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Found 15 results

  1. Download it now at NexusMods! The Watcher is the prologue for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, and the first in a series of episodes in a DLC-length mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It introduces players to Gardens of Equestria, an episodic adventure that shuffles the reality of New Vegas like a pack of cards. GoE introduces new enemies, allies, and unique equipment from beyond the Mojave. As you investigate the cause of these echoes, you will choose a side and decide the fate of two worlds. However, it’s not just the start of a world-spanning adventure. Changes have swept through the New Pegasus area, altering everything from billboards to ancient Pre-War posters, stimpaks to road signs, teddy bears to the Las Pegasus sign itself. There’s also a new PipBuck radio station featuring 32 of the greatest hits from the MLP:FiM fandom. The reality distortions have even affected your PipBuck’s user interface, complete with new loading screens, a new progress wheel and altered game Perks. Custom cinematics, a fully-voiced cast, unique new ambient music and much, much more await you within. Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC. Prices and participation may vary. See store for details. If your download lasts for more than six hours, contact the Ministry of Peace immediately. This simulation has been approved by the Ministry of Morale, and verified by the Ministry of Arcane Sciences to run on most StableTecTM terminals.
  2. As a fan of Fallout series and lore, I was fascinated by their story and their world that is different from ours. I'm also a history nerd as well. I was reading about the transistor that wasn't invented in their world till ten years before the Great War. I only do know that the Resource Wars were started because of oil and other resources to use for their own gain such as creating robots, cars, factories, guns, etc. My question for this topic. If the transistor was invented like our timeline did, would that prevent the Resource Wars and Great War? Or it wouldn't? Would the outcome be any different? That is my question and I was wondering if any of you fans here have a theory about this.
  3. A very happy new year to all of you! We here at the Manehattan Project hope that the holidays treated you well. As for us, ironically half of us were sick during most of them and the other half spent a bit more time in Fallout 4 when we should have been working in GoE. Such is the way of gamers. But don't worry, we're almost completely back on track. We've made some internal changes to the way we're handling the workload that should bring things to fruition much sooner. At the moment, I'm happy to say that we even have a general goal for launch. While we're not ready to share that just yet, know that this is coming. Soon, the Manehattan Project will invite you to head back to New Pegasus and save two worlds. It's in that vein that I'm here today. We have a couple important openings I'm sure you will be interested in. Artist: The MLP and Fallout: Equestria community is filled with gifted and talented artists. Thankfully, many folks have given us permission to use their material, giving us the opportunity to create some truly awesome customized items for GoE 1. But there's still a lot of work to do. We're looking for someone with experience in GIMP, Photoshop or a similar program. It doesn't need to be extensive. There are two sides of our artistic endeavors: Retextures: We're looking for folks who are adept at changing existing in-game elements to fit the FO:E asthetic. For example, you would change the primary image file for the signs says "Overseer" to "Overmare." There are a lot of little changes that need to be made and we need someone to make this happen. We're also looking for people to create higher-resolution versions of the existing material (such as foodstuffs and drinks). Original Artwork: We're also looking for individuals to create original artwork for the various skill books, magazines, Ministry posters and other Fallout: Equestria-style material. We need them to be high-resolution (at least at Fallout 4's level) so we can reuse them for GoE 2. There's a lot of freedom in this role, but we do have a few critical projects. You'll be working hand-in-hand with our Lead Artist, Littlepip/FancyCat. In addition, if you already have some art like this (or know of people with art like this), please let us know in the comments! PMV/Visualizer/YouTube Effects Artist (After Effects): This is a completely new position we're just announcing today! We're looking for someone with some minor experience in After Effects. We have several big trailer projects (including a totally epic Launch Trailer for GoE 1) along with our music announcements. Heck, if you want to even add some cool effects to the audiobook videos, that would be great! All you need to have is After Effects and a willingness to make epic things. Those are the two big roles we have open at the moment. If you're interested, please drop us an