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Found 82 results

  1. So basically, both Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition are on sale. I'm not planning on getting both, only one, so basically instead of looking at a bunch of put-off reviews online, i'm gonna judge based on how many MLP mods are available for each game. If anyone has an idea of which would be better when trying to create a Fallout: Equestria type feel, then please let me know. Thank you!
  2. Chapter 1: The Weight of Living July 14, 2020, Sentrial Lake, Canterlot, 2:22pm On July 14, 2020, across Sentrial Lake in Canterlot, the band of Bastille walked down the city by the fallen castle by where Celestia died after the Equestrian Revolution on November 4 of the past year. Today was Rainbow Dash's birthday, she was the lead singer of Bastille. She was with her friends, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity. They were all partying at Pinkie Pie's mansion. "I can't thank you enough!" shouted Rainbow Dash over the blaring amplifier, they were playing "Pompeii" by Bastille. "Well, we're your best friends, we'd do anything!" screamed Applejack. "I don't care. I WILL NOT be absent to a social event!" yelled Rarity. "Devices." Pinkie Pie said, annoyed. ""DJ Pon-3, turn it up!" Rainbow Dash yelled excitedly, "let's hear Viva la Vida!" Chapter 2: Sinking on Princess Luna January 5, 2020, In the middle of the Atlantic, right over the Titanic shipwreck, MLP Princess Luna, 12:01am "The ship is sinking, and its midnight" Officer Ruddernorth whispered, shivering heavily, while releasing a electronic motor lifeboat. There were 72 of these things on the deck. "We got to head forth, if we don't, we'll smash open the MLP Titanic, with over 3545 ponies!" bickered Captain Laftlan "Who cares about the Titanic? It just old rubble, I demand you to stay. The heaviness on deck will down the ship!" protested Second Officer Pony Charsel Rayback. This went on for another hour. Finally, believe it or not, Second Officer Pony Rayback won the argument. So it was clear. The Princess Luna would smash open the Titanic when it sank and struck the ocean floor with a blow. Chapter 3: Things We Lost In The Fire July 15, 2020, 4:30am, Sentrial Lake, Canterlot A fire struck all of Canterlot, and soon enough Pinkie Pie's mansion was burnt. She lost everything, except she almost lost nothing, just a few dishes. And her mansion was made of iron, so she didn't worry. "Whew! That was good." said Pinkie Pie " I can say. You survived the 9/11!" said Applejack "Stop, silly! It wasn't the 9/11, just a few dishes!" replied Pinkie Pie They could survive, at least for now. Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of 2020: Viva La Vida! (Chapters 4-7)
  3. INTRODUCTION Hello, everypony, and welcome to another edition of Bloggingwithtwilight. I have a couple of things to cover, so listen here. ---- NAME CHANGE This is still Dancingwithtwilight here, so don't worry. I decided to change my name to Ludicrous.Speed because I love the movie Spaceballs. Anyone else seen it? ---- LUDICROUS WRIGHT: ACE BRONY "Ludicrous Wright: Ace Brony" will be a series of blog posts centered around the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as I play it. I will add pictures, so don't worry. This will be a sort of a humorous Let's Play to entertain the best of MLP fans. ---- FALLOUT: EQUESTRIA CHALLENGE I will be taking the F:EQ Challenge, where I have to read the fanfiction and give a review of a group of chapters at a time. Since it's over a million words long (about 10 times the length of the Middle-Earth series put together), this could take a long time.
  4. They really are going over the top now. Lately I've been following Bethesda on Facebook and YouTube and I have to say I've been really impressed with what they've been showcasing recently. But it seems that everything they post gets shat on by the over-abundance of the Fallout fan base. Every trailer on YouTube appears do get a huge wave of comments saying "WHERES MY FALLOUT 4?". What they really don't seem to realise is that some of these games like DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Order (which I really enjoyed), The Evil Within are not being MADE by Bethesda but are being PUBLISHED by them. But screaming "WHERES MAH FALLOUT 4!!!!!!11!1!" on every comment section related to Bethesda isn't going to make them spill the beans. I find it selfish and arrogant because the other people who just want the other games being PUBLISHED by Bethesda have to put up with these morons who don't know seem to understand the difference between what is being DEVELOPED and what is being PUBLISHED by Bethesda. Can't these people just be considerate and patient for others to enjoy something else, can't they just understand. And it's not "YOUR FALLOUT 4" it's "EVERYBODY'S FALLOUT 4".
