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Found 2 results

  1. Hi ! My name is Mary & I am a final year student from Ireland. Im looking at the popularity of My little pony and how it's revival saw the formation of the Brony fandom. Also interested in questioning the misrepresentation of them in society. I'd be very interested in looking to interview anyone who is willing to share their thoughts? I would not identify you by you real name ( username only). Please comment or PM if interested. I can email you any questions in advance should you want to read them.* Have sent a copy of proposed questions to the moderator who approved them* Kind Regards Mary
  2. So, lately the pony music community has been struggling for views. The most widely known and talented people have only a shadow of the fanbase of their elders, and there's a wide number of initiatives (like Horse Music Herald and Cider Party) who have been trying and failing to fix that. I'm just wondering what would make the wider fandom listen to pony music again, especially considering how it used to be our most popular community! As such, I've compiled some of the most common complaints I hear (and have now crossed my fingers this doesn't get moved to music as that'd kill the purpose of this thread entirely). And remember, though this is phrased as a poll of sorts, this is MLP forums! Discussion is very welcome, although a simple letter or two would make me just as happy. A - I don't know who the community's best and brightest are. They're just drowned out in the crowd! B - Too much generic EDM. I watched pony music for its unique flavor, and that seems missing. C - I have listened to a lot of modern pony music, and I just don't think the quality of any of it is up to par. D - I joined after pony music's heyday, seasons 2-3, so I don't even know who was popular back when people listened to it. E - You're asking the wrong person. I only listen to commercial music! It's the only good music, after all. F - I already follow a bunch of pony musicians. You crazy, mate? G - Other (please clarify)