application! Thanks to Reddit, we have our new Calamity tentatively cast already. Polyphonic is over the moon about this potential candidate. In addition, massive work has been done on the Rock Farm Sector 3. Let me just say that the Rock Farm is by far the most complex and ambitious level I've ever designed. It's utterly MASSIVE. (It's six stories tall with numerous labs and facilities on each level!). There's an enormous amount of custom material. I've actually created unique Maneframes for the Ministry of Arcane Science, the Ministry of Technology and joint MAS/MWT Maneframes for this, complete with custom glow colors and actual ministry logos. That's all with a completely recolored purple glow version of the glowing blue utility set from "Old World Blues." It's epic. Seriously. That's all we have for this week. But now that the holidays are over, the kid gloves are coming off. We're making this happen. We're going to give you an awesome reason to head back to New Pegasus...and make you wonder just what we have in store for you in GoE 2 in Buckston. Until next week folks, have fun and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  4. Good afternoon fillies and colts! Novel Idea here with a very special surprise for all of you! We've got a ton of new content for all you kind folks. While I'll leave the screenshots on the main blog page here, I'm super excited to reveal new music courtesy of our Music Director, Corvus Productions! As you know, we here at the Manehattan Project believe that music is an integral part of the storytelling experience. For those of you who remember the ending of Mass Effect 2, think about the stirring score that pounds through your speakers during your mad dash to escape the Collector's Base. Listen to that and anything you're doing becomes epic! We're bringing this philosophy to Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! We're happy to reveal a remastered edition of the Smuggler's Run theme, the Mysterious Cave sketch and finally, the Rock Farm - Sector X. Check them out below! The Rock Farm - Sector X Mysterious Cave Smuggler's Run Theme - Remastered We're also releasing Chapters 15, 16 & 17 today from the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) audiobook! You can find the fully updated playlist here. We hope you enjoy this preview of things to come. Have a great day and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  5. We've got some fun previews today, though no pictures just yet. Plus the latest three chapters of the Fallout: Equestria Manehattan Edition audiobook are up on YouTube! Check out that and more at!
  6. Greetings one and all. My name is Novel Idea, the Executive Producer, Lead Designer & Creative Director of the Manehattan Project, who is currently in development of a new story-driven mod experience for both Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 called Gardens of Equestria. The Manehattan Project team has some incredible talent, including professional game design and voice acting experience. And we're looking to expand! Some of you likely already know of the project, as we've been featured on Equestria Daily a couple times, mentioned by Kkat and we've worked hard to build a presence on the various FOE/MLP Reddits and FiMFiction. I'm here today because we need your help. Fallout 4 is only a few months away and as our workload increases, so does the need for help. We're currently looking to fill several different positions on the design team, tech team and even a few vocal spots. We're also looking for someone to be our PR Director. If you or someone you know is interested in any of these positions or even just want to help us test the game, please let us know by heading to There, you'll find some more detail about what we're looking for. Please note that the contact form has been working oddly, so you may just want to send us an email directly to the email listed on that page. If you have experience modding in Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, we'd especially love to chat with you! We're also looking for musicians, artists and modelers. Thanks for your time folks and have a great day!
  7. Ask the Following Characters of Scootaboom, The Extremely Hotheaded explosivemaniac who is aso scootaloo. Space the Ai pet who serves scootaoom. ,and Muggy a insane secruitron obsessed with mugs. So ask away..
  8. This thread is just to talk about any and all of your adventures in america's wastes.
  9. So I'm thinking of starting a mod for Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Basically I want to create a full sized vault as true to real life as possible. All of the vaults that you can explore in game are down sized and many areas are blocked off so you never get the full affect of how massive these thing really were suppose to be. According to the Fallout Bible the vaults were designed to supporter 500=1000 people for 20 years. If that's the case my questions is how much food would you have to store and how much space would that require, or would it be more space efficient to use hydroponics or a combination of the two.
