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Found 116 results

  1. Which characters (comics,celebrities,video game,fiction,etc) should get a pony redo?comment which characters should have a pony makeover!
  2. Hey, since I found this Forum I really enjoyed the site aswell. This is why I thought About some Features that could really improove the Website. After you enter something in the searchbar make the things like "Matching users" or "Matching albums" etc. clickable Links that will lead you to all Search results of that category. Because I noticed that if you search for a more popular but older song (Hooves up high for example) that a Million remixes Show up but not the acual song itself. That feature would fix that Problem. Give me the option to configure who sees my Favorites and who not. Because some people love more privacy Not necessery but maybe quite nice to keep the Database updated: For the songs of the "archived artist profile" make a "Suggestion" button available where people can submit Thumbnails and Descriptions to make the song look nicer. That could also be done for the songs of "Various Artists" where an Artist could be suggested. After the suggestion is submitted, a Moderater could check if everything is in order and then just update the whole song by just the click of one button. That would make the Moderation of Songs way easier and it would be a collective effort. Maybe even reward users that have many approved Suggestions by giving them something cosmetic on thier Profile or even allowing them to approve suggestions themselves after a little Helper Application. I hope that these are some pretty nice suggestions. I know all of this would require some huge backend work. But it would definetly improove the Website in my opinion.
  3. When quoting a post (or section?), the quote block is imediality (cant spell that word) put into the text field with no empty line above. Why is this an issue? Because you often want to write something before you directly answer to a quote. If you want to do that, you have to create a new line or two BELOW the quote and have to move it there each time. Not sure if it is an issue for others users or if you can actually edit it.
  4. Whats with all this black and white? I'm not a black zombie i'm a green one Plus my banner looks, yeah lets not move there Can we return back to the present and get out of the 60's and 70's? As much as i liked the gollywogs, and other tv shows that's perfect in a black and white world I prefer my world in colour and where i don't have to smack the TV every 5 seconds for it to actually work.
  5. A key problem with Battle Gem Ponies right now is that nobody knows it exists. How do I let people who'd probably like it know it exists? Well, sitting here and talking about it on my website nobody's heard of isn't getting the job done. And an occasional mention here and there on high traffic blogs isn't working either. How about I take it to the hypest place on the information highway? The place people specifically go to look to see interesting things they'll probably like... YouTube. I'm talking about YouTube. I need to take my channel seriously and start pumping out videos that show what the game is all about, what I'm all about as a dev, and for the love of all things holy get my Patreon numbers up before my debts swallow me whole (this game is officially years too late and things I've been putting off won't stay at bay forever). See all the different ways I plan to save my butt financially by pushing Battle Gem Ponies under a much bigger spotlight in this week's development log!
  6. I was kinda bored and I had nothing in my head to make a song out of so I just want you to request a character, a scene (has to be mlp related) and a song that as to be instrumental and as a lofi or trap kind of music I used to do (don't worry the songs are not just mlp they can be others) and if your request was successful go to this link next to the pic (the reason why I put character and scene is to make a song by it's vibe or feel) (and has to be from soundcloud or and has to be downloadable because if it's not I can't be able to remix the song you requested)
  7. Wen life gives you lemons you sell them as yellow oranges for double the price!
  8. So along with writing fanfictions, I just started writing an original story called the Supers. It takes place in Modern New York City. The summary is basically that strange events happen all at once in certain areas of the world. These events get called Surges. One happens to form in New York, which causes mayhem throughout the city. After the chaos has been handled, crime rates go through the roof. Murders start happening, some in strange ways. Eventually, it is found out that these Surges have not only created small monsters that hide in the shadows formed from an unknown substance in the Surge, but it has also given random people powers out of nowhere, also caused by the same unknown substance. Jack Phelps, a 20 year old college student, has been given one of these powers. As more and more bad things start to happen, he and a couple of other people given powers try to do something about it. Soon, though, they start thinking that maybe these surges weren't natural at all, but created by somebody... That's the summary! If you are interested in this story, I'd love to get some feedback on the prologue. Which, in third person, shows a secret military post under New York City and how they react to the Surge as it happens. The rest of the story will be in first person, most of the time in Jack's POV. So again if you are interested, please PM me! Thanks!
  9. So I've started a new fanfiction, and I have a brilliant idea for how I want to develop my characters. So the story goes like this: Queen Chrysalis crashes and barely (as barely as barely gets) survives after "A Canterlot Wedding". She gets back to her castle and sends what few remaining changelings she has to capture Fluttershy and convince her to feed Chrysalis her love. Fluttershy reluctantly agrees. She meets a regular changeling named Dirge, who is a foil so he's more bold and disobedient (but he still loves his queen like everyone else). Throughout the fanfic, Fluttershy slowly loses her compassion and even helped invade Cloudsdale when she saw ponies she didn't like. (maybe the bullies who picked on her) Eventually, Chrysalis sends Fluttershy and Dirge to capture Twilight, so she may have her revenge. (note: Chrysalis never fully recovered, and has been slowly dying) When Twilight is brought to Chrysalis, the queen shows her the queen transformation room, where a large cocoon lies dormant. Chrysalis says this will be her revenge, making Twilight the new queen of the changelings. Fluttershy, however, gets really upset about that and steals into the cocoon herself. She anted to be the new queen, she deserved to be queen. Chrysalis tries to stop her, but dies in the process. Twilight leaves and Dirge cries over his queen. Fluttershy reemerges as an all-powerful version of a changeling: an Anti-Changeling. Her hatred had become her food, instead of love, and she wants to make everyone hate her at all costs. Dirge becomes her submissive slave who does her dirty work. Basically, the only thing I wanted help with is how to go about making Dirge a memorable foil, and also pulling off this foil role reversal at the end? (or actually more like halfway point) What can I do to make Dirge an opposite, but also a partner, to Fluttershy? If you need me to explain more, just ask me. I'm pretty bad at explaining things.
  10. So my Girlfriend and I are going to different colleges in about 8 weeks. She is going to college in Washington state, U.S. and I'm going to college just 3 hours east of where I currently live xD. Anyways i drew something with to commemorate our friendship and something to remember the both of us by. I drew a human form of her Minecraft character since she doesn't have a pony OC (her OC is human) as well as my OC (Which is a pony) that i made myself (Altscar). This artwork was 100% done by me, i used no reference pictures nor bases in the making of said "artwork". As i said, feedback is much appreciated. So go ahead, tear my soul in half if you have to xD So here is the artwork:
  11. The first idea is for a FlutterDash story. It's Valentines Day(pony equvalent) and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy each want too get something else for the other person that shows how much they love them. Anyways I'm thinking that Spike maybe notices how Rainbow Dash feels. Maybe he he pokes fun at her a bit then decides too help find the perfect gift for Fluttershy, and then the CMC get involved. Maybe this story takes place after Hard Too Say Anything so the CMC are on a shipping high. Fluttershy does the same, except she doesn't have any help. Eventually Fluttershy can't find a gift that would represent how much Rainbow Dash means too her. She instead decides too teel Dash how much she means to her. And how without her she wouldn't be the person she is now. Before that Rainbow Dash would gove Fluttershy her gift, it would be somethi g that shows that Rainbow Dash actually cares and pays attention too what Fluttershy says. After that Fluttershy Would say "I love you Rainbow Dash" then they would kiss, and maybe the CMC and Spike would be watching. Then maybe a folloup story would be them tryi g too hide it from the other mane six and Starlight. The second story is a lot less straight forward. It also has nothing too do with mlp. Basically the story starts with a married lesbian couple. Jessica and Samantha(placeholder names) used too be bounty hunters. They traveld across the galxay and took any contract that payed the most. Eventually they got rich and settled down. Now they've been married for five years(they got married after they retired from being bounty hunters). But Samantha, the more level headed of the two, realizes that after five years of extravagence their nearly broke. Blth of them still being in their early twenties they decide too get back into it. Jessiace is ressitant at first, she also stopped her work because she became afraid of death. It isn't until they go and get their old crew back togther that she finnaly agrees. It's also supposed too be a lot more comedic. And alot of the story relies on the relationship between Jessica and Samantha and how their marriage functions. Also apart of the story is thar Samantha used too be one of thebmost brillaint young doctors of her genration. And another part of that is that she was already a practicing doctor by the time she was sixteen. And she only started dating Jessiace when she was eigtheen, and married her when she was twenty one. So Jessica and Samantha are both very young still. Any help is apreciated.
  12. Shortly after transferring to CHS from Crystal Prep, Twilight meets her first CHS student beyond the humane 6 and Flash in the form of Big Mac Apple, who happens to be the second largest student in school, who soon invites her to the farm to meet his family. Twilight soon sets her mind to learning more about this quiet teenage giant. I already have a title: "Muscles of Steel, Heart of Gold"
  13. Best muscle tone I've ever drawn.
  14. I have started doing mlp reviews and the main reasons I did this (besides discussing the show) is to improve my editing and voice acting skills. However I could really use some feedback on what exactly I should improve on to focus those things. So please check out my first couple reviews and tell me what I should improve on.
  15. I'm not really an experienced writer, but I wanted to try my hand at making a fan comic, based on my OC, Spartella. Here is my first draft of the prologue script.
  16. Based on the accessory for the NES.
  17. It's based on the episode, A Royal Problem, Which aired in Canada, but not the states, yet. Only click if you've seen the episode and are willing to give feedback.
  18. Thanks goes out to those that provided feedback on the WIP of this
  19. This is a piece I like to call "OCD Discord". I made it using photoshop. It's based on one of my episode ideas. Please give me feedback on how I can improve.
  20. Stepped out of my comfort zone, this time. Rather than make an organic character, I made a robotic one. This is based on the NES accessory, R.O.B.
  21. Didn't see a sub forum for non- pony WIPs here it is, how can I improve it?
  22. I'm starting to make a habit out of drawing Rainbow Dash cosplaying as action heroes. Here's one of her as Goku. Only the hair is colored in so that I know where to put the different colors of her main and tail. Should I adjust anything before inking and coloring?
  23. Thanks goes out to @CuriUndersXeno for the pointers on this one