Equestria Ponies? A portal was opened up between two worlds, the Fallout game Earth and Fallout Equestria. Well, things might not be so bad. Because both Human and Ponies are as bad as each other, for both had destroyed their worlds. So, there would be no misanthropy or Borg Conversion Bureau (Ponies as the Reapers from Mass Effect thing) thing happening. Now things would be very bad indeed if the Enclave were the first to discover the portal. However, if the Brotherhood of Steel found it, things might be so bad for the Ponies. I never read Fallout Equestria, so what else would happen since both worlds have met?
  25. Hi all! I am trying to create a videogame based on the poular fanfiction Fallout Equestria, but the problem is, while I have programming down, I can't draw, at all, nor can I wright or compose music. So I am trying to make a team of some awesome bronies and pegasisters alike. Here is everything I need How it will be played: The game will be played in a top down turn-based style RPG closer to Final Fantasy than the traditional Fallout games, it is being programmed in RPG Maker with Ruby. Programming is about 30% done, but everything else is zero percent. As soon as I get some people on board I will launch a web a site. What I need: -Sprite Artist: If you're any good at pixel art and want to help out then we need someone to create the overworld sprites for the game. -Battler Artist: If you're an good at digital art, that is not pixels, then you are needed to, to create portraits and in battle sprites of the characters - GUI Artist: Anyone who can help to create the Pip-Buck, this games version of the Pip-Boy, and also the inventory, map and quests screens. GUI artists can also help design the GUI for S.A.T.S (Stable-tech Arcane Targeting System). -Icon Artists: Anyone to make icons for the Items, Buffs and Debuffs as they are shown in GUI. -Tileset Artists: Anyone who wants to help make the tilesets for various towns, rooms and areas in the wasteland -Font Artists, We actually need a few different fonts, If we have any good Calligraphers out there who can design ones that look handwritten, and ones that look like they are from an old DOS machine, you are wanted. -Music Composer: This one's self explanitory, we need musc preferably 40s-50s style music with some elements of electronica thrown in. -Mapper: Probably the hardest job (in my opinion) someone (anyone) who can help design post-apoctalyptic Equestria, as in the layout of towns, the wasteland etc. you are desperately needed. (I can help with this). -Someone who is skilled in Flash/SFM to make cutscenes -If Anyone wants to make a signiture that would be nice. Thanks Also if you want to help but don't have any of those particular talents, I could always use extra OC's for NPC's of you want to give me permission to use them, as well as a link to there character page that would be nice. Story: Equestria is no longer a place of kindness and friendship, these words lost meaning when the bombs started dropping, ponies became selfish and greedy, caring only for them self's, and as time passed this new greed eventually led to war, and worse yet nuclear war, the princess tried to interfere but she was powerless against these weapons that the earth ponies had created, and the deadly spells by the unicorns. After the war surviving ponies were forced to hide away in underground bunkers known as stables, only to leave when it was certain that the world was safe for re population, You leave your home in Stable 10 and must survive in the now war-torn Equestria, though you can try to change the future, war, war never changes. Disclaimer: Do to the fact that My Little Pony is Copywright by as Hasbro, Fallout is owned by Zenimax and the story we're basing it off of isn't even ours I can't pay you (I really don't want to get sued by Hasbro, Zenimax, or the original author of the story so this game is gunna be completely free. Meaning I cannot pay you sadly, I would if I could I promise you that. But one thing I can assure you of, is that you will be credited for every contribution you make tho the project, and you will be credited as whatever name you wan't, whether it be your username, your real name or anything else. Please, help me MLP community, you're my only hope. Encoureging words are also nice!