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Found 145 results

  1. Hello everyone, After much consideration, I have decided to create a blog specifically dedicated to the progress of Fight Scene (MLP IRL). For those who want to keep up to date on the progress of this entry in the series, please make sure to follow this blog so you stay informed. As of today, I now have my brainstormed thoughts and ideas (which will expand when I continue adding more at random) on a Word document in order to keep myself organized instead of having random notes on different devices and sticky notes. Therefore, I'm still in the R&D (Research and Development) Stage, before I eventually get to the scripting stage. Stay tuned for more updates to come. - Jonathan "Jonny" Selimovic (Jonny Music)
  2. Flew a Drone for the first time!
  3. HELLO absolutely no one. Well, I guess I've gotta start somewhere. First blog post.. Nice. Well, lets get some stuff out there. FANFICTIONS. Sweet Luna I love them. Good fanfictions can be incredible. 1.7 million words of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, and I regret nothing. (except crying like a foal) Sad stories are my favorite, honestly. No idea why.. I just like to feel how the characters in the story feel. Well, that's it for this post. Lets see if I'm doing it right. Ciao for now my dudes
  4. Alright, I'll kick this off with one of my more... recent memoirs. I think it was... last month? I'm not sure. Either way, I was at home, alone and screaming my lungs out and making spell-bindingly good progress in the newest update of My Little Karaoke. I remember this because later that night I was drafted into buying three more bottles of water at the nearest FamilyMart (Convenience store). Anyway, later into the night, around 1AM was when I discovered the magic of the "Online Leaderboard". Seeing how, at the time, I was obsessed with "being noticed" and "making my mark", I did everything I could to reach the top. Eventually I managed to pull a shabby 7,000 on "Join the Herd" with the hardest difficulty. It was good enough for me. Anyway, as I was scrolling down, a little ad on the side caught my eye. It was an ad for BronyMate. Now, I had seen this ad, in particular, before; this was the ad littering my lusterously unrecognized FiMFiction account and I'd been meaning to check it out. Having been up for nearly the whole night, I decided that I'd check it out with all my late-night delirium included. As soon as I opened the page I began to see the problem. "Hmm..." I'd say, scrolling around in the drop-down birthday selection, "It doesn't go anywhere near 1990." Now with a title called, "BronyMate", anyone could get the idea that it was a dating-service and normally, I'd turn away. But after seeing the lower disclaimer/description, I figured, "Oh! I can make friends here! Great! Friendship is magic, after all!" Nope. Not gonna happen. It'd been years since I started lying about my age, but I figured, "Nah, I'm older than that; I'm sick of lying." I wasn't exactly angry about the whole situation, more of disappointed and, with a lick of delirium, I tweeted out to the BronyMate peeps on Twitter, who, had also been spamming my account with their ads. The tweet, in full, went a little something like this: "Wanted to make friends, but the only friend I made was the welcome screen." I then attached a picture of the disclaimer and went back to rubbing sandpaper on my larynx in MyLittleKaraoke. The replied later saying that it was only 18+. Meh. I'm thinking about doing livestreaming in the future. If I do, I'll livestream myself making a BronyMate Account as appreciation for burning an hour of my life. Yeah, I'll probably write better episodes in the future. I just figured I'd get this one off my chest.
  5. LHfunk


    Hello! I decided to just have a blog. Read the description and you'll have a basic understanding of how this is going to go down. Anyway, I made this literally because I wanted to show everyone this picture: (That's a bit larger than I thought it would be) Anyway, some updates on things. I'm on season two of Supernatural. It's a good show. Intense, but good. I'm still waiting for Cas to show up. I don't know when he does. I'm also almost done with season two of Sword Art Online. It's also very good. That's all folks!
  6. My first Retrospect Video! this one's about fluttershy's dream and the Walk
  7. So I drew a pony. It's my new ponysona/OC and it's my first pony drawing ever, and any drawing actually in long long time. I forgot to erase some lines but nevermind that. I made lines show better with gimp Warning!, pictures are huge. So....yeah. Feel free to give critique.
  8. I have created a blog. Yes, this late. Am I cool now? So there's this one comic that I thought was kinda funny. But it's from Rarity Investigates. I know, so late. Why am I also so slow to the punch on these things? Enjoy. by CharmingTurtle.
  9. Hey there, yesterday, I wanted to finally make a quick backstory for my OC, got out of hand. One day later, I've got about 4000 words, but I have no idea if it's any good or not. So here's a link to my story: I hope any of you can read it, if you have time left... (I'm too embarrassed for this... )
  10. Earlier today I came across a post about why someone would start watching MLP, and that caught my interest. I searched the forums for a topic about this, but found nothing. This is why I'm asking you now, why did you ever watch MLP in the first place. For me it was just to ease my curiosity about bronies and why anyone could like it.