  5. Which of the Fallout animation intros is your favorite? I personally like Fallout 3's, but Fallout Tactics had a nice one too.
  6. Well, here is my latest drawing. I recently started reading the fic, Fallout Equestria, so I decided draw my favourite character, Littlepip. Hope you enjoy.
  7. What would happen if Fallout Humanity meets Fallout Equestria Ponies? A portal was opened up between two worlds, the Fallout game Earth and Fallout Equestria. Well, things might not be so bad. Because both Human and Ponies are as bad as each other, for both had destroyed their worlds. So, there would be no misanthropy or Borg Conversion Bureau (Ponies as the Reapers from Mass Effect thing) thing happening. Now things would be very bad indeed if the Enclave were the first to discover the portal. However, if the Brotherhood of Steel found it, things might be so bad for the Ponies. I never read Fallout Equestria, so what else would happen since both worlds have met?
  8. Hi all! I am trying to create a videogame based on the poular fanfiction Fallout Equestria, but the problem is, while I have programming down, I can't draw, at all, nor can I wright or compose music. So I am trying to make a team of some awesome bronies and pegasisters alike. Here is everything I need How it will be played: The game will be played in a top down turn-based style RPG closer to Final Fantasy than the traditional Fallout games, it is being programmed in RPG Maker with Ruby. Programming is about 30% done, but everything else is zero percent. As soon as I get some people on board I will launch a web a site. What I need: -Sprite Artist: If you're any good at pixel art and want to help out then we need someone to create the overworld sprites for the game. -Battler Artist: If you're an good at digital art, that is not pixels, then you are needed to, to create portraits and in battle sprites of the characters - GUI Artist: Anyone who can help to create the Pip-Buck, this games version of the Pip-Boy, and also the inventory, map and quests screens. GUI artists can also help design the GUI for S.A.T.S (Stable-tech Arcane Targeting System). -Icon Artists: Anyone to make icons for the Items, Buffs and Debuffs as they are shown in GUI. -Tileset Artists: Anyone who wants to help make the tilesets for various towns, rooms and areas in the wasteland -Font Artists, We actually need a few different fonts, If we have any good Calligraphers out there who can design ones that look handwritten, and ones that look like they are from an old DOS machine, you are wanted. -Music Composer: This one's self explanitory, we need musc preferably 40s-50s style music with some elements of electronica thrown in. -Mapper: Probably the hardest job (in my opinion) someone (anyone) who can help design post-apoctalyptic Equestria, as in the layout of towns, the wasteland etc. you are desperately needed. (I can help with this). -Someone who is skilled in Flash/SFM to make cutscenes -If Anyone wants to make a signiture that would be nice. Thanks Also if you want to help but don't have any of those particular talents, I could always use extra OC's for NPC's of you want to give me permission to use them, as well as a link to there character page that would be nice. Story: Equestria is no longer a place of kindness and friendship, these words lost meaning when the bombs started dropping, ponies became selfish and greedy, caring only for them self's, and as time passed this new greed eventually led to war, and worse yet nuclear war, the princess tried to interfere but she was powerless against these weapons that the earth ponies had created, and the deadly spells by the unicorns. After the war surviving ponies were forced to hide away in underground bunkers known as stables, only to leave when it was certain that the world was safe for re population, You leave your home in Stable 10 and must survive in the now war-torn Equestria, though you can try to change the future, war, war never changes. Disclaimer: Do to the fact that My Little Pony is Copywright by as Hasbro, Fallout is owned by Zenimax and the story we're basing it off of isn't even ours I can't pay you (I really don't want to get sued by Hasbro, Zenimax, or the original author of the story so this game is gunna be completely free. Meaning I cannot pay you sadly, I would if I could I promise you that. But one thing I can assure you of, is that you will be credited for every contribution you make tho the project, and you will be credited as whatever name you wan't, whether it be your username, your real name or anything else. Please, help me MLP community, you're my only hope. Encoureging words are also nice!
