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Found 147 results

  1. Dusty Soul

    Big Mac's First Job

    Ok so, I guess I'm on a human pony thing cause this happened. Supposed to be a teenage Bic Mac and how he acted at his first job. Yeah, here it is. view the enlarged version.
  2. Dusty Soul

    Some of my first pony drawings

    I drew these the first time I watched an episode around April. I recently found them inside a folder underneath some books.
  3. SketchaChord Infiniti

    My very first vector

    Every other drawing I've done was in pencil, but thanks to Shadow Chaser, I can finally see it digitally! Really excellent vector job! Anyway big thanks to him, and I hope you like it as much as I do!
  4. Jokootle

    my first pony

    I'm getting this digitaly painted soon, dammit I need a tablet. Anyhow I hope its not too bad... I finaly found the florescent function on the camera so now its not... yellow, I also did a tiny bit of burn and dodge.
  5. Lifehax

    Christmas Gifts!

    Christmas gifts everyone! Let's get in the christmas spirit! I enclose an example of this game: Forum User One: I give you a Modded Xbox controller! Merry Christmas! Forum User Two: I give you a retina display Ipad 2! Merry Christmas! Forum User Three: I give you a nuclear warhead! Merry Christmas! Etc. I'll start out by saying that I give myself nothing because I forgot to buy myself a gift. Merry Christmas!
  6. Dusty Soul

    Babs Seed Vector

    This is a Babs Seed image, it is also my first attempt at vectoring, so any help you could give me would be much appreciated. The original is from the clip that was pre-released. (I had my doubts on weather I was doing what I thought I was sorry... apparently not a vector.)
  7. I got bored and wanted to try vectoring. I didn't wan't to do Pinkie so I made it my OC. (Data) I really like it, it's not done yet but so far it looks great. Here it is: Criticism is welcome. I am still working on his hair. Next: Clarity's OC.... Edit: I have fixed the eye problem.
  8. NekromantiaFox

    A bit of inspiration (it's worth it)

    I've seen alot of people around here lately that have either cracked under criticism or bragged mercilessly about their art. While alot of the art around here is quite good, I've never personally been a real fan of bragging. Hence, I am going to post my first ever hoof-drawn pony here. And then, beneath it, my personal favorite pony drawing so far. My first pony: My "best" pony: As you can see, I have improved much and there is still room for improvement. I hope this serves as a reminder that there is always room to better your abilities and, even if you don't necessarily "succeed" now, you most likely will be able to in the future. Preferably, you all see this as a source of inspiration and reason to continue trying. So long as your handwriting is legible (even if your the only one that can read it), you can create fantastic artwork. PS: Too cheesy?
  9. ~StarChaser~

    My First Entry

    Welcome, though i doubt that anypony is reading this. This is more just for my fun and stuff, well anyway... This is what I like to call my cloud, since my pony Star Chaser is indeed a Pegasus. I'm a high school student, and I hate it. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, because she's like the pony version of me. I'll basically just post my life by the days and stuff. yeah.... I'm done...
  10. Clarity

    First pony fanart ever!

    Yes, I know it sucks and the legs are weirdly shaped and I couldn't even draw her eyes right and her tail is way too fat and there are too many sketchmarks, but it's my first pony drawing ever and I'm quite proud of it. Ish. XD Drew this because everyone else is trying their first pony fanart, so why not?
  11. -I thought Rainbow Dash was kind of cocky and arrogant... but now I know she will do anything for her friends. Loyalty at its best. -I thought AJ was just some dumb country girl, but now I know she's a really hard worker and will tell you the honest truth. Might respectable qualities in a person, not just a pony. -I thought Twilight was a no-lifer and arrogant in the sense that she didn't need any help from other people, but then she realized the true meaning of friendship and let go of her pride. respectable. -I thought Rarity was some spoiled character they added to annoy the main character at first... now I know she is funny, and mighty generous. -I thought Fluttershy needed to talk more, and was way too shy and nice for her own good. After Dragonshy and Stare Master however, I now know she can be assertive when she wants to. Respectable! -And my favorite, Pinkie Pie... I always thought she was an annoying character, but now I've just come to adore her antics. After watching more of the show, I've come to realize that she will do anything to make people smile and laugh. I actually REALLY like that in people (yay, next episode is a Pinkie episode ) So, let me know what you thought of them at first glance!
  12. Dusty Soul

    Music My first electronic song Yeah I tried something new, that was a little up-beat... Guitar Pro isn't the best program to make this kind of music in so, this is the best I could do. Tell me what you think.
  13. Doctor XFizzle

    Guess My First Name (DocFiz spoilers)

    Alright people, in honor of MLP Forums' 1st Anniversary in 3 hours, I will reveal my real first name. I don't believe I have in the past here nor any other pony-related site. In the poll above is my real first name. You guess which one it is and we'll see how many people got it right. If you do know my first name by some miracle, don't spoil it until the guessing is over. Happy guessing!
  14. Doppelrac

    My First Sprite Animation

    ok... this is my very first sprite animation... its of my OC Shade Bluewind this is the pony creator image and this is the sprite animation what do you think?
  15. Hey everypony! You may or may not know this but....generally I suck at drawing visual art. However, i was working on ideas for my next fanfic The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption when I though it would be awesome to create a concept for what the Element of Power (opposite of the Element of Magic) looked like. So i drew this: And then I thought it would be pretty cool to make it into a poster/ad/i don't even know for the whole fanfic, using the Power vs. Magic idea as a theme. With this i pretty much said 'screw it' and used stuff from a lot of sources, including Generalzoi's Pony Creator >.< However I did add further customizations to the design I got from Pony Creator. It seems like it wouldn't take a lot of time...but believe me it did. Especially with my inexperience and program choice. I used MS Paint, Game Maker 8, and Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes I know that my program choice is bad and I should feel bad.
  16. MallaJong1

    What's Wrong With You, Hasbro?!