  11. Alrighty then, ladies and gentlemen. This here is the MLP Forums' first Firearms/Military technologies discussion thread! Here, the fanatics of all things jet-propelled and laser-guided, to powder-loaded and long range, can discuss about military technologies old and new, firearms small and large, and armored vehicles logistic to offensive. For any members that may be here for the foreseeable future, introduce yourselves! Name off a favorite combat vehicle/vessel/aircraft and maybe a favorite firearm of yours! I'll start: Favorite firearm: AR-15/M-16/M4A1 assault rifle/carbine Favorite combat vessel: U.S.S Iowa (Iowa-class battleship) Favorite combat vehicle (ground): M1A2 Abrams SEP Favorite combat aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle Now, let the battleposting commence!
  12. Hi Everypony, I finally figured out how to post a blog, this is my first entry! YAY! Random kitten:
  13. So, how's everyone likes handling their first days? Doesn't matter where - school, workplace etc. - you get there, you don't know anyone. Do you shy away from people or make friends? Do you like welcomes? Do you take it easy or start working your butt off? In my case, i'd say it depends. I only like to associate people who my gut feeling tells me they're fine. As for doing things, i like to make a steady gradual progress so i start early, including day one.
  14. So, I'm gonna be starting my first job soon as a cashier at a grocery store called Meijer (most of you prob haven't heard of it, it's not in every state just in a few) and I've been wondering...... What was your first job, what did it pay (if you don't mind me asking, feel free not to answer), did you love it, like it, hate it? Was it fun? Was it a good company? Did it suck? How long were you there? Are you still there (some people have the same job for years)? What was your start and end positions? Like I said, I'll be a cashier, not sure how it'll be but I'm thinking it'll be enjoyable (it'll help that I'm an extrovert!) I'm pretty excited about it, the company seems great, I love the store, the employees who I've spoken to have talked highly about it, pay raise is good and it's actually more of a higher end grocery store. (I'm guessing you ponies are picturing it to be a small town, family owned grocery store which it's def not). Also, I start a little higher than minimum wage which is great!
  15. so, i was bored, and decided to draw my oc, caliber. i think it came out good, considering i was forced to use nothing but my mouse, and touchpad.
  16. My first post was I believe 20 hello, hello, hello, how low?What was yours?
  17. Hello! This is my first drawing of ANYTHING MLP related after using a guide. However, I still feel like it sucks big time, so I need your opinions. I need all kinds of reviews! Good or bad, harsh or gentle, 10/10 or -20/10, I need it all. This is the picture in question. I know, it is awful... EDIT: I used this thingy to learn on how to draw this:
  18. My first vector on PaintTool Sai. I'm pretty proud Where I vector it by Maybe some tip will help~
  19. Since it's the long weekend for me, I've decided to borrow a drawing tablet from my college's Media Equipment Loans Office. So far, I'm amazed by how this drawing tablet works. This may be an old drawing tablet, but it still amazes me how well they perform. The model name of this tablet (if you want to know) is the Wacom Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet (6 x 8).
  20. When I first became a Brony, I was actually still uneasy on a lot of things. I kept wondering if I was really into any of this. One night, I went to sleep, and had a dream. I was af some sort of school grounds, and there were ponies and the officials all sort of wandering, making the dream the first to actually have ponies. There was one rule, and you just couldn't leave. Not for safety, but forcefully, like as a prison-like rule. There was a dark atmosphere, and I was frightened, so I went through several attempts to escape, with weird sequences going through a routine of leaving and being captured again. Literally, I couldn't take any more of the stress, and so I hung myself. I woke up and kept thinking, "Don't imagine them like that, not like that!" Denying such imagination made me think that I really loved MLP. So, what about you? What was your first true MLP experience?
  21. (If you're not sure how to find the first post you've brohoofed on the forums: on the left bar on your profile, go to 'Brohoofs', 'Given', and it should be the last result on the final page ) The first brohoof I've ever given was for Ridley Wolf's post on this topic: How about for you?
  22. Often in cartoons, mostly those with a 22-minute episode format, the first minute or two of the episode is played, followed by the title sequence, then a commercial break. Do you prefer this format, or would you rather them get the intro out of the way first.
  23. The name says it all. What do you guys think? Can be Outside of the mane six, or one of them. I personally believe Rarity or Twilight Sparkle (because of Flash Sentry) will be the first.
  24. This is the first dance music track I have ever made and criticism is welcome Song.MP3
  25. Why hello, I found one of those digital drawing tablets in my cupboard a little while ago, and got into digital art. They're not very good at the moment but I'd love to know what you think The drawings are in chronological order so they kind of go from worst to best (This one isn't very good, but was fun to draw )