  9. Yes, I know this is a bit of a strange and perhaps odd question, but I was playing Fallout 3 earlier, after watching The Walking Dead (Which is amazing). This question popped into my head, which would be better for chances of survival? Zombie Apocalypse: While you may initially be safe, if most of the population becomes infected, there's no going back. Maybe a cure would be found, maybe not. Plus, being eaten doesn't sound nice. Nuclear Fallout: While yes, most of the population would probably be killed, those who survive may have a chance to rebuild. That's if radiation doesn't affect anything, and the world would be a much harsher place. Personally, I find it difficult to choose. If I had to, I'd probably go for Zombie Apocalypse. At least the world doesn't blow up...
  10. If you were the Pony version of the Lone Wanderer in the Fallout Equestria universe. Would you agree with the Pony version of the Enclave (lead by a VI of Princess Celestia) who think only pure Ponies have the right to exist, while the rest should die who drink from the river? If you agree with the Enclave you poison the water purifier and river, so that only pure non mutated Ponies can live drinking from it, while millions of other Ponies that drink from it end up dying, with even the slightest unnoticeable mutation end up dying. Or would you agree what your father had planned to do? By activating the water purifier with no poison, so that anypony of mutant, ghoul and Pony alike can drink from it.
  11. I haven't read a word of anything FO:E but I like the art. So here you go.
  12. Making FoE in to a movie is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I know it would be a huge project, and it wouldnt be a simple thing to do in a couple days. However, I know it is not impossible. We just need many people to work together to make it. Although this post isnt for recruiting people. Its pretty much just asking what you guys think about making this. Do you think its a stupid idea? Or what? Thanks in advance for the feedback. P.S. I havent had much time to work on it, but here is a bit of a script I wrote for chapter one (Note: I have absolutely no experience in writing scripts so it will probably suck )
  13. I'm just curious to see anyone else who does. If so, who did you side with and why, what's your karma,and what is your character like? I personally sided with the NCR,because they made the most sense for a good karma character.I had Very Good Karma, and my character is hispanic with shaggy hair,power armor, a plasma rifle,and a cowboy hat.
  14. So, this is Team Tragic the Garnering. We make Fallout trading cards, Tragic the Garnering cards to be exact. We'll post some here, eh? Tell us what you think. This is the Ghoulish Apocalypse deck, one of our latest works. It ranges from grim and scary occult scenes, to how the Warner Brothers interpret Point Lookout. More cards posted if anyone actually responds with an opinion. By the way, here is our tumblr! You know, it's what we do, where the cards are at.
  15. Hello Everypony! My friend and I are thinking about doing a Let's Play, and we would like nothing more than this community to be a part of it! Our only problem is, we have ideas, but can't make up our mind. So I am here to ask you to choose one of our ideas (or if you have a better idea, please tell us!) 1: Minecraft We were going to play on a Seed that we have found, with villages, ravines, etc. Our plan would be to speed run through minecraft with about 4 total people. We would film the entire thing (voice commentary and screen play) and we would cut it so boring things wouldn't be in it. 2: Fallout New Vegas A possible idea, we were thinking playing as certain characters. Here, you can give us an idea for a character. Do you want a person who uses unarmed only? A character who never fights? We WILL finish the game! So feel free to give us ideas. 3: Left 4 Dead 2 All the campaigns. On Hard. Realism mode. Simple as that. There would be 4 players, and we might bump the difficulty up if it seems too boring (after all, it is only interesting if it's difficult right?) So please feel free to help us decide! If you have other games, or requests, I would LOVE to hear it!
  16. I thought I'd give modding Fallout a go, it was a pain to get the hang of, but i think i got it. anyway, I'm working on a Companion mod for New Vegas, and how else to fit the part but Parso Incendiare (like i said, i use him everywhere) heres a couple screenshots. If i can, I'm gonna try out my own voice acting for him. something tells me though, it wont be much a success, should i really keep going with it or just discard it and work on something else? note to mods: I wasnt sure where to put this, so if necessary, move it
  17. I'm currently GMing a Fallout: Equestria PNP RP on the forums and I REALLY wanted an OC (thanks to there XD) Here he is! SPECIAL: S-6 (+2 with trait) P-6 E-9 C-3 I-9 A-3 L-4 He's mainly a survivalist for RP purposes.
  18. 's OC Vinyl Blade, 'The Badass Babe' of the wastelands taking out some flanking raiders with her custom assault rifle! This was done by friendly request for the RP I am GMing ATM. I intend to extend my reach into Fallout drawings with ponies as far as I can. My inspiration to do so is ~Zubias from deviantart, CHECK THIS GUY OUT! AMAZING WORK! I would really love some replies as to how I can better my style of drawing. Mainly on posing and facial expressions as those are where I tend to decline in... Besten Dank!
  19. (The OC page, it may clarify some things) Radioactive Tragedy There's an old legend from before the war, says a little bit about a team of four. Scientists that Celestia had working for her. Nopony knows much about what they were doing, only that they speant their lives in a hole. Up until the Fallout; then it's said that two ponies came out of the hole alive. It's said that one pony was a mare, the other was a colt. The mare was a sad pony; it's said that underneath her armor was a blood-stained labcoat, and a broken heart. This is her story. Don't let the narrator hold you up; he means well, but nopony can write my story like me. I'm the only one that can give you the straight and narrow, since Half Note died. I feel mine creapng closer; time is of the essance. My given name, ironically, is Radioactive Tragedy. I prefer Radio; it's more friendly. It's certainly not a great name for a mare, even a unicorn, but I loved it. It gave me the key to my science, and then the key to my cutie mark. I was orphaned at birth; my mom was a unicorn working on an important experiment; my dad was a pegasus with a mail job. They didn't have time, or didn't have fund, for a baby, so my mother signed a few papers and they didn't have to deal with me. That's a different story. A few years after the Discordian Incedent, a rift in time-space openned between Equestria and the human world, known as 'Earth.' The inhabitance of Earth did not know of our kind, or the rift, at first. The first to discover it came through at a trickle; most were happy to follow our rules, or go home. But as their numbers grew, so did their hostility; they began corrupting the environment; influencing ponies to destructive tendancies.Celestia, heart heavy, kicked out all but a select few humans; those who called themselves bronies, who were willing to follow her laws. They spoke of a TV show that featured us, speaking of a whole network of their numbers. Celestia granted them permission to stay as long as they accepted the following conditions; that they become her subjects, that they be subject to a transformation spell, turning them into ponies, and that they stay loyal to her laws. Breaching this contract ment that the brony was sent back to the human realm until redemption, or forever depending on the offence.It is said that occassionally Celestia would enter the human realm and invites bronies into Equestria. I can verify that bronies exist; without them, I would not have a job. Bronies have given us their basic understanding of nuclear physics and capabilities, at Celestia's urding. It was thought that humans would eventually reopen the rift and attempt a counter-strike. Celestia sent me, a mare known as Beaker, a colt mechanic named November, and a brony who prefered the name Eighth Note. Our mission was to create suits that would protect ponies from Radiation, Bio-weaponry, explosions, bullets, electrical weaponry, and magic. The task couldn't have been more difficult. They locked us in a Fallout shelter I had designed underground. At