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Found 133 results

  1. Hello! My suggestion is simple: We need a section for fan clubs that don't revolve around ponies. I, for one, have created two fan clubs. The problem with them is, I dunno if they are where they should go! On one hand, they are fan clubs, but on the other they are not pony related. What I ask is a way to show where such threads would go. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! P.S: The fan clubs I made are and
  2. Is anybody here a TTG fan. Raven is Tara Strong, our very own Twilicorn. If you are here, please answer these questions. Best Titan Best other Character Best Villain Favorite Episode Best Song For example Raven Aqua lad Terra Rocks and Water Fade Away
  3. (I was tempted to put this in the "Fan Club" section of the Forums, but then I saw the fan club section is for MLP Stuff, so I thought this would be the place to put this.) Welcome to the Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fan Club! Please post all your Isabelle love here!
  4. Rowdyruff Boys Club A thread to talk about your favourite, badass and violent everyday neighbourhood Rowdyruff Boys. They featured in the TV show "The Powerpuff Girls" as their male counterparts they are evil, rude and totally awesome.
  5. Just like with my Isabelle fan club, I assume this is where this goes, since there is no section for fan clubs for things not pony related. Welcome to the Acchi Kocchi fan club! Please enjoy your stay!
  6. Hi there! Welcome to the Opalescence Fan Club! Opal is the feline companion of best pony and my waifu, Rarity She didn't have a fan club, and every other character in the show seems to, including one for Maud Pie's Pet Rock, Boulder, than why shouldn't best pet? - Global Rules apply - Common sense does too - this is the Opal Fan Club, so don't post Winona. Opal is best pet. Only post best pet Have fun!
  7. I started a new fan club about 24 hours ago, but it's not appeared yet, which seems a lot longer than approvals normally take. Is it just that the moderators are particular busy at the moment, or has the thread been rejected? If the thread has been rejected, would I be notified about that?
  8. This is a fanclub designed for all things pertaining to the best character, Unikitty, from the LEGO Movie. Whether it is Unikitty, Biznis Kitty, or even Astro Kitty all Unikitty is welcome here!
  9. Pony Eyebrows Fan Club Pony eyebrows are obviously magic. At times, they're completely invisible! They appear only when needed. And pony eyebrows are potent tools when employed by mares. They have even been utililized to manipulate a grumpy griffon into uttering the Junior Speedsters chant. ................................. *Performs JS chant.* See?!? Such is their power! Pony eyebrows will not be denied.
  10. This topic is for Derpy fans! Welcome to the Derpy Fanclub! (: Stay Derpy my friends- Derpy Muffins
  11. He may be in heaven, but his fanbase will live forever! Please join me in reminiscing about this miracle of a man!
  12. This fan club is dedicated to the greatest human of all time: Mystery Mint! Aw yeah, look at her, she knows she's the best human. Here she is as a mermaid. She seems confused about it. Here she is having her ear drums wrecked by Pinkie Pie Here she is just being adorable
  13. I was appalled that this fan club did not exist yet. The Old Book is my favorite character and you ponies should be ashamed for not acknowledging him for the multidimensional, well-developed character that he is. Yes, the book is a guy.
  14. A club dedicated to the shipping of Rarity and Fancy Pants. Come on you saw them dancing together at the Canterlot Wedding it's bond to happen.
  15. This is a thread devoted to everyone's best hat, Applejack's hat. Since the dawn of time, hats have been an integral part of human society. Scholars maintain that, without hats, humanity could never achieve its full potential. It is good, then, that one brave soul in Ponyville is ready to usher in a new wave of hats for a new hat filled generation. And the hat that shall begin this new hat transcendence is Applejack's hat. -Please feel free to discuss anything related to Applejack's hat, and its relation to other hats within the My Little Pony universe. -Remember to keep silliness to a minimum, as I expect that this will become a very serious discussion involving the character grown of Applejack's hat, as well as it's character strengths and flaws. We must insure that this topic is treated with the proper respect. -As always, forum rules apply. Please keep all pictures of Applejack's hat SFW. Suggestive pictures are okay.
  16. Here's my brief contribution to the sudden Diamond Tiara flash-craze. Do you see hope and potential in this character? Do you find her utterly adorable? Do you hate her so much you can't help but love it? Spill your heart out, every little bit of it, in the comments below! Anything from headcanons to art to fanfiction is welcome. Let's make the world love this despicable little brat! Here's a little push to get your d'awww juices flowing.
  17. Hey, errybody. This is just to let you all know that a new subforum has been created to house all of our fan club threads due to popular demand and the fact that they were simply getting intrusive in Sugarcube Corner. You can find the new forum directly below Sugarcube Corner beside Pony Merchandise. All of the threads have been relocated and the club index has been pinned. Continue to mention in the index whenever you create a new fan club so it can be added to the list for easier reference.
  18. A club dedicated to the shipping of Rarity and @ghostfacekiller39 So discuss the ship and remember have fun. #inb4ghostie.
  19. I haven't watched half of the episodes as of now, but I do not remember any other instance of the official Rainbow Dash Fan Club appearing after the Mysterious Mare Do Well episode. So, what happened to the fan club? Did Scootaloo disband it? Even though she admires Rainbow Dash, maybe, as a result of the events of the episode, she may have grown to not see her as an idol and more of someone very close. What do you think happened to the fan club?
  20. This thread is devoted to all the fans of the Discord Celestia shipping. There will be lots of shipping stuff, enough for a Fedex jumbo 747. The following is NOT permitted here: R34, Explicit violent, gore, nudity Posting pics other than Discord/Celestia. Bashing other clubs, i.e. "Somlestia is better!" Please look at the hub if you want to post for another fan club. Note that All of MLP Forums rules still apply. Anyways, we shall do the following with the ship: Let it set sail Worship it Post lots of Dislestia pics/songs/media content Source your photo unless it's by you. Love this topic Chaos Theory, on the topic about Celestia and Discord shipping. I totally ship it. Image from Mn27 Discord is so Seme in this relationship! [source] Oh yes and let's not forget that ending of Season 4. AHHH
  21. This is made for the Marvel/DC bronies to come, and express their love for superheros. Comics, movies, cartoons, tv shows, whatever you watch/read we allow all! Now, back in a flash!
  22. @SCS get in here
  23. I'm almost surprised this doesn't exist yet...
  24. What if in Sugarcube Corner, there was a pinned topic of all the fan clubs? But rather than a moderator or admin searching for all the latest fan clubs and posting the links, either users could add new ones, or there could be an editable list that anyone could add a new club to. Edit: Thank you, @Banul Ideally, 'twouldn't be a pinned topic - there really should be a Fan Club section of Sugarcube Corner. It would suit all our needs, and it wouldn't be yet another pinned topic in the Corner!
  25. WELCOME TO THE SKRILLEX FAN CLUB! Skrillex is a famous musical artist who makes brilliantly made dubstep. In pretty much all of his songs the base drops really hard. Skrillex's real name is Sonny More. Here is how he appears: He has made master hits like "Bangarang" and "First of the Year" So let's all talk about Skillex. What are your favorite songs by him? Have you visited his YouTube account lately? Now if you'll excuse me I'll be listening to "Kyoto".