    My sister and I went to Target today and gave our first impressions of some of the My Little Pony merchandise. There were no plushies, so we grabbed hold of the toys Target had lying around. What we found wasn't pretty... http-~~-// MY LITTLE REGGAE BAND "Cause we're jammin'."
  17. ThunderDasher1994

    First MLP drawing

    i drew this about a month ago but never took the time to post it, i plan on drawing more pictures and i am really looking for tips/ constructive criticism.. other than that i just drew Fluttershy cause she's my favorite of the Mane 6, hope you like it
  18. Octavia's Cellozoid

    First blog post!

    Ah, forum lurking, drawing, and watching tv all at once, and typing my first blog!!! I don't know what else I should put in here, I gues ill type random stuff now... HERP DERP A LERP FLERP!!!! I'm bored..... I wanna post pics but I can't... Post anything you want in the comments right now, I guess.
  19. ParsoOfEquestria

    first non-camel pony drawing

    this is my first decent pony drawing, even though it kinda looks like a dog : at least it doesnt look like a demented camel like my other failed experiments. I didnt put any effort into the Cutie Mark, that was just a filler
  20. Hey Everypony I wanted to make a video, it´s been a while (well, long while) since I last made something, or at least tried and never finished. The plan was to make a machinima game video as I always do, but then I told to myself: "C´mon, now you´re a pegasis, make a pmv". And so I did. My very first pmv, actually clip compilation. I wanted to make a Rainbow Dash video with song "Lick the Rainbow" by Mord Fustang. I don´t like to use songs that were already used for a whole video, so ideas, how to make the video different started to come to my mind. I ended up searching for songs about rainbows and checking my music folders. I ended up with 19 songs and 20 clips in total. It´s already in the description but I´ll say it again for you: If you get bored by a clip, please give this video another chance, skip the clip and continue your journey. I had ideas, which I was sure that they are awesome (in my head), but when I made them true, I got the feeling it could just get someone bored. You know, ideas are like children - yours are always the best. I´d like to have some feedback and I´d love to continue making PMVs. I decided to make some more compilations (appreciation of somepony else ofc). There is a poll about it (democracy on the first place!), but it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t think about something more "competitive". And it wouldn´t be me if there wasn´t references - some obvious more, some less. The video contains 2 other cartoon references, 1 commercial reference, 2 game references and 1 "internet fame" reference - 6 references in total. 5 of them are really obvious... if there is anypony who would know the 6th one, he has a colourful mind! (What I said was a hint...) The winner can pick the next character to appreciate. It´s not much, but that´s all this poor student can offer. So, now just sit back and enjoy..thanks for watching!
  21. Octavia's Cellozoid

    My first freehand vector!

    NOTICE You won't be able to see the pic until I can get to a laptop and post the image-Sorry! Looking for some critics! Tell me how I did, and how I could I do better next time? (ps her cutiemark is a clock because she is a time http pony)
  22. So I was thinking about the first time I watched Friendship is Magic and I remembered that when I first saw Rainbow Dash I thought she was a boy. Mostly by the way she composed herself in front of others and her voice sounded more like a young boy than a girl. It took me several episodes before I finally got my mind to think she was a girl instead of a boy. Some of this probably happened because one of the guys who got me into ponies was a fan of Rainbow. Did anybody else experience this or was I just being weird?
  23. Hey everypony! I finished the first part of my first fanfic ever, The Shadowed Nightmare. :3 A quick summary/description/whatever: Fluttershy's pleasant dream is transfigured into a horrible nightmare, and nopony sees her the next day. A book about dream magic is stolen from Twilight's house. One of the Mysterious Mare Do Well costumes Rarity kept goes missing. The hot-air balloon has been taken. All of this in a single night, and it all revolves around one mysterious pony who then breaks into the Canterlot Library. What is happening? Why is this pony doing all of it under the cover of darkness? Whatever the reason, Twilight Sparkle is determined to find out. Author's Note: Story is written in a format as if it is the script of an actual episode. The story is here: What do you all think? EDIT 9/22/12 Finally done! thought i might let you all know. Anyway, now I'm going to write a sequel about the Elements of Disharmony--"The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption". I mean, that is, if you all want one. Would you all be interested in that?...
  24. AppleTreeBrony

    So there are blogs now..

    Well there are Blogs now. That's cool. So hows everypony doing? I'm fine. Just have been Super Busy with all my projects.
  25. Woop dee doo! I wasted all morning on this tiny thing! So it isn't much, but it sure looks cool! And it was far faster than drawing every single frame at a time! You will need to click on view full page/screen to actually see it due to some sort of glitch. Hopefully I can start making more complex stuff than just a rotating triangle-circle.