the time I was proud; now I am ashamed however, you will realize the reason later. The facility had an air-filtration system, a plumbing system connected to an underground river, that was filtered at the molecular level, and a small farm with a few assorted vegitables. The facility was made of reinforced concreate, surrounded by a foot of lead and titanium, steel, and magic, while hidden under a mountain. The entrance was disguised as a mine shaft, hidden in a wall. We effectively lived down there, working and testing our suit designs. It took atleast 5 years to make a working, viable suit; 2 years of prototypoe development, 1 year of testing, and 2 more for the finished product. Right when we were about to emerge triumphantly back into the world, the bombs came. Poor Beaker; she didn't deserve to die. A section of the lab that was poorly built collapsed on top of her; she died instantly. November's leg got caught in the initial collapse, When he used magic to move it, the rest came down on top of him. We could hear his screams of pain as he bled out, going into shock, but we couldn't help him; he had locked the doors and broken the terminal with magic. With his own blood, he wrote on the window 'Get out.' Eighth Note and I nodded at eachother, donning our suits. We escaped with the data as the rest of the shelter collapsed under it's own weight, and stood at the entrance of the 'mine shaft'. This is where I stand now, looking at the hell-hole that Equestria has become. I love echos. They make me happy and help my writing; Look, "Echoooooooooo." Hey guys, when you leave comments, it either lets me know what I'm doing wrong, or makes me feel good. So you know, post a coment? For the rainbooms?
  20. *Lyrics* This song by Iron Maiden was inspired by a graphic novel by Raymond Briggs'. This song has many meanings to it regarding our current times and a lot of other things. Also this is one of the saddest videos that I have ever seen in a really long time. But this is probably among one of my favorite songs by Iron Maiden. *The ending of this song left me in tears with the video* Up the Irons m/ If you listened and watched the video what are your thoughts on the song/video?
  21. All of us (at least, all the writers) have at one point had an idea plague them for so long, and they eventually just started writing it, right? Half of the time, the idea is dumb. This is one of those ideas. The premise, to keep it relatively short, is that Celestia plucked out four heroes from other series universes that had died and brought them to Equestria to let them live in peace. Also, they get turned into ponies, because humans are kind of noticeable in a place where there are no humans. The story will mostly be lighthearted, but will definitely tread on some more serious matters like how the revived heroes cope with the situation and how they adapt to their life as ponies. Speaking of treading, I've probably crossed a lot of lines I shouldn't have crossed with my first fanfic (ponyfication, crossover, etc.), but it was the first idea that popped to my mind, and I wanted to see if I could actually make it work. The story I have below is the first part of the first chapter, which involves The Lone Wanderer being questioned by Celestia to see if he's actually good enough (morality-wise) to be brought to Equestria. Yes, Broken Steel, but I was too cheap to get it. I'll rinse and repeat for the other three characters. Now, I would really appreciate any comments, tips, and advice about my writing style and such. What's good, what's bad, should I quit now, should I continue, whatever. Also, if you couldn't tell by the tags, I plan on having Celestia grabbing a Call of Duty character (complain later), a Final Fantasy character (lord knows I have plenty to chose from), and I still haven't decided on the last hero. So, without further ado... I want your honest opinion. If it's good, bad, great, horrible, whatever, tell me.
  22. The title says it all. When I lost part of my Steelhooves due to a computer crash, I needed to refresh my mind by working on something else for a bit. This is what turned up. I imagine Littlepip making this face while hiding behind a table with Velvet and Calamity, under heavy fire turning to them and saying, "HA HA! We're all gonna die!" Worth the two hours.