  10. So hello, I don´t how to start this really...maybe it´s best to take this from the beginning. For maybe two or three years I have run a gaming channel on youtube, Doing let´s play, like most of other gaming channels. But they have been terrible. I most be honest to myself and because of that I have long knew that my channel is dying. Recently I started to do PMV´s and I found they joy again about creating something cool and upload it to youtube. So I have thought about why I lost the joy in the first place, the conclusion was simple. People did not like those let´s plays because of the bad quality and because I´m not your regular gaming comedian like Pewdiepie or Node. So if we jump forward to today, I have maybe finally found the cure for my dying channel. I watch "matpat" from "gametheory" quite often and I love his shows. It´s interesting and fascinating how he can find so much details by just using math and science. So I want to do something simular, not copycat of course. I respect his work to much for that, neither do I have that "extreme calculating" mind of his. But going back to the subject, I though about what I´m think I´m good at and how I can use that in my videos. I thought I´m a good writer, love video games, especially indie games. I have a mediocre knowledge of video editing. But how I´m I going to use this? I have ideas for two types of videos, one is that I make videos simuliar to "gametheory"but focused on showcasing the known facts, fun facts and like summary of game charters. And the other idea is to take up indie games I found and do reviews on them, That way I can avoid to do let´s plays but still do something creative with games I love. SO FINALLY THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART (But pleas read the text above so you will understand my situation right) I made this thread to ask you gamers out there, what facts do you wan to know more about, what charters do you want to know more about. And of course I could do reviews on other games, than indie, as well. (It´s just that they are often free, yet very good and creative) in that case, you want a game reviewed? That´s the start to get my channel up and running again, Maybe I´ll think out more ideas later but this is a good start, and you know what, Thank you so much for your time and if you like to see how horrible my channel is right know her it is:
  11. So basically, both Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition are on sale. I'm not planning on getting both, only one, so basically instead of looking at a bunch of put-off reviews online, i'm gonna judge based on how many MLP mods are available for each game. If anyone has an idea of which would be better when trying to create a Fallout: Equestria type feel, then please let me know. Thank you!
  12. Which do you support in fallout new vegas the NCR(new California republic) or Caesars legion? I myself support the NCR because one they actually want to help people instead of enslaving them, two because I don't believe that people should be enslaved and the legion seem to be obsessed with slavery, and three the legion has you destroy the brotherhood of steel despite the NCR hating the brotherhood they can at least stop fighting for long enough to stop the legion from taking Hoover dam. Also I hate the way legion armor looks I mean come on vexillarius armor has plates on it being used as armor who uses plates as armor.
  13. First off, I apologize if this is a duplicate/horribly generic thread, but I figured a new one would help more than digging up an old thread that may or may not have the same question as me. Second off, I am a pc gamer, and I will be downloading more than a couple mods. (Though mostly designed to make the game look better, my Skyrim has ~70 mods installed) Alright, so I have been looking up reviews for both games, however that hasn't been really effective since reviews tend to happen when a game is released, not long after there have been multiple patches. I have heard that Fallout 3 is straight up amazing and fun to play, and I believe it. I have also heard that New Vegas is very fun, but it doesn't feel any better than 3, nor does it feel like anything more than a large dlc for 3. Would that even affect me since I never played 3? (Similarly, Skyrim was my first/only elder scrolls game, so I think it's amazing, but it was a disappointment to Oblivion players) Secondly, I keep hearing about how insanely-terribly-awfully bug infested New Vegas is, but again, would this even affect my choice if there are patches (official or unofficial) for the title that fix many of those bugs? In short, do the facts that I'm new to the series and have access to bug fixes mean that I should just go ahead and get New Vegas instead of 3?
  14. Hello everyone and every pony. I'm here to both ask you and tell you a theory I have on how you heal in Fallout 3. What are your thoughts on why you heal so much health on it when you drink the irradiated water? I will tell you my theory when I hear other peoples theories.
  15. Am I the only one who thought the Fallout: New Vegas was totally crap? Like far out... I am a huge Fallout 3 fan. I was seriously pumped for F:NV, I got it and was sooo completely disappointed. A good description: Haven't seen a bigger f*** up since Gallipoli, mate. Also: