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Found 62 results

  1. After reading this thread, you can totally say 'What was she thinking?' Anyways, today I was calling out Feld0 to fix the forums, and I thought that Feld0 and a toaster would work out... Can I call that shipping? I'm not... quite sure. The toaster IS part of him, so... I decided that Feld0 is a Cyborg Toaster that came from the future to enslave us all and make us make more toasters and XJ-9s. So yeah...if we want to live, we have to make Feld0toaster fanart, or lines, or something. Don't worry, because Chill, i've got this.
  2. Dearest Feld0, It has come to my attention that your MLPForums lack taste in art. There are literally no seals anywhere here. All there is are silly ponies. Silly four-legged beasts. :c Feld0 plz, I'm begging you, add more seals. I guarantee that the Pinniped fandom is a lot bigger than the Brony fandom, and it will give you an increase in members of your glorious community. In fact, seals are absolutely magnificent, loving, and smart creatures! I really think that you should add more seals to MLPForums. Also, I think I should be a mod because I like seals and I could be your seal representitive. Thx senpai.
  3. Homedogs, you cannot comprehend the noodles of awesomeness that is @Feld0. He is all goodie in the hoodie, Feld0 does not forgive, Feld0 does not forget, expect him. Feld0 is seriously dope. Feld0 did not choose the thug life, the thug life chose Feld0. Discuss, dawgz
  4. Thanks to everyone who watched, brohooved, or commented! It means a lot to me. It was a bit of a rush job, because I had to go to bed pretty early. yes I have a bedtime but to be fair I had to get up early this morning I find Feld0's OC to be pretty "cool" as well. I really like the design, which is probably why I've drawn him more than once. So that's who was outside the window! How did I look? X)
  5. So I looked at the calendar and I was like "OMG IT'S ANNOY FELD0 DAY HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS???!!?!?!" So I just came up with something really quick that isn't funny at all and was made in about 3 minutes in after effects. Happy annoy feld0 day y'all
  6. With some sources stating that our fandom can include as many as a million members, I am confounded by the fact that there are only around 15,000 registered users on MLP Forums. What are the reasons for such a low forum population on a topic that spans such a great length across the internet ? Are there multiple forums that split us up? Do only the most serious bronies decide to join? Are a higher percentage of bronies "closet bronies" than we think? Do most bronies not even consider joining forums? It seems like everywhere I go on the internet, I am always able to find someone with a pony avatar or someone making MLP references, so it surprises me to see that there are only 15,000 users ever to be registered on the forums. I would like to know what you all think of this. Should we be concerned? Is this normal? Are forums dying as a method of communication? Let me know what you all think.
  7. Thought it was all fun and games? Thought it was a joke? Haha, yeah, real funny. Don't you know what's happening? Don't you see why this is allowed to be a real thing? Did you really not notice? Let me show you. Do you understand now? You're just going to get b&. It's a trap. Clear violation of the rule. Feld0's just testing you. Are you going to fall for it? Let's see who's getting b& today.
  8. Just recently I (Feld0's In real life best friend) joined the forum. I'm generally known for my prevertedness and the objective is to guess how many posts till i slip and get my first warning points assigned to me. Be interesting to explain why you think that number also.
  9. On this day, one year ago, I googled "Fluttershy being adorable" instead of listening to some crap from a teacher.......I then was linked to this site and was somehow drawn to it. I normally don't do the whole "online" thing because of how rude and inconsiderate people become when they never have to face someone. This place though, this website seemed different, so I gave it a chance. Since then, I have not been wrong in my choice to join. Thank you to Feld0 and his staff. ~Red
  10. @@Doctor XFizzle, @@Feld0, Once upon a time, in the magical land of Feldt0pia, there were two regal brothers who ruled together, and created uproar in all parts of the land. To do this, the eldest, but smallest (in both sizes) used his unicorn powers to raise the moon at night; the younger brought out the sun to begin the days. Thus, the two brothers maintained exacerbation for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger brother became resentful. The ponies slept and slept in the night his elder brother brought forth, but ate and shat through his beautiful day. One fateful night, the younger hattypony refused to lower the sun to make way for the night. The elder brother tried to reason with him, but the bitterness in the young one's hat had transformed him into a wicked hat of hat: XFrizzla-dehzzleh. He vowed that he would shroud the land in eternal sunlight. Reluctantly, the elder brother harnessed the most powerful hat known to ponydom: the Hat of Rodents. Using the power of the Hat of the Rodents, he tried to defeat his younger brother, but he failed miserably. The younger brother then used his Hat to call upon the mightiest of suns: Sun X! Thus, the SunHat was born! Using it's ultra-super powers, it took over the world and nohat could do anything about it. The End. And then some ficshit ...I don't like doing my homeworks, ok?