  23. So here's a thing I wrote. It's a Fallout 3 fanfic, and literally the first thing I've written and ever shown to anyone. Criticism would be very much appreciated. Notes: When dialogue is enclosed in "<>", it's French. When dialogue is enclosed in "~" It's Russian. Also serves as quick way of telling apart characters cause I'm lazy. Also, I wasn't sure about the ending. Tell me what you think. STORY Frances DuBois stumbled across the dry plains of DC, vision still blurry and head still ringing from an excess of alcohol the previous night. “Gah!” He yelled as he tripped over a root and fell on the ground. “<Stupid DC, stupid trees, stupid stupid stupid…>” He grumbled to himself as he attempted to pick himself up from the ground, with little success. “<Goddammit.>” He grumbled as he rolled over on his back and stared up at the sky. Birds, most likely some mutation of crows or vultures, circled overhead against the green-gray sky. “<Go away!>” He yelled, to no one in particular, swinging his arm in the air. He sighed and sat upright. “<I need a drink…>” he mumbled, reaching for the vodka he kept tied to his belt. His fingers fumbled around the top of the glass bottle before pulling it from the strap and lifting up to eye level. “<Oh no, oh no oh no oh no…>” He saw that he was holding only the top of the bottle, and the rest of it had shattered when he tripped. “Gah!” He yelled, throwing the remains of the bottle at the ground. “<What the hell!?>” He yelled again, to no one in particular. Sighing and dropping his head, he lifted himself to his feet, almost falling again, but managing to catch himself. “<What did I have to do again…?>” He questioned himself, forgetting his objective. “<Ah! Right! Find Alexei!>” He exclaimed, remembering his mission. Frances set off eastward, the direction Alexei had last set off. “<Well, he last went this way. Can’t have gone far.>” He said to himself as he walked towards the rising sun. 1 HOUR LATER Frances once again found himself walking across dusty plains. The same he had seen all day. He sighed and fell down on his back. “<I need a rest.>” He groaned to himself. “<I’m bored. I’ll never find Alexei.>” At that moment, he heard a noise behind him. Frances jumped to his feet and drew the rifle slung across his back. A Mosin-Nagant M91/30, a prewar antique straight from Russia. He had saved up for a year to have the Brotherhood bring it across the pass. They were extremely rare in Canada, often only afforded by high-ranking starshinas. He lifted the rifle to his shoulder, aiming straight at a large bush where the noise had come from. “<H-hello?>” He yelled hoping for a response. Nothing happened for a minute or so, until another noise came from the bush, louder this time. Frances jumped and fired a shot at it. “~Hey, hey, careful!~” Another voice came from behind the bush. Frances sighed in relief and lowered the rifle. “<What the fuck are you doing? Get out of there>!” He yelled at the voice. Emerging from the bush came a tall young man, who seemed to be around the age seventeen. Frances slung the rifle across his back and crossed his arms in annoyance. “<Alex, what the fuck are you doing there?>” Alexei simply shrugged and motioned toward the bottle of vodka in his hand, now almost empty. “~I honestly don’t know.~” Frances simply sighed and dropped his face into his palm. “<Look, Alex… we need to get back to camp. We’re gonna start marching in a few hours, and the starshina’s gonna be pissed if you’re not back.>” Alexei tied his uniform at the waist as he began walking to catch up to Frances. After a few moments of silence he asked, “~So where’s camp, anyway?~” Frances froze as Alexei spoke. “<…goddamit. I don’t know.>” After a moment, he shrugged and continued to walk the direction he was going. “<Well, we aren’t gonna find out by hanging around here!>” He called back. Alexei laughed and ran to catch up to him. “~You’re an idiot, you know that?~” “<And you’re a vodka-swilling jackass, but somehow you managed to get here.>” “~Shut up, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us.~” Frances stopped and did a mock salute. “~Yes, sir!~” He replied in broken Russian, before playfully punching Alexei in the shoulder. “<You don’t order a superior officer around.>” he said in a serious tone. He looked Alexei in the eye for almost a full minute before breaking down and laughing. Alexei rolled his eyes. “~How are you older than me again?~” Frances simply continued walking. “<Alright then, seriously, let’s get going.>” They walked for a full minute before Alexei reached for the Vodka at his hip. “<If you drink that, I will shoot you.>” STORY
  24. A small piece i made inspired by Fallout:Equestria Project Horizonts.Any kind if feedback is appreciated ^^
  25. Next in my line of Fallout Equestria art is this sketch of Velvet Remedy. Just like my Little Pip sketch I plan to vector this one as well, and considering how well that turned out, I have good hopes for this one.