  11. RAYFRIEDH WUT R U DOIN YE SHOULD BE DRAWIN GENREPONIES Couldn't decide between pie or cake, so piecake. Sorry it's only a sketch, I was gonna draw something grand, but [excuse=''][/excuse] Happy birthday, @Feld0
  12. Special thanks to Mareinthemoon for this picture! Go commission her. As all of you should know by now, Poniverse / MLP Forums has been invited to BronyCon and we’re going to have our very own table and panel in Baltimore this August! You see, in order for me, Feld0, to get to BronyCon safe and sound, we’re going to need to raise somewhere in the ballpark of $2,000 CAD. This includes plane tickets, hotel, food expenses, etc. Of course, like we did for the now-officially-concluded Making Christmas Merrier fundraiser, we’re giving out very wonderful prizes to those generous enough to help us make it to BronyCon this year. More prizes may be added as time goes by, and unlike Making Christmas Merrier, none of them will be the kind that can be ridiculously delayed in their fulfillment. Without further ado, the prizes! Tier Level 1 ($5) – You will receive: For every $5 you donate, you will receive one ticket in a raffle to win a 1-year-long subscription to Poniverse (valued at $120)! No one wants to let this chance slip from their grasp. Tier Level 2 ($10) - You will receive: A $10 donation will get you a spiffy badge and user colour different from the usual subscriber gold. The badges and colours will last from the time they are granted through August 12 - one week after BronyCon ends. Tier Level 3 ($20) - You will receive: A donation of $20 will get you all of the above + a letter written and signed by all the staff going to BronyCon. A great addition to anyone’s collection! Tier Level 4 ($40) - You will receive: Anyone who donates $40 will receive all of the above + the opportunity to go out for dinner with me and the rest of the Poniverse staff attending BronyCon. You need to find your own way to Baltimore, though! Everything looks great! How do I contribute? There are two ways! PayPal and direct credit/debit card payment options are available regardless of which way you donate. Click here and enter your donation amount, or... Find the donation block on the forum homepage, just beneath the BronyCon ad, and click the "Donate" button to drop some bits in the jar! Screenshot below: How many subscriptions are being raffled off? The number of subscriptions we give away depends on how much money we raise. For every $500 raised, an additional subscription will be added to the raffle. $0-$500 = 1 subscription $500-$1000 = 2 subscriptions $1000-$1500 = 3 subscriptions $2000 = 4 subscriptions If we break the $2000 goal, we'll double the number of available subscriptions, and continue adding 2 more subscriptions for every additional $500 past the goal. If all goes to plan, I’ll see you at Baltimore this August, and will personally thank all those who donated and made this possible for myself and the Poniverse community. If not for your faithful and loyal support you’ve shown us over the past year, we would not be where we are today, and Poniverse would probably never have been conceived. Thank you for supporting us all the way through!
  13. @@Feld0, our one true God of this realm is the sole reason for our very existence both as a forum, and as human beings ourselves. For 7 days he toiled unending simply to create a heaven upon this earth, just for us. All we have to thank is him and him alone. Come together my brothers, and embrace in the grandeur and glory that is Feld0, and the Creation of MLPForums. In his aura we bow.
  14. I'm sorry for the long wait magnificent and almighty Feld0, but now I've completed the second sketch for this memorable day. In my opinion it's better than the first one, even if the muzzle looks queer and his left wing is bigger than his right one, but for the rest it looks pretty good to me; I hope you'll appreciate this gift even if it's not a big present for this fantastic day. In the next sketch I'll start the Cutie Mark Crusaders with Sweetie Belle. Behold the powerful Feld0 in all his splendor! Previous sketch: Feld0 sketch #1: Next sketch: Sweetie Belle.
  15. Have fan work for the Great and Powerful Feld0 post them here. I am accepting any fanart that has Feld0 in it. Let's try to get as many art as possible. P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELD0!!
  16. Oh great and powerful Feld0, I bow in front of your authority and offer this as an offering for this glorious day, I hope you'll accept it despite its flaws. This is the first sketch I made for Feld0 Day, I know that it's not perfect as Feld0, but at least it is recognizable to him,I mean, I did again the mistake of exaggerating with the shading, and also the tail is pretty bad. I hope you guys will like it as well, later I'll post the second one. Previous sketch: (poorly drawn) Princess Twilight Spakle: Next sketch: Feld0 sketch #2.
  17. I saw several people making Feldo Day threads, displaying art for our esteemed overlord, so I thought I would make a thread for everypony to post their art here. So that he can come here and see all the art, appreciation, and other birthday gifts in one location, rather than jump all over the forums. Have fun, and Happy Birthday Feldo.
  18. This is a gift for our beloved leader Feld0's in his birthday. I feel already grateful to him for making these forums an all the hard work that he does (ponyverse) it already amazing, I can't believe he is just turning 18. Thank you for making this place home! and this is for all of you guys too because this is reason for all of us to be celebrating Hope you like it. Happy birthday Feld0! and happy feld0 day to everypony --- this is the version without shading background or objects go to my deviantART and download the full image:
  19. Unfortunately I had to finish this one too early due to my schedule of the 'morrow (sorry 'bout that). Nevertheless, I put this together for our overlord himself. Feld0
  20. I drew a Feld0. I was wondering if Feld0 would like to see it. Lineless, because I need lineless practise. Badly. Deviant Art link for people who don't hate me... :C Any critique and such are welcome. Oh, and I hope you like it. :3
  21. Remember these? Yeah, I did it. I shipped Feldicorn with Zoop pony. I couldn't find a lot of visual references for the latter, and none for his cutiemark. I apologize if I did anything wrong, but even the official description was pretty vague. As for the former, I decided to make his mane flow like the princesses' on purpose. And I couldn't draw the crown right, so I decided to leave it out. Let's just say he lost it, which would account for his mane flowing freely. I'm aware it sucks, being drawn in the metro (on the way to campus and back), then roughly retouched at home with a few references.
  22. Well, since I know Feld0 has been working really hard on the site, I thought I'd thank him. I brainstormed for a bit, and thought, "Why not draw Feldicorn?" So, I did. Feld0, I hope you like! Clear image! Had QUITE a bit of trouble with the chest plate and crown...
  23. I got permission from ~CD~ to make a thread like this, so here goes~! Title says all. Be honest, though not too hostile. I trust the mods won't ban anyone who has an honest critique of the management here. Anyway. Lately there've been some complaints about mods (and I admit that I have complained as well) and I want to hear everyone's thoughts on how the site is being managed currently! Many may agree that the site currently has a great and responsible load of moderators and adminstrators (and I agree) but some others may think that mods and admins are horrible at managing the site and/or are very biased, favoring their friends. What do you think? (Poll is anonymous so give your hell to it! ) -- Heyo folks. As I told Clarity when they first approved this thread, I just want to make sure everyone knows that this thread is not a place for specific complaints about something. This is a general feedback thread about the staff as a whole, touching upon the things Clarity has mentioned in the poll, not a general 'this rule sucks, this needs to be changed, I didn't deserve so and so warning' etc etc. Anything specific that you may have a problem with is best served in a Support Ticket, one on one, with you and the staff. Tickets are accessible through the 'Site Questions & Tech Support' forum. Thanks! ~